Five Lancaster city councillors quit party over Starmer’s lurch to right

Five councillors on Lancaster City Council have announced today that they have resigned from the Labour Party, including the deputy leader of the council. Kevin Frea, the current deputy leader, Cabinet member Alistair Sinclair, Faye Penny, Jack O’Dwyer-Henry and Katie Whearty will now sit on the Council as a new group named Eco-Socialist Independents.

In statements accompanying the announcement the councillors said that they can no longer sit as Labour councillors because of the Party’s shift right under Keir Starmer and highlighted a number of recent issues, including Labour’s abstention on the spycops bill, the unjust suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and the watering-down of the socialist Green New Deal policies:

 Humanity faces a future of spiralling inequality and climate catastrophe. The world needs strong socialist movements to fundamentally challenge the capitalist system that is destroying our planet.

For a brief time, a ‘moment’, the Labour Party offered hope to millions, to the many not the few. Today under Starmer, it is offering a return to ‘business as usual’. The country and the world doesn’t have time for this. The climate extinction clock is ticking. So, we cannot in good conscience remain as representatives of this Labour Party with which we now hold so little in common.”

The Council is currently controlled by an alliance of Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat councillors, in which the new group has said it wishes to remain.

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  1. Imagine being a councillor, and instead of staying to fight, the run away. How does that help???

    1. How does that help….who?

      Because it doesn’t help the slime any.

      1. It doesn’t help fight the slime. It enables it an easier hold on our party.

      2. Signpost, if you ever get the chance, read the classical Chinese literature ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ by Luo Guanzhong.

        (I have, on at least six occasions over the years and it gets more fascinating with each read)

        In particular, read about Xu Shu when in Liu Bei’s service, and how Cao Cao inveigled him to desert Liu Bei by forging a letter from Xu’s mother, claiming she was being held hostage by Cao Cao.

        It could almost be an analogy for what’s happening regarding the zionists within the labour party today.

        Xu Shu fell for the ploy and did indeed leave (When his mother saw him, she hanged herself through shame that her son had fallen for such a simple trick) but promised Liu Bei never to help Cao Cao and remained as good as his word. He also put Liu Bei onto the location of the greatest strategist throughout Chinese history, Zhu Geliang…Known even today as ‘Sleeping Dragon’

        Those councillors will be of no avail to stammers grand scheme to achieve hegemony. Hopefully more will follow, because our Sleeping Dragon is out there, biding his or her time – but will need convincing by the numbers becoming wise to the Zionist/centrist hex…Just like the real Zhu Geliang was convinced by Liu’s three subsequent visits to his home in order to beg his counsel and restore the emperor and save the dynasty.

      3. The Toffee – “our Sleeping Dragon is out there, biding his or her time “.

        QUESTIONS- How much time?
        How much time has already passed? How does a running away habit prepare a party to withstand assaults which will continue?

        Interesting parallel amongst the “Left” of my CLP and elsewhere. A standing room only crowd post election testified to the elsewhere bit. The “big wigs” especially the academic set were all saying “it will take a generation or more before we win”. “not in our lifetime ” etc etc etc

        I wondered, were they saying the same 56 years ago❓ How many more years must suffering people wait❓And how many people are waiting everywhere❓

      4. Says signpost who trashes and fraudulently discredits Jeremy and the left on this blog on a daily basis! The following is just a small sample of the poison he was spewing out earlier today in relation to Jeremy’s facebook statement this morning:

        ‘lundiel, the Facebook and social media worship is yet another illusion. Anyway, having just read the extract provided by different frank, it may as well stay there. After 54 years plus four and a half years of leader and months since then, nothing has been learnt. The attitude, the culture is baked in’

        Signpost is of course alluding to Jeremy Corbyn. A while later, ‘different frank’ posted a short comment in which he finished by saying the following:

        ‘Can Corbyn ever come out and fight his corner?’

        And about an hour later, signpost posted a Reply (to what ‘different frank’ said) which he began by saying the following:

        diffrent frank, he can but he won’t. U can’t blame him. It is a COLLECTIVE FAILURE. He surrounded himself White Flaggers. White Flaggers surround him. Platitudes of “comrade” and “solidarity” were tossed about thus knocking down all fresh insight and change.

        The void left by defeats which affect the electorate in a multitude of meaningful ways, do not impinge on the White Flaggers. Plus all passion is burnt up screaming at all who suggest an alternative and dripping defeat more than any MSM or sinister outfits bother to spend time doing. They know that White Flaggers mastermind pumping out the ambition draining “There was no alternative”. “CAN’T DO” bugs infect and paralyse progress of TRUE Labour.

      5. Allan you have to appreciate that Corbyn fannied out on a number of occasions when he needed to show some mettle.

        One instance… I always go on about how stammer refused to prosecute green and shapps…

        …Well Corbyn should’ve bankrupted that twat ben bradley and not only donated the damages to bradley’s local foodbank buy made sure the rat had to make use of it himself by bankrupting him and forcing him to relinquish his seat.

        That’s just one example from many…. And that’s a tory example. There’s a plethora of things he let the rats within his own party get away with.

        Pointing these things out is NOT anti-Corbyn.

      6. Oh right Toffee, so you TOO are now defending a lying little fascist shill, or have you somehow missed all the stuff signpost makes up so that he can then denigrate and discredit someone, mostly Jeremy Corbyn.

        So what do you think about the fact that a few months ago signpost came out with a massive Big Lie about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle during lockdown – taking legal action against Dominic Cummings AND then praising Robin Lees for taking ‘ROBUST ACTION’, and then discrediting Jeremy by comparison?

      7. Allan I usually enjoy your posts, but recently you’ve been getting every bit as weird as jackanory by dismissing everyone who disagrees with you as anti-Corbyn or defending fascism.

        Well I can’t be arsed going itno it anymore with any of you. I saw for meself when and what Corbyn didn’t do when he should’ve done and said so at the time. Calling me what you like doesn’t change that, the media don’t change that because essentially it was Corbyn’s choices NOT to personally intervene where and when he was permitted to, NOT to fight his corner when he’d have wiped the floor with every single one of his detractors. nor nip any threat in the bud, contributed massively to his downfall.

        Don’t like it? Tough titty mate. They’re cold, hard facts. Too late to change things now. An expensive lesson that some, it seems, refuse to learn from.

      8. What a total bunch of B/S Toffee. And I couldn’t help but notice that you had nothing whatsoever to say about signpost fabricating something so that he could then denigrate and discredit Jeremy be comparison. I wonder why not. I take it you have no problem with black propaganda shills posting falsehoods on here, as signpost does every single day in effect?


    2. If nothing else it helps keep the fact that there is still a left wing – that there is still dissent – in the news.
      Good on them.

      1. McNiv i support that bit. ie keeping it “in the news”. We must keep in the news in a DYNAMIC way. On the march, on the front foot. Demolishing the myths.

    3. Signpost, they are still councillors so in that sense, they are not running away.

      1. Thanks JackT for putting me right. The bureaucratic political bit is totally new to me. In that case i hope they broadcast their resignations widely and make opportunities to do so everyday. There are endless issues on which to challenge Starmer. Eg the Tory chumocracy of the most outrageous OPEN cronyism in my lifetime. Millions to just formed companies with neither staff nor fixed assets. You could not make it up.

    1. They are obviously in a nice cozy coolition with the hated lib dems and didn’t want to rock the boat once the fuhurer took over the Labour light party ..They must be a different type of lib dems I was forced into working with when my group leader wanted to be “leader of Reigate borough council..Sounds more like nightmare on Lancaster council than any type of future for Socialism..I blame the knight for a loss of identity and decency to make them feel so ashamed in front of another knight led shambolic lib dems..Poor mister Kennedy it drove him to drink being a libdem.,IF I had stayed with the knights Labour light party I am sure I would have ended up being a raging alcholic pill 💊 poping vagrent..So socialist echo?..I am afraid I have seen too much of that today from Corbyn.

  2. Sir Keir Rodney is probably of the view that as long as the MSM does not carry this story, then he can best just ignore it. He’ll still look forensic, fair and patriotic, still be he billionaires’ man when R4 repeats his desert islands disk internment on Friday.

    There’s not much more to Ser Keir Rodney Starmer than the niaive expectation that all’s well that dooesn’t end badly – and we haven’t lost the 2024 GE yet, so all must be well.

    It’s not so much his “lurch to the right” that is causing the disjunction between Sir Keir Rodney and members. It’s more his authoritarian manner, his absence of principles — backpedling on schools, backtracking on respect for referrendum results, his sudden acceptance of the brexit mess the tories haven’t quite done yet and hardly seem bothered about, not taking a principled stance on the spycops bill and denying the PLP opportunity to express theirs, his near-contempt for members and the arrogant belief that as party leader he is entitles to tell members what they may and may not say and discuss.

    In short, Keir Starmer is not the type of person that should try to lead anything. He is as unnspiring as a used T bag being played with by a kitten, not a good idea and a mess waiting to happen.

    1. We just didn’t realise it until that nit from Surrey rode in on his trusty steed replendent in his knights armour and liberating the last breath of the Labour light party.IT still amazes me how the Labour party could hope to survive whilst serving the establishment and proping up a archaic monarchy and titled anachronistic farce.Echo politics?..pigs at the trough?

  3. The UK obviously needs a new socialist political party to replace Labour. I am taking a step back from the abuse that Haredim Kier has been inflicting upon socialists. May I suggest that all socialists leave Labour and congregate elsewhere, with the same grass roots led membership that we once had.

  4. Just reading about Lord mal Brown,mover and shaker on the international stage and has now taken up residence with Soros on his estate,plotting no doubt the great Reset of the international currency war.Could it be that the Labour party and the knights ascendancy are all part of the reset,Biden,makron,Merkel and soon our trusty knight.ITs amazing how much political movement and reposition is going on in the world.Asean and the worlds largest economy formed on Sunday including China and hardly a mention.Over a third of the worlds population and all quiet on the western front.?A convenient virus causing complete Lockdown,empty airports,empty tourism,no movement?.Somthing stinks and even here in Cambodia 300cases and complete Lockdown…empty Hotels,empty beaches,all quiet on the eastern front.?Good time for a complete RESET of the world economy,who knows.Getting a bad feeling about this and its not the after effects of CV 19I picked up somwhere travelling East between Paris and Bejing \Cambodia after the Friday 13th debacle..And now even Corbyns having a meltdown?Who next? .The rice harvests are in the rainy season is over and I have visited my ex squadie friend living on the beach 🌴 under a palm tree in koh rong island A long way from Lancashire were he came from,.Hes cooked up a pan of frogs today and its certainly a change from crabs and seaweed he usually eats..His beach hut and hammock have survived the rainy season and mini Tsunami that sweep over us from the Philippines and Vietnam.But like me my friend on the beach 🌴 smells trouble in the wind?Keep safe comrades

  5. opening sequence of Soap……confused? You will be. The Labour Party, under Jeremy Corbyn, became a ‘Socialist Party’ & the largest in Europe; but the parliamentary Labour Party are predominantly ‘Blairites’ as too Labour Party Officials & both remain so. The NEC is predominantly right wing, but how can that be so if the membership is so ‘Left-Wing’?
    Jeremy has spent a lifetime fighting racism & voting against EU legislation. His compromise deal would have brought us closer to European trade & satisfied demands for autonomy, but sabotaged by Starmer. Jeremy’s virtue becomes his achilles heel as I now ask myself was the Labour Party ever Socialist with the Blairite cancer always dominant. All 3 leadership candidates take instruction from BOD. All 3 pro-Remain as the Labour Party prepares to amalgamate with ‘Liberal Bourgeois’ voters & reject the interests of those communities where workers shower after they finish work, rather than before. .Waving Palestinian flags @ Labour Party Conference does not make you a Socialist nor an anti-Racist & readmission to Europe will soon be on the New Labour/Liberal agenda, post Boris. “The class war is over”. (Tony Blair)..

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