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Exclusive: Stoke Central members’ full complaint and evidence about Snell selection stitch-up

Members including CLP chair and branch officials call for selection to be re-run with right-wing former MP barred from involvement, as they submit detailed complaint alleging gross breaches of process to stitch up parliamentary selection

Gareth Snell

Labour members – including the constituency party (CLP) chair and senior branch officials – have submitted a detailed complaint and supporting evidence to the party alleging multiple gross breaches of process to stitch up the constituency’s parliamentary selection for the right-wing former MP Gareth Snell.

The allegations include collecting signed but uncompleted postal votes to complete in Snell’s favour – and breaches of data and selection rules to control access to postal votes and prevent supporters of other candidates casting them. Below are the complaint and its supporting evidence in full, redacted only to remove names.

And the complainants expose the party’s own involvement in the stitch-up, allowing and enabling key positions supposedly overseeing the integrity of the process to be filled by avowed supporters of the right-winger:

The WhatsApp message

The witness statements

Gareth Snell declined to comment when asked by the local press. The party repeated its usual line about taking all complaints seriously.

Skwawkbox view:

The Labour party and its agents have been accused of abuse, bullying, threats and vote-rigging in their eagerness to deselect left-wing MPs – a sick joke in the light of the whining of right-wingers during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership about the mere possibility of deselection.

But the Stoke Central members’ complaint seems to expose the lengths to which the party will allow and facilitate anti-democratic practices to install favoured right-wingers – Snell is far from an exception – against the wishes of local members.

The process should be re-run urgently – and if Snell’s supporters have acted as the complaint seems to prove, he must not be among the prospective candidates.

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  1. Why do we always bail out capitalism instead of nationalising failed banks, Energy, rail and water for nothing
    If you believe in the Free Market then you believe in ‘Creative Destruction ‘
    What that means in reality is Markets always fail at some stage, therefore because we need these companies, we will very shortly own everything

  2. If this Snell is allowed to stand as a Labour candidate then the members and supporters in Stoke Central know what to do – boycott the polls or cast their vote elsewhere and keep this man out.

      1. Lynch was doing so SO well until 2:45 in that video.

        I don’t know where he gets the notion that a (smarmerist) labour government will provide an alternative to the toerags.

        They’ve given you (Mick Lynch) more than enough evidence to demonstrate as much, and it’s your duty to remind your members, other unions/workers, and the (taxpaying) rail using public of it.

        No matter what label the Murdoch media might apply to you, telling people labour are as bad as the rags is the right thing to do.

        Your union isn’t affiliated to labour, therefore you are able to bat off the so-called hard left label they already have attached to you.

        If smarmerism is hard left then comservatism is very much left of centre ffs

    1. gareth snell = labour cooperative

      To the surprise of nobody. Ever.

      Stoke central at least had the sense to fook him off in 19. I doubt they’d want him back anyway. Ersatz toerag that he is.

  3. Where’s the resident self-proclaimed democrat, to offer us the benefit of his perspicacity?

    I mean, he’s always sneering at the left’s inability their act together. 😙🎶

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