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Exclusive: grassroots left to stand against Labour in key marginals if purge continues

Unaligned socialist plan aims to cost Starmer 1-2% of vote in tightest seats if anti-left purge continues and Corbyn and other left MPs are not reinstated

Grassroots left-wing activists have made and funded a plan to deprive Labour of ten key seats at the next general election – if the party’s right-wing regime does not stop its purge of left MPs and reinstate those already purged, including former leader Jeremy Corbyn, to the Labour whip.

The group is driven by outrage at Keir Starmer’s anti-democratic purge and his shredding of every promise – including a pledge to bring unity – he made to get elected as party leader, together with the ongoing and shameless stitching up of selections to exclude left candidates and lever in right-wingers regardless of members’ wishes.

A spokesperson for the anti-purge group told Skwawkbox that after months of preparation funding is in place to stand candidates in ten of the tightest marginal seats in England, where 1% of the vote or even less would likely be enough to ensure no Labour right-winger can win it – and that while the group is not connected to any MP, no candidates will be put up against any socialist.

Parallel ‘CLPs’ – equivalent to Labour constituency groups but consisting of genuine socialists – will be set up in each seat to encourage participation and prepare for the general election campaign.

The spokesperson added:

We’re already set to stand candidates in Bury, Stoke, Peterborough and Stroud and will be ready in others soon. A few hundred votes in these seats will be enough to deny Labour any prospect of a win and in places where people are sick of having right-wing candidates foisted on them, that’s more than achievable

If there’s room in the party for defecting Tories then there’s no excuse for excluding left candidates – and especially a man who delivered the highest number of votes in England in 71 years, a performance that shows the left must have representation in Parliament. If Keir Starmer is genuine about wanting a Labour government, he needs to change course. If he does, then we’ll stand down.

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