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Starmer says Tarry sacked for ‘making up policy’. What about making up policy in conference speech?

Starmer’s 2018 referendum speech was not authorised by leadership – and destroyed Labour at GE19

Keir Starmer’s office has today told media – who of course are eagerly regurgitating it without scrutiny – that he sacked Sam Tarry from his front bench for ‘making up policy’, after Tarry attended a rail workers’ picket line and told cameras that workers deserve fair pay.

The idea that Tarry should need to ‘make up’ the idea that workers should have a fair pay rise speaks volumes, but the towering hypocrisy of Starmer feeding his tame media the line that the sacking was for making up policy beggars belief even for the bunch of confidence tricksters and outright liars currently running the Labour party.

After all, in 2018 Keir Starmer did exactly ‘make up policy’, inserting a line into his conference speech about remain being an option in a new Brexit referendum that had not been agreed with Jeremy Corbyn and his team and was not party policy.

Starmer bounced Labour into the insane position of making Boris Johnson look anti-Establishment – and more than fifty Brexit-voting, working-class seats were so disgusted that they punished Labour in the general election the following year, while Boris Johnson had to do no more to win than promise to ‘get Brexit done’.

The betrayal was unforgivable – and its consequences were not only foreseeable but actively wanted by the Labour right as a means of getting rid of Corbyn. Starmer then lied his way into Corbyn’s chair and promptly shredded every false promise he had made to get there. The rest is history and the diseased state of both the Labour party and the whole country is directly traceable to that treacherous act of ‘making up policy’.

Whatever you think of Sam Tarry, announcing that workers should be properly paid isn’t even on the same planet.

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  1. Even Corbyn has acknowledged that the vast majority of the party’s supporters were in favour of a CV and stopping in the EU. The thing that did for Labour and Corbyn was the trust that he destroyed with month after bloody month of prevarication whilst hiding behind the Blairite like meme of ‘constructive ambiguity’ Whatever possessed Jeremy to think that was a good idea.

    1. 83% of Labour members believe the party should support changing the UK’s electoral system to proportional representation.

      Whatever is possessing Starmer to think opposing is a good idea?

    2. Even Corbyn has acknowledged that the vast majority of the party’s supporters were in favour of a CV and stopping in the EU.

      FFS AGAIN with the but Corbyn (Skwawky PLEASE do something about this)

      And WHERE was YOUR vote on that?

      Oh, that’s right….😙🎶

      The reason thatcher went to war with the miners because they didn’t take a vote.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. Because keef does it doesn’t make it alright – and especially when he shows himself to be the hypocrite people know (or always knew) him to be.

      Gobshite nonce apologist. Piss of and go and try again to create your race of fauns on your Caribbean hidey-hole

    3. And everyone who would even consider voting Labour supports the strikes and the strikers, so Tarry has as much right to stand on that picket line as Starmer had to stab Corbyn in the back by arguing for a position he knew would doom Labour to defeat whenever the next GE was held.

      Tarry’s position, unlike Starmer, can’t do Labour or Starmer any harm, and Starmer needs to accept that there is no such thing as a “centre ground” position on this issue.

    4. ‘Constructive ambiguity’? Just another cliche used by MSM to ‘colour the picture’. Jeremy’s proposals to Theresa May made perfect sense incorporating independence with close co-operation with the European Union. Staying in the Customs Union & the Single Market as well as safeguarding workers rights was a good compromise that would have worked preventing the hard Brexit that ERG & Johnson have engineered. A 2ndCV is just another way of telling voters that they didn’t vote the ‘right way’ the 1st time & were too stupid to make the right decision.

    5. SteveH, come and visit Yorkshire for a few days and talk to some ordinary workers. I’ll protect you, from my missus at least.

  2. Where did JC say: “the *vast majority* of the party’s supporters”
    Where did JC say: “and *stopping in the EU*.”
    Where did JC say: “month after bloody month of blah blah blah blah blah blah”
    Are you actually suggesting that you and the BLiar, Campbell and Mandelson Remoaner Bandwagon were too stupid to understand the meaning of a Confirmatory Vote? And that you were screeching for something practcally the same, only with an added benefit, as what you were screeching for, as there is hardly any difference between that and a PV/2nd Ref, appart from the fact of being made clear what the Government would have been proposing for their Brexit Plan before you go to the Polling Station!?
    Would you still be SO confused if you or any on the Remoaner or Brexiteer Bandwagons had the opportunity of a Confirmatory Vote today!?
    JFC! What is wrong with you!
    I wonder where all those ‘month after month’ MSM interviews with JC went that he is guilty of, your allegations?

    1. nellyskelly – If you want to trawl back through my comments you will find that I have given 2 separate links to 2 different long format interviews to camera that Jeremy has given since stepping down.

      1. Okay!
        1. I am not trawling ANYTHING!
        2. “Since stepping down” does NOT constitute to ANY of “Even Corbyn has acknowledged that the vast majority of the party’s supporters were in favour of a CV and stopping in the EU. The thing that did for Labour and Corbyn was the trust that he destroyed with month after bloody month of prevarication whilst hiding behind the Blairite like meme of ‘constructive ambiguity’ Whatever possessed Jeremy to think that was a good idea.”
        You’re full of shit and your obsession with Corbyn is leading you to have delusional thoughts.

      2. nellyskelly – and there was i thinking that you were the one who had those.

    2. I think that the presentation to the public
      of the Brexit policy was garbled and this
      was because of Starmers arrogance
      and incompetence .. the result being
      something far more complicated than it
      needed to be ..

      Below is a short response from me to
      (I think?) a questionnaire from Watson.
      It was composed in May/June 2019.

      {I can guess now what a Certain Person will
      say in response so I advise – dont bother
      because I have already written it down!)

      —-Sent by me to T Watson in June2019 —

      “The decision of the LP Conference
      in the Autumn of 2018 regarding a second
      referendum surely amounted to:

      ‘hold a second referendum as a last resort
      when all other possibilities have been explored’

      And I am not sure why it was couched in terms
      of an algorithm which some found difficult to follow!
      However in spite of this I think it was a good outcome
      for it attempted to obey the decision of the electorate-
      viz BREXIT. I think we have now reached that
      “last resort” because of (among many other reasons)
      the prospect of a disastrous new Tory PM. Waiting
      for a General election would be too much of a risk at
      this late stage for we really are in
      “last chance saloon” regarding Brexit and
      the state of our country.

      There are however problems regarding another
      referendum – chief of which are

      (1) Explaining to those voters disillusioned by the
      whole referendum process why a second referendum
      is now necessary and how Labour MPs struggled
      along with MPs of other Parties (including some
      Tory MPs) to obtain a reasonable Brexit but were
      ultimately unsuccessful. I certainly think the anger
      of those who voted “Leave” while thinking it was
      a definitive vote should not be ignored and I
      greatly sympathise with those MPs with a strong
      “leave” constituency. Telling fed up Brexit voters
      “Well you have a vote on it so be satisfied”
      would be an insult to them and they really deserve
      a Great Big Apology.

      (2) Deciding on what would be the alternative to
      “Remain” on the ballot paper. In my opinion it is
      by no means certain what the result of a second
      referendum would be and the risk of a disastrous
      “alternative” – winning is not worth it. .. ..”

      The many votes in parliament
      were an effort to get a sensible Brexit but
      were stymied by Johnson and Cummings
      who managed to make the public think that they
      were their friend and Parliament their enemy.

      By the end of it all the public were tired and
      wanted it over. I had been very unwell and
      was against a 2nd Referendum in principle.

      1. Yet another reason why Labour should abandon their weird addiction to everybody wins composite motions and only vote on clear and unambiguous single subject motions.

      2. The thing with the confirmatory vote is that it was never a bad idea. It is an idea that should have been written into the referendum, before it happened, that once the Government had a Proposal/Plan/Deal for the EU, it should be made plain/clear/understood, by The PEOPLE and proposed to us for a vote.
        Jeremy Corbyn spoke several times about the risk of the Government having a free hand on the deal, once the public put it in their hands. I am sure anyone with common sense would grab that opportunity now with this Conservative Party’s fuck up of a Deal.
        It was the FEAR Propaganda of the BLiar, Campbell and Mandelson Remoaner Bandwagon with all their paid “actor”, “comedian” and “celeb” friends and the racket they created, with their empty tin can clanging. It was their FEAR Propaganda that made people act in total ignorance that since Autumn 2018 they had in their hands exactly what they were screeching for. This in turn freaked out the Brexiteers and the end result, NOBODY but the few refusing to get on the Remaoner or Brexiteer Bandwagons and continued Campaing with The UK Labour Party instead of The BLiarists, Galloway, the Kippers and BoJoke, because we knew that GE was NOT about Brexit! GE2019 was the very last opportunity that The PEOPLE had of ending 43 years of nonstop Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal TORY HELL and having an NHS, earning a fair minimum wage, having social security, enjoying Human Rights, Workers Rights, etc Rights, providing Housing and New Opportunities in the run down towns, providing decent Education and Schools for our Children, providing decent care for our elderly, sick and disabled, protecting the environment, catching up the deficit spending in Scotland, Wales, NI, preventing The Ukraine war rather than stoking the fires, stood up for Palestine and Yemen, gave us a PROPER voice at the UN, provided us with a Decent and well thought out plan for leaving the EU, that would have kept NI in tact, feeding the hungry children and improving their circumstances to prevent hunger, housing the homeless and accounting for their lives withh respect, dignity as equal human beings, etc, etc etc, etc, etc……… BUT! The UK Labour Party could not be heard, Jeremy Corbyn could not be heard, Activists could not be heard, because the bastard Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES, the bastard BLiar, Campbell, Mandelson Spinmeisters, the bastard Galloway, Kipper, BoJoke ‘Get Brexit Done’, the bastard likes of John McDonnell, Clive Lewis, et al joining the BLiar Spinporn Remoaner March for a PV, when they full well knew we had the Confirmatory Vote written into the Labour Brexit Plan, the bastard MSM that strangled any possitive campaign message from The UK Labour Party, all the other bastard flavours of GetCorbyn Bandwagons and, again, last but most certainly NOT LEAST the bastard Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES who Sabotaged the UK Labour Party day in and day out!
        I am pissed at all that, how could ANYONE NOT BE, especially anyone vulnerable, poor, with children/elderly parents etc, etc, etc.
        BUT what is PISSING ME OFF FAR MORE is when the Remoaners and Brexiteers still cry their rivers of tears in the face of the REALITY OF TODAY, and us ALL up shit creek with a TWO TORY PARTY non-Vote, NON-CHOICE, a one Party State, that their choice was neglected and blame each other, blame Corbyn, blame every bastard, but the bastards who fucking done it!

        PS not having a go at you, just get a tad passionate about this.

    3. Good Lord, I can’t think of a more tedious chore, than trawling through Steve H’s timeline, looking for drivel he may, or may not, have posted.

      Don’t do it, nellykskelly! 🙂 🙂

      1. Wah hah hah, no don’t worry, I wouldn’t trawl my own comments, keyword search engine or no keyword search engine.
        If he wants to state or not state a thing then he can trwal up the evidence for himself.

  3. What is wrong with you!

    Got a spare couple of years, and the patience of Job?

    It’ll take him that long, probably far longer. The question should be what’s right with him?

    Answer: Absolutely sod all.

      1. The fact that you are so pleased with yourself is revealing.

      2. The fact that you are deluded by what constitutes to an embarrassment, losing, etc, etc, etc is revealing.
        You’ll have to do a whole lot better than that, petal.
        “Headhunted teacher”
        WOW! Poor kids!

      3. nellyskelly – You are more than welcome to try proving your assertion that I have ever claimed to be a ‘head hunted teacher’. Knock yourself out.

      4. Well yeah! I am not going to trawl anything. I know you said it and others know you said it, that is good enough for me. Any case, with a GE coming soon, your Keyword List has been scrubbed clean, from your timeline, ALL trolls control centres do.
        Your sloppy linguistics let’s you down, time and time again.

      5. nellyskelly – I can understand your reluctance when you suspect that the evidence doesn’t actually exist. The only thing you will find is Toffee making false claims that I said this.

      6. I remember you saying it.

        Joseph remembers you saying it.

        Can’t be sure but if either J Penney or John thatcher were here one of them would remember you saying it as they’ve pulled you on ot too.

        I mean, ffs, I got bored with posting the evidence you claimed that those who gave us the NHS were staunch remainders.

        Others got bored with you continually demanding I prove it.

        Not one – but THREE schools, you said.

        It’s just another of your shit stunts. You rely on people either not being arsed to go through your back catalogue of bullshit, and when they DO, you pathetically try to worm your way out of it, hide for a couple of days until you think it’s safe to come back, then it’s back to yet another of your m.o.’s of distractive and destructive posting.

        The amount of times you’ve had to wear your arse for a hat would shame anyone normal into not bothering.

        But you’re abnormal. Some sort of retard with a Walter Mitty disposition.

        Now go away.

      7. Toffee – I remember you saying it.
        Having repeated your lies so often then you might of convinced your feeble mind that you did but there’s a reason that you’ve never been able to prove it

        Joseph remembers you saying it.
        All that |Joseph remembers is your repeated and unproven lies

        Can’t be sure but if either J Penney or John thatcher were here one of them would remember you saying it as they’ve pulled you on ot too.

        I mean, ffs, I got bored with posting the evidence you claimed that those who gave us the NHS were staunch remainders.
        Instead of repetitive ranting about all the evidence you claim to have produced it would be make a change if you actually provided the relevant direct quotes with links

        Others got bored with you continually demanding I prove it.
        Well why don’t settle this by providing the direct quotes and links

        Not one – but THREE schools, you said.
        Did I really? You may have convinced yourself with your repetitive lies, but where’s your evidence in the form of direct quotes and links

        It’s just another of your shit stunts. You rely on people either not being arsed to go through your back catalogue of bullshit, and when they DO, you pathetically try to worm your way out of it, hide for a couple of days until you think it’s safe to come back, then it’s back to yet another of your m.o.’s of distractive and destructive posting.
        But you’ve haven’t provided any credible evidence to date. You are welcome to try and prove me wrong.

        The amount of times you’ve had to wear your arse for a hat would shame anyone normal into not bothering.
        You are yet again deluding yourself with your own oft repeated lies. Please feel free to prove me wrong.

  4. I am sorry, but just because Corbyn didn’t fire Starmer from the front bench, it doesn’t mean that Starmer cannot fire Sam Tarry.
    Corbyn should have fire Starmer from the front bench straight away and had Starmer persisted, Corbyn should have withdrew the Labour whip from him
    We could have had someone like Katy Clark standing in Holborn & St Pancrass and winning the seat in 2019. Starmer should have been ousted before he could even think of standing for the leadership.
    Corbyn was too trusting and couldn’t see the snake on the grass that Starmer really is.

    1. To a certain extent o agree about Corbyn should’ve fired keef, Maria.

      However, it’s yet ANOTHER evidence of smarmer’s shithousery and duplicity that after resigning on principle during the chicken coup, he then accepted the job of EU negotiator when corbyn held out the olive branch.

      Keef saw the opportunity then despite still being way out of his depth and invented the ridiculous six tests (Even that arch remainiac and war criminal alister campbell panned them – that’s how bad they were)

      Keef left the antisemitism to fatberg and the pederast enabler plusn others, whole he concentrated on turning the disillusioned labour leave voters even further away with those second ref demands, knowing full well it would lead to haemorrhaging seats in 2019.

      Then once he slimed his way to the leadership, he immediately dropped the brexit scheme, a d cynically reverted to the fatberg/pederast enabling tactic of over-exaggerating the antisemitism bollocks, not only to cover for his brexit shithousery, but also to attempt to legitimise his purge of the left.

      Now he has nothing left after forde, so the mask is well & truly off, and he’s now openly and brazenly sacking people for defying his (no longer concealed) totalitarianism.

      Not long now until keef retreats fully into his bunker….

      1. Toffee – Was Corbyn in office or in power?

        “Not long now until keef retreats fully into his bunker….”

        I can’t see him being stupid enough to repeat Corbyn’s mistakes.

    2. He shouldn’t have put him there in the first place. I mean Corbyn and Headroom. He should have known what he was getting. The spiv clobber is a dead give away. Is Headrooms tailor Harry from St Trinians?

  5. And we should remember that KS very quickly abandoned support for a People’s Vote.

    1. Paul – It’s not his fault that you didn’t realise that we had already left the EU

      1. It’s not leaver’s fault infantile gobshites like smarmer and yourself refused to accept your defeat graciously., But instead kept on and on about how undemocratic the referendum supposedly was – thereby pissing people off and making them vote toerag to ‘ger brexit done

        (Another instance when I’ve continually proved you bleated about your 37% who didn’t vote, thereby making it so, in your view: “it’s good to see you’ve acknowledged this” you wrote, after I sarcastically wrote about the 37% in a post to someone else. You didn’t realise I was being sarcastic though, did you, soft shite?? )

      2. Toffee – Do you have a link to this partial quote so that we can all see it in context?

      3. SteveH, it is Starmer’s fault that he peddle the People’s Vote and Constructive Ambiguity in the first place when clearly it wasn’t going to work and the only thing that coming out of it, was a Tory government and a Labour defeat.
        That we have leave the EU doesn’t imply that Starmer has to abandon his promises, their is nothing stopping him for campaigning in favour of rejoining the EU, isn’t it?
        Starmer is a liar that is back tracking on any single one of the promises that he made when he was running for the leadership.
        Your man has not integrity and if you think that suddenly people are going to trust him, you are dreaming.

      4. Maria – I have seen no evidence whatsoever that the ‘constructive ambiguity’ nonsense was Starmer’s idea, I think you’ll find that it was Corbyn’s team that dreamt up that little gem and then spent month after bloody month hiding behind it.
        What would be the point in campaigning to rejoin the EU on considerably worse terms than we used to have.

  6. I’d love to know what particular policy ST allegedly ‘made up’ and the particular mechanism by which a random opinion or value judgement expressed on a picket line by him becomes party policy in absence of plebiscite, Conference, NEC or burning bush.

    This supposition that Keir Starmer is bureaucratically gifted and a dab-hand at running complex bureaucracies, is it possible that it’s his special paranoia, delusions and psychosis which give him this precious – nay, forensic – ability?

    Stalin was ‘bureaucratically gifted’ as well, but probably not quite as paranoid or psychologically challenged as the perpetually thirsty Sir Keir is showing himself to be.

  7. (The Hawk = Starmer, The Canary = affiliated trade unions).
    ‘The Hawk on the canary it landed.
    Playing the chameleon’s part.
    And whispered: “I come to heal you.”
    But failed to remove the heart.
    And then the canary turned back into a lion.”

  8. The idea that PWC has ever had an original thought of his own is a sick joke
    The only interesting thing about a glove puppet is who is working him
    Here’s a clue
    They collectively lost 6 million votes and almost bankrupted the party

    1. Doug – Nothing to do with 20% of the membership deciding they’d had enough and abandoning Jeremy then?

      1. What’s the current membership ttotal, today plums, hmmm?

        And how far have the numbers plummeted from that *ahem*triumphant day of April 4 2020?

        Still reckon keefs’ got 430,000 members, dontcha? 😂😂😂

      2. Could it be 5000?
        Could it be 10000?
        Could it be all screwed up at Sayanim Central/LabourList, because it looks like “The Left” still has quite an impact, looking at recent events.
        I’d have thought scrubbers BlueKeef, MrBlobby and Mattinson would have had that Neo-Labour TORY Party shining with a blinding light flom the bleached-teeth, Middle Class, smilers by now!
        Not going so well for Keefey boy, not as he wants it to be going for him!
        Keep rattling the dead old skin of what once was the UK Labour Party, now wriggling and squirming with Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
        Give them not a moment’s PEACE, not a moment’s RESPITE.

      3. Toffee – Like you I don’t know, but we will know exactly how many paid up members there are when the upcoming NEC election results are published

      4. Toffee – Like you I’ve no idea what the current membership is but I’ve also pointed out that we will know exactly how many fully paid up members there are when we’ve seen the results for the upcoming NEC elections. Why are still obsessing about the membership of an organisation that you left and ceased to support a quarter of century ago.

  9. Starmer bureaucratically gifted?

    Absolutely not!

    If he was he would have realised that
    whatever wording the Brexit motion ended up as –
    it could have been simply summarised before
    being presented to the public.

    It is the “The McKinsey Pyramid Principle” on
    how to present ideas clearly and succinctly – in
    other words “cutting through the noise”. For a
    person dedicated to talking to Business he
    has not grasped this simple idea which
    originated there but can be applied elsewhere.

    1. Starmer bureaucratically gifted?

      Nah – Gifted by the bureaucrats, unfortunately 😕

  10. PS I disagree with Skwawkies idea that it was to
    deliberately unseat Corbyn that he picked up
    on the idea of a second Ref .

    I think it was sheer incompetence to enthusiastically
    promote someone else’s idea – which some of us
    thought about for about 5 minutes in 2016 – then
    quickly abandoned. From recollection – the Lib Dems
    stayed with the idea from the beginning ..

    Labour already had a simple policy in 2017 – to adopt
    a Brexit that promoted jobs etc. and should have stuck
    to that .. It was evident that May’s red line just
    would not work and we would HAVE to stay in a
    variation of the Single Market etc because of the
    Irish border issue.

    It was a pity that more time was not spent in thinking
    of the problems associated with the Irish border when
    the campaigning took place before the referendum.

    1. NI always was, and still is, the elephant in the room. Unfortunately too few in England understood the ramifications of the border issues and were too easily persuaded they were of no consequence, even if they considered them at all.

      Quite how Starmer thinks he can square that circle is anybody’s guess!

      1. Indeed PW! As I know you know, Starmer won’t square that circle ever and just relies on his mates, supporters and sponsors who control the MSM to do it for him (afterall, it was them, the MSM-owning and Tech-owning billionaire class, that made the borders issue irrelevant (invisible or mis-presented) in the first place. Starmer knows he\s part of the billionaire-class gang now – or as my Grannie Rorrison used to say – “a class enemy”.

  11. Well having read the usual press supporters of the knight of the realm its looking like Starmer has dropped a tactical clanger and Tarry has the look of a fully chastened left wing supporter

    Clever decision from Tarry and a possible terminal decission for the leader of the Labour party.I
    don’t think it will save either of them though, although playing the martyr for Tarry is a good one although his girlfriend might have left it too too late for a leadership bid being slightly shop soiled.ITs a downward spiral all the way from here with only a third of labour mps following Tarry and Rayner to the picket lines , .and showing just how out of touch “the labour party are with the working class and the unions.Although I hate toryism at least they are not confused about there identities and funding..!

      1. FFS soft shite…now you’re repeating your own posts five minutes after first posting your tripe.

        You’ve done it twice within the space of five minutes today…

        Dafuqs the matter with you? Something gone wrong with the software, soft shite?

  12. Off topic:

    Kate Osamor MP: Starmer is failing Black and ethnic minority Labour members.

    As a Black Labour MP, I feel let down by Keir Starmer’s dismissal of findings of racism in the party. We must do better.
    The Forde Report, published last week, found concerns from members that a hierarchy of racism exists within the Labour Party. But the leadership’s response to the report by Martin Forde QC has made clear that these concerns have not been taken seriously.
    Rather than acknowledging the findings, issuing an apology to those affected, sanctioning the individuals involved and publishing a plan to rid the party of racism, Starmer took to the radio to disregard the report altogether.
    The Labour leader said he “didn’t need the report to tell me we needed to take action”. Starmer also claimed the report, which he commissioned and which collected evidence from the party while he was leader, was merely a historical document that reflected the party under its previous stewardship.
    He claimed, without offering evidence or proof, that much had already been done to resolve the issues raised in the report.
    All these claims were repeated in the party’s official written response to the report.

    That isn’t good enough. The mainstream media may be content to pay relatively little attention to the issue of systemic racism raised in this report, but the leadership shouldn’t use that as an opportunity to do the same.
    [My emphasis]

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