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Video: BBC and ‘Labour’ MP allow Tory’s ‘acid threat’ lie against Webbe to pass unchallenged

Richard Holden repeats false claim on Any Questions programme despite judge’s ruling that it never happened

Left-wing MP Claudia Webbe has faced torrents of racist abuse and two plots on her life, driven by media misreporting of two court cases. The media claimed, despite a complete lack of evidence, that Ms Webbe had threatened to throw acid at the woman her partner was having an affair with.

An appeal court reduced Webbe’s sentence to a £50 fine, plus community service she had already served – and the appeal judge explicitly rejected the acid accusation. The Society of Black Lawyers and a leading retired judge have condemned the outcome as showing the intrinsic racism of the justice system, after Webbe’s accuser was found to have lied repeatedly and the Met Police withheld evidence during the initial, magistrates’ court trial, that was helpful to Webbe’s case.

But iin its latest Any Questions programme, the BBC allowed Tory MP Richard Holden to repeat the false claim – and ‘Labour’ MP Alison McGovern said not a word to correct him either, nor did the programme’s other two journalist guests:

Ms Webbe was last week similarly smeared by a Tory-supporting hack and reportedly intends to take legal action if she can fund it. At no point in the whole, sorry saga has the Labour party offered any support, instead opting to join in the smears and cut her loose at the first opportunity despite the then-pending appeal.

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  1. Why would the BBC do a fair reporting when the Labour leadership hasn’t support Claudia Webbe at all? Why when is allowing the harassment of Apsana Begum?
    Hence, good news for the Tories. I wouldn’t be surprised that shortly before the next GE is called the BBC would run a programme of how certain BAME Labour MPs; Claudia Webbe, Bel Ribeiro-Adi, Apsana Begum etc have been treated by LOTO, hoping it would prompt many Labour voters to turn away from Labour.

  2. Does anyone have a link to the
    BBC “Complaints” form ?

    Also- about the BBC Radio
    program which features comments
    and complaints. Does anyone have
    a link to that too?

    1. I guess Claudia can only expect equal treatment from The Neo-Labour Party TORIES that any non-White European, pro-Socialist, anti/non-Zionist, The PEOPLE before The Elites/Establishmen and especially if they are female, can expect. I cincerely hope the targeted females will step up to the mark, to clout those bitches down and show the Pussies who are the Real Vaginas! Fuck this toxic masculinity from both men and women of the TOXIC Neolabour Party TORIES, The Conservative Party TORIES and The MSM, or I guess I could just call them The Establishment!
      Smack them bitches down in court Claudia, smack em right down!

  3. Racism by right wing Zionist Labour Party, the Tories just doing what Tories do, and the BBC enabling and amplifying the hateful smears. Business As Usual.

  4. Whatever lawyers organisation you are a member of there is no doubt that it is obvious Webbe was treated shoddily by the Police, CPS and judiciary in her case. Although I’m not her biggest fan in areas of economics, trade and foreign affairs where her pronouncements can be occasionally hard to fathom the party should be sticking up for on this matter and helping her take legal action where appropriate. The silence is a disgrace.

  5. My gran used to say “What would you expect from a pig but a grunt” This article shows just how right she was. The terrible thing is we are forced to pay for this particular biased and dishonest pig via our TV licence fee.
    As for Alison McGovern she supported Owen Smith during the coup and then the uncouth foul mouthed Jess Phillips for leader in 2020 so again my gran’s old saying applies – doubly so in fact.

  6. Thank you for the link! I found it is not easy to
    complain though I persevered . I made it short
    and pithy and since I have made the effort may
    forward it to some female MPs ..

    Someone needs to take a stand ..

  7. Stop that, Smartboy – mcgovern’ll start whingeing (when did she ever stop?)

    1. Yes Toffee she really is a massive pain in the backside and now she has shown she is completely unprincipled as well

  8. FWIW, I remember Labourlist’s editor ,Sienna Rodgers, including Alison McGovern’s name in a list of shameless Labour MPs that hadn’t been deselected by trigger elections. “What has stunned insiders is the sheer number of Corbyn sceptics who haven’t been triggered.

    “Tom Watson, Liz Kendall, Neil Coyle, Jess Phillips, Siobhain McDonagh, Alison McGovern, Rachel Reeves, Ruth Smeeth, Gareth Snell, Wes Streeting—these are all names associated with the so-called ‘moderate’ wing of the party, and yet all have been automatically reselected.”

    Something to mull over…

    Oh, and according to theyworkforyou, Alsion McGovern MP “generally voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system”.

    She’s a member of Progress and was in 2017 during the Labour party’s wonderful ‘Corbyn Interregnum” its Chair. Mull no more. It’s as clear as a bell.

    Solidarity with Claudia Webbe.

  9. Sajid Javed has resigned from being SoS for Health.
    Looks like the end for Johnson.
    Not a good look for Starmer either.

  10. Disgusting but not surprising.

    As for complaints to the BBC, they are not going to tell you that your complaint has had an effect but that does not mean that it has not done so.

    So make your complaints.

  11. In the audio clip in the above article Richard Holden appears to mention Claudia Webbe and the ‘acid attack’ straight away, but he doesn’t. Never-the-less he lied. Yes, none of the other panel members interjected and pulled him up about it, but nor did anyone in the audience, which is testament to just how influential the MSM are.

    1. ‘ how influential the MSM are.’

      A major consequence of this influence is that we all copy the MSM’s partisan model of analysis: Biased, prejudiced, one-sided,, sectarian and factional hypotheses are the only ideas we’re allowed to have, and they MUST be processed with biased, prejudiced, one-sided,, sectarian and factional evidence.

      The scientific method is impossible when one sided hypotheses only consider ‘approved’ evidence that support and favour it.

      Not just Science, but Democracy also cannot prevail in such an environment.

      This is what the RW pro-establishmentism of the MSM is bequeathing us. Fuck science and fuck democracy they say, for they are of no earthly value (£$) to the neoliberal billionaires – in fact they (democracy and science) are obstacles to their eventual demise and replacemnent.

  12. Concerning my complaint to the BBC – I said he
    made the allegation about 20minutes in. Now
    it might have been sooner but I didn’t have the
    time to check properly ..

    Ive not forwarded my complaint to anyone else-
    yet but might at least email Richard Holden and
    see what happens.

    I cannot BELIEVE that no-one else has complained ..

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