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Former senior civil servant explosively confirms Johnson lying about ‘predator’ Pincher sex pest complaints

Peer Simon McDonald publishes letter to Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards showing No 10 knew all about complaints – and that they were upheld against disgraced former deputy chief whip

Former senior civil servant Simon McDonald – now a crossbench peer – has published his letter sent today to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards exposing as lies the claims of Boris Johnson and his government that Johnson was not aware of complaints about the sexual misconduct of Tory MP Chris Pincher when he appointed him as deputy chief whip. Pincher has since resigned after admitting, following new complaints, that he had groped two men at a private members’ club.

Number 10 had first claimed that Johnson knew nothing about earlier complaints against Pincher at the time he was appointed as whip – then as revelations started to come out about the extent of Johnson’s knowledge, that morphed into a claim that he knew about some allegations but did not act as they had been unproven.

But Pincher’s letter states explicitly that Downing Street’s revised version is also untrue: the complaints against Pincher were upheld by an investigation – and Johnson had been fully briefed. Read McDonald’s full letter below:

Skwawkbox view:

Johnson’s position has long been untenable but it has always been clear he has no morals to ever consider resigning. Will these latest revelations from a figure right at the heart of the matter be enough to topple him? Time will tell, but Johnson has only been able to hold on this far because the country is bereft of effective opposition and he faces a notional ‘leader of the opposition’ just as dishonest and opportunistic as he is.

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  1. Of course Johnson lies. How can anyone be surprised. They could justifiably be surprised if he “accidentally” told the truth. But I am more concerned about people who spend weeks and months PLANNING a big lie.

    1. Steady on Joe, these are Right Hons. Respect for those who are perverted, thieving, lying, hons. They are our betters. Better schools, health, wealth for heavens sake don’t people recognise class when they see it.

  2. As Peter Oborne tweeted, this morning, the best way of getting rid of Johnson is, if two Senior Cabinet Members resign, that will get the ball rolling.

    I can’t help thinking Mr Oborne was being a tad over-optimistic.

    1. He’s gone but who follows. Dearie dearie me. Really what will change even if Headroom sneaks in? Who benefits. Irrelevant to the working class.

  3. BoJoke lies, his cabinet lies, BlueKeef lies, his shadow cabinet lies, BLiar lied his cabinet lied, that is what TORIES do, the lie, connive, spin, etc.
    That is all the Elites/Establishment/Old World Order have left. Russia, China, Iran, South America, Palestine, Yemen, North-East Africa, Middle East, etc all based off the back of lies, nothing but lies.
    Lies have a nasty little knack of going 360 and biting your arse, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but rest assured, as karma always does, it will get you in the end and destroy your ivory towers and pay your dues.

  4. Any news about the pathological liars and criminal partying duo RAngela and her partytime knight of the realm?…..Politicians caught telling porky pies?….Well I never…who would have thought these honourable people could actually lie?.Public schoolboys groping each other in the Carlton club st James….well I never?…Couldn’t have happened to a better club next door to the Royal household?well I never….will he be blackballed in the club?painful no doubt.!.I hear that theres no groping at the Reform club .

    1. “… no groping at the Reform club …”
      Who told you that Joseph !! ??

  5. Sorry to be so cynical –
    It may just be that those people who run the world have decided that Right-Wing-Labour deserves its turn at “SNOUTS IN THE TROUGH”.
    Certainly the continuance of Johnson as PM is going to bring this outcome closer.
    Labour is already destroyed as an effective opposition and as a democratic socialist party.
    In coalition with Lib-Demery, the Labour Party will be shoe-horned into a right-wing / centrist government, which will drive the final nail in its coffin.
    Starmer cannot win without Johnson.
    Johnson can still ensure that the Toe Rags lose.
    No doubt he will then get the 40 pieces of silver that he has so richly deserved.

  6. I think this revelation by Lord McDonald will result in Johnson finally being ousted and someone else leading the Tories into the next election. This will be fatal to Starmers Labour as in my opinion Johnson’s unsavoury reputation has been was a major factor in Labour’s limited successes to date. With him gone Labour under Starmer will be facing electoral oblivion.

  7. It took me by surprise this morning when I heard a spokesperson from Downing Street admitted Johnson knew about Pinchers habit of bestowing unwanted attention on some. Now was this admission before or after they found out about Lord McDonalds letter to Katherine Stone.
    I predict the cheerleader sycophants will announce, regardless of the blatant lies told by Johnson. He is now showing leadership by being truthful about what he knew. Going on to say, apart from Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian army and it’s citizens he is virtually the only other strong opposition against the Russians. So it was just an oversight on his part. He now needs to be allowed to get on with the job of effin up the country for his own benefit.

    1. Zelensky, the Nazis and the people of Ukraine are strong opposition. May I remind you that the Spirit of Kiev was bollocks as is your Daily Mail post. Who are you? Are you Neil, Moron or a researcher for Wikipedia?

      1. Wobbly
        Are you referring to me? If so and will explain what my comment is about. I hope it helps.
        Firstly I have to admit
        I don’t know what the Spirit of Kiev is.
        I’m surprised you’ve accused me of being a Daily Mail reader.
        I don’t know Neil Moron is.
        I also am not a researcher for Wikipedia.
        I was being sarcastic and imagining the conversation going on in DS. It is widely acknowledged that whenever Johnson is in trouble a statement is released that he’s been in contact with Zelenskyy as what happened yesterday morning. He thinks he can save himself by appealing to those who do support the war and they will forget/forgive him the Pincher scandal and will get behind him.
        The sentence about strong opposition against Russia is something Johnson and his team will also use to get him out of trouble. It’s not something I personally believe.
        To be honest I thought me saying he wants to get on with effin up the country for his own benefit was a clear giveaway that my comment is in no way a supporter of Johnson, the mail, the spirit of Kiev, Neil Moron or researchers for Wikipedia.

  8. Great analysis-piece Skwawkbox. McDonald of Salford’s letter affirms and proves that the publicly-funded BBC is, once again, a source of misinformation.

    Did it know it was lying? Maybe not. Of course it should have known that there was no significant evidence of its hypothesis, but it wouldn’t really matter (to the BBC) either way.

    The BBC sees itself as beyond reproach. It’s job is to tell us what the powers that be (PtB) need us to believe. Covid, Ukraine, cost of living crisis, economy, Jeremy Corbyn. Their job is to tell us what the ruling class. billionaires. WEF, Establishment, Power that Be, need us to know/ believe. Nothing more, nothing less. It is corrupt to the core and serves as a fairly accurate indicator of the oligarchs’ insecurities, fears, plans and demands.

    Learn to read the BBC with intelligence and insight and you’ll be a step ahead of where they think you are.

    1. Waitede for the BBC News at 6 this evening, but someone decided that rather than inform the nation about JOhynson’s impending demise it was more important to use both BBC1 and BBC2 to show quarter-final games at Wimbledon, one even without the excuse of a Brit being involved. May I assume the plonker who made that decision has now got his P45?

      1. Just as likely they get a promotion Joe? Every timer Murdoch’s papers go on the offensive re. Johnson (who Murdoch seems not to like), the BBC springs to his defence (even if just shelving the news). The publicly-funded BBC is playing footsie like a lover with the powerful billionaires who ‘run’ the UK news and politics markets for globocapitalism. They’re despicable – publicly funded despicable.

    2. Quertboi, are we talking about Auntie Beeb. The media that used an actor to speak the voice of anthrax Winnie because he was too pissed?

  9. The women’s eufa Cup is about to start. So that’s the news sorted for a month at least. Cmon Russia or Chechnya. Comon Tim, sorry mixed my sports, years of drinking surgical spirits, supporting Millwall and getting battered by the boys in blue all for you.

  10. This Pincher business is small beer cf. the “49 year old” Tory MP currently charged with rape – whose name we are not supposed to know – but Andrew Rozindell has not been seen lately. Or the “Senoir Minister” drink spiker who spiked 4 other MPOs drinks & one woke up to having his nipple licked. The MSM similarly quiet on that one too (there are theories on Twitter) about a certain feisty little chap who is frequently stoned out of his gourd in the Commons. wait till those ones it the fan.
    It’s like the Last Days of the Salo Republic in the Tory Party.

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