By-election results were bad for Labour, despite Starmeroid spin

Labour regained one seat, helped by ‘pact’ with LibDems, but Wakefield result showed no signs of enthusiasm for Keir Starmer in a usually-Labour seat while LibDems again achieved massive swing in always-Tory Tiverton and Honiton

Keir Starmer: the electoral appeal of a limp dishrag

Supporters of Keir Starmer are rather desperately crowing that last night’s result in the Wakefield by-election was a validation of their idol’s electability and a sign that Nu-Labour is on its way to forming the next government. But a proper look at that result and the Tiverton and Honiton result on the same night suggests not.

Labour managed to get across the line in Wakefield, but with a drastically-reduced vote tally even compared to when it lost the seat in 2019: 13,166 vs 17,925 – in a contest triggered by the previous MP being convicted as a sex offender and despite the massive and ongoing scandals surrounding the Johnson government.

Even allowing for lower turnout in a by-election, it was a drab, damp performance in a seat Labour had held for a lifetime before the Brexit-driven loss of 2019, limping over the line rather than surging – despite the party’s informal ‘pact’ with the LibDems that saw the yellow party effectively stand aside to give Labour a clear run and picking up less than a third of the votes it took in 2019 – and demonstrating that voter apathy drove the Wakefield result rather than any enthusiasm for Keir Starmer or his ‘mini-me’ candidate.

But the real awfulness of the performance is seen when comparing it to Tiverton and Honiton, where the LibDems – in a seat that had previously only ever voted Tory since its creation – achieved a 30-point swing in a seat where they weren’t even in second place in 2019, drawing out voters in a far higher turnout than Wakefield and almost tripling the number of votes they managed at the last general election, despite lower by-election voter numbers.

The LibDems are unspeakable Tory-enablers, but Tiverton and Honiton is what a by-election surge looks like against politically and morally disgraced opponents, despite the LibDems’ uninspiring and Tory-tainted leader – not Wakefield.

Keir Starmer, by contrast, has the electoral appeal of a limp dishrag and still isn’t ahead of Boris Johnson in popularity despite Johnson’s endless lies and scandals – and Starmer doesn’t even bear comparison with the LibDems’ bland Ed Davey. Starmer is essentially Johnson without the personality, as his betrayal of all his leadership campaign promises shows – and if the hollow shell that used to be the Labour party wants to occupy Downing Street after the next general election, it can’t afford to fool itself that Wakefield was any more than the dampest of squibs.

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      1. Did the left’s candidates have trouble raising the funds for their deposit?

      2. Out of 119 comments at the time of posting, SH posted 43 of them! But he’s not a paid full-time shill of course!

    1. Reply to Steve H re the Left’s candidate
      Starmers Labour did not allow him to stand , the successful Labour candidate was parachuted in and 14 members of the CLP resigned in protest – I’m surprised that slipped your mind.

      1. Smartboy – What happened to the likes of the TUSC and the myriad of other parties of the left?
        Given the excellent result it looks like they chose the right man for the job.

    2. Where were the left’s candidates?

      Keef’s of the left – by his own admission.

      Keir Starmer leadership interview: ‘I’m a socialist… for me it has a very practical application’

      Are you telling us different? Are you telling us you know keef better than keef knows keef? 🤔

      You told us you’ve NEVER been a socialist. Yet you voted for Corbyn TWICE, and then voted for The self-confessed socialist keef.

      How’s THAT work then, wee fella? C’mon, we’re all eagerly awaiting the benefit of your boundless sagacity on this one. 😏

      1. Toffee – I was referring to the fake socialists like yourself who happily wallow in the victimhood of perpetual opposition

      2. Ah, as opposed to the REAL Socialists, *not at all Thatcherite Neoliberal TORIES* like you, BlueKeef and the ~180 Neo-Labour Party TORY MPs?

      3. nellyskelly – but you still have nothing to offer past a few well worn rants,

      4. nellyskelly – Are you claiming that you have something tangible to offer or just blowing hot air?

      5. nelllyskelly – Was there a question hidden in there, rhetorical or otherwise?

      6. nellyskelly – So there wasn’t one after all then, thanks for clarifying that.

      7. Shithouse.

        At least I have the courage of me convictions.

      8. So you’re advocating I should sell out?

        Be about right – coming from a slimy wee shite like you.

      9. Toffee – You can do what you want, I don’t think it will make much difference to me (or anyone else) either way.

      10. You’ve grassed yourself up, prick. And you’re too stupid to have even cottoned on.

        Spineless, stupid, sell-out, steve h.

  1. I agree might be premature for Starmer to be stacking up champagne in the fridge but now is the time to see a new left party established around Burgoyne.

      1. Reply to Steve H’s various jibes.
        I am a Socialist always have been and always will be. I supported Jeremy Corbyn to the hilt because his views and opinions are the same as mine. There is nothing I would love more than to see a new socialist party formed and for us to win an election but as I have posted before this is not something we can do in haste. We need to have all our ducks in a row – particularly funding, support of the Trade Unions and influential political figures before we launch a new party otherwise it will fail. It might fail anyway if the forces which united to bring Jeremy Corbyn down do so again and set out to destroy it.
        There will be a hard road ahead of us and we have to proceed with care and not be goaded into making a wrong move by those who are not on our side.

      2. Smartboy
        It will be worse next time
        That’s all good under FPTP, we want to split the Tory vote into Red Blue Tartan Yellow and Green, we will then make our run on the outside
        If they all got 15% then the party with 16 % WINS THE SEAT
        Or any variation of that formula

      3. The elephant in the room? Turnout.

        47% of “can’t be arsed” is nothing to celebrate.

        and I won’t even say “Show-me-your-papers or “Seig heil the Ukraine Vaterland” where all democratic parties are banned!

      4. qwertboi – and yet despite the low by-election turnout you have to go back to 2005 with a 60% turnout to find a larger majority of voters and if you look at the majority in percentage terms you have to go all the way back to 2001 before you can find a better result.

      5. Exactly qwertboi, I have a feeling it is more a no confidence in any Party on the ballot, there is litterally no Party that is not Greedmonger, Warmonger Thatcherite Neoliberal! I reckon the softer blow, until Socialism picks itself up would the Green/Neolib Dem, absolutely hate both, but I hate the Neo-Labour Party far more!

      6. nellyskelly – “until Socialism picks itself up

        Do you have a timeline, how many generations are we going to have to wait for you to get your acts together?

      7. Why pretend you are concerned you have your Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES.
        Socialism will rise when she is ready.

  2. Keir Starmer has said that the by election results show that people have lost confidence in Boris Johnson. He is absolutely right, they have. However that does not mean they have confidence in him.
    In Devon the Labour candidate lost their deposit and the electorate chose the Lib Dems over Starmer’s blue Labour- so much for Starmer’s efforts to pull in the votes of disenchanted Tories – it would be hard to find a place where the Tories were more disenchanted than Tiverton and Honiton – but even there Starmers Labour could make no headway. In fact there was a substantial swing away from
    In Wakefield the turnout was 39%. In my opinion the 61% who didn’t vote is made up at least in part by Tory and Labour voters disgusted by the respective party leaders. They didn’t want to change party but couldn’t bring themselves to support Johnson or Starmer- Johnson because of his lyin, partying and general distain for everyone except himself and Starmer a liar too and also an unprincipled bigot purging the party of Socialists Anti Zionists and anybody who won’t toe the line.
    What Wakefield showed was not only can Starmer not attract disenchanted Tory voters but he can’t attract traditional Labour voters either.
    In my opinion the Tories will oust Johnson very soon and elect a new leader who will lead them into the next election which they will probably win having got rid of their electoral liability while we will be stuck with ours.
    Starmer has managed in a few short years to alienate so many of our voters- socialists, Anti Zionists, Muslims, Kashmiris, Irish, BAME and rank and file Trade Unionists -that there is no chance of a Labour government if Johnson goes and he remains Labour leader

      1. The reality is that Labour had its best result in Wakefield since 2001

        Wrong. Again. More bollocks. Never have been able to grasp reality, have you, imbecile?

        2017. 22,987 labour votes. 49.7% share of 46,284 votes

        2022. 13,166 labour votes. 47.9% share of 27,466 votes.

        Only 4479 more voters turned out than voted labour in 2017.

        Enough of your bullshit.

      2. Oh, and I forgot to add:


        2022 +8.1%

        2017 +9.4%

        Still reckon it’s the best result since 2001, plums?

        What a 🔔🔚

      3. The fact is, wwee spoilt bastard, is that Corbyn’s success in Wakefield in 2017 sickens you to the point that you have tried to erase it from history altogether.

        It eats away at your blackened soul. torturing both your waking and sleeping hours and forcing you to post retarded drivel.

        I’m no financial expert, but I strongly suggest you invest in this.

        Cheaper than buying new furniture all the time 👍😉

      4. Toffee – Don’t be ridiculous in 2017 Labour only got a majority of 2,176 (4.7%) on a turnout of 46,284 (65.8%) compared yesterday’s excellent result where Labour achieved a majority of 4,925 (17.1%0 on a much lower turnout of 27,466 (39.9%)

      5. In 2018 MORE people bothered to turn out to vote labour

        Only 4479 people turned out yesterday than voted labour in 2017.

        ‘excellent result’ my arse, soft shite.

        And you’re the one consistently bemoaning/belittling the apathy of the left.

        Had the left bothered to turn out, your smarmer-imposed candidate’ would’ve been returned with an increased majority on a turnout that would be above any and all criticism. Just like they did for creagh on 2017.

        However, they most likely didn’t, and your candidate wasn’t.


      6. How fucking desperate.

        But par for the course, depressingly. 😒

  3. Astonishing, Steve H had nothing to say about Jeremy Corbyn’s stellar speech, during his allotted time, in the Council of Europe, yesterday.

    He spoke more sense, in those three minutes, than Starmer has, in three years.

    Even the President of Mexico is doing more for Julian Assange, than Starmer.

    Almost as though Starmer had something to keep quiet about. A ‘Human Right’s’ lawyer should be stood on the rooftops shouting for all he’s worth, surely?

  4. Non of the above won Wakefield by a country mile
    If JC launches a new party and contests the GE, it would very quickly become the
    Truth and Integrity
    Now we need to decide who our leader will be and wrap JC in cotton wool and wheel him out for the big rallies
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn

    1. Doug – Don’t you think that just 2yrs out from a general election that you should have progressed past IF?

  5. Establishment v The People
    Which side are you on
    The MSM and Toilet papers v Free Press
    If your not voting for JC and the Socialist party then you are voting for the Establishment to run us into the ground, to keep their Posh and Privileged Snouts in the Trough
    Vote to Feed our Children
    Let’s make this a country fit for Heroes for the first time since 1945

    1. Doug – We still don’t know whether Jeremy will be standing at the next election and which Socialist party would that be, did I miss the launch?

  6. Wakefield MP GE2019 – Mary Creagh:
    told the BBC: “I saw Jeremy taking selfies with these young people, and I thought rather than grinning and smiling with them, he should be apologising to them.”

    “Former Wakefield MP Mary Creagh could be the Labour candidate to challenge for Jeremy Corbyn’s London constituency seat, reports are suggesting.”

    “He’s a preening narcissist”

    Lots and lots and lots of appologising for xmas dinners, life on Mars, the Russians, the Ukrainian Nazis, the chewingum under her shoe in 1978, etc, etc, etc

    Bassic conclusion Labour did not lose the Wakefield seat in 2019, Mary Creagh, made very sure that it was canvassed away. Why did they win? Because a lot of very desperate people listened to the likes of her and made a very big mistake in 2019, now a few very desperate people are uterly desperate and fell for the neon flashing corporate logo “Labour” in …any Labour Party…. of the Parasite Party, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, C’est la Vie!

    1. It should be interesting to research all the MPs who lost seats in 2019 and what they had to say about JC in the run up to GE2019 also. Are bank accounts and balances FOI elegible for research purposes?

    2. Absolutely, correct, nellykskelly.

      In GE17, Creagh increased her share of the vote, on the back of JC’s popularity, by 9.4%.

      In GE19, after two-and-a-half years of slandering and smearing JC’s character, she lost 9.9%, of her share of the vote.

      All self-inflicted, all avoidable, all through malice, spite and vindictiveness. She deserved everything she didn’t get.

      …and not a thought in her head, for The Electorate.

      I wouldn’t vote for Mary Creagh, for Lollipop Lady.

      1. 😂 Brilliant, thanks George. She seems too angry with life to be a lolipop lady, yes give that one a miss for sure.

  7. Forget the leaders and the candidates for sooner or later they will all be gone. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It was vital that the Labour Party takes back a Red Wall seat. It is vital that in the South of England the Lib Dems should contimue to make signicicant inroads into currently safe Tory seats where Labour has no hope in hell of winning.
    Our top priority above all else is to be rid of the most incompetent corrupt government we have ever had and my memory goes back to the early 1930’s when as a young kid I watched a Means Test Inspector tell my Mum to sell three dining room chairs and go to the green grocers to get three orange boxes for her three kids to sit on at the table!

    1. We used to hide behind the couch from the debt collectors
      Worked well for my sister, she invented an imaginary family of chickens
      She used to go behind the couch to feed them at all times of the day
      To the point made, entire democracy at stake

    2. Bill – At last a voice of reason. I doubt that the NHS and the Welfare State will survive another Tory term.

      1. At last a voice of reason. I doubt that the NHS and the Welfare State will survive another Tory term.

        Not while keef’s ABSTAINING they won’t.

        Holborn and St Pancras MP says he was wrong to abstain on Welfare Bill

        I’m highly sceptical they’d survive under a smarmerist, (tory) govt, neither. Fortunately there’s more chance of THAT happening than there is a one-legged cat successfully burying it’s shite on a frozen pond.

    3. The UK Labour Party is DEAD!
      The Neo-Labour Party TORIES killed it, for as long as they are there there will be no Labour Party/Movement! Just a continuation of 43 Years of TORY HELL!
      Which TORY is worse?
      a. The TORY who you and most already know is a Thatcherite Neoliberal bastard.
      b. The TORY who Sabotaged, Smeared, Lied and Connived both once in a lifetime opportunities 2017, 2019 out of the hands of many gullible and desperate people, to end 43 years of TORY HELL. And who you already know is a Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY bastard and that most somehow still needs to learn.
      I’d say b. wouldn’t you? What is the point in not voting Tory only to get Tory, regardless!
      Vote the bastards who robbed The PEOPLE out, then rebuild a true Hardiest movement from scratch! Can’t do that with parasites in the woodwork!

      1. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Hasn’t the Sabotage of GEs 2017 and 2019 worked out swell for you and your car crash of a Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY Party, we all lose! 43 more years of TORY HELL! Regardless of which TORY Party wins!

      2. With a bit of luck for the young ones by then The PEOPLE would have woken up! I’ll be fertalising daisies long before then, TFFT!

      3. Indeed, but stranger things happen, look what happened in South America when the Western Elites bit off more than they can chew in The East. Rendered their Propaganda, Coupe Wars on Socialism Futile. The same will happen in the West, The Greedmonger, Warmonger Elites are showing off all their weaknesses and just how pathetically desperate they’ve become. Your beloved Capitalism is finally eating itself. Sadly it will eat many of us along with its tail.
        The options for Socialism at this stage was made very clear GE2019.
        There are an International Western Elites who cannot afford to allow a true Socialist who would prevent War, Austerity and bring Equality and Justice back to The PEOPLE, as PM in The UK.
        That was made clearly evident by the actions of your ilk The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES.
        It is not as simple as Jeremy Corbyn creates a new Party, Chris Williamson creates a new Party, these are profound times. Anycase those who listened instead of shouted GE17/19, already knew this was coming. We may not see the rebuild of Britain, but I hope we see at least the start of it!

      4. Two Cheeks
        Alternative to what
        Red Tory Blue Tory Red Tory Blue Tory

    4. It is vital that in the South of England the Lib Dems should contimue to make signicicant inroads into currently safe Tory seats where Labour has no hope in hell of winning.

      Utter. Steaming. Horseshit.

      It is vital that labour ought to be taking toerag seats where at the last election they were the main challengers in second place, and had clear water between themselves and the libtards. You press on. You DO NOT concede.

      Smarmer’s pandering to the toerag vote is losing more votes than it’s gaining. They might have gained a few toerag voters – but they’ve haemorrhaged the labour and the floating vote.

      But what can we expect when total gobshites like steve h decree that it’s the way to go?

      The fucking imbecile bleated to anyone who’d listen that if smarmer and fatfuck watson didn’t get their second ref shithousery steamrollered through, the libtards would hoover up all the labour votes in 2019. The libtards were almost wiped the fuck out, and labour lost just about every one – And probably more – of their marginal leave seats.

      But that was down to Corbyn, we’re told.

      He was told then he was talking shite, He annoyingly continues to do so. Your assertion is the same shite.

      But frankly, I couldn’t give less of a shite how badly smarmer does. I delight in it, in fact.

      He’s no socialist. He’s no opposition. Nor are people who think the sun shines out of his arse, and tell people like me that I’M the tory, when they’re the ones who’d GLADLY concede winnable seats to the toerag-enabling libtards.

      You didn’t want Corbyn winning, now you don’t want smarmer winning. Make your friggin’ minds up.

      1. WTAF has THAT to do with ANYTHING I just typed?

        You’re beyond retarded.

      2. Answer the question.

        WTAF has an OPINION POLL of an EU election got to do with the GENERAL ELECTION in 2019,


    5. All equations have to balance and this one is no exception.

      The point of getting rid of something which is, lets say, not working is to replace it with something which will work. Not to replace it with a mirror image which will operate to the same failed and unworkable principles.

      Anyone who seriously thinks, for example, that the NHS is safe or workers rights, wage levels etc wil be improved or a strategically inept foreign policy (not my assessment steveH but that of a former head of the UK military) will be improved as a result of replacing this bunch of clueless numpties with a similar set wearing a red coloured rosette has not been paying attention and is either a fool or a rogue.

      1. Did you ever believe keef would stick to a single one of his ten pledges?

        Green paper – pffft! 😒

    6. Bill wells…I respect your opinion but the label labour party is a fraud and a total misrepresentation and total “not fit for purpose” ..Would you drink a bottle of Champagne or water if you new it contained Rat poison?This is not the labour party but a dangerous illusion.and there’s nothing different to the conservative and unionist party in fact theyre worse .

  8. I would disagree that Lib/Dems ARE Tory enablers. They WERE Tory enablers but would Labour then (or now) have done different given the circumstances? I would argue the Labour under Starmer IS CURRENTLY a Tory enabler.

    1. There is nothing – but NOTHING – between the three main parties.

      Not one of them has vowed to end austerity. The ONLY party providing something resembling an opposition in Westminster – ironically – are the SNP.

      1. For starters, how about opposition instead of abstention, you gobshite.

  9. Yes and under Corbyn Labour in 2017 got 23,000 votes but yesterday under Starmer it got 13,000 votes on a pathetic 39% turnout (4 out of 10 voting) as the 3 main political parties passively accept Neo-Liberalism.
    Right Wing Labour won’t win, it stands for nothing and has no passion & could be a hung Parliament but if by a miracle it did it would be Right Labour in Govt but NOT in power and I’m not sure if the NHS and welfare state would survive the extreme Labour Neo-Liberal Centrists/Right?
    Smart boy is perhaps correct, left wing democratic socialists have to be patient as the little Left groups of PAL monopolise the Anti-Right Wing Labour potential vote option with sadly poor results.
    Everything may depend on what happens in Islington?
    I can’t see Right wing Labour allowing JC 2 stand for Labour so JC may stand as an Independent.
    But he could end up as a lone voice (with a lot of support) or facilitate a national list a and potentially we end up genuine left wing democratic socialist group?
    We live in interesting though at times depressing days but the spirit we had under JC could be reignited.
    Solidarity to genuine socialists.

    1. Bazza – “I can’t see Right wing Labour allowing JC 2 stand for Labour so JC may stand as an Independent.
      But he could end up as a lone voice (with a lot of support) or facilitate a national list a and potentially we end up genuine left wing democratic socialist group?

      Unless Jeremy stops prevaricating you won’t have enough time to organise anything.

      1. Non socialist. A few questions for you:
        When the Left were the only ones raising the issue of Putin raising cities in Chechnya and the EC, UK and US turned a blind eye as he was the West’s friend then, where were you?
        Secondly following his subsequent Presidential victory do you think it was right for Blair to rush to Moscow to be the first to congratulate him as the West looked on approvingly?

      2. Bazza – I believe in a well regulated mixed market economy, are you one of those deluded idealists that believes in a command economy?

        During the Chechen war I was passing on my technical skills as a volunteer in Africa, why what were you doing?

        In retrospect perhaps western leaders were naive (hindsight is a wonderful thing) but I don’t think it was wrong to try and welcome the Russian people into democratic Europe. Do you?

      3. Prevaricating, honestly! There has never been a harder working MP in Parliamentary history.
        You heard him he is fighting for the whip back.
        Much to my dissatisfaction, but at the end of the day a Party of rats that includes Jeremy Corbyn, can only be better for it.
        Jeremy is not scared of your TORY Party, he is tenacious and he will fight until there is no fight left, unlike your whimpering BlueKeef baiting, and then crying, because some People shouted at him!
        Thanks to prevaricating BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Party TORIES, expect to see Corbyn on the Backbenches once more, you’ll love it!

      4. nellyskelly – I doubt he will stand at the next GE, why would he take the risk.
        Time will prove which of us is proved right.

      5. Risk of what? He stands he wins or he doesn’t, where is the risk in that?
        The entire world does not revolve around your warped Conservative Neoliberal outlook of embarrasment and ridicule for not being Nr 1.
        Anyway he told you in that video exactly what he will be doing.

      6. nellyskelly – I’m guessing he’d rather retire as the wounded socialist hero rather than be rejected by the electorate.

      7. nellyskelly – You can call it whatever you like but unless the whip is restored one way or another he won’t be an MP any longer and he will be drawing on his substantial pension,

      8. I’m not ‘calling it’ anything, that would be you. Your opinion on the matter is of little relevance, it remains his choice and his decission. Neither you nor BlueKeef can do a thing about it. Do you notice the silence, as you suggest there will be yet another revealing hysteria of the Monsters behind the masks, even if they have their way, and he is ousted, I asume, this time they may go too far in revealing their true nature and fall prey to their own actions.

      9. PS. love the little “Substantial” jibe, why would I or anyone else care about his Pension, you are a dreadfully sad individual.

      10. “In retrospect perhaps western leaders were naive (hindsight is a wonderful thing) but I don’t think it was wrong to try and welcome the Russian people into democratic Europe. Do you?”
        They didn’t try. Both Gorbachev and Putin wanted to establish a Europe-wide security framework to replace NATO, but they were frozen out by the US. Not much of a welcome there!

    2. The Chechen wars were also a beast of MSM Misreporting and Propaganda, there are videos of Azov Nazis dipping their bullets in pork fat to shoot Muslim Chechens.
      In Chechnya, Chechen Muslims in Ukraine, Ukrainian Russians in Chechnya and Ukraine Nazis killing Ukrainian Russians and Chechen Muslims, both had expired resolutions signed with the UN and EU countries, but no change. Both Muslim Chechens and Russian Ukraine called to Russia for support and leaders of both (non-Muslim & non-Russian) refused negotiating.
      No negotiations, no resolutions accomplished, no action or support from the UN or EU only dead Russian Ukrainians and dead Chechen Muslims.
      That is food for thought, you can look up for yourself what the MSM peddled to you. However nobody can deny both Russians and Muslims are easy prey to MSM. That is all I have to say about it, I’m not open to debate on it, factual corrections with non MSM evidence welcome.

  10. I understand Bill Wells’ view, but more analysis is necessary.
    Many years ago my garden was blighted by nettles. My priority was to get rid of them. After years of hard slog I managed to really get them under control. Then the brambles took over. One nasty lot of spiky things gave way to another lot that bore a few little tasty treats.
    With our three largest political parties agreeing on the need to keep wages down, keep the awful anti-trade union legislation, keep public services in private hands etc. etc., we are politically where my garden was 30 years ago. Get rid of one blight and you get another.

  11. I put this comment here because people may not go back to view the report about Apsana.
    Just listen right through to the end. It will leave no doubt as to whether or not the current LP would be an improvement on the Tories.

    1. Reply to Goldbach
      Thank you for posting the video – what that woman has been put through by her abusive ex-husband and his abusive relatives is disgusting but the fact that they are able to use Starmer’s Labour to inflict more hurt on her up to and including the loss of her livelihood is horrific.
      The forceful women’s rights advocates – Harman Phillips Cooper Creasy Reeves ( both of them) and others – are showing plainly that race and political opinion are the deciding factor in whether a female domestic abuse victim/survivor is entitled to their support.
      They sat back and did nothing when Diane Abbott was subjected to a daily torrent of abuse in the MSM and BBC. Now they are doing the same with Apsana – another BAME socialist.
      Each and every one of them ( and the male MPs) in Starmers Labour who ignore this woman’s suffering and who are content to allow her ex husband and his relatives to use the Labour party as a stick to beat her with are just as bad as they are and they shame themselves and the party.

  12. Thirty six seconds in and the name lee harpin appears….followed by the word ‘lie’.

    I’ll go back to the video now,

  13. That the party is briefing harpin – who’s lies have cost the (odious) jewish chronicle quite a few nicker in damages on several occasions – leaves little doubt as to why the party’s on it’s arse, financially.

    Still, it’s moolah for keef’s barrister mates, and those that he owes for his current position, innit? 😗🎵

    1. Well said Toffee…..

      Harpin woks for the JC which was saved from bankruptcy by Israeli funds and is used as a propaganda tool.

      1. Weird innit?

        That keef doesn’t approve of de piffle being called a LIAR, but he’ll employ/brief serial LIARS like harpin to do his bidding.

        Perhaps keef should get harpin to write a column about what *ahem* actually happened in Durham.

  14. Ive not looked at the video about Apsana – but I did
    observe here yesterday that the “Jewish News” reported on her

    I find my blood pressure goes up every time
    I read about her so I try to ration this!

    This poor woman has faced nothing but harassment –
    allegedly from friends of her former husband – since
    she entered parliament yet hardly any women MPs
    have spoken up for her!

  15. Simple solution = Spew labour and become an independent, or join rahman’s ‘aspire’ party**. There’s obviously no place in smarmerite labour for her.

    **Awaits the clever fella with his prattling on about lost deposits and suchlike…Except aspire did rather well in Tower Hamlets, didn’t they? 😏

      1. I said spew the party NOT be forced out on the judgement of a drugged-up user of male prostitutes.

      2. Toffee – How did CW do when he stood as an independent?

      3. Horses for courses, knobend.

        How did Aspire do in Tower Hamlets? 😏

        …And how did labour do there? 😏

        Go on, tell us it was another rip-roaring success for keef 😏

        104 seats 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      4. Toffee – One has to wonder why Aspire didn’t stand in yesterdays by elections.

      5. Like I said….Horses for courses.

        …And enough people voted Galloway – GALLOWAY FFS -in Batley to put the shits up keef.

        No lost deposit there, was there, soft ollies? 😏

      6. Don’t be a numpty?

        Oh.. of course… Keef fucking pissed it in Batley with his mahoosive 323 majority, NINETY PERCENT DOWN on the previous result.

        But at least they kept their deposit, eh?

        Cretin. .

      7. Toffee – Or more to the point Labour won and Batley have what appears to be a good hard working MP representing their interests in the HofC.

      8. Funny, though, Steve that you are not banging on about the percentage size of the majority in Batley and Spen the way you are about Wakefield.

        Almost as if you are cherry picking which stats you claim are significant for propaganda reasons…

      9. UV – I am just reporting the facts surrounding Thursdays bi-elections whilst you are the one who is desperately attempting to create a distraction by prattling on about the Batley & Spen by-election.

  16. In answer to questions (above) the numbers
    voting in Wakefield for various parties were
    (roughly) as follows, where I have only included
    those with 1K votes or more:

    Conservatives 8241 30.0%
    Independent 2090 7.6 %
    Yorkshire Party 1182 4.3%
    Labour Party 13166 47.9%

    1. Holby, Labour have the lowest number of votes in this seat since 1931. Enough said…..Still Little Kieth will be chuffed to bits.

      1. Labour won the seat by a substantial margin. The way some of you pretend lefties go on you’d think Labour had lost the seat. Where were the TUSC etc

    2. But turnout was low even by bye-election standards, and Labour won a smaller percentage of the vote than in the general election they lost in 2017, completely failing to attract a large proportion of the anti-Conservative vote, as well as losing still more of their traditional vote..

      I don’t really care what your political views are. I do care that you and Starmer’s other groupies are deliberately ignoring extensive evidence that Labour is not on track to win the next election. I’m not sure which is worse, the idea that you are desperately spinning to support Starmer, or the possibility that you actually believe this propaganda.

      It is still conceivable that the Tory collapse will see Labour limp over the line, but only a complete fool would bet the entire future of the country on it.

      1. UV – Yes the turnout was low, but not exceptionally so, there have been many by elections where the turnout has been considerably lower. (I can provide the stats if you doubt this)
        You can desperately spin it however you like but it won’t alter the facts. Labour won the election in Wakefield with a significant margin. You give the impression that you would have preferred a Tory win.

  17. I get you about the lowest number of votes – however
    I was more interested in answering the question “How
    did the independent do?” which was posed by STeveH.

    However it appears he knew it all along .. so perhaps
    now he could tell us why he posed the question?

    Incidentally Corbyn strongly criticised Putin in the
    early 2000s when he decimated Chechnya in a
    similar manner to the way to the cities of Ukraine ..
    This was when Blair and Co. were fawning all
    over him.

    Corbyn relies on the UN and its Security Council
    who, incidentally have attempted to condemn Russia
    for its violations but this was vetoed so unfortunately
    they can do nothing. Of course if Corbyn had done
    what he wanted to sanction the poisonings in Salisbury
    this might not have happened but it is too late now.

    1. HFM – Perhaps you could clarify what you are on about because I haven’t a clue what you are referring to.

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