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Video: Starmer joins Johnson in smearing Corbyn – but belittles only himself

Keir Starmer’s feeble attempt to attack Boris Johnson at today’s PMQs – while completely ignoring the looming issue of the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling that a planned flight to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda and the now legally-confirmed cruelty of the Tories’ policy – consisted of comparing Johnson to Jeremy Corbyn:

It’s hard to imagine Starmer diminishing himself still further as a politician after his war on Labour members and their rights to democracy and free speech, his shredding of every single campaign promise that got him elected as Labour leader and his pandering to right-wing racists while ignoring unchecked racism among his own Labour-right faction – but he managed it with this.

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      1. dg – The choice is entirely yours. Whether you choose take a look or not is of little consequence to me either way.

  1. He’s like a boy who has been dumped by a girl, going on about her incessantly, trying to convince himself that he’s better than her current boyfriend, when the world knows, and he knows, he’s not.

    1. Who are we talking about here Joe?

      Starmer or this sites resident Poundshop Uriah Heep?

  2. Starmer makes the likes of Callaghan, Denis Healey and-the list is long, going back to Jimmy Thomas and Ramsay Mac- look like political and moral giants.
    Christ, he even ,makes Blair and Brown and Blunkett look acceptable.
    At last the Labour right, the Hodges and Streetings, and the “Death to the Arabs” zionists have found the leader who perfectly exemplifies their politics and their characters. They owe the Trilateral Commission their gratitude.

    1. No bevin, it’s us that owe the Trilateral gratitude.

      The TC backed a n inept looser who has exposed the neoliberal stitch up for what it is.

  3. I don’t suppose it’s his fault that he sounds like his voice hasn’t broken yet, but surely he could have followed Thsatcher’s example and had some voice coaching.
    The big problem is that he seems to love the Westminster bubble. Nobody cares what he says in parliament (which is probably a good thing because there is little substance to it). He needs to give people a positive vision of a future in which there is a society that values people above profit. Fat chance.

  4. I can’t even be bothered to listen to the *boring* reactionary: Sire’s nailed to the mast his raft of thinking: pro-apartheid, pro-Zionism, pro-racism, pro-war, pro-royalism, pro-nationalistic patriotism!

  5. Glad skwawkie has featured this disgusting
    performance – this was a cheap comment and
    unworthy of a leader of the Labour Party
    referring to his predecessor.

    For once I agreed with Johnson – twice!
    Yes Starmer did campaign for Corbyn and what is
    more in his campaign for the leadership
    ..said he would continue with previous

    And yes Corbyn made a far better opponent
    at PMQ for he sounded as if he meant what
    he said ..

    What is more his so-called “witticism” fell flat..

  6. Boris Johnson is not the Conservative Corbyn.
    For a start Tory MPs have treated Johnson a hell of a lot better than 172 members of the PLP treated Jeremy Corbyn.
    Tory MPs did not challenge Johnson’s leadership 9 months after he was elected by 60% of the Tory membership and supporters
    Neither Tory backbenchers nor members of Johnson’s front bench/cabinet have queued up to undermine and smear him every single day on the TV radio and in the press.
    Members of Johnson’s cabinet have not engaged in organised resignations in the full glare of publicity in order to hurt and undermine him.
    Employees in Conservative Central Office did not work tirelessly to lose an election just to keep Johnson out of Downing St.
    Tory MPs have not publicly accused Johnson of antisemitism or made any other vile unfounded allegations against him. None of them have called him a “f**king antisemite” in full view of MPs of all parties.
    Theresa May did not suspend Johnson from the Tory party or deny him the Tory whip
    If the PLP and Southside had behaved decently and accepted the democratic decision of the members and supporters to elect Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour party we would not now be enduring the most right wing vicious government in living memory – and yes I am old enough to remember Thatcher.
    They have a lot to answer for and Starmer has a damn cheek.

    1. I dont buy this ‘there is nothing the left can do’
      Morally and financially bankrupt, why would Unions and members put another penny into the broken down auld Donkey that is Pound Shop War Criminal
      The Left can call it out tomorrow, mass resignation and withdrawal of funding, laws of insolvency say you cannot continue to trade if you havnt got a pot to piss in
      What is beyond contempt is to do nothing

      1. Doug – Are there really still enough loyal Corbyn supporters left to make a significant impact even if they all resigned en mass?
        I have my doubts, don’t you?

      2. Well clearly the Ruperts in the UK Security Services believe there is steveh otherwise they would not still be focusing so much effort in that direction.

        On another note the snippet about Johnson’s 28% to Starmer’s 26% (who makes the better PM) hides in plain view the fact that 46% of the Queens Feudal Subjects (QFS) consider both choices on offer, in terms of what they represent, as unacceptable and unpalatable.

        In terms of both mathematics and reality that constitutes what is known as a Majority for a the alternative to these two cheeks of the same arse. Which means there does exist a majority in the Country, under a democratically functioning voting system – which we don’t have yet – for the opposite of neo-liberalism/neo-conservatism/neo-feudalism as represented by Johnson, Starmer, Streeting, Blair etc.

        Which generally goes under the label of ‘left’ – as represented most recently by Corbyn.

        In other news I see your neo-nazi heroes, mates and fellow travellers in Ukraine lobbed 300 shells into civilian areas of Donetsk on Monday:

        You must be so proud steveH.

      3. Two Cheeks
        Occassionally you have your uses, Red Tory mafia thrive thanks to the PLP and as glove puppets for their paymasters
        Your terrified another JC gets through to the membership, the Unions can make this happen, then the stables can be cleaned out

      4. Doug – I won’t be holding my breath for you to come back and tell me, I told you so.
        As for PR, I expect it to be adopted as Labour policy at this years conference.

      5. Of course steveH. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here lingering like a bad smell.

    1. It is common knowledge that Keir sees Jeremy as an electoral liability for Labour. I guess this is why some Tory backbenchers have nicknamed Boris, their own electoral liability, as the Conservative’s Corbyn.

      1. ps – Do you know whether Jeremy will be standing at the next GE, or not?

      2. SteveH

        Do you seriously believe Starmer will better the 40% and 12,877,918 votes Corbyn-led Labour got in his first General election as leader in 2017?

        How much ££ would you be willing to bet he can?

      3. Andy – Where have I said that?
        But having said that It was profoundly disappointing that Corbyn and his cohorts chose ‘constructive ambiguity’ and hiding away from the press instead of consolidating their success. They completely failed to capitalise on their progress in the 17GE.
        I believe that Labour will do considerably better than Corbyn did in the 19GE, don’t you?
        Have you had a look at the various MRP polls recently?

      4. “I believe that Labour will do considerably better than Corbyn did in the 19GE, don’t you?”

        The Tories are doing so poorly right now that if they don’t replace Johnson it is possible. But that is only because of the negative push of Johnson, not because of any positive pull towards Starmer. It’s entirely possible he will do better in percentage terms but worse in number of votes.

        If they do replace Johnson, not a hope in hell.

      5. Ultraviolet – Why do you appear to be so desperate for the Tories to win?

    2. “Ultraviolet – Why do you appear to be so desperate for the Tories to win?”
      Perhaps it is because there is nothing else on offer: in a contest between Johnson or his designated successor and Starmer one of the Tories is bound to win.

      1. Are you really so stupid and naive?
        You’ve SFA to offer as a credible alternative.

  7. Bizarrely self-satisfied and smug, coming from a man that only 26% view positively.

    Starmer deserves the contempt.

    Remember him speaking out, as if personally affronted over Corbyn’s horrendous treatment of the hands of the press, in the leadership hustings? Or when he pretended Corbyn was his close friend.

    Maybe the booze helps Starmer forget? Anyone with a conscience would lie awake at night with all the lies Starmer has told.

      1. Johnson was a brand new leader, untried and untested, with the media projecting Churchillian greatness on to him, while simultaneously trying to smash Corbyn to smithereens with daily attack headlines.

        You’re hardly comparing like with like. Corbyn’s leadership was never going to be universally popular because he actually wanted to do real things that were going to upset some people. Starmer’s milquetoast offer is deliberately vague.

      2. Andy – Oh come on that’s stretching the truth more than a little. Boris was very much a known quantity

    1. Starmer is despicable – it was him who devised
      the inept policy presentation of Ref2 – via
      a complicated algorithm involving this or that
      possibility. Conference 2018 voted for Ref2
      as “last chance saloon when all other possibilities
      had been exhausted” – ie as not good but better
      than a no deal crash out. Corbyn was blamed for
      “constructive ambiguity” when there was no \
      ambiguity at all.

      AS for those of us who remain in the Labour Party
      – we are waiting for Starmers fall from grace. I
      recall that he was against an alternative way of
      voting in spite of the Conference voting for it.

      People voted for Johnson because they were sick
      of the continual arguments which they blamed on
      “Parliament” – whereas Johnson took on the role
      of the Peoples tribune . Johnson lied about having
      an oven ready deal as we have found since. The
      Labour Party knew very well what he was like and
      so did nearly everyone who worked with him – yet
      they campaigned against him.

  8. Just seen the news that Boris Johnson’s Ethics Adviser has resigned.
    Johnson had an Ethics Advised?
    Can’t see him ever getting another job.

    1. When the monster consumes itself “I don’t think I can think of one labour leader that has ever stood up in parliament and made such a vicious attack on another labour leader.Whatever anyone says its unheard of because its one of the basic rules of politics…Never condemn yourself or attack your own.This is what comes of voting for a rank amateur who cant get through a day without the support of the “Bar”and it is not the Barristers Bar either…five years of being a mp to leader of the Labour party?…rigged?

  9. Never mind “composite motions” – it was
    easily summarised as “any fule no” .

    I emailed Watson about this after being
    asked to tickboxes in some kind of survey ..

    Bur ANYONE could have seen it

    1. HFM – …and yet despite it being easily summarised as “any fule no” (whatever that means) you felt the need to email Watson 🤔

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