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Video: BBC edits out boos from replay of Johnson’s arrival at Jubilee event – not the first time they’ve covered for him

Not the BBC’s first visit to the ‘cover-up roadshow’

A Skwawkbox reported yesterday, Boris Johnson and his wife were loudly booed by a crowd of flag-waving royalists as they arrived for the queen’s jubilee celebration yesterday.

The boos caught the BBC out during the live coverage of his arrival – but when the footage was replayed later, the BBC had edited the soundtrack to mute the show of public detestation – and it was either replaced by generic crowd sounds or the background hum of the crowd behind the commentator was allowed to come through to complete the illusion:

This is not the BBC’s first time around the cover-up block. In 2019, when a dishevelled-looking Johnson made multiple cock-ups during his attempt to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph for that year’s Remembrance Day service, the BBC ‘accidentally’ inserted footage of his more conventional 2016 appearance to cover for him. Journalists who had worked at the broadcaster and understood its archiving sytems said that the BBC’s claim the footage had been used in error was ‘impossible’.

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  1. Not, totally, unexpected.

    That, only, provides proof-positive – the BBC are no longer a news reporting organisation.

    Instead, they have become a news manipulating organisation – otherwise known as propagandists, for the highest bidder.

    In this case, for Johnson and the Tory party.

    1. New video shows Boris Johnson hit with fresh boos as he left St Paul’s service
      The Prime Minister and his wife Carrie were met with a chorus of boos and jeers as they attended the service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee today at St Paul’s Cathedral
      A fresh video of embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson being showered with more jeers as he made his way out of St Paul’s Cathedral has emerged…………
      ……..the clip shows, it wasn’t just on his way into St Paul’s that the PM was forced to listen to the British public’s views on his leadership.

      1. “The Conservatives are heading for a potentially catastrophic defeat in the Wakefield byelection amid reports Boris Johnson could face a vote on his future next week, according to a new poll.
        A survey by JL Partners and reported in the Sunday Times gives Labour a 20-point lead over the Tories in the Yorkshire constituency.
        The poll puts Labour on 48% [up 8 points] and the Tories on 28%, down by 19 points.”

  2. What’s their excuse this time? XXXXers. (And we used to laugh at the Communists rewriting history by editing photographs! This is no different.)

  3. The BBC editing out the evidence of the contempt even the most patriotic Royalists feel for this shameful excuse for a Prime Minister? I am astonished – you could have knocked me down with a feather lol!
    Seriously though the BBC will always cover for Johnson as it is, in large part, due to them and the black propaganda, smears and downright lies that they put out each and every day about Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters that Johnson was elected in 2019 by a landslide. As one of the contributors rightly said in an earlier post the BBC is the mouth piece of the Tory party. Therefore it is madness to expect any sort of fair or honest reporting from them on this or any other political issue.

  4. Well too late BBC! Its already been noted
    and discussed on the politics programmes ..

    And – more importantly I guess its been noted
    by the “Red Wall” Tory MPs too who are
    currently assembling their notepaper and
    envelopes and having a think .

    1. Sound & Vision on seperate channels; no need to filter just add or subtract what you want. No longer a case of anything being in Black & White, after all.I can land a plane with my mobile (if I had one).

    2. Band pass filter, eh? Y’learn something new every day. Cheers. Have you worked in sound engineering?

  5. BBC covering for Johnson? Are you SERIOUS? The BBC is still stoking the fire of dicontent in the Tory Party to be rid of the BREXITEER. just in time for elections. The heat is on Johnson & it’s amost universal as MSM decides who his successor will be. That’s democracy in action in a modern Post Truth era; Democracy, kindly brought to you by our sponsors & protectors ‘The Fourth Estate’.

    1. Reply to Steve101704
      I disagree Steve or if you are right and the BBC are trying to get rid of a Brexiteer they aren’t doing a very good job.
      Tory MPs who have stated publicly that they want to oust of Johnson include Steve Baker Andrew Bridgen and Davis Davis all of whom are arch brexiteers. Baker and Bridgen have been vocal supporters of Johnson in the past and Baker was instrumental in ousting Theresa May in his favour. There may be other Brexiteers who have called for him to go but I have little interest in the Tories and their doings so I don’t know the internal political affiliations of the rest of them.
      What I do know is the BBC did everything in its power to support Johnson and helped more than any other media outlet to hand him an 80 seat majority.
      They are still backing him as evidenced by this latest attempt to edit out the boos which were directed at Johnson by people who would not normally boo at a politician entering a church service held in thanksgiving for the life of the queen who they had gathered to honour.
      In my opinion their reaction to Johnson shows that most people, even died in the wool Tories, are so totally disgusted with him , his partying and his lying that even his fan club at the BBC won’t be able to save him this time

    2. steve101704 “The BBC is still stoking the fire of dicontent in the Tory Party to be rid of the BREXITEER”

      Hardly Steve, the BBC because it has a right wing bias, was gung-ho in pushing for Brexit. The odious Nigel Farage was never off their screens, where is he now? It’s not even an excuse that Bozo has made a pig’s ear (before most of them were cremated) of Brexit. It was always a right wing enterprise, fuelled by racism, to remove constraints on the right wing policies which we now see being implemented and was NEVER going to be of any benefit to the vast majority of British citizens. It’s sad that a minority of the left went along with this far right project and by doing so helped to put an end to any prospect of a Corbyn government.

      Brexit has ZERO benefits and the sooner we are back in the EU to help influence its actions and assist our economy, the better.

  6. I noted yesterday BBC Radio 4 news bulletins later on were at pain to point out there were some cheering the Johnson’s. So it comes as no surprise they’ve gone even further to protect him by hiding the fact he’s no longer everyones ‘favourite’ Tory. Would it be wrong of me to suggest Dorries could have contacted the BBC to inform them if they don’t remove the boos expect a severe punishment from her.
    Sad really to say..Can you imagine if this was aimed at a Labour politician there’d be no covering up for them. No they’d be amplifying it.

  7. Remember that BBC, especially BBC News, is an important arm in the UK’s soft power abroad. BBC footage is used and reused by almost every other broadcasters across the globe. More so during an official event attracting attention globally… It is understandable they don’t want to show how messed up politics here are… (but then, I they stopped covering his arse, it would increase the chances of it improving)

  8. BBC chief political correspondent Chris Mason on radio 4 mentioned the booing but went on to state it felt “ organised “ which even by BBC standards is pretty desperate.

    1. Treat anything and everything that supercilious ponce says, with the contempt it deserves. I thought kuenssberg was bad enough, but mason at best equals her, and at worst surpasses kuenssberg in the de piffle sycophancy stakes

      (And that ginger one – looks like he’s about to burst onto tears all the time with his glazed-over dead fish eyes… Who’ll probly be the next beeb political editor, such is his boris rlmming).

  9. The Guardian, 3 June 2022.

    Subject: Forthcoming Wakefield by election:

    “Nadeem Ahmed, the Conservative candidate, who was ousted as leader of the party’s group on Wakefield council last year, dismisses Partygate as “playground politics” and a “Westminster debate” saying voters in Wakefield “don’t want to talk about it” and are more focused on “solutions” than “whingeing”.

    So their candidate is reportedly not considered good enough to lead a council group but is their parliamentary candidate!

    And his reported views on Partygate are interesting to say the least.

  10. Kinell…

    They may as well have gone the whole hog and edited in videos of women throwing their knickers at him a-la Tom Jones 😕

  11. Here’s an example of the quality of reporting from the Beeb. It’s headlined: Hungry Africans are victims of the conflict, Macky Sall tells Vladimir Putin. (Macky Sall is Head of the African Union.)
    Interalia, the report says “the ports, which Ukraine has mined” which doesn’t exactly back up the idea that it’s Russia that is preventing ships from using Ukrainian ports.
    My next comment will provide a link to Mr Sall’s comments.

  12. Post Truth Society v Truth.
    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive.”

    1. I saw the service.
      God is Church of England, a staunch British royalist, works hand in hand with the Queen.
      Good stuff.

  13. BBC is the Boris Broadcasting Compadres there’s no doubt about it. Pravda for the Tories.

    1. It certainly was before the 2019 GE.

      The reporters viscerally hated Corbyn, their personal animosity was obvious and very unprofessional. Laura Kuenssberg even broke the electoral rules by disclosing her sources had attended postal ballot openings(?) and the results were looking “grim” for Labour – this before polling day!

      Watch the then shadow Chancellor John Mcdonnell being interviewed on Newsnight, constant interruptions and “how would you pay for it!?” from almost snarling presenters. Compare that treatment to today – Labour aren’t pressed at all, Streeting gets kid glove treatment and knowing winks and goofy smiles when he’s on.

      Politics in the UK is rigged imho.

      1. Completely. And has been for decades.

        In other conspiratorial news, both David Lammy and Michael Gove are at the bilderberg meeting.

        Chatham House rules, so no talking to anyone outside of that room about what spoken in that room…

  14. Whats all this thanksgiving crap….Its the working class that do all of the giving with none of the thanks from the chief parasite of the establishment Her Royal “Lowness” God save the working class..!

  15. Beeb is not biased but rather neutered, in part because of its remit, but also because it tries to parry accusations of bias from both sides.

    1. It’s centre-right and very Blairite – if you were to try to nail down and define its political coverage.

      The only reason right-wingers constantly argue it’s against them, is because it’s publicly funded via the licence fee. It’s animosity to Johnson, is very much about the decision to scrap the licence fee – they probably believe a different leader will reverse the decision. Labour are arguing for the licence fee’s continuation.

      As much as I dislike the Tories I do think the decision to scrap it and ask the BBC to raise its revenues through subscriptions or advertising is the correct one. Finding £159 per year is no small sum, for a service many no longer trust, in the midst of a cost of living crisis.

    2. No, Tim. It is biased. The senior staff believe that they are unbiased. They believe that their prejudices represent being even-handed. Chomsky’s comment to Andrew Marr was spot on.

  16. The BBC is a political organisation & cannot be seen as objective nor independent, How can the BBC demand that everyone must pay for a National Publicly Owned Broadcaster whose chairman donated over £470K to the Tory Party just prior to his recent appointment? The public are made to pay by law, to support a political organisation with its own political agenda……………the License Fee, just call it political donation.

    1. I guess two of the BBC’s tentacles differ.

      While the “Royal News” removes the boos –
      the “Political” section include them in clips
      illustrating Boris’s fall from power. So I
      guess “fair play” to them for the boos have
      been getting plenty air time.

      Incidentally there has been an excellent series
      on R4 about money laundering – well
      researched called appropriately
      “How To Steal a Trillion”. It was on at 1.45pm
      each weekday.

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