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Video: Johnson booed by royal fans as toxicity catches up with him

Even flag-wavers hate Bozo. Starmer can’t even get a convincing lead over this

Fans of the royals, there to wave flags for the queen’s jubilee, have booed Boris Johnson and his wife as they arrived for today’s celebration, no doubt over his ongoing ‘partygate’ lockdown scandal:

If even die-hard royalist flag-wavers hate him, Johnson must surely be done in the eyes of enough Tory MPs to trigger a leadership contest, even if enough would probably still vote for him for him to retain his position.

Yet despite Johnson’s inescapable toxicity, Keir Starmer is unable to gain a convincing mid-term poll lead over him and his party and again performed disastrously in last month’s local elections.

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  1. Putting it mildly, the country is in one hell of a mess. We have a corrupt PM protected by a corrupt MET and a corrupt Tory Party which is ‘opposed’ by a corrupt Labour Party.

    The so called ‘left’ is fragmented and in disarray, some of whom supported Brexit, one of the greatest examples of self harm, and others who continue to think that Putin has any excuse at all for his murderous invasion of Ukraine.

    1. I didn’t vote on the Brexit issue. The EU is massively corrupt – always has been – and is now pushing for an unelected, global, technocratic government and a Bill Gates funded / WHO Treaty on Public Health for 8 billion people. I’d say we’re better off out of that. And I’m sooooo glad I never condoned these dangerous, unelected swine.

    2. Jack…

      Been paying attention to von der Layen? How about Barley’s statement today?

      Putin’s murderous invasion? Where the fuck were you for the 8 years before.? The trades unionists burned alive in Odessa? The woman and children blown apart in Donbass? February 15 2015?

      You’re better off in the EU Jack. As they slice your collective throats, you be gurgling “Bet this hurts Putin!”

      The way things are planning our, murderous Vladimir is going to save us. Hes already ruined the fourth industrial revolution. Unless you want nothing with Klaus?

      1. NVLA, it’s those such as you I had in mind – not recognising that Putin is a right wing psychopath who only cares about ‘his’ territory, power and wealth. If you think he cares anything at all about anyone in Donetsk and Luhansk you are deluded – why is he bombing hell out of those areas?

        If we went back into the EU, tell me which of the ‘fantastic’ Brexit benefits you would miss?

      2. Jack.You are wrong about Putin.
        First the Russians are not bombing civilians in the Donbas. Ukraine is doing that and it has been since 2014. Over 14000 have been killed as a result of Ukraine’s attack on people whose language they had banned.
        And those attacks had been multiplied a thousand times in February.
        There is nothing impetuous about Putin’s policies. He has been almost painfully slow and deliberate, stopping again and again for negotiations. And again and again Kiev has agreed to peace than backpedaled-probably under NATO pressure
        Which is exerted by the last Nazi party in Europe which now runs Ukraine.
        The people blaming Russia and calling it Putin’s war are the same people, to a man, who have been opposing every democratic and peaceful initiative that socialists have tried to realise since the Cold War began.
        And the Cold War always had two objects: to roll back communism. And to break the democratic socialist movement by teaching the public that peace and equality were unpatriotic ideas.
        It is no accident that the anti-Russia, anti Putin side has no louder voices than those of Starmer, Blair and the BBC.
        Do you really want to sing in their choir?

      3. Bevin, your reply is crazy beyond belief and is completely in line with Putin’s propaganda. First he surrounded Ukraine and lied about the reasons for doing it, then he invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation. Not withstanding the Nazi influence of the Azov Brigade, NOTHING justifies his actions. You illustrate precisely why the left will never get its act together. There is the far left ‘left’, the far right ‘left’, the Zionist ‘left’ and God knows how many other versions of the left there are? Me, I’m just a Socialist!

      4. …Me, I’m just a Socialist…

        No. You think you are.

        You’re equally confused about a lot of other things. I pity you.

        @Bevin. Nice post

      5. Hmm. In or out. Pan or fire.

        I like being free of von der Layen. From her Pfizer shenanigans through to night time torch light parades, she’s dangerous. What do you think about Hungarian treatment from the EU because they put their people first?

        Europe is looking rather fascist right now (we have been for decades already). They’re better off without us.

        That’s why I voted out. Because we as a country are complete and utter bastards and deserve isolation. I hoped for a European pivot to Asia. But that’s gonna take some changes. Let’s see what October/November brings us.

        Stay safe

    3. JackT
      How the hell ru
      Should be the honest broker between the Evil Empire of the USA and the Mafia States of Russia and China
      Ukraine is a punishment beating for the pipeline and guess what the EU caved in at the first sound of gunfire
      Is it true the EU are developing a new battlefield tank, with 27 reverse gears

  2. Johnson finding it’s not much fun being on the receiving end the Corbyn treatment by the press. A press that once lauded him as Britain’s ‘golden boy’ saviour. Clearly parts of the establishment want him out and wheels are turning behind the scenes.

    Johnson’s rapid fall from grace is largely a media manufactured crisis, the laughably titled ‘opposition’ who are in lockstep with the govt on all the big issues, are virtually invisible, but they’re clearly now seen as neutralised and ‘safe’ to support. ‘The Sun backs Keir’ is no longer something from the distant realms of possibilities come the next election. Though that just speaks to the dreadful state of UK politics and lack of meaningful choice. I’d rather have a leader hated by the Sun, Mail; Times et al who wore their hatred as a badge of honour.

  3. Some progress might be made when the Royalist terminally brain dead are demanding prison for Johnson after the calculated murder of tens of thousands of OAPs via the Liverpool Pathway to Death / Midazolam.

  4. Reply to Andy
    Johnson is not on the receiving end of the Corbyn treatment by the press. He has not received one hundredth of the personal abuse and political vilification that was poured down on Jeremy Corbyn by the MSM day after day week in week out
    for 4 years
    Furthermore the press has not lied or invented stories about Johnson like they did about Jeremy – remember the fake video posted by the S*n and the Mail alleging he was doing a jig on the way to the Cenotaph , the photoshopped image of him in a Soviet Union style cap which the BBC used throughout an entire discussion about him indicating he had communist sympathies . Remember the false allegations about him, frequently contradictory and repeated on daily basis – that he was a terrorist supporter, a pacifist, a Trotskyite, a Stalinist ,a spy, an antisemite, a threat to both national security and Jewish life in Britain etc etc. Remember the VIPS and so called grandees they wheeled out time and time again to shred his reputation- e.g. Blair Hain Blunkett Mandleson John Scarlett of MI5 the Chief Rabbi and eventually the Archbishop of Canterbury who disgraced himself and his calling by backing the Chief Rabbi’s calls to shun Corbyn at the ballot box.
    So no Andy, you cannot begin to compare the concerted hate campaign waged against Jeremy Corbyn by the MSM and BBC with the justified criticism Johnson is receiving now.

    1. Of course Corbyn’s treatment was on a whole different, far more sinister level. Made worse by Corbyn not challenging any of it because the Blairite PLP were siding indeed collaborating with the party’s many accusers.

      But there are similarities in the relentlessly hostile coverage over the last few months. The BBC who’ve been milking this ‘partygate’ story for all it’s worth, perhaps believe they can remove the threat to the TV Licence by removing Johnson?

      1. Reply to Andy
        I really don’t know how Jeremy could have effectively challenged the daily dose of poison emanating from the MSM the BBC the PLP Southside the establishment the Tories and the Zionist lobby.
        It is very easy to to say now he should have done this or he should have done that but he did the best any person could do in the face of wall to wall hostility from these powerful factions who were acting in concert to destroy him. A lesser man would have been destroyed but Jeremy proved he was, as Len McCluskey said, a man of steel.
        Johnson is not a man of steel. He is an entitled, clever Old Etonian with a hide like a rhino. I disagree with you that Johnson has been subjected to “relentless hostile coverage” over recent months. He has simply been criticised for breaking the rules he made , for denying he broke the rules he made and for changing the ministerial code to save his own skin. In these circumstances the criticism he received has been very mild .
        Had Jeremy Corbyn turned government buildings into party central and presided over a culture where drunks argued, vomited and slept it off in 10 Downing St, if he had lied about it and then changed the rules in order to exonerate himself, it would have been headline news in every news bulletin, would have been discussed at length in every current affairs programme and Panorama would have used it as an excuse to do another hatchet job on him . Be in no doubt – the BBC would not have rested until Jeremy was hounded out of office and probably out of the country so please don’t say they have been milking partygate. They have given it the bare minimum of coverage because they still support Johnson and the Tory Government to the hilt.

  5. Well Boris’s clown act is evidently not working
    with the general population: his days are
    numbered as – I hope – the days of the like of
    Pratel, Gove, Truss .. and most of his Cabinet.

    I hope we get someone old school as Tory PM
    – and that way will at least show up the Labour
    Leader for the person he is.

    Johnson’s weakening of the rules on standards
    in government will hopefully be the last straw for
    some. However I had a thought – did Johnson
    or any of his cohort Cabinet sign adherence to
    the Nolan Principles ? In fact did anyone in
    the Shadow Cabinet?

  6. I think seriousness of Johnson being booed by Royal fans gathered for the Queen’s jubilee can’t be underestimated. These are not the sort of people you would expect to boo a Tory PM – in fact the opposite is the case.
    Furthermore they were there to celebrate – they were cheering and waving flags. Although they were happy but he managed, just by being there, to anger them and cast a shadow on their enjoyment of the occasion.
    If I was a Tory MP this would make my blood run cold. Therefore I think the writing is on the wall for Johnson ( not before time) and we will see a vote of no confidence in him very soon.

  7. Half expecting that McCarthyite ‘wrongthink’- Finder General, Paul Mason, to pen an article telling us why everyone on the left should get behind the monarchy.

    Mason has carved out a nice little career pushing Neocon positions by clothing them in left-wing arguments.

  8. Heavy-handed crowbarring of Starmer into this piece – we don’t want a continuation of the politics where the failure of one means the elevation of the other. Starmer and Johnson are just different expressions of inadequacy, much as the parties they lead.

  9. I’ve, just, seen a vid of the Johnson’s leaving the service. The boo-ers were, again, in fine form and ready for him, this time.

    No hanging around for a casual chat, but for the missus’s shoes, he would have run down those steps, jumped in his car and roared off to Chequers – or the dry-cleaners, to get that morning suit cleaned and pressed.

    Boo! Boo! Boo!

  10. I saw the report about Johnson’s arrival on the BBC’s News station last night. Their take on it was that he had received a “mixed reception”. I tried hard but their sound recording was indistinct & not as clear as the one on this footage. Quite amazing whe you think of all the sound technology the BBC has at ist disposal. .

    Whatever the BBC thinks of itself it has degenerated over the past 20 years in to becoming simply the mouth piece of the Tory Party. Sadly they are not even very good liars bu suffer from the delusion that they are so clever at it nobody has noticed

  11. We live in a time that even MSM describe as ‘Post Truth;. We cannot believe anything we see & hear on MSM because it is ‘mediated’, it will always serve another master other than truth because it is always a means to an end. Nothing is ever without bias. Crowds booing Boris with proof? Sound FX are far easier to manufacture than Visuals.
    A strange coincidence that almost the whole of MSM now collectively want to be rid of Boris Johnson; not because he is a murdering compulsive liar, that they can accept & understand, but because he took Britain out of the the European Union & has made a complete ‘pigs ear’ of the leaving process. Boris gone & every major Political Party leader in Britain then pro-EU & pro NATO.. If voting could change anything……………looks like we’ll have to do it again until we get it right!

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