Video: BBC ‘error’ hides Johnson’s cenotaph disrespect in morning news

Use of 2016 footage covered fact PM held wreath upside down and messed up timing

As the SKWAWKBOX reported yesterday, Boris Johnson’s triple show of disrespect to fallen troops at yesterday’s Remembrance Sunday service provoked anger – and a huge sense of outrage at the absence of any coverage by so-called ‘mainstream’ broadcasters.

Johnson’s attention and eyes wandered during the 11am silence; he set off at the wrong time to lay his wreath – and when he eventually got there he placed it upside down.

That sense of outrage was intensified by of the obvious contrast in how the media would have treated those same affronts had they been committed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But broadcasters’ silence took on a new aspect this morning when an ‘error’ by the BBC meant that its main morning news bulletin covered Johnson’s blunders completely – by using, without any indication to viewers, footage from three years ago.

Johnson was shown, on the BBC News channel and on BBC1’s Breakfast programme, carrying a green wreath to the Cenotaph:

But yesterday Johnson placed a red wreath – and started his walk to the Cenotaph from a position directly next to Corbyn, not several places down from him as shown in the clip used by the BBC.

The use of old footage was spotted by furious Labour supporters – and the BBC belatedly apologised for what it said was a ‘production error’:

The claims that it was ‘combined with 2019 footage’ appear to have been few if any – instead, they addressed the wholesale ‘swap’:

This ‘error’ was very convenient – allowing millions breakfast-time viewers to proceed with their day in blissful ignorance of Johnson’s disrespect and incompetence, during the general election period of supposed media impartiality. All for the price of an admission hours later on Twitter, which to date has been retweeted the grand sum of 63 times.

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  1. I’m sure in their content management system all these videos are tagged with date and time etc. I don’t buy this nonsense it was a mistake otherwise why have two pieces of video stitched together. If it had been a mistake it would have been the old one only? Surely?

    1. It was no mistake Christopher,the only question now is when do they abandon the fig leaf excuses altogether?My guess is after the election if the Tory/Brexit party wins.

      1. I agree it was no mistake -even the BBC which is fully and generously funded by compulsory licence fees levied against anyone with a TV is not that incompetent. Instead it is a very obvious and not very subtle attempt to cover up for the incompetence of Boris Johnson in order to assist the Tories win the election. Remember the BBC brass and presenters are the “few” who will be hit with higher taxes under Labour and in any case most of them have a history of Tory party membership and /or activism.
        Although both the BBC charter and the pre election broadcast rules require them to be impartial this is clearly not happening and is something that will have to be addressed post election

  2. A legal challenge to the the license fee on the grounds that the BBC have repeatedly failed in their remit is long overdue.

  3. I couldn’t give a fig to where he sticks the wreath,more concerned regarding where he sticks our kids when they send them to war to a country they know bugger all about and probably care even less.More hypocrites throwing away young lives for nothing good.None of these kids have a clue what they are signing up for….killing is not a carreer choice.,or running up and down Dartmoor to test your endurance will never build character or a sense of achievement when some Homicidal lunatic screams and degrades you in front of your mates..Never Again!

  4. The fuckwit cockwomble position on Brexit
    Throw half the country under the bus

  5. It looks like the leavers friend Farage and his Brexit company are not going to stand in many Tory seats but are going to instead concentrate on Labour constituencies that voted leave. I doubt he will have much success amongst Labour voters because the Brexit Party has still been found by the British Election Study to draw the majority of its support – 72% – from ex-Tory voters, and only 17% from former Labour voters and for the most part Labour supporters aren’t that stupid.

    1. I suppose it could have been true that Farage led 319 people up the garden path – got them all excited thinking they were going to be Brexit MP’s – and then just dumped them on a whim.
      It’d be a shitty thing to do to your best supporters though, wouldn’t it?
      Maybe he was honest and told them from the outset they were only pretend candidates – leverage to get concessions from BloJob – and that he never had any intention of pissing away all those deposits.
      I expect he’ll have insisted they lodge the £500 with the party so there’s probably a refund going in the post tomorrow. Or definitely this week if he can find time to sign the cheques.
      Maybe he spent half a day phoning them all personally to explain and apologise for wasting their time – or maybe he got a minion to send a group text.
      I wonder if all those candidates ever really existed – can’t be that easy to find 650 people you can confidently recommend for the most important jobs in the country when you care as deeply about your country as Farage does… think of the loss to his reputation 🤣 when all those skeletons start falling out of all those cupboards.

  6. Interesting observation on Sky news
    Reporter stated Tory Brexit party pact makes it less likely Labour leavers will jump ship if it ultimately benefits cheap and nasties
    Its not a protest vote anymore
    GE concentrating minds
    Same applies to remain alliance,
    Only chance of 2nd referendum is to vote Labour

  7. The contrast between the way the treated Michel foot in respect of his clothing at the Remembrance Day Service in 1981 could not be greater. I suppose we should have some sympathy for Boris, he did not go to a good school, he only went to Eton, a school that prides itself for having won the Battle of Waterloo on its playing fields. I don’t suppose its curriculum has changed much since then.

  8. “Bit hung over this morning lads, got the wreath thingy a bit wiffwaff – anything you can do in the edit, hmm?”

  9. Well the Bullshut Broadcasting Corp have really jumped the shark now.
    Have to say its a great shame that it has slowly but surely been turned by the Tories into a state Propaganda machine , no trust , no honesty , no TRUTH

  10. They could show Niel Kinnock The pantomimic endlessly loopy on the beach.

  11. and then on this mornings Victoria Derbyshire they have the gall to harp on about fake news available online this organisation(BBC) like the tories it represents is completely shameless

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