Video: Labour’s policy head asked for Labour’s biggest policy – and can’t name one

‘If people are particularly interested they can look… on the Labour website’. But the Labour website doesn’t give any…

Labour’s policy head Anneliese Dodds – and a massive black hole

Labour’s head of policy Anneliese Dodds was asked to name the biggest policy Labour is putting forward in response to the string of massive crises facing the UK at the moment – and was humiliatingly unable to name any policy, let alone the ‘big one’:

A search of Labour’s website for ‘policies’ reveals only two mentions of the word since the 2019 general election, covering the entire period of Keir Starmer’s notional leadership of the party. Clicking on those two links leads to not a single Labour policy. One of them leads to Keir Starmer’s vacuous speech that laid out vague notions of his fantasy Britain but nothing about what Labour would actually do to create it – and the other links to Dodds, more than two years ago in 20202, mentioning someone else’s policy.

The only actual policies on show were put forward under Jeremy Corbyn – and Starmer has spent most of his tenure scrambling to disown them after promising Labour members he would stick to them.

There are three policies Dodds could have mentioned, of course – they’re the only ones Starmer has pursued:

Such is the dire and frankly embarrassing state of a recently-great party.

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  1. Labour had one poolicy (not counting the “Get rid of anyone who was vaguely socilaist), which was to take money from oil companies. AS I state dfreuently elsewhere, taking money is one thing but HOW do you use it? In the end, as I also predicted the Tories decided that it was better to take from the taxpayer ||(albeit the future taxpayer) and give a small amount to pay for your big energy bill, this making sure that in yet another crisis, the rich become richer. This is very simple to see and understand, but apparently none of our media types has spotted it yet. Maybe to point out the obvious is not part of their job description. So they tell us that Rishi has produced some magic money and we’re all much richer.

      1. You could try sending the link to Anneliese Dodds. It might help her.

      2. goldbach – There is also a fairly comprehensive list of policies from last years conference HERE

  2. I seen Dodds on the bbc this morning

    She was shite on that too, but did mention a policy of insulating all homes. (Yeah, as if, keef)

    So, isn’t it strange, that Insulate Britain’ protestors (The ones actually being SEEN to be trying to do something to force the government to get it done) are the EXACT same ones keef’d have banged up for 10YEARS?

    1. The actual plan is to “insult” rather than “insulate” all homes.
      The evidence is in the current pronouncements of Rachel Reeves as shadow chancellor, who last week revived the idea of the fiscal credibility rule, a star indication of junk/voodoo economics.
      If any government tried to pay for day -to-day spending out of tax receipts, it would result in a level of austerity that would make Cameron and Osborne look like saints and philanthropists rather then the economic numpties they actually were in practice.

  3. Anneliese Dodds’ pathetic response is embarrassing and she is one of the smarter MPs on Starmer ‘s front bench.
    Her problem in this instance was highlighted by Skwawkbox – Starmers Labour is devoid of policy ( as well as integrity honesty and decency) so it was impossible for her to give an adequate response.

  4. It was put to foods on the bbc that the rags will be giving out more than what labour planned to, and set the windfall tax @25% when labour were only gonna do 10%…I can’t even remember what her answer was it was so piss poor.

    Then of course, she’s the one point blank refused to blame gidiot osborne for starving the NHS of funds, so what can you seriously expect from the poodle-head?

      1. Toffee you may find that the spellchecker has done that twice now with Dodds being foods on two seperate posters including you.Maybe the computer says foods the coming problem for a lot of the world including the British people who will struggle this next few years.with food and keeping warm.Dodds a comedian and a bad one along with the limping shadowy cabinet.who think that being a tribute act will put them in government.Strangely enough I find Dodds the least offensive of the misfits…..oh well onwards and downwards?

  5. If New New Labour had announced any policies to help the poor would anyone believe they would do them? I wouldn’t, I doubt many reading Skwawkbox would believe them either.

    1. In an interview in the Guardian, Reeves said: “We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, [as] the party to represent those who are out of work.”

      “We will be tougher on benefit claimants than the Tories”

      That’s all you need to know.

  6. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious…Head of Policy

    1. The Insulation of Homes was actually a policy from the Blair years, they actually did insulate many properties, regrettably the cowboys who profited from this scheme made such a hash of it that 10’s of 1000s had to be compensated and the insulation removed – cost my folks £15K to repair the damage, of which about £10K was covered by compensation – like PFI, it was a bit of a disaster.

      1. Perhaps an inspection regime combined with a compulsory insurance backed guarantee would avoid many of the problems .

  7. It’s funny isn’t it, how Blair claims there is a gaping hole in UK politics.

    There sure is, but it’s on the left, not on the centre-right, which is already well catered for.

    We need another centre-right, or so-called ‘moderate’ outfit, like a hole in the head.

    And what these TV news people won’t mention, is just how popular policies like nationalisation of the sold off natural monopolies remains. Andrew Marr got closest to holding the ‘serious interview’ shy Starmer to account, over his 10 pledges. And that was the end of Marr.

    Starmer is completely unaccountable to the membership who elected him; like some Ivory Tower elite holed up in Southside. The prospect of a genuinely open ‘ask anything’ Q&A with disgruntled ex-party members would scare the bejeezus out of him.

  8. Every one of these rightwing MPs owes her seat to constituency parties and loyal Labour voters far to the left of their brand of Thatcherism/Imperialism. Which is why they are all bound to lose their seats within an election or two.
    When that happens are there are only a dozen or so Labour seats left the irrelevance of the electoral system will be clear. And those who hate democracy, including those who hate Trade Unions, will be unchallenged.
    Just as, to all intents and purposes they are now.

  9. Look up ‘James Corden’s message after Texas school shootings’ on YouTube
    There is hope

  10. I see the Eurovision song contest is now involved in exporting death in the Ukraine by providing weapons from the Ukrainian prizewinners..by selling their prize.Absolutely appalling now…maybe a raffle next or a Miss Napalm contest for the most incinerated corpse in the Balkans because have no doubt this will spread with Nato inspired wars across the planet.if the new world order have their way.

  11. Further towards the Ukraine situation at home.

    Today, I seen a lad I went to school with, and who I hadn’t seen for well over twenty years. I asked him how he was getting on.

    I won’t mention his job (in case it identifies him) but he told me he’d just recently been given a two-year final warning (after being suspended for five weeks) for the heinous crime of….


    Wait for it…


    Having a Russian flag at his workstation !! 😲 I honestly thought he was shitting me, but someone else (who incidentally I also know well) with him corroborated it.

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