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Breaking: Forde Inquiry official contact ‘liked’ anti-Corbyn tweets

Email now bouncing as inquiry goes incommunicado, but Twitter history raises concerns

A key official involved in the ‘Forde Inquiry’ – the supposed investigation into a leaked Labour report revealing electoral sabotage, misappropriation of funds, racism and more on the part of right-wing Labour staffers – ‘liked’ anti-Corbyn tweets, Skwawkbox can reveal.

As this site reported yesterday, the inquiry is no longer responding to media requests about the disclosure date of its many-times delayed report – which was originally supposed to be published almost two years ago and was most recently promised to members of Labour’s national executive in January of this year.

But one of the addresses linked as an ‘auto-forward’ from the official inquiry email address is no longer functioning and sent a ‘bounce’ message back to Skwawkbox’s address – and that ‘bounce’ made it possible to track down the Twitter history of its holder, which has raised concerns for anyone still hoping for a meaningful outcome from the inquiry’.

The account in question contains not a single tweet relating to the 2017 or 2019 general election campaigns – a sign of political caution or else possibly of a ‘laundering’ of Twitter history. But two ‘likes’ on the account’s history reflect an anti-Corbyn inclination on the part of the holder. One of the liked tweets is by an anti-Corbyn journalist on Keir Starmer’s election as Labour leader, commenting (laughably) that the ‘grown-ups’ are finally in charge of the party.

The other, more worryingly still, is from right-wing then-BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg quoting Iain McNicol – Labour’s former general secretary and one of the people incriminated in the leaked report – about his ‘thankfulness’ that the [Corbyn] ‘chapter is now closed’:

McNicol was forced to relinquish his role as Labour whip in the House of Lords pending the outcome of the Forde report. However, he remains a member.

The Forde-linked account also ‘liked’ two other tweets that current and former Labour members may find of concern – one praising right-winger Yvette Cooper and another joking about then-UKIP leader Paul Nuttall winning the Stoke Central by-election:

The Stoke Central by-election came at a crucial time in Corbyn’s leadership, arriving at the same time as the Copeland by-election. As Corbyn’s ‘chicken coup’ critics continued to agitate for his removal, their friends in the media were promoting the idea that a defeat in both elections would mean the end of his leadership – despite the fact that the party machine, still dominated by the right, had put forward two drab right-wingers as candidates.

At the time, the leaked Labour report Forde is meant to be investigating showed that right-wing staff were hoping to lose. However, in part thanks to exclusive revelations in Skwawkbox about Nuttall’s record, Labour won in Stoke Central.

The same Twitter account has also liked and shared tweets by Keir Starmer’s deputy chief of staff and is a frequent fan of former Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell.

The Forde Inquiry continues to fail to respond to requests for information about the report’s publication.

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  1. It was “interesting” [sic] to hear that Starmer is somewhat upset that the police inquiry into Partygate won’t be reporting their findings publicly before the May local elections. Does he have absolutelt NO self awareness about Inquiries, including the one he set up that is now almost TWO years late. Maybe he could get that published on the eve of the local elections, to evade accusations of hypocrisy, and also to ensure the electorate have all the facts in front of them……. I think the answer to that will be a distinct “not on your life!”

    1. Of the seventy-nine comments posted at the moment, thirty of them were posted by just one person.

      Can you guess who?

      1. Alan Howard,

        Whilst I’ve got a spare couple of hours as boss of the house, I am reminded of an old joke which had a fresh cohort of Roman Legionnaires relieve a garrison on Hadrian’s Wall.

        Shortly after their arrival and the departure of the previous garrison a blue painted Pict arrived in front of the wall and challenged the new cohort manning the garrison that he could defeat ten of their best fighters single handed.

        As the new cohort were deciding who to send out to meet this upstart challenge a surviving member of a similar challenge to the previous cohort which had guarded the garrison from the Barbarian Pict hordes staggered into view and shouted:

        “Don’t fall for it. There’s two of ’em.”

        Point being that your line of thought may not be that far fetched. The Caribbean islands are located across two time zones. The Eastern most islands are four hours behind the UK (GMT); whilst the Western most are five hours behind.

        Taking the local time of the Eastern most islands – minus four hours from GMT – ie Midday here in the UK is 08:00 hours. Midnight is 20:00 hours – the latestt three threads on this site, ie:


        1. The Forde Inquiry no longer responding to questions
        2. This thread
        3. The latest thread (New Centerist Party)

        throw up some interesting results.

        The “individual” (question mark) posting under the name of ‘steveH’ posted his first post of Sunday 24 April on Thread 1 (using the above Key) at 09;27 in the morning Eastern Caribbean Time (13:27 UK time).

        A further 4 posts were made at 09;45; 11:35; 11:40; and, 11:43 before switching to this thread where a series of 9 posts were made between 11:57 and 13:59 (11:57; 12:18; 12:57; 13:19: 13:22; 13:27; 13:37: 13:54 and 13:59).

        Before switching back to the first (oldest thread in the above Key) to post a single post at 14:23.

        Five minutes later we are back on this thread (Thread 2 in the above Key) which saw twenty three posts between 14:28 and 21:50 (14:28; 15:03; 15:08; 15:10; 15:18; 15:25; 15:36; 16:22; 16:26: 16:27: 16:37; 16:43; 16:47; 16:55; 17:00; 17:01; 17:06; 17:09; 17:56; 17:59; 18:19; 18:23; and 21:50).

        With a break of less than two hours between 09:45 – 11:35; and just over three hours between 18:23 – 21:50 the board goes quite for just over four hours.

        Then, at 02:04 in the morning of the following day (25 April) Eastern Caribbean time – ie the middle of the night over there – there is a post on thread 3 (in the above Key – the latest thread about a Centerist party).

        Than, back in the stirrups just over six hours later at 08:26 25 April on this Thread (Thread 2 in the above Key). And, two minutes later at 08:28 there is not one post in the same 60 seconds period but two on the latest Thread about the Centerist Party – 1 reply to nellykelly of 24 words and another reply to smartboy further down the thread of 33 words.

        Nine minutes later another post on the same Thread at 09:27 before switching back to Thread 1 at 09:39.

        A break of just under two hours and back on the latest Thread (Centerist Party/Thread 3 on the above Key) at 11:31. Then switch back to Thread 1 four minutes later at 11:35. Four minutes later, 11:39 its back to Thread 3 and then this Thread (Thread 2 in the above Key) four minutes later at 11:43.

        Back to Thread 1 at 11:53 after ten minutes and then a short series of four posts on thread 3 between 12:12 and 12:47 (12:12; 12:14: 12:24 and 12:47).

        Two and a half hour break or so and its back on shift on this Thread (Thread 2) at 15:18; 16:03; 16:07; and 16:10.

        Switch back to Thread 3 five minutes later at 16:15 and then back to Thread 2 at 16:29; 16:30; and 16:33.

        Back to Thread 3 at 16:45 before a short 34 minute NAFFI break until 17:24 on Thread 2 and then again an hour and a half or so later at 19:11 before rounding off the evening a minute later with a lengthy cut and paste reply to me on thread 3 at 19:12.

        That’s 65 posts between 09:27 24 April and 19:12 on the 25 April; including one post at two in the morning and two posts in 60 seconds some six and half hours later.

        And that’s just a short snapshot of only three threads.

        Sat here on the metaphorical Hadrians Wall which this post began with its not unreasonable to consider the possibility the survivor from the cohort of Legionnaires relieved of duty had a point in this regard.

        We are either looking at an obsessive living alone or possibly the Integrity Initiative/77 Brigade.

        You’ve convinced me Alan.

      2. Dave – Thanks for all your hard work. You forgot to take BST into account that there is currently a time difference of 5 hours between the UK and AST

      3. ‘Hard Work’?

        Leave it out. I had time to go the shops and a lunch break. In fact I’ve expended more energy skiving.

        Besides which one hour makes little difference in the schematic of the model. 01:04 is still one in the morning rather than two a.m. (whose Missus ever put up with that?) And then back on shift in time for two posts in 60 seconds at 07:28 rather than 08:28 in the morning.

        You do know its still a Court Martial offence to shoot yourself in the foot. Even metaphorically.

        I just reallydon’t know where they are getting the recruits from these days who make such basic schoolboy errors. Probably from the queue at the bus stop like every other British employer.

        Wouldn’t have happened in my squad.

  2. When we eventually get the opportunity to read Forde Report we will all be in a position to pass judgement on its veracity.

    1. Reply to Steve H
      Unlike you I am not at all confident that we will get the opportunity to read the Forde Report so I would say “if” rather than “when” .

      1. I think we’ll have a very long time to wait Steve H and we have been waiting for the report a VERY long time already. Makes me wonder what they are trying to keep hidden.

    2. “When we eventually get the opportunity to read Forde Report we will all be in a position to pass judgement on its veracity.”

      What veracity are you commenting about, SteveH? Are you saying that if the report isn’t to your liking, you’ll decide it’s true or false (and vice-versa)?

      The claim here is that an Inquiry ‘official’ (a panel member?) is strongly anti-corbyn and wants everyone to see it by publicly liking a corbyn-critical tweet and that said person’s impartiality might be suspect. Whatever your view on Corbyn and the right wing enterists who hate him, you must see that this is dirty and dubious.

    3. You know, I know, everyone even slightly interested in the machinations of the current Labour Party or anyone with the remotest understanding of basic logic, know that if it was favourable to Starmer it would have been published 20 months ago, and copies circulated to every media organisation and every member, past and present of the Labour Party. There are only two alternatives … bad or shockingly bad for Keith.

      1. Joe – In which case when you’ve read it then you’ll be able to come back and tell us all about it

  3. Starmer’s contempt for the membership knows no bounds.

    He wants followers not equal participants in the decision-making process.

    For example, he says Corbyn’s views on NATO expansion are simply not allowed in any party he leads. But Starmer lacks the confidence to argue his case and debate policy, so like some pumped up tinpot dictator he issues an edict – in place of good, honest democratic debate.

    He has all the makings of an autocrat, issuing top-down diktats. His leadership should be completely unacceptable in a democratic socialist party and yet he’s still there, faking it supported by the guardian and centrists.

    How long can this anti-democratic moron stay there as leader?

    1. Andy – The polls indicate that the vast majority of the UK’s voters support NATO.

      1. Steve H
        So what if the polls show that the majority of UK voters support NATO. Many people don’t and in this country those that don’t support Nato have just as much right to express an opinion as those that do. Its called free speech ,a concept Keir Starmer is clearly unfamiliar with

      2. Starmer is allergic to democratic debate. If his arguments are so good why is he afraid of debate and discussion?

        He behaves like he’s still DPP, and it was a terrible mistake making him leader, understandable though, given he lied about his political inclinations, pretending he was some sort of continuity Corbynism candidate.

        As for NATO, Starmer is too dumb? to realise without US interference , Macron and Scholz would have persuaded Zelensky to fully implement Minsk agreements and this whole disastrous invasion and war could have been avoided.

        Having Europe’s defence, security and foreign policies dictated from Washington by a bunch of special interest ‘bought and paid for’ Yank politicians should be seen as pure treason. Europe should look after its own backyard without the US and their desire for a proxy war with Russia.

      3. Andy – I think you will find that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been a wake up call for Europe, hopefully you won’t be grumbling about the inevitable increase in defence spending

      4. Yes, let’s ignore the Nazi’s who the UK are training, right now, in the UK and Poland! Let’s ignore the fact that Nazi’s are attacking and killing Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Donbas and the rest of Ukraine, let’s all forget that the Ukrainian Nazis have stockpiles of weapons that could compare with the USA and UK combined! Let’s forget all that because BlueSteveH has a Poll or a BBC cover up report, here from today!

      5. A war that was completely avoidable without the US interference emboldening Zelensky’s rejectionism.

        Without the US input I have no doubt Macron and Scholz could have got Zelensky to implement the Minsk agreements (2014-15)- which Ukraine signed, and which Russia stated would’ve ended the risk of invasion. Zelensky would have had no other viable options.

        Do you doubt the idea the US wanted this proxy war?

      6. “The polls indicate that the vast majority of the UK’s voters support NATO.”

        Motherhood and Apple Pie. The billionaires’ Press promotes the billionaires’ views (NOTHING else!). You seem to have trouble accepting – and seeing beyond – that.

      7. qwertboi – Oh dear, democracy can be do frustrating when you are a member of a small minority

      8. “Oh dear, democracy can be do frustrating when you are a member of a small minority”

        Not at all! NATO was one of Atllee and Labour’s “two Ns” (NHS was the other). In its day it fiullfilled a useful purpose.

        But once the Soviet Union dissolved itself into a billionaires’ breeding ground (thankyou Chairman Yeltsin and Colonel Putin), and once it started a proxy-war on the side of fascists simply to give cover to the establishment of a oligarchic New World Order (thank you Klaus Schwab, David Rockefeller and Keir yucking Starmer), then its cover is blown.

      9. But outlawing any dissent is hardly the sign of a democratic, inclusive leader, more a cowardly autocrat afraid of open debate.

      1. boromoor – Corbyn got elected twice on a platform of democratising the party, what did he actually do or achieve during his 5yrs of tenure to fulfil these promises?

      2. SteveH

        Every time Corbyn or someone the left mentioned Open Selection or mandatory reselection, the PLP and guardian howled about an upcoming PURGE!!!!!

        Chris Williamson was nailed by the bogus claims of ‘antisemitism’ media sting simply because he was making inroads touring the country urging CLPs to fight for their empowerment over the Blairite PLP by supporting Open Selection.

        In my opinion Corbyn should have faced them down because removing the unrepresentative part of the PLP democratically is justified and happens in virtually every other major democracy eg. they have Primaries in the US.

      3. Andy – Unfortunately when Corbyn clearly had the votes to push the changes through conference he bottled it an gave us ‘trigger ballots’ instead.

      4. SteveH

        Can you honesty say that had Starmer revealed his intentions regarding the membership, CLPs and Corbyn he’d have won the leadership?

        The answer has to be a flat NO WAY – if you are being honest. There is no way in hell someone wanting to scrap OMOV and kick Corbyn out of the party would have got anywhere near the leadership. And let’s not mention his pledges that weren’t actually pledges.

        And Angela ‘designer labels’ Rayner is an equal disappointment.

      5. As I was at that Conference I can state you are 100% incorrect steveH.

        The LP Democracy Review was not the property of the Party Leader. It had to go through the collective democracy of the NEC. it was therefore the NEC – particularly the Unions – who produced the 27 page Motion which was concocted on the Saturday night before Conference opened and presented to delegates along with reams of other material less than an hour before Conference opened.

        Not Jeremy Corbyn. It was the Unions who pushed this through Conference against the wishes of the majority of (Constituency) Delegates. Which is why Andy Kerr of the CWU was chairing the opening session.

        A session which saw Labour international moving a reference Back motion on the Conference Agenda against inclusion of this Motion. A majority of Delegates voted in favour of the Reference Back but the Chair called for a Card Vote.

        Which requires adding together the for and against percentages in each of the two Sections – the very large Constituency Section and the far smaller Union Section. The Union Section percentage vote against the Reference Back was greater than the Constituency section vote in favour,

        Interestingly, this also highlighted a very obvious traditional anomaly which has existed for some time. Party members from the Constituencies who are trade Union members had two votes cast on their behalf. The first via the Constituency card vote as members of the Constituency, in favour of the Reference back; and the second via their Trade Union card vote as members of that Trade Union against the Reference Back.

        The other interesting feature of this post is that I did Janet and John all of the above for you in a reply at the time on this site. But, as with everything else with people like you steveH, when reality does not fit your fantasy narrative you simply choose to deliberately ignore it to suit your convenience.

        You really are well out of your depth. On facts, evidence, logic, rational analysis. In fact its more than likely that anyone in your immediate vicinity could grab a handful of air and squeeze the sweat out of the cognitive dissonance which surrounds you.

      6. Dave – You obviously weren’t party to the backroom discussions where Jeremy sneakily persuaded the Unions to vote, against their better judgement, for for Trigger Ballots

      7. And how many votes did Corbyn have on the NEC? Spoiler: One NEC Seat = One vote.

        You really are clueless as to how the process works. The line taken by the Union’s are determined at the TUC Conference. And that is determined by the relative strength between the political right and left Unions in any one year via their own individual Union Conferences which determines the line to be taken at the TUC on any particular issue.

        As anyone who has ever been a floor delegate at Union Conferences would know.

        Being traditionally well organised and disciplined the Union bloc at LP Conferences, once a line has been voted on and agreed at TUC, follow that line. Even when the minority on a single particular vote are not happy with it.

        Living (allegedly) on the wrong side of the Atlantic you seem to be under the impression that the British Political system is a Presidential one like in the USA. This is not the case. Perhaps you would make less of an arse of yourself if you took a few years out to brush up on the British Constitutional System. Its structures and processes.

      8. Dave – You really ought to know by now that I wouldn’t state the above without having the evidence to back it up.

        Here is what Len McCluskey had to say about it, in his own words.
        “The package of changes approved by conference including on reselection of MPs were those passed unanimously – I emphasise that, unanimously – by the national executive committee (NEC) on Saturday. That NEC of course has a majority of left delegates and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.
        On the issue of reselection, the process for “trigger ballots” has been democratised. It removes scope for abuses that could have propped up an unpopular MP who had lost the confidence of the local membership, and lowering the threshold for commencing a reselection ballot. On the leadership issue, CLPs and unions have been given proper nominating rights for the first time, ensuring that any candidate will need to have a base in our movement outside parliament as well as within.
        These plans were presented with the full backing of Jeremy Corbyn at the NEC as a sensible and democratic way forward. I only regret that the leadership did not make that clearer at conference, since doing so would surely have taken much of the sting out of the debate even if some delegates might have remained unhappy.
        The position of Unite has been misrepresented, including by some who should know better. It is one thing for a couple of delegates to shout “shame on the unions” in the heat of the moment. We have all made heckles we might regret later. But it is quite another for an MP of Chris Williamson’s standing on the left to accuse Unite of voting against the union’s policy on mandatory reselection. That is simply false.
        Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.
        If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons.
        The changes adopted may not be “mandatory reselection” as some define it but it is at the very least a “selective mandatory reselection” that will make it far easier for local parties to choose a different Labour candidate if that is their wish. That is probably why the Momentum national leadership joined nearly all trade unions in supporting it.
        For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership, something that brings together the vast majority of the party today.

      9. What McCluskey, from just one Union, says does not change the process I have already described as to how things are determined in the Unions via their own Conferences mandating the line to be taken at TUC and then LP Conferences. .

        McCluskey has a left wing persona to protect. Given the level and amount of flack the Union’s took over what happened at that LP Conference, which McCluskey actually references in this quote, that is exactly what you’d expect to hear in that situation.

        Its his self interested spin and framing of a situation. Nothing more. What it is not is a tablet of stone written by God – as you appear to wish it were.

      10. Dave – There is no shame in admitting that you weren’t aware that this had happened behind your back.

      11. Like Mccluskey’s opinion and reframing to suit his own agenda and deflect the criticicism is of any relevance.

        You really are lame at this aren’t you son.

      12. Dave – The evidence is clear and there for all to see,
        The article that I have directly quoted from (and provided a link to the source) was written by Len McCluskey himself in Sept18 (one of Jeremy Corbyn’s 4 close advisors) and to the best of my knowledge nobody has challenged its veracity to date. I’m a little disappointed to see that you have chosen to carry on digging rather than just admit that you weren’t aware what had gone on behind closed doors. As I said above there is no shame in admitting that you weren’t aware of what was going on behind your back.

    2. Everything is entirely in the hands of ‘The Commissioners’! MSM, Polls, Political Parties, our votes! There is not a single major Comm, Watchdog, Org, Corp, etc that are not entirely in their grip, including the Law, how many Law’s did BlueKeef’s office break to get Assange arrested, he is a foreign national, inside an illegally wired and 24/7 surveyed foreign embassy, whilst knowingly threatening a foreign state to keep a false rape allegation alive after the accuser admitted to her fake claims! Look at Ofcom, EHRC, BBC, etc and now both major Parties, The Neo-Labour TORIES and The Conservative TORIES, Equally Rotten, Equally Corrupt, as achieved in the USA, Canada, France, UK, ……!
      BBC up to 2020+ ‘Ukrainian Azov Nazis are taking over the World’!
      BBC start of the conflict 2022 ‘Don’t be ridiculous Azov are Military, the President is Jewish, look at these symbols looks nothing like Nazism’!
      BBC today 2022 Actually Azov are Nazis, these are clearly Nazi Symbols, look what they are doing to Russian-speaking Ukrainians, look what they are doing to MPs and Councillors!
      The Elites are a noose around The PEOPLE’S necks and The PEOPLE as you say are Anti Nato, they are also Anti-Nazi and not like the MSM attempted to make Corbyn and supporters are “The Nazis”, Anti-Fascism, Anti-TWO Tory Parties, etc, etc through Fear=Propaganda and Corruption the 1% and their 5% Puppets appear far more powerful than they are!
      The lid is going to come off this thing, it won’t be pretty! The PEOPLE are in The Commissioner’s Pressure Cooker, with nooses around their necks, and that pot is going to blow!

      1. nellyskelly – Most of the electorate aren’t in the least bit impressed by pseudo lefties ranting about Nazis, they just assume you’ve lost the argument again.

      2. Yes Steve, we will never know, will we!
        With regard to the Nazis, we’ll just stick our heads in the sand and ignore reality!

      3. PS “Most of the electorate” will AGAIN be crying their Rivers of Tears very soon! Like you, they will not wake up because they are Cosy in their little Fluff Bubble Cults!
        Why are you such an apologist for Nazis!?

      4. nellyskelly – I see you are still ranting about Nazis 🤔

      5. nellyskelly – Oh dear, is ranting about Nazis all you have left? 😟

      6. PPS “pseudo lefties” I suppose you believe that you, BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Party TORIES are the real deal!?

      7. nellyskelly – I’m not the one ranting about Nazis and playing Citizen Smith politics.

      8. Once again steveH you choose to ignore the evidence which has already been presented to you the other week which has been produced by the UN, Human Rights Organisations and Jewish publications about the level and extent of control of the Ukrainian State by these neo-nazis.

        Presumably in the fantasy world of steveH, the UN and all these other organisations are ‘playing citizen Smith politics.”

        It really is time you grew up. Because reality has no sentiment and it is not democratic. No matter how many people believe they can create their own reality it always catches up with them. And it will catch up with you. Something which will be fun to watch.

        Just like it has caught up with those like Yelland in the US who have had to accept the reality of paying the Russian energy in Rubles. A reality they were insistent on not accepting a only a few short weeks ago.

        Tick Tock. Reality is catching up with you stevie boy. No matter how fast you try to run. Just as its catching up with those you shill for. And there will be no hiding place.

    3. qwertboi

      SteveH really can’t be as ignorant as he makes out?

      Like the monarchy, there is simply no debate permitted about NATO. The MSM present it as an unalloyed good end of story.

      Both the monarchy and NATO would face opposition if a full and frank debate were permitted. How is something going to be unpopular if no criticisms are ever heard?

      SteveH seems to want to let the tabloids and MSM do his thinking for him.

      1. Andy – You are free to debate about it as much as you like, nobody is stopping you. However the Labour Party is under no obligation to provide you with a platform.

      2. What is the point of political parties that seek to silence all debate?

        We have two-party system that Starmer wants to turn into a one-party system.

        And SteveH is cheering him on.

      3. Andy – But when it comes down to it you are the one doing your best to fight for another Tory government.

      4. It’s difficult to debate with anybody who knows what most people think. I don’t know what my missus ( Guardians readers collapse to the floor holding their throats at the term) thinks. That’s the power that some people possess. It’s psychic or spiritual. One can get this power lying on a beach picking crabs from their Bermuda shorts. It’s ok no body likes me and I don’t care. Come on down to the Den danielSteveh. Lions ref.

      5. A Tory victory is the implementation of Tory policies – regardless of what colour rosette is being worn.

        There. Sorted it for you stevie boy.

      6. Dave – Perhaps you could list these Tory policies that you claim are current Labour Party policy.

      7. steveH perhaps you could list those LP policies you claim are not Tory policies.

      8. Dave – You are the one making all the big-boy claims, the ball is very definitely in your court.

  4. “Electoral sabotage, misappropriation of funds, racism”. Aren’t these all criminal offences, why is Labour investigating and not the police?

    1. borrowmoor – It will be interesting to see which marginal constituencies were starved of funds in the 17GE

      1. SteveH
        Neo Cons ready to press the button
        Nazis R Us
        Al Quaeda on tap
        Trumpton waiting in the wings
        Temporary Embarrassment

        With friends like that who needs enemies
        Yours is a strange kind of democracy
        Who do you vote for ‘the Bucket of Shit Party’

      2. Doug – …..most of the electorate aren’t in the least bit impressed by pseudo leftists ranting about Nazis, they just assume you’ve lost the argument again.

      3. SteveH
        24/04/2022 at 7:36 pm
        nellyskelly – Most of the electorate aren’t in the least bit impressed by pseudo lefties ranting about Nazis, they just assume you’ve lost the argument again.

        Oh, Dear! Nokia 6300 stuck on a Velcro wall in Malaysia!
        Never answer’s a simple question, only ever spouts shit!
        Erm, no pardon me…., only ever spouts Diarrhea!

      4. nellyskelly – Of course ‘you are right’, you should be proud of yourself. I’m sure everyone in the playground will be really ‘impressed; by you talking about shit.

      5. Well, now that you mention it, yes, I think he does. The Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES are by far the biggest Bucket of Shit Party, any Party who can sell The PEOPLE down the river, for their and their master’s own Greed through internal Sabotage is T Bucket of Diarrhea Party!

      6. ‘ It will be interesting to see which marginal constituencies were starved of funds in the 17GE’ NONE SteveH. None that had an electoral chance in hell. Jeremy was results-oriented above all else – and we were within 2,500 votes of forming the Government!

        Then conlict, despondency and despair arrived in the guise of Keir Rodney Starmer.

      7. Tony Blair
        What do the electorate think of the War Criminal
        Two Cheeks

      8. SteveH
        They never do until it starts to hurt them in the pocket
        Not long to wait then

    2. I know, we should demand that the DPP acts in the name of justice and democracy or something.

  5. Starmer’s lack of involvement ,warmth and engagement and his detached leadership style, like that of a temporary manager sent by HQ. Gives away the fact he’s some sort of plant, dropped in to do this role with great personal discomfort. His leadership campaign was incredibly well funded and disingenuously full of well-honed leftist pleasing language. His wealthy backers only revealed post-election adding to this suspicion.

    After Corbyn, the establishment clearly weren’t prepared to risk democracy giving the wrong answer again. The British people are in a fight whether they realise it or not against powerful anti-democratic forces, opposed to basic democracy, because these people want to control both parties.

    1. Doug – After Corbyn, Keir Starmer was ahead in the polls before he’d even entered the race.

    2. Andy – Corbyn’s popularity didn’t last very long once he started pissing all over his own USP. In the 19GE, for the first time ever, more of the working class voting Tory than voted Labour. That alone would have been unthinkable at one time.
      According to the polls the electorate are far more supportive of Labour now than they were when Corbyn was leader.

      1. SteveH

        I get your ‘popularity’ point, you make it frequently but imho, it’s terribly shallow stuff on your part.

        For you appear to believe widespread popularity automatically means good. It doesn’t, it didn’t matter to leftists whether Corbyn was up or down in the polls or disliked because we agreed with his general political outlook his political philosophy and ideology. The media hated him because he was a threat to the status quo.

        You appear to have all the depth of a football supporter who just wants to cheer on the red team because, well, you like the colour red slightly more than blue.

        Suppose Starmer-led Labour win and the party in power is red rather than (Tory) blue, but fundamentally the policies are identical from Starmer, Reeves and co to those Johnson had: Neoliberal economics and Neocon foreign policy, albeit with a few minor tweaks to domestic policies. no doubt that would be enough for you , Yay red team win!!!!

        However, for people who want real change, the colours ‘red vs blue’ don’t matter. It’s what they want to do with power that counts.

      2. Andy – I don’t accept the premise of your argument, Labour’s current policies are quite different and distinct from the Tories. When are you going to grasp that bleating from the sidelines won’t alter anything.

      3. SteveH

        They are all tinkering measures rather than radical, reforming solutions and you know it.

        Like for example the energy windfall tax – a ‘one off’ that will do nothing to solve the long term energy cost crisis. Another policy of stripping charitable status from private schools – announced by Reeves, believe it when you see it implemented. 🙂

        And Starmer’s promises are worth what exactly?

      4. That wasn’t Corbyn’s fault, and he didn’t do or say anything that CAUSED the loss or working-class votes. The key issue there was that he was pushed by Keir, for no valid reason, to abandon the “we respect the results of the referendum” position Labour had HELD the Red Wall with in ’17. Everyone knew there was no chance of stopping Brexit, unless Corbyn were to be elected and given the chance to have a 2nd ref then- everyone knew it couldn’t be stopped in the HoC before that, that there was no way for Labour to do what you wanted and go all-out to try and stop it before a GE without even greater Red Wall losses- that’s why Keir pushed for the all-out Remain position.

        Corbyn made no statements and took no positions that were anathema to working-class voters-they cared about seeing Brexit go through more than anything else, and the position that lost Labour votes on that was forced on the party by Keir and the PLP, That’s just reality, mate. Starmer would have done no better in that GE, and no votes were going to be gained by a campaign in which he kicked the Left in the teeth as he’s doing now.

        There was no way there would NOT be a GE in ’19 or ’20- there was either going to be an early GE right after Brexit was passed- in which the Tories were certain to walk it no matter who led Labour- or an early GE fought on the issue- which was probably going to be won by the Tories under any Labour leader, but in which Labour might have been competitive had the PLP finally accepted Corbyn as leader and stopped trying to oust him.

        Also yes, Starmer did have an early lead in the leadership polls- but that’s when no one thought he’d go scorched earth on socialists and socialism. Nobody thought he’d be the scourge of the Left when he was standing for the job, for god’s sakes.

  6. Andy “Starmer’s lack of involvement ,warmth and engagement and his detached leadership style, like that of a temporary manager sent by HQ.

    That’s exactly what he is Andy. The EU sends in accountants and bankers to ‘failing’ nation states to take over their Government (eg Greece after Pasok and Syriza). Well – despite his first round victory in Labour’s leadership election – Starmer is the ‘receiver’ appointed to run (i.e. ‘destroy’) the Labour party by the “captalism-is-us” World Economic Forum and the peddlers of ‘third-way’ pr-capitalism politics, the Trilateral Commission.

    1. qwerboi

      His campaign promotional material incl. 10 pledges weren’t developed by him, that is for sure.

      Did you see the promotional ad as well, so slick. This was a professional PR operation to deceive members. The whole thing is a democratic outrage.

      The equivalent would have been Boris winning the Tory leadership and urging we remain in the EU. Starmer’s deception would be on a par with that.

      If someone from the left developed his campaign, Paul Mason possibly ? Pressing all the right buttons, this thing could be deeper and messier than people realise.

      1. Andy – Or in other words because refreshingly he looked vaguely competent he must be a wrong-un

      2. SteveH

        No. This was professional operation to ‘install’ him through deception.

        I doubt Starmer had anything to do with the left-wing flavoured campaign material, like a tailored suit he just turned up and wore a costume already made for him by ‘others’.

        Were this a timeshare selling business TV’s Watchdog would be all over it.

      3. Andy – …and what was the left’s best offer, little Becky FFS.

      4. SteveH

        I know. I’d agree with you on that. RLB didn’t put up much of a fight.

        RLB clearly lacked confidence having watched Corbyn’s horrific treatment. Can you blame her for being overly timid about running the vipers’ nest that is the Blairite dominated PLP?

        They and their media friends would have made her life hell from day one, because she promised to introduce open selection.

        I think if RLB had realised the extent of Starmer’s deceit she’d have probably fought far harder.

  7. In much of Europe and North America we have the bizarre situation in which freedom of speech and a free media is lauded whilst there are huge restrictions on debate. The media churns out government propaganda and even the most informed and considered of voices are shut out if they depart from the “party” line. No one is allowed to raise NATO’s part in creating the Ukraine war. We are all to be co-opted into accepting the official narrative without question.
    Patrick Lawrence is spot on again. But, of course, neither he, nor Ray McGovern, nor Scott Ritter nor any of the innumerable other analysts who have arrived at a different view are allowed to even argue their case in the MSM.

  8. Firstly, thanks George Peel. The link is a great summary of an important document. Well worth your time all.

    So, here we are. Firstly, does anyone think Boris is going to go?

    Anyways, have you noticed the Russian oligarchs dying? Two murder suicides in a week. Or how about the food processing plants in the US? Since Biden mentioned shortages, they keep having accidents. Two separate plane crashes in a week. Not to mention fires, boiler explosions and other shenanigans.

    Seems Europe can find the rubles for gas after all. On the subject of sanctions, a certain Dr. oligarch has just been sanctioned. He now has to ask Boris for permission to spend his money. Prior to this, he was spending his money on the EU via canvassing. His opinion was that we should have more restrictions on our lives (so he has less). Wonder where his stance is now?

    A kindly fella from the Rockefeller Foundation has said that we’ve got about six months. Don’t buy the hype that it’s the Russians. Jack Monroe was complaining about the price of Rice long before all this started. Fuel was rising fast too. Maybe OFGEM foresaw the Ukrainian war? So with this in mind, please start preparing for the worst.

    Stay safe all. Please.

    P.S. If the Forde report does see the light of day, it will not resemble the leaked one in the slightest. I know which I’ll believe already sadly.

  9. I, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC do solemnly swear that the Forde Report will be published without further delay & in full, without being redacted or changed in any way. I believe it could be published as early as next week, just in time for the May elections. Wishing Labour Members Peace & Unity. Sir Keir.

    1. steve101704 – Forde has made it very clear that the publication and contents of the Forde Report is outside Keir’s control

      1. and anyway, Labour has a multi-hundred point lead over the tories. It was verified in a billionaires press publication or two, so it must be true. If we were serious about defending freedom, we’d sacrifice our own, cancel the elections and use the money to buy a good few nuclear war heads for the wonderful Ukranian people, aint that right.

      2. qwertboi – Have you run out of anything that is even remotely sensible to say?

      3. qwertboi – Have you run out of anything that is even remotely sensible to say?

        I was caricaturing you. The things you might say, with the same deceptive logic. Of course it wasn’t ‘remotely sensible’. Even with partygate full-flow, May 6th will show that Labour’s poll lead is illusory (if not an abject lie (like a certain pandemic) – or at least it doesnt mean that people actually vote for Starmer’s abomination of the Labour party.

      4. qwertboi – So having run out of things to say for yourself you thought you’d try just making stuff up and then asserting that they were my thoughts.
        I see you are getting your excuses in early. You must be really worried about the upcoming election results, you get more desperate as each day passes,

      5. I’m afraid this time I doubt the veracity of what you say & even if it is true, Starmer & Evans have made no attempt to encourage publication nor made overtures to ensure that it is. Perhaps you could enlighten me & provide the reasons why the Forde Inquiry into Starmer’s Labour Party, is not being published & who is responsible for the indefinite delay?.

      6. I’ll put a tenner in the pot that a straw poll on this thread will vote that quertboi was simply doing an extremely competent piece of mimicry of steveH in his 09:11pm post of 24 April.

        And steveH fell for it. There really is no helping some people.

      7. Dave – Is that really the best you can manage, grow up.

      8. Coming from someone with the debating skills of a pre knidergarden infant I’ll take that as a compliment.

        You really are what you get when the ventriloquist has died and the dummy keeps on talking aren’t you stevie boy.

      9. Dave – Am I supposed to care about your childish games.

  10. Good grief Chaps…..Why do you all get sucked in by the Chief Turd Polisher Vortex?


      1. Best way to be ignored is to make yourself invisible.

    1. “Even the dull & ignorant, they too have their story to tell”, Desiderata. apologies SteveH I may disagree with most of what you say, but I believe you should have a platform although I’m starting to have severe doubts whether that courtesy should be extended to Sir Keir as he so dislikes reasoned debate, especially in his Labour Party.

  11. About NATO – it is the Colonel Blimps in the MSM
    and among politicians who appear to want the War
    extended .. It is sensible to look at NATOs raison d’être
    and critiques of its expansion have included that arch
    hawk Henry Kissinger

    The UN has called for talks ..
    Zelensky has always said he wanted talks and I hope
    he takes no notice of our own liar Prime Minister
    who has the attention span of a gold-fish and is
    discouraging diplomacy with “warnings” about Putins

      1. No I don’t trust Putin – but if the UN is concerned
        enough to advise engagement then I think they
        should be listened to.

        In fact it is Putin who now turns down talks – but
        Johnson does not help in his ill considered remarks-
        nor does Starmer in his obvious fear of discussion.

        Do you remember Thatchers (literal) gagging of Sinn
        Fein and do you consider this helped in the peace
        process in NI? The (still unfinished) peace process was
        via individuals who were prepared to stick their
        necks out – see

        Although Mo Mowlem unfairly criticised Corbyn she was at
        least prepared to go into the Maze prison to talk to paramilitaries.

    1. Zelensky won’t engage in serious talks and certainly won’t come to an agreement with Russia. The far right have already said that, if he does, they will hang him from a lamp post in Maidan.

  12. Labour’s current policies are quite different and distinct from the Tories.

    Are they? Name one. (And DO NOT attempt to give us a policy from the ’19 manifesto when keef is on record as distancing himself from it)

    No? Ok, give us an instance when keef has whipped labour MPs to oppose a toerag measure?

    No? Ok. Give us a pledge that keef has stuck to?


    Then keep quiet.

    1. I’m simply expressing my opinion.
      Whether you or anyone else chooses to respond to my comments (or not) is entirely up to them.

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