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Exclusive: Labour’s war on democracy goes on as party seizes control of selections on Merseyside

Outrage on Wirral as Labour suspends body designated to select local election candidates and takes direct control, breaking Starmer’s promise to decentralise power yet again

Keir Starmer’s war on members – and his ongoing breach (like all his others) of his Labour leadership campaign to ‘push power away’ from Westminster and toward local people and increase local democracy – has continued today with a notification by the party to members in the Merseyside borough of Wirral that their representatives are no longer allowed to select which candidates will stand in local elections.

The notice from regional director Liam Disbury reads:

TO: Wirral MPs, Labour Group Leader, Labour Group Deputy Leader, CLP Secretary, LGC Secretary,

I am writing to inform you that the NEC has agreed to suspend the Wirral Local Government Committee. This decision has been taken on the basis that the LGC has not been fully focussed on ensuring our campaign organisation is as effective as it should be. We have an important set of all out elections in 2023.

The following recommendations have been agreed:

That Wirral LGC is suspended.

– That the NW Regional Office takes over the interviewing and selection of candidates for the May 2023 elections.

– That candidates selected must sign up to a candidate’s contract and this must be monitored and adhered to.

– All Councillors must be interviewed, with an onus on their campaign records.

– That the North West Region sets up a campaign committee to ensure that campaigning activity takes place on a regular basis.

– That this campaign committee determines targets and target seats across the Wirral, until the 2023 elections.

– That the NW Region retains oversight of the situation in Wirral with a view of restoring the LGC in May 2024

– It has also been agreed that the Regional Director will appoint a campaign committee who will have responsibility with overseeing the Local Election campaign. The campaign committee will consist of:

Group Leader

Deputy Leader

Chief Whip

Chair (appointed by RD)

Secretary (appointed by RD)

Campaign Co-ordinator (Appointed by RD)

CLP Leads from the Labour Group x 4

Regional Organiser or other staff member (appointed by RD)

All planned LGC meetings must be cancelled. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,

Liam Didsbury
Regional Director

The Local Government Committee at least partially consisted of representatives elected by members of local parties to oversee candidate selections on their behalf. Now those members have been even further disenfranchised by the decision of Starmer’s allies and drones on the NEC to seize the power to decide who gets to stand for election to the borough council for the next two years.

Starmer’s local elections this month were a largely-unreported disaster that was misrepresented in much of the national media. Now the party machine that performed so abysmally this month is seizing further control. What could possibly go wrong?

Well for starters, Labour in the Wirral has been haemorrhaging members and many are now joining the Greens – including the (now ex-) Chair of New Brighton Labour – who performed strongly on the peninsula in this month’s local elections, in order to ‘take out’ the main members of right-wing Labour on the council at the next elections. Many others are committing to campaign for them to the same end and more will no doubt travel across the Mersey from Liverpool or in from surrounding areas in order to inflict the greatest possible electoral damage on what is now firmly an anti-democratic party regime.

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  1. Unfortunately Wirral lost 3 Labour councillors in this years Local Authority Elections, 1 to the Tories and 2 to the Greens.

    1. SteveH, instead of taking responsibility for the fracas due to his lack of clear policies in opposition to the Tories, Keir blames the local SCG.
      Well I guess in a perverse way this is good news, next year if Keir stays as leader Labour is going to lose even more seats in the Wirral to the Greens most likely.
      I wonder who Keir is going to blame for the loses them?

    2. Are you possibly suggesting that this is cause of Starmers undemocratic actions outlined above and not the result of his previous undemocratic actions elsewhere? if so you are even more deluded than i could possibly believe.
      People are not voting for starmer, taking away their democracy and replacing it with central control by a borderline facist regime wont fix that.

      1. Both Labour and Starmer have been consistently ahead in the polls for 6mths now.

  2. You lost the “plot” along with the other 😕right wing labour.You need to understand that you cant mutate into a tribute act and win the working class vote thats invisible for you lot until the elections.

    1. ….and yet in 2019 for the first time ever more of the working class voted for Johnson’s Tories than voted for Corbyn’s Labour.

      1. 2019 being the only time that anyone had a chance to vote for “Johnson’s Tories.”
        The real significance of 2019 is that Labour lost votes because it allowed Starmer, then an obscure shadow cabinet voice, to persuade the electorate that the party had abandoned its commitment to democracy.
        When Starmer doesn’t like the election result he annuls it. When he doesn’t like the look of a local committee he replaces it.

      2. SteveH, you ensure the result by supporting the People’s Vote. How on earth did you expect to get the vote from Labour voters that voted Brexit?
        What you were effectively saying to them, you cannot trust any promises that we are making in our Manifesto, come next Labour Conference we can go back on our Manifesto’s promises, by ensuring next Labour Conference votes in favour of what we the metropolitan elites of the Labour Party want..
        In contrast the Tories appear to be respecting their choice. Hence, they voted Tory since they couldn’t trust anything Labour was offering in its manifesto anymore.

      3. Maria – According to Corbyn 70% of Labour’s members and supporters were Remainers.

  3. After his meeting with the Norwegian PM, last week, Keir Starmer continued to bestride the world stage – like a political colossus – by meeting with, Tory Boy, Rabbi Mirvis, a leader of 40,000, of the UK’s 330,000 Jews, yesterday.

    The plural – ‘communities’ – in the Twitter text may have been a composition error, because of hesitant, or tired thumbs.

    I’m certain, it wasn’t inclusive of the 50+ Jewish Socialists, expelled from the party, since Starmer took over the reins.

    Nor did it include the Jewish Socialists who died, while waiting to find out if they’d been expelled – or not.

    Onward and upwards – eh, Keir?

    1. Naturally Starmer and Mirvis get on well – they are both Zionists who brand anyone who does not share their political opinion an “antisemite”. It is a smear that works and one which they both use with impunity to undermine or silence any criticism of Israel’s excesses against Palestinians.

    2. I despair at certain sections of the left, those who thought that Brexit was a good idea, which has now proven to be a total disaster, which they still won’t admit, and the section who have constantly been making excuses for Putin the psychopath by saying he was goaded into invading the sovereign country of Ukraine.

      If you support Starmer in any way at all, I’m not referring to you, he and you are about as left as my right foot.

  4. That Steve H hall davidh as started arguing with himself overnight.I commented on the shambles of the labour party and left him to it.He then commenced to have a conversation with himself.before stumbling to bed.Beggars belief but the members of the labour party are paying for people like him to spy.on members whilst hes knocking back the martinis in his Caribbean bolt hole.

    1. qwertboi – Who are you trying to convince, yourself?
      Come back and tell us all about it when you’ve actually got something tangible to offer, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      1. qwertboi – How long are we going to have to wait before you can test your theory.

      2. qwertboi – Your riposte doesn’t appear to make much sense. Perhaps you could explain what you mean.

      3. qwertboi – Who are you trying to convince, yourself?

        Like you’ve convinced anyone of anything. Ever. Tell us one single thing you’ve got right.

        The libtards will hoover up all the labour seats in 2019 if smarmer’s shithousery isn’t steamrollered through X

        Smarmer will tell us who his donors are before he’s elected. X

        Smarmer is more popular than Corbyn X

        Smarmer has opposed the tories X

        Smarmer will sweep the board at the local elections X

        Smarmer will bring democracy to the party X

        Smarmer is on the side of the working classes X

        But Corbyn………. X

        Not an exhaustive list. So sod off and don’t come back until you can provide as much as a single example of even being partially correct in your assertions.

      4. Toffee – The libtards will hoover up all the labour seats in 2019 if [Starmer’s] shithousery isn’t steamrollered through
        Although I was justifiably critical of Jeremy hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month I don’t recall ever saying that, could you provide a direct quote and link to substantiate your claim<

        [Starmer] will tell us who his donors are before he’s elected.
        I don’t recall ever saying that, could you provide a direct quote and link to substantiate your claim

        [Starmer] is more popular than Corbyn
        Labour’s consistent lead in the polls for the last 6 months + Keir’s ‘approval index’ being way out in front of Boris’s (the position was reversed when Corbyn was in office against Johnson) indicates that that is the case.

        [Starmer] has opposed the tories
        Yes he has where it was appropriate to do so, the evidence is in Hansard for all to see

        [Starmer] will sweep the board at the local elections
        I don’t recall ever saying that, could you provide a direct quote and link to substantiate your claim

        [Starmer] will bring democracy to the party
        Well he’s certainly done more than Corbyn ever did, he introduced PR to the NEC elections. It is undeniable that the outcome of the last NEC elections gave a result that represented the votes of the members

        [Starmer] is on the side of the working classes
        The working class weren’t very enthusiastic about Corbyn, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER more of them voted Tory than voted for Corbyn’s Labour.

        But Corbyn
        Would that be the same Corbyn who failed to persuade you to rejoin the Labour Party to support him whilst he was leader?

  5. Starmer lost the seats, Right Wing Labour conclusion – need more Starmer!
    Wouldn’t be surprised if China and North Korea send over delegations to see how Right Wing Labour operates?

    1. Bazza, do I detect sarcasm?
      I don’t believe for a second that either China or North Korea would send over delegations; the reason being that Labour under Starmer is losing ground.
      Hence, their is nothing that China and North Korea can learn from Starmer’s Labour. Most likely the delegation will be sent from Starmer’s Labour to China and North Korea to learn how it’s done.

      1. Maria, if you accept the proposition that the global non-governmental billionaires’ pressure group, the World Economic Forum, broadly welcomes Starmer’s move to the economic right and greatly supports Starmer’s posokifying-effect on Labour, then of course Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has nothing to learn from Starmer. He’s more aligned with its neo-fasccst founder, Klaus Schwab than Starmer.

        Google/DuckduckGo it. They’re good, good friends (and probably planned the covid-scam together. (And Yeltsin’s major Putin’s a key WEF-enabler, too).) You’ll be horrified.

  6. qwertboi you make an excellent point
    It remains a fact that China has nothing to learn from Labour’s Starmer and the same applies to North Korea. My guess still is that Bazza was being sarcastic.
    Moreover, and perhaps more importantly despite the World Economic Forum welcoming Starmer’s pasokification of Labour, giving a choice between supporting a Starmer’s government and a Tory’s government I believe the Trilateral Commission and the World Economic Forum prefers a Tory government.
    The reasons these financial institutions would always prefer a Tory government is that with Labour in opposition they could still present to the British electorate a semblance of democracy, while Starmer’s Labour doesn’t offer any effective opposition to disrupt their business plans and can carry on making more and more profit.
    However, if Labour gains government and it keeps protecting the interests of the economic elites, it could very well open the door to fascism and fascism isn’t good for the interest of the business elites.

    1. “fascism isn’t good for the interest of the business elites.”
      Are you kidding? They like nothing better.

      1. No Bevin you are wrong. The business elites favour economic globalisation while a feature of fascism is economic protectionism. Thus, fascism interferes with the 1% making big profits.
        Look at the US the global economic elites were supporting Clinton and Bidden against Trumps because Trump making a priority to protect US’s jobs was going to cost them a hell of a lot of money.
        No that I would support Trump or would have considered voting for him but, the economic liberal elite ensured that he lost to Bidden.

      2. Bevin nearer to home look at the Manifesto of Marie Le Pen and Macron.
        Macron in favour of increasing the age of retirement while Le Pen no only is against it but even in favour of reducing the age of retirement for workers that started their working lives earlier. Who start working earlier: working class communities or middle and upper class communities?
        From Macron programme the business interest gain while from Marine Le Pen the white working class communities gain.
        I would never vote for the likes of Le Pen and Trump because of the inherent racism of their policies against black communities and their attacks on our human rights and freedoms.
        However, we don’t do ourselves any favours if we fail to recognise the allure of fascism on impoverish white working class communities that not longer feel represented by the main democratic parties.

    2. Mmmm, Maria, I think things changed a lot the second Technology-led (lead?) Noew World Order was admitted. Fascism and Capitalism re-examined themselves in the light of 9/11, The ‘banking crisis’, Brexit, Covid (global scam Inc) and today’s Ukraine conflict. Dying Capitalism (unlike democratic socialism) has a strong survial-instinct.

  7. More cheap digs at Asian communism, based entirely on ‘information’ from the same propagandists who slander socialism in the Labour Party. What makes it worse is that North Korea, in particular, was reduced to rubble, its irrigation systems ruined its towns and villages obliterated, millions of its people killed, many the victims of a diabolical biological war conducted by Japan’s re-purposed Unit 731. And all at the bidding of and with the agreement of the same Labour Cabinet that, two years earlier had washed its hands of Palestine.
    A little less kneejerk imperialism would make it easier to explain why the ruling class hate socialism-everywhere- and lie about socialists.

  8. Will Luke Akehurst be brought in again to impartially oversee the selection?

    1. hehe, the clue will be whether he’s wearing his Eton Old Boys tie or not. You know he’s trying hard (to appear impartial) when he isn’t wearing it.

  9. Entirely predictable events –
    1. The LP continues to centralise power and decision-making to stifle any semblance of democracy in the party.
    2. Our resident little ray of sunshine trots out a selection from his litany of stock comments in order to provoke responses, rather than say whether he favours the power grab or opposes it.
    3. Sunderland blow it in the play-off final.

  10. This is typical Stammer, if you can’t win rig it, impose right-wing candidates, blame Corbyn if they lose, take credit if they win.

  11. SteveH

    For the second, third .. ? time

    What Corbyn and Conference 2018
    stood for was NOT “Constructive ambiguity” –
    and in fact it was far from being ambiguous –

    This is what I emailed to Tom Watson in
    June 2019 – having already expressed my
    extreme concern over the REf2 policy months
    before. At that time it did seem we
    had reached that “last resort” – but now it seems
    that there was some behind the scenes meddling

    ————— To TOM WATSON end June 2019—-
    “The decision of the LP Conference in the
    Autumn of 2018 regarding a second referendum
    surely amounted to ‘hold a second referendum as
    a last resort when all other possibilities
    have been explored’

    and I am not sure why it was couched
    in terms of an algorithm which some
    found difficult to follow! However in spite of this
    I think it was a good outcome for it attempted
    to obey the decision of the electorate – viz BREXIT.”

    1. HFM – What is that supposed to prove, or are you still working that one out?

  12. Corbyn was a mess over Brexit. Starmer was worse in promoting the incomprehensible notion of a ‘People’s vote’.

  13. Below is a list of 21 constituencies where the national executive committee (NEC) is set to agree that the local parties can start selecting their new parliamentary candidates for the next general election.

    Bassetlaw. Birmingham Northfield, Bishop Auckland, Chingford and Woodford Green, Cities of London and Westminster, Dover, Erewash, Exeter, Hartlepool, Hastings and Rye, Hendon, Ipswich, Norwich North, Penistone and Stocksbridge, Peterborough, Plymouth Moor View, Shipley, South Swindon, Southampton Itchen, Stoke-on-Trent Central & Watford

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