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Labour rigs Wakefield selection for ex-staff outsider who applied for 2 other seats

Members walk out in protest as others barred by party

Wakefield members and exec staged protest

Former Labour staffer Simon Lightwood has been selected to stand for the party in the Wakefield by-election in a selection contest rigged to exclude locals, leaving members with a choice between two right-wing outsiders.

Lightwood is not from the city, but used to work for right-wing anti-Corbyn former MP Mary Creagh. Wakefield Labour’s elected executive resigned en masse last week in process at the gerrymandering.

Lightwood claims a close affinity with Wakefield, but his track record shows he has tried to get selected in at least two other towns before this:

Barely one in four Wakefield members were able to take part in the selection vote, with the party barring anyone from participating who was unable to provide photo ID,despite Starmer having condemned Tory plans to require such ID from voting in elections:

Yet another example of Keir Starmer’s so-called ‘integrity’

77% either declined to vote in the selection or were prevented from doing so.

After Wakefield’s Tory MP was convicted of child sexual abuse, Labour should absolutely walk this by-election in a city that was staunchly Labour before Keir Starmer’s Brexit betrayal drove it to the Tories.

But after excluding popular locals to rig the selection in favour of more right-wing drones, the regime shows every indication of trying to lose.

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  1. So the project to ensure that Labour is the Establishment’s dependable 2nd Eleven continues. No progressive can read the first few pages of Oliver Eagleton’s excellent “The Starmer Project” without wondering how this guy became a Labour MP, never mind leader, but his intended destination is not a mystery.
    It is the destruction of the possibility of any reasonable alternative to post-thatcherite neoliberalism, AKA managed authoritarianism.

    1. We need to ACT. If well meaning people STILL choose to read none stop to discover the obvious that cam be deduced from our own observations that which was NEVER hidden, then there is little hope that anything will change Starmer or no Starmer.
      We must return their “NIGHT and DAY” efforts.

      1. “NIGHT and DAY” efforts to “UNDERMINE” TRUE Labour becoming the government.

        basic, Basic, B A S I C.

        We MUST break the culture / attitude of avoidance / displacement / and to date incessant sterile theorisation.

        Neither life and living, nor politics is a theory. No one comes to a plumber, electrician, shop assistant, nurse, post person, GP, cardiologist etc wishing to be regaled with what they have read, discussed in their “education” groups, nor to be advised to read x, y & z.

        The patient etc, wants crystal clear ACTION to SOLVE their conditions.

        Of course “education” is necessary, but it is USELESS without application of reading. Utterly useless if all the education and reading and speeches over SIX DECADES are accumulated and valued as ends in themselves. = DISPLACEMENT -> self comfort to distract from utter failure of EASY stitch ups by the likes of Mandelson WMD Blair’s Starmer gang who NEVER hid their MAIN aims. Despite their CLEAR past actions eg voting for WMD Blair’s invasions and bloodshed, they still publicised their main aim to PURGE the purpose of Labour. They made no secret of it. They are now doing EXACTLY as they said they would.

        A worthwhile activity would be to return what they did from 2015 – 2019, and since 2019.

      2. Signpost: Who is the ‘we’ that ‘need to act’? And what would this ‘action’ consist of and amount to – ie in what way should they ‘act’? And WHO are these ‘well meaning people’ you refer to who, you say, ‘STILL choose to read none stop’ etc? And how do YOU know that they – whoever they are – ‘choose to read none stop’? And – given that you say ‘STILL choose to read none stop’ – how do you know they were reading none stop PRIOR to now?

        Could you elaborate and explain? Thanks

      3. Signpost: I was of course replying to your 5.01pm post above, but here are some questions in respect of what you said in your 5.23pm post:

        Who is the ‘we’ you refer to that ‘MUST break the culture’ and ‘attitude of avoidance’ and ‘displacement’ and ‘to date incessant sterile theorisation’?

        And how would they – whoever they are – set about returning what they – ie Mandelson, Blair and Starmer – did from 2015 – 2019, and since 2019?

        And when exactly did Blair and Co publicise their main aim to PURGE the purpose of Labour?

        Could you elaborate? Thanks

      4. Just came across the following comment by signpost from a couple of years ago. The link below takes you directly to his comment, and my reply to him – which I just this minute posted – is a bit further down the page:

        NB Skwawkbox posted a link to the page in a recent article, and that’s how I came across SPs comment, which is just a litany of lies and falsehoods.

  2. the CRUCIAL issue is; decent people MUST now realise the OBVIOUS.
    No good has EVER come of Starmer.
    NO good is coming of SIR Starmer.
    No good will EVER come of SIR Starmer.

    THOSE are the key FACTS, well meaning hopeful people must grasp URGENTLY b4 it’s too late

    1. Signpost: Who are these ‘well meaning people’ you claim haven’t ‘grasped’ the ‘key facts’ you mention, and what exactly led you to that conclusion?

      Could you elaborate? Thanks

    2. Signpost: Just one other question (which you’re obviously not going to reply to, as with my earlier questions), but did all these things that you claim about Jeremy Corbyn and the left – which you have of course repeated in literally hundreds and hundreds of posts during the past two years or so – apply in the weeks and months prior to the 2017 GE, in which Jeremy came so close to winning? I mean you seem to have an innate knowledge of when all the people you’re alluding to were reading none stop, so could you confirm whether or not they were all reading none stop during the weeks and months prior to the 2017 general election.


      1. Sorry to ask so many questions signpost, but when you say ‘We MUST break the culture’, what culture are you referring to precisely? And when you speak of an ‘attitude of avoidance’, what exactly is it that the people you are making this claim about are avoiding?

        Just to be clear, are you in fact saying that the ‘culture’ that must be broken is the culture/attitude of avoidance?

        And it that IS the case, could you give a few examples of when this ‘avoidance’ happened.


  3. Starmers distaste for democracy strikes again. In reality we know he would have liked Mary Creagh to have been chosen as the candidate but that would have been tricky. Considering she was a remainer and was a supporter of the peoples vote. Plus laughable as it may sound she could be being saved for standing in Corbyn’s Islington North.
    No doubt he/they think choosing Lightwood will fool the Wakefield electorate into believing the party has chosen someone who’s knowledgeable about local issues. Ignoring the fact he worked for Creagh.

    1. BackofBeyond, I believe once upon a time Mary Creagh was an Islington Cllr that was parachuted into Wakefield. Perhaps, she is in reserve to stand in Islington North? I also heard that Ed Balls refused to stand in Wakefield preferring apparently to stand in Islington North?
      If true it speak volumes about the chances of Labour winning in Wakefield that Balls refused to stand but ready to stand in Islington against Corbyn.
      I bet Ed Balls is counting on Corbyn standing down rather than stand as an independent. No sure myself that Corbyn will stand against Labour. But, I wish Corbyn defies Starmer and stand as an independent in Islington North if he is prevented from standing as Labour’s candidate.

  4. Lightweight Lighfoot? Hope a Wakefield independent left wing democratic socialist will stand (ideally someone who left after supporting Corbyn) and it just needs a few likeminded socialists there to get together, someone as candidate, someone as agent, get 10 names for nomination then appeal for crowdfunding and lefties to pour in.
    Waste of time PAL putting a candidate up (apart from Breakthrough).
    The Left needs its 1st X1 not it’s 5th!
    Come on Wakey comrades – seize the moment!

  5. And yes the theory that Right Wing Labour is an ‘Imitation democracy” (Dimitri Furnham talking about some former communist countries having an election then Anti-Democratic Govts) seems to be holding water?
    Wonder if the Right forewarned its supporters to bring ID, if so North Korea & China would be bloody impressed?

  6. ‘Honesty & Integrity’ …the reality.

    Typical of Labour’s right. They can’t win endorsement from ordinary members so they resort to lying, as with Starmer’s leadership, rigging, or both.

  7. And the guardian’s Starmer Stans will claim anyone complaining about this Mugabe era Zimbabwe inspired behaviour, is somehow helping the Tories.

    Many of those involved in these decisions have built their careers, helping the Tories, through internal sabotage and scheming outlined in the leaked report.

    1. The Starmer Stans can easily be spotted in Twitter by their adoption of the Ukrainian flag emoji. Ostensibly to support that country, but the blue and yellow also happens to mirror their true political allegiances perfectly.

      1. David Lammy, who voted to invade Iraq, sports a Ukrainian flag badge.

      2. Ukraine invaded Iraq. They were the third biggest force after US and UK. Kuleba’s dad Ivan was pro US, pro invasion deputy foreign secretary.

  8. Andrew Rawnsley in today’s Observer:

    “But the party’s position today is a considerable advance on where it stood two years ago.”

    Isn’t that what you would expect for the main opposition party during the government’s mid-term?

    Not much of an achievement and rather a dubious claim to make anyway.

    1. Tony-

      These Starmer apologist columnists like to compare today’s Johnson with the 2019 pre-election honeymoon Johnson; the Sun’s ‘golden boy’, the deliverer, sent to bring about Brexit. Were Corbyn up against this 2022 ‘damaged goods’ version of Johnson he’d be doing far better than Starmer.

      Everything was set up perfectly for Labour to sweep the recent Locals – traditionally a vehicle for a huge anti-govt ‘protest vote’ – and they barely advanced. It was like the Tories being down to eight men on the field and Labour scraping home with a draw.

      Labour MPs could realistically lose their seats in a snap GE next year. And if Corbyn fronts a new party, Labour itself will be in an existential struggle. How many members would a Corbyn-led ‘Peace & Justice’ party quickly gain? I’d guess alot. I think it is viable too, and the PLP will be fighting each other over how to respond and limit the transfer of support.

      1. Perhaps it is time for ‘the left’ to stop talking and start doing..🤔

      2. We are doing! It’s called waiting. It was Napoleon who prompted his young, perfervid Marshals “when the enemy is making a false move, why should we interrupt (or distract) him?”

        The new party can wait a while until nearly everyone in the country understands why it is so desperately needed, and wishes us well.

        Dr Paul Williams in Hartlepool and Simon Lightwood in Wakefield. Sir Keir and his parliamentary candidates are a G*d-send!

      3. Time will tell whether you ever progress beyond meetings to talk about having meetings stage? 😴

  9. from inside and outside, we need to STOP MANDELSON, WMD IRAQ BLAIR, Starmer and their attached parasites.
    It’s the only way for a worthwhile future.
    Priorities. Sequence. Basics.
    Pointless to do what has always been done which -> being stitched up by Mandelson dismissed at least TWICE for LYING and dodgy mortgage scams with Keith Vaz i think… another Keith.

    Welsh Labour has TRIUMPHED with TRUE Labour polices. That fact exposes the PROPAGANDA that the public want Tories dressed in red.

    That’s just one basic, which needs repeating by ALL of us to help crush the MYTHS of WMD Blair’s Sir Keith Starmer.

    There is an excess of theories, useless definitions and a tragic lack of basic facts to help demolish myths. It appears that too many are happy to continue doing as they’ve always done to be easily crushed by those they call incompetent / don’t know what they’re doing etc

    They KNOW what they are doing. They said they will. They want to purge genuine Labour members. They want to steal the assets / infrastructure of a party meant to serve the many.

    Until we grasp that, NOTHING will change.

    1. Any new socialist party should be truly independent, and part of a twin-track strategy though. That is, the SCG should have no role.

      Because the Socialist Campaign Group MPs quitting is exactly what the Starmerites(incl. SteveH) seem to want. Many in the SCG have loyal constituencies thus it’d hard to otherwise eject them. Under FPTP, establishing any new party is deliberately(by design) difficult, and even polling 20-25% is no guarantor of electoral seat success if support isn’t concentrated. So the SCG need to stay put in Labour and fight. If a new party were to rapidly gain polling traction Labour would be panic and have to change its policies anyway, in an attempt to pull back leftist voters.

      This basically is what UKIP, later the Brexit party did to the Tories albeit from the right. They achieved their objective through posing an electoral threat. Labour MPs know they can’t risk a split vote under FPTP. And above all else, Labour MPs value their seats.

      1. Andy – At last years conference despite 83% of the membership supporting PR for general elections the motion proposing PR was voted down by the Unions. However since then both Unite and the CWU have voted to change their policy to support PR plus other trade unions are planning to hold votes to also change their policy to supporting PR.

      2. Andy, the example of UKIP is pertinent – despite a significant vote share in 2015 they ended up with 1 seat where transposing votes to seats would have given them 82. Of course, going in to an election knowing that your vote will count would change the way people voted but I think the proliferation of parties and the division of seats such that many permutations of coalition present themselves means that we get real debate not staid ideologies.

        Conservative 331 241
        Labour 232 198
        UKIP 1 82
        Liberal Democrat 8 51
        Scottish National Party 56 31
        Green Party 1 25
        Democratic Unionist Party 8 4
        Sinn Fein 4 4
        Plaid Cymru 3 4
        Others 1 3
        Ulster Unionist Party 2 3
        Social Democratic & Labour Party 3 2
        Alliance Party 0 1
        TUSC 0 1
        National Health Action 0 1
        Traditional Unionist Voice 0 1
        650 650

      3. SteveH-

        Honestly, I think it’d be a cold day in hell before Starmer and his shad cab back proportional representation. Look at it from their perspective; the only thing that allows the PLP and HQ to behave like they are doing taking members and CLPs for granted and treat them like scum, is the fact under two-party FPTP, “there is nowhere else for them to go” – (attributed to Mandelson), in many parts of the country.

        SteveH, you should have understood by now that Starmer won’t even form a pact or coalition with Ed Davey. as it’d mean a more progressive programme than an ‘establishment man and reactionary’ Starmer wants to countenance.

        For those unaware. The Starmer ‘Stan’ reference is the from the song Stanley “Stan” Mitchell (voiced by Eminem) who claims to be Eminem’s biggest fan. These people have projected progressive values onto Starmer – values that Starmer doesn’t share. They’re deluding themselves, while Starmer couldn’t give a flying fcuk about them or what they want. London has quite a few of these ‘remainer’ Starmer Stans.

      4. Andy – ….and yet despite all Jeremy’s unfulfilled promises to democratise the party it was Keir who introduced PR for NEC elections.

      5. SteveH – “….and yet despite all Jeremy’s unfulfilled promises to democratise the party it was Keir who introduced PR for NEC elections.”

        Are you being serious? They introduced PR for NEC elections in a desperate attempt to gerrymander the system to give THEIR candidates more chance of winning representation. Jeez SteveH, I thought you were smarter than that. They were losing to the left’s slate. The NEC elections are the least suitable for such a change but they wanted to deny the left.

        If you believe Starmer, Reeves and this right-wing PLP will support PR for Westminster elections you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. It’d have to be forced upon them and they’ll fight it all the way, ferociously.

        You don’t seem to get who these people really are and who & what they represent.They are a roadblock to radical change, not facilitators.

  10. Labour could be in luck that former Senior Tory, David Herdson is standing for the Yorkshire Party. Hence, potentially it could divide the Tory vote as it could attract remainers.
    Thus, we need a TUSC’s candidate standing in Wakefield; with the local LP in disarray with good support from the local Trade Council and beyond it stands a chance to win.
    People are equally disgusted by Partygate and Beergate, so go on TUSC file a candidate.

    1. If the TUSC’s past performances are anything to go by then any TUSC candidate will be lucky to hold onto their deposit.

      1. SteveH, the material conditions have changed Partygate and Beergate are going to damage both the Tories and Labour chances.
        Hence, a local and popular Trade Unionist well supported can win. I know is difficult but still possible since the Labour candidate isn’t local and doesn’t count with the support of the local LP.

  11. Two Cheeks
    Red Tories conducting a scorched earth policy to make sure nothing like JC ever gets through again
    1) Cancel Direct Debit but don’t tell them
    2 ) Resign en masse and don’t lift a finger to help them
    3 ) Unions withdraw funding
    4 ) Socialist group resign the whip
    5 ) JC to announce he will stand as Independent

      1. So the best you can offer for now is a slogan. When will you have something a little more tangible to offer, sometime never?

    1. Dough I agree with the first 3 points and point 5 too. But, under FPTP for the time being the SCG needs to stay put

  12. “the party barring anyone from participating who was unable to provide photo ID,despite Starmer having condemned (such) Tory plans”

    Keir show-me-your-papers Starmer, an afront to everything Labour.

  13. Andy, I agree with you the members of the SCG needs at present to stay put.
    What we need to do as individuals is:
    1- to put our efforts to seek the re-election of every member of the SCG.
    2- to refuse to canvass and vote for Labour MPs that are not members of the SCG (with a few honourable exceptions).
    3- in constituencies with no member of the SCG to either vote for an alternative candidate from another Party or to abstain.

  14. The selection process for the new Labour PPC for Islington North will be one to watch.

    1. I see that “Stop and search” that led to the worst riots in Britain is re instated by patel today with all “restrictions” removed ,..whatever that means in cops already armed with full battle gear….ITs almost impossible to believe that after the reports we have read on the Brixton \toxteth and other areas nearly forty years ago that some idiot seems to think that you can beat the public into submission.IT didn’t work in Ulster and it will not in Brixton.And I wonder what the new labour party thinks on police brutality and tactics in the year 2022…especially Lammy whos made a career on the back of police brutality.and double talk.

    2. Shouldn’t the local Islington North CLP be on this already, or does it know that Sir Keir has another Dr Paul Williams/ Simon Lightwood lined-up for them? Worth watching indeed.

      1. qwertboi, I agree with you this cannot wait. Do we know who is North Islington CLP’s Secretary? If she or he is a friendly it would be best to write a neutral letter to London Region asking for a timetable for the trigger ballot and see what London Region reply and take it from there.
        The worse thing Corbyn’s supporters in North Islington CLP can do is to wait. Once a GE is called it wouldn’t be enough time to see a judicial ruling allowing the CLP to hold a trigger ballot.
        We need to remember that Corbyn still a Labour Party member, hence it could be argue that if he doesn’t get triggered he should be the official Labour candidate

      2. Anything that costs them money, time and resources is another nail in their coffin
        Let’s drive them into the ground
        Every CLP bombard them with complaints then complain to EHRC that they are in breach
        Who can remember, one person was responsible for 80% of AS Scam complaints

      3. The program for ‘trigger ballots’ is already in place but unless the whip is restored they won’t need for a ‘trigger ballot’ to replace Jeremy. Who knows maybe they will do a deal where Jeremy agrees to step down at the next GE if the whip is restored
        The Labour Party plans to hold trigger ballots for MPs starting next week and concluding in June 2022 according to a new paper that will soon be considered by members of the ruling national executive committee

  15. Well whatever Islington CLP have planned had better
    be kept under wraps – because The Starmer is quite
    capable of closing the Constituency Party down
    at short notice .

    Although even he cannot be unaware of Corbyns Jewish
    support in his constituency- I seem to remember a letter
    of support from them on JVL?

  16. A PS to previous post – obviously Maria and
    qwertboi you are more au fait with the rules than I
    am .. !!

    Your idea of a neutral letter is a good one Maria –
    best not to draw attention to themselves

  17. I posted on JC’s page, he was on about flowers always growing but ALL the garden needs watering.
    He needs to announce what he is doing at the next GE.
    I very much doubt Labour will let him be their candidate so he could stand as an Independent.
    Then the hundreds of thousands of his supporters who left Labour would no longer be politically homeless at a stroke.
    We could have a National List of 620 Jeremy Corbyn Independent candidates (picked in every CLP by Lefties) crowdfunded and NOT standing against the 30 or so Left Labour MPs.
    We only have one life comrades so should go for it, as the song goes “It’s Now Or Never.”
    You never know we could recreate the spirit we had under Corbyn’s Leadership and JC could have the last laugh!
    Let’s make history!

  18. Not sure it’s really a “Now or Never” Each side is waiting for the other to make the first move, i.e. fire the starter gun. Whereas I know you’re right that the very second JC announces his (imposed) decision to stand as an Independent, his supporters will feel relief, that “first move” should be made by the party.

    JC is politically clever enough to see this and is playing a very clever game on it. Who ever fires the starter gun is the weaker player here. Patience is a virtue….

    1. JC’s ‘You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop spring from coming….’ is a very clever no-doubt terrifying Starmer and the elite he bats for.

      Is he being metaphorical, figurative/allegorical? I think he might be 😀.

      The ‘new party’ is coming. ‘You cannot stop it from coming” Jeremy’s saying. The less that happens on the new-party front, the more scared Starmer & Co. become.

    1. Goldbach….Thanks again for the posts which at face value is treason for the cabal that have overturned democracy at the highest level.ITs becoming increasingly obvious to me that we(the people)are being taken for a ride and are considered as no consequence in the power players world.I think they are wrong….time,poverty,and hyper inflation will prove just who rules and its got to be the majority.who will rise up.I have seen ordinary people fight back on the streets including woman and children in Ulster of the sixties and seventies and.S.Afrika of the eighties..We are entering a time of re..balancing and the working class will not run away from tyrants even with all the draconian laws people do litterly fight back using whatever is available because like Mandelson said weve nowhere else to go.He may find that he will eat his words before he leaves this earth…God willing.

      1. Sorry and all that but I’m definitely missing something here Doug as that quote from the Israeli Minister has gone straight over my head? I’m genuinely struggling to comprehend where that came from and its relevance/linkage to this story?

        Could you elaborate please?

    2. This gets a mention here on Moon of Alabama

      linking to a article in the Guardian in the wider recent historical context of similar black propaganda activities since the end of WW2.

      “The Information Research Department (IRD) was set up by the post-second world war Labour government to counter Soviet propaganda attacks on Britain. Its activities mirrored the CIA’s cold war propaganda operations and the extensive efforts of the USSR and its satellites.

      The Observer last year revealed the IRD’s major campaign in Indonesia in 1965 that helped encourage anti-communist massacres which left hundreds of thousands dead. There, the IRD prepared pamphlets purporting to be written by Indonesian patriots, but in fact were created by British propagandists, calling on Indonesians to eliminate the PKI, then the biggest communist party in the non-communist world.”

      Which tells us that:

      A. The Conservatives are not the only UK political party with blood on their hands.

      B. The LP as an institution/organisation has always been onboard with being the official second eleven.

      And those of a certain age will recall the activities of similar cabals operating in the UK during the 1970’s all but openly plotting to remove Harold Wilson’s Labour Party from Government. All swept into the memory hole incinerator, despite copious amounts of media coverage, as the day before the day before’s chip paper.

      Point is, its reasonable to conclude that what we see here represents a mere fraction of this type of activity. It would therefore be naive in the extreme to take the position that similar activities have not occurred and continue to take place in relation to national and local elections, trades unions, controlled opposition fringe groups, and so on.

      Aristotle observed that Republics turn into democracies and subsequently morph into Oligarchies before collapsing. Usually as a result of the inherent internal hubris and incompetence. The question arises as to just how far down that well worn process time line we currently sit?

      1. @Dave

        Did you read the open thread also? Interesting comment about Putin’s speech to the WEF earlier this year.

        Putin spoke to the rich about how people should be the end, not the means.

        Look what happened to Corbyn for similar talk…

      2. Dave

        The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of anti semitism
        Yair Lapid
        Israeli Foreign Minister

        To answer your question, very close
        Financial system died in 2008
        Seriously I have no clue what holds the whole shit show up

  19. Starmer on ITV’s Loose Women pushing his ‘honour and integrity’ again citing his threat to resign if fined. He knew full well Durham don’t issue FPNs retrospectively.

    Is this guy a habitual liar, a fraud, or both?

    1. I am suprised that Ange “wasnt on loose women although starmer will be suitable for a laugh as well.
      I wonder what they really thought about the political “plank.Even if starmer stood upright he could never be straight.?

      1. It’ll be interesting if he receives a rebuke in the form of stern letter, as per Cummings. How can he portray that as being ‘cleared’ when all that will have prevented the issuing of a fine(FPN) will be this force’s particular practices i.e. it’s just as bad.

        I’ve read that a woman in Durham has complained because she received a FPN retrospectively, so who knows? As someone else pointed out, holding a press conference and piling pressure on Durham, as Starmer did, is legally speaking very unprofessional. As in law it’d be seen as prejudicial to conducting of a free & fair investigation.

      2. On Loose women when asked to clarify the numbers in attendance at the beer & curry gathering Sir Keir confidently said there were “about 15 or so” there. Back in January on LBC’s Call Keir, however, ‘Mr Rules’ claimed there were only about six in attendance.


        Lol. Honesty and integrity in action?

      1. Andy nice bit of Sherlock Holmes…can you send written evidence to inspector knacker c\o Durham police to compare with his statments..ITs a seriously dangerous game to pervert the course of justice and especially from the a top player in the justice system like our knight of the realm.All these little bits of evidence can probably be used by the MET on the second time around party time it looks like Starmer has manipulated the Durham plod to make them look like a bunch of Clowns.

  20. I see that the Wakefield farrago is being discussed
    on “Politics Now” with even Paul Mason expressing
    some “concern” at how Starmer is running things .

    However they predicated the discussion on the
    assumption that “dogma” (as they call it) will be
    preferred to electability. I did not see all of the
    program but seem to remember that these
    so called “dogmatically pure” candidates were
    referred to as “wild cards”! That is in spite of the
    fact that many of these candidates would have
    been comfortable in some Tory Party constituencies
    of the 1950s.

    Not only that but it is LOCAL people who
    know about electability .. and Starmer’s choices have
    not been too successful I seem to remember?

    And then there was GE 2017 .. when a fairly decent PM
    and cabinet could not get an overall majority against
    newbie Corbyn.

    But of course that never happened did it?

    1. These ‘ candidate imposition’ tactics worked out wonderfully for them in the Hartlepool by-election with that ‘Tory milf’ fancying Doctor.

      Did Paul Mason try to explain away these anti-democratic moves from an ‘undercover’ Marxist’s perspective? *wink* *wink*

    2. HolbyFanMw, ” a fairly decent PM and cabinet” is somewhat off the mark. May ran probably the most derided campaign of recent times and probably deserves as much credit as her opponent for the result that emerged.

      1. Her campaign was terrible – but she was
        moderately decent PM with cabinet the same.

        As for Boris – he was a buffoon right through
        and “played to the crowds”, relying on the
        public thinking he was on their side “against

        The public now KNOW he is a liar and a cheat
        and they vote Lib Dem and Green rather than

      2. Teresa May kept her government afloat by “cash for votes” with the DUP blackmailing the British people of millions just so the money could be siphoned off at Stormont to DUP “chums” and cultural \heritage “projects such as Orange lodges UVF and UDF.much like the failed bio mass heating project that siphoned millions off to farmers who were also interested in “cultural activities..Looks like the Johnson government have gone the same route has his predecessor Teresa May in being backed into a corner to maintain the status quo whatever mandate the voters of the secatarian economic black hole of gerrymandered Ulster want.One hundred years of a failed attempt at partition is coming to a end whatever the conservative and unionist party want..Dirty backroom deals on the protocol and the Good Friday agreement with the DUP will not wash with the voters of Ulster who want a future” for their children and grandchildren and blackmail cannot sustain a sectarian divide in Ulster.
        .The conservatives are stuck in the past and no modern economy will survive the coming meltdown in Britain especially if the government are relying on DUP expenses” to keep Johnson afloat in Westminster…Over to Starmer to use Ireland as a political football.for his failing labour party and partition plans.?

    1. Fantastic, Chris Mooney! BRING IT ON, I’d say!!

      Wes Sweeting should be encouraged. He needs to be egged-on, endorsed and widely supported in his leadership quest. He needs to be emboldened. His Rallies should be televised and every day should comprise a series of chauffered cars collecting him to be “special guest” to every political programme on the tele. In fact, Rupert should gtive him a few Wes Streeting Channels (but he’d better fix his complexion before agreeing to “Wes Streeting “Man of the People Channel (HD)”

      Despite leaving it, I don’t want Labour’s slow an horrible death to be a single second longer than it need be.

      1. “Be careful what you wish for.

        SteveH, if you’re referring to my post at 3.10pm, a Wes Steeting Channel (or 4) or SKY and wall-to-wall Wes everywhere else is exaxtly what I want, what I want, what I really, really want”.

        Labour deserves a quick death. And you know how it goes, “the Labour Party is dead. Long live the ‘new party’.

  21. Unusually a wonderful article in the independent today on Liverpool,the people scousers and the kop and why some Liverpool supportors bood the National anthem and Johnson…ps a lot of the article applys to Everton as well….just saying?

      1. Yes tim I will second that…..but its going to be a difficult slog but worth it especially when you can waive the flag of St George and contemplate when England conquered the world 🌎and them dam foreigners spoiled it all….ungrateful wretches..!

    1. I doubt anyones as dumb as the Doctor in Harlepool to be humiliated into standing in either of them seats in Devon and Yorkshire especially as the lack of activists shows that the labour party are a sinking ship.and just can’t mobalise the party members or the voters.playing a tribute act as a “warm up will not get you any applause from the audience comrade..!or a seat in parliament.

      1. Joseph – 🥱, so you keep telling us. Who are you hoping to convince, yourself?

      2. I’ve not heartd anything about a Labour PPC for Tiverton and Honiton, have you Joseph? Wakefield with Lightwood confirms my worst fears for a Labour Party under Starmer, but maybe Sir Affront-to-Labourt isn’t blocking party democracy to micro-manage T&H?

        One thing’s for sure: Under starmer Labour will not get the 19.5% or 27.1% that Labour PPCs got under the wonderful JC. It’ll be theusuall Miband/Brown/Labour levels and 8% if they’re lucky.

    Disgraced MP Imran Khan jailed for 18 months for sexually assaulting 15-year-old boy

    Imran Ahmad Khan was expelled from the Conservative Party and later resigned from the Commons when he was convicted in April, triggering a by-election in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
    The former Wakefield MP has been sentenced for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.
    Imran Ahmad Khan was expelled from the Tory Party following his April conviction (Image: Phil Harris)
    Disgraced former Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan has today been sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.
    The former Wakefield MP was convicted of sexually assaulting the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, at Southwark Crown Court in April.
    The court heard how he forced the teenager to drink gin and touched his feet and legs, coming within “a hair’s breadth” of his privates, as he went to sleep in a top bunk bed in 2008.
    Khan was convicted at Southwark Crown Court on April 11 after a sexual assault trial.
    The shamed 48-year-old was expelled from the Conservative Party and later resigned from the Commons.

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