Video: Met Police punch defenceless anti-deportation protester in head repeatedly

Police have tried to blame protesters but video suggests otherwise

Disturbing footage from last night’s protests in the Dalston area of London show police repeatedly beating a helpless protester in the head and face.

Demonstrators had gathered to resist a police immigration sweep targeting delivery risers, in scenes reminiscent of those in Glasgow as residents came together to prevent the deportation of refugees.

The Met had tweeted attempting to blame protesters for what developed, but eyewitnesses said the police had initiated violence and video showed police beating a man as he lay on the ground posing no threat:

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  1. Bet SIR starmer us OK with that‼️‼️‼️ Keith sides with any forces AGAINST the defenceless. U will not hear Keith whisper even one word against institutionally CORRUPT and institutionally RACIST police. Keith is OK with that. The tragic puzzle, is some decent people, despite the MOUNTAINS of evidence proving Starmer to be a fraud; some STILL hope for a crumb that is not poisonous.

  2. The police feel untouchable with all the draconian laws that have gone through with more to come.IF youve got a opinion or wish to demonstrate against the status quo then you’re stuffed.All of these methods of control have been normal practice in Ulster for donkeys years and even murder without combacks and now its open season on the working class or anybody who has a sense of humanity and morality which obviously excludes our parasite mps straight away…They have been passing laws to have armed protection from you the great Britain public.done and dusted in less than a week after the murder of the Tory mp.They can get up off their backsides when its for themselves dont you know comrades…!

  3. Nowt new.

    Nowt’ll be done about a big fat (black) copper repeatedly punching a (white) man in the head while he’s on the floor. Just like nowt’d be done if it was the other way around.

    Of course, all his plod mates will report that he used ‘necessary force’ as they do.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the fat bastard’s gone on the sick for the next three years (on full whack) after hurting his knuckles on the lad’s skull…I just wonder how he’d react to a black immigrant he was arresting prior to deportation 🤔

    And you can expect plenty more of this in future under patel or keef….In fact, keef would most likely happily allow the rest of the rats to take time off (on full whack) for ‘mental anguish’ (because they didn’t get to put the boot in)

    And plod wonder why they’re disliked and distrusted…

  4. Condemning these Mugabe inspired policing tactics would send out the wrong ‘optics’ according to ZANU Labour thinking.

    Look at how they turned on fellow New Labour man Khan, over his California trip, and interest in reviewing & possibly liberalising drug laws. It sparked a furious backlash from the PLP and Labour’s HQ. “Labour does not support changing the law on drugs,” a spokesperson said. “Drugs policy is not devolved to mayors and under Labour would continue to be set by national Government.”

    They are worried they’ll look softer than Priti Patel in the Sun and Mail. As if the country is some authoritarian, repressive, surveillance obsessed police state in which freedom has already died. As in all other areas of policy Labour’s right believe outdoing the Tories o repressive authoritarian domestic policy; as they do on free market neoliberalism and hawkish defence policy. They really do believe that ‘ being to the right of the Tories = electoral success.’

  5. Not much interest in the report so I’ll drop in some other news.
    India has banned exports of wheat. It is the second largest supplier of wheat to the world.
    Hungary has banned the export of grains.
    Slovakia has placed severe restrictions on the export of foodstuffs.
    Russian energy company has announced that it will stop supplying electricity to Finland from Saturday because it hasn’t been paid for what it has supplied over the past 2 months.
    Is the world economic system seizing up?
    But, most importantly, will we be able to make enough sandwiches for the parties we’ll be having for HM’s birthday?

  6. There are several trades where the practitioners’ trade union is not allowed to affiliate to the TUC. The police is one of them.

    “Every cloud……”

    The Labour Movement – and every decent human being – is shocked and rightly disgusted by that clip.

  7. Anyone who still considers ever marching or protesting in any way will have plenty to look forward to in the immediate future. I believe we can accurately describe Britain as a Police State; so many similarities with USA & Israel.

  8. That was a tick to give the video. It was horrible. People still think that it is Dixon of Dock Green out there. The onlookers across the road did just that. So many led to disaster by so few. They can see what’s in store for all of us so they dismiss it. If we are still around we will look back with horror. Our incompetent, stoned, driven by lust and gold were little more than salesmen for arms and pharma. Time for socialism. Not dogmatic though.

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