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Labour Muslim Network condemns Starmer’s use of ‘Muslim question’ Collins: ‘beyond divisive’ when Islamophobia ‘rife’ in party

Former Murdoch journalist’s article said Tory bigotry on ‘the Muslim question’ was less important than supposed ‘Labour antisemitism’

The Labour Muslim Network (LMN) has publicly condemned Keir Starmer’s decision to use former Blair speechwriter and Murdoch hack Philip Collins to help write Starmer’s conference speech as ‘beyond divisive’ and a symptom of a party in which Islamophobia is ‘rife’.

Collins wrote a 2019 article in which he dismissed the significance of Tory racism compared to claims of ‘Labour antisemitism’ – claims ultimately discredited even by the findings of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report that the media has treated as a ‘shameful episode’ in the party’s history – under the title ‘Labour’s racism is worse than the Tory kind’:

In that article, Collins wrote of ‘the Muslim question’ – and dismissed Tory racism toward Muslims as merely ‘a small deal’:

the Muslim question will not greatly occupy the thoughts of the average Tory member. Very few of them will have a developed theory about how the madrassas are cultivating a religious cavalry to man the global caliphate. It’s just not a big deal to them. It is a small deal on which some of them hold stereotypically bigoted views.

LMN, which last year published a report on the widespread and entrenched Islamophobia among the Labour right, has resoundingly and publicly condemned Starmer’s decision to draft in such help, describing it as ‘beyond a divisive move’ and a negative message to Muslim members when ‘Islamophobia has been proven as rife’ in the party:

When the LMN published its report last year, both Keir Starmer and his acting general secretary David Evans promised to immediately implement its recommendations in full. The first of those recommendations is headed:

A commitment to equality for Muslims in the fight for anti-racism

Despite this, we now see Keir Starmer leaning on the help of Philip Collins, despite the fact that bigotry against Muslims is far more common – a situation that prevails among the Labour right just as among Tories.

That situation also exists among the general public, according to an ICM Unlimited poll undertaken for Avaaz just as the UK public prepared to go to the polls in the 2019 general election. The poll found that:

Overall, just under half of British adults say that they have a positive view of Jews (47%), while 7% say that they have a negative view. When it comes to Muslims, the British public’s attitudes are more unfavourable. A quarter say that they have a negative view of Muslims (26%), while a third say that they have a positive view (32%).

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  1. Good!!! Starmer is a racist bigot against Muslims, Non Whites, Jewish people who are being expelled at TWO HUNDRED times the rate of Starmer’s other expulsions‼️‼️‼️

    1. I do not agree with Philipp Collins’ views about Corbyn or the conclusions that flow from his questionable opinions but other readers should read the full article, it is far more nuanced than is implied above.

      “Prejudice against Muslims is no more acceptable than prejudice against Jews. There is no hierarchy of racism. The point is that the degree and extent of the problem in the Tory party is, until it is shown otherwise, less than the degree and extent of the problem in the Labour Party. The same is true of the complicity of the leader. In the Tory party, the prejudice is incidental to their world view. In the Labour Party, it more or less is their world view.

      1. The writer of such unmentionables, r the sort which support YOUR SIR starmer. They r deadly dangerous degenerates. Shameless. Contemptible enough to state such untruths. Everyone knows as he does that the Tories are the sources of almost all bigotry + racism. Just look at Starmer & Evans, every day a new act of racism + bigotry especially anti-Semitism. WICKEDLY expelling Jewish people at TWO HUNDRED TIMES the rate of all expulsions. Shameless evil is SIR Starmer☢️🪱☢️🪱☢️🪱

      2. Joseph – I don’t have to rely on the blind belief of others, they can check the facts for themselves.

      3. Very interesting now the simplistic ‘under 5s’ edited version has been exposed. Thank you SteveH. The key question which Labour Muslim Network and similar should be asking in relation to the poll for Avaaz referred to in the Skwawk piece is ‘WHY’ does the population have a more unfavourable opinion of the Muslim population than other groups (in this example, Jews)? Who shall we blame? Murdoch Press, BBC, CIA? Could it be some of the nuttier emanations from the likes of the LMN? The move to identify more and more specialist sectional pressure groups who are forever taking offence at distorted statements and circumstances alienates the electorate and makes success for any left party less likely.

      4. This article appears to conflate religious and racist bigotry. Islam is a religion, practised by Muslims. As I understand it, if your mother is Jewish, you can claim to be Jewish, but you don’t have to practise any religion.

        I can’t see how any argument can be valid if the proponent can’t understand even the basic facts.

    1. His opinions and policies are not his either, Joe, they’re the intellectual property of trilateral billionaires, class enemies and leech-like spivs.

  2. They really do seem determined to drive out everyone.

    Can’t see this panning out well come election time.

    1. Nvla – “They really do SEEM determined to drive out everyone.”

      “seem”? No. ARE “determined to drive out” Socialists: you, me + half million others who joined since 2015.

      They said they would; as they ALWAYS have

    2. I agree NVLA. Muslims/ those of Arab descent have votes and they have the opportunity at every election to show the Labour party what they think of its anti Arab racism by using those votes accordingly – same with our Black, Kashmiri Irish and Socialist members that Starmer has offended and alienated.If they do so we will be wiped out at the next election.

      1. Smartboy I agree, the JLM has provided a template for LMN to follow: come the next General Election all the mullahs have to do at Friday’s prayers is to say don’t vote Labour, abstain for voting as the LP is Islamophobic.

      2. Maria I truly don’t understand why any BAME person including any Muslim would vote for the Labour party which now goes out of its way to show its contempt for them. Now that Starmer has announced he is against Irish unity he can kiss goodbye to the Irish vote. Likewise with the Kashmiri vote. Socialists won’t vote for Labour under Starmer either. Just as importantly they aren’t going to campaign for Labour so how can the party ever reasonably expect to be elected. The answer is we can’t. Starmer knows this as well as I do so it is clear his agenda is to purge the party of Socialists and pro Palestinian activists ( usually but not always the same people) and not to win the next election or even the one after.

    ‘Lumpen Middle Class Writer.
    Writes speech for Lightweight Leader.
    Who some say’s a Lump of Wood.
    Get ready to be bored, bored, bored, bored,
    bored, as you bloody should.
    I’d rather go to the dentist than hear that zzzzzz!’

  4. I wonder if the leader washes his backside using a water jet not toilet paper just like we do here in Cambodia.Personal hygiene is important and the ability to write a speech,but the signs are that starmer is quickly becoming a inanimate object “and wiping is own backside is a thing of the past…!and the same for the speech..IT might be useful to recycle using the bin provided rather than blocking the toilet.

    1. Joseph – I see that having run out of anything sensible to say you have again resorted to your fallback position of childish toilet humour

      1. I served a full indentured Aprenticship as a plumber,I know a little bit about sewers and the deseases spread by Rats and parasites ..IT gave me a road to another way of living and the money to do it.My life with others has been centered on improving the quality of life of ordinary people whilst yours has changed to helping the infiltrators and vermin..that seek to destroy the system of welfare for all the people,and topple all of the benefits that the Labour party gave to the people of the UK and was as my Grandfather taught me was the envy of the world.Steve H Hall centrist Dad you have betrayed your own people and that is something that is unforgivable and one day you will pay for unfortunately many vulnerable people including children will suffer from what you have helped to create.

      2. Joseph – Perhaps you could explain how your plan to perpetuate a Conservative government will improve the lives of the vulnerable people you tell us that you are so concerned about.

      3. Steve H Hall….just look at the morning star covering a united Ireland and the exclusion of the the Labour leader exclusively from consultation because of his imperialism and unionism.That Britain’s nearest and closest neighbour sees the leader of the Labour party and the Labour party by implication as the enemy is a sign of just how dangerous your leader is.Wake up Stevie boy you know that it can’t carry on much longer and the rigged conference is your “Wake”

  5. The survey which found that polled British adults are nearly four times more likely to have a negative view of Muslims than have a negative view of Jews (26% to 7%) just confirms that our MSM and BBC are unchallenged in their bigotries and, horrifically, a near monopoly in misinformation, lies and obfuscation.

    Thank you SW for giving us SKWAWKBOX and challenging their corruption with independent journalism.

  6. The direction the party is going in shocks me daily and actually makes me chuckle. It’s as if Keir was told to destroy the party from within, and to date he’s succeeding. That’s the only plausible explanation as no-one can be unknowingly this useless.

    1. Agreed, it’s almost cartoon villain bad. It has to be deliberate.

      The 10 Pledge backtracking; suspending Corbyn & Ken Loach being expelled, all while a Who’s who of New Labour ghouls: Blair, Mandelson; now Collins, return.

      What next, a shrine to Thatcher to be built in Labour’s HQ using the money saved from the staffer redundancies?

      It’s as though the people currently leading Labour despise everything about the the party and are determined to destroy it from within? There’s no other plausible explanation for them deliberately antagonising and infuriating so many erstwhile supporters.

  7. Starmer really has veered hard right.

    Philip Collins has never even tried to disguise his bitter dislike for Corbyn and the left. You’d have to place him alongside the likes of Telegraph columnist Tom Harris, John McTernan and Dan Hodges – people notionally associated with the left, who are in fact, by any objective measure, firmly on the political right. No speech that Collins is involved with will give an inch to the left.

    This is shaping up to be yet another middle finger salute from Starmer, to all the folks he conned into electing him leader.

    1. Andy, just imagine the behind the scenes meetings to get rid of Corbyn which must have been going on between those wreckers you mentioned. The way they plotted to get rid of him has taught the Left a powerful lesson. Will it be taken on board? I doubt it.

      1. Jack – A lesson that the ‘wonderful’ Karie Murphy obviously failed to learn if the fiasco surrounding the attempt to oust Tom Watson immediately before the 2019 Conference is anything to go by.

      2. SteveH “A lesson that the ‘wonderful’ Karie Murphy obviously failed to learn if the fiasco surrounding the attempt to oust Tom Watson immediately before the 2019 Conference is anything to go by” Her and many others who failed to watch their and Corbyn’s back. Amateurs, not up to the job who were not able to recognise the real enemy!

  8. Quick Inquiry,

    Anyone know if SteveH is being made redundant/sacked by the Labour Party, given his posting here is a full time occupation.

    Further, how many hours a week does the Labour Party expect its stenographer to work, surely these hours must be restricted, or does SteveH command overtime pay, in which case, SteveH must be a millionaire?

    1. Christopher Rogers Hes legged it to the Caribbean bolt hole in the aptly named “windys” to live with the locals after being “Let go” after many years of job centre advisor at the Labour exchange.I presume that the pension and the membership money used to pay grifters like Steve H Hall centrist Dad and other aliases keeps him in alcohol and Tobbaco?… “You cant believe a word he says”

    2. Joseph,

      I wonder if SteveH gets paid by the word, B2B journalism used to pay £1.00 a word, which would mean, if the LP matches business rates of pay, then SteveH is on a fortune, hence the huge number of posts per week.

      Mind you, the LP, may pay overtime, meaning SteveH gets time and a half usually, and double time on the weekend after 12.00pm on a Saturday – if its regular daytime posting before 6.00PM, then he’s just on a regular hourly rate.

    3. christopher – I’ve never had any paid employment of any kind from the Labour party.

    4. Don’t know about that but — Tom Watson did “decide” to resign/stand down before the 2019 GE,

    1. Joseph – As I’ve pointed out to you elsewhere I don’t have to rely on others blindly believing me, they can check the facts for themselves. All you appear to be able to offer is pretend leftie rhetoric and a childish obsession with toilet humour.

  9. Joseph – Perhaps you could explain how your plan to perpetuate a Conservative government will improve the lives of the vulnerable people you tell us that you are so concerned about

    It’s not Joseph who’s got that explanation to make.

    Your keef hasn’t opposed the toerags. He hasn’t divulged any policy that differentiates his party from them neither.

    So that leaves it up to YOU to answer your own question.

  10. Oh I forgot to mention that keef’s bankrupting the party and has haemorrhaged support.

    Whoie Johnson is dislikes, keef’s almost despised (by those who actually know who he is).

    Added to no Ody knowing a single policy because keef thinks its not worth bothering while there’s four years to go before a general election…

    Sacks MPs from positions if they go against a single line whip to ABSTAIN, and waits four days or more to offer ‘backing’ to an MP who calls the government liars because he’s shit scared of irking the establishment he’s desperate to maintain.

    All of it designed to keep the rags in government

    So let’s hear that explanation of yours then, wee boy??

  11. The “Labour” Party isn’t for the likes of most of us these days. It is clearly the case that Starmer’s role and purpose was to destroy the Labour Party in any form recognisable to most of us and to ensure the party now only represents the very narrow world view of a small minority. Effectively, he has hijacked the party and is currently refashioning it in his own image – which is certainly not an image many ex-Labour members and supporters identify with.

  12. You’re not going to explain because you’re a hypocritical lying shithouse.

    So Ill make it easier by handing you a policy we ARE aware of.

    Tell us, genius, how will merely renaming universal credit (instead of scrapping the bastard) bring about a sea change in the neoliberal monetarist politics we have endured for the last forty-odd years or more?

    1. Toffee I think “her indoors” has had to take the bottle off him and get him to bed.Sad really hes only just arrived and hes hit the bottle once again.Maybe signpost can advise on medication 💊although it doesn’t appear to have worked on W F M.?…Mr Hall seems to have been unable to take the redundancy at the Labour exchange too well.I noticed he hasnt posted on bot sentinel for sometime now and its looking like hes bailed out there..Maybe with your experience of dealing with his centrist Dad ranmblings through the dark hours you could advise him just what he can do?

      1. Maybe with your experience of dealing with his centrist Dad ranmblings through the dark hours you could advise him just what he can do?

        I usually DO, Joseph, but I’m trying to rein my bad language in. 😉

      2. Joseph – Projecting your own lifestyle and social issues onto others won’t help you. You need to be brave enough to confront your issues. I’m guessing that booze is cheap where you live but don’t be tempted, dying of liver failure isn’t a pleasant way to go.

      3. Projecting your own lifestyle and social issues onto others won’t help you.

        Wee fella with his usual ‘ I know you are, but what am ?’ style, wrecking-ball repartee…

        God, but you’d bore a bleedin zombie back to its grave.

    2. Labours latest press release speaks of giving an extra £40 a week (roughly) through UC (or whatever it’ll be next).

      The take home quote;

      “Which means more food on the table, new school shoes for the kids or being able to paying that electricity bill”

      or. Or. OR?!?!

      1. Sounds to me NVL that the Labour party are at rock bottom with that sad and sick begging letter straight from the Dickensian period.just think we will be able to have extra hot water to wash our underclass faces…Brilliant twenty first century and we have gone back more than a century with the ambition of the Labour party and its honourable knight of the realm.

      2. In France, if your income is so low that you don’t have to pay income tax, the State automatically pays a substantial sum to your energy supplier on your behalf. It’s possibly a Covid-era innovation but worth noting, nonetheless, in a country whose bureaucracy is still mostly built on the Napoleonic Code, and requires endless, repetitive form-filling.

        Labour could learn from this. The administrative costs of UC are astronomic! An automatic energy supplement would probably pay for itself.

    3. Toffee – I don’t accept the flawed premise of your question about the replacement of UC

      1. I don’t really care what you accept. You won’t accept they’re worse than bleedin’ useless.

        And that’s all that twat reynolds said they’ll do. Rename UC. Great. Not gonna do anybody a blind friggin bit of good is it?

        So WHY should people vote for them?

        You won’t answer that, will ya?

      2. Toffee – There is usually a reason why people don’t provide a direct quote and link to support their ‘assertions’. Prove me wrong if you can

      3. I’m not asserting anything soft ollies.

        You persistently point blank refuse to give people a reason why they should vote for stammerism but call them tories if they won’t.

        That’s NO assertion, it’s a cold, hard fact.

        Voting stammerism won’t rid us of conservatism. Far from it.

        If you think it will, you’d best explain just how it will.

        Or forever shut your cave until such time as you do.

      4. Toffee = Really?

        Where is your direct quote and link that confirms your ridiculous ‘assertion
        “And that’s all that twat reynolds said they’ll do. Rename UC. Great. Not gonna do anybody a blind friggin bit of good is it?

      5. Yeah. Ok soft ollies

        Risibly, the Labour front-bencher also said that he planned to rename Universal Credit, to remove the ‘stigma’ – but his party leader campaigned for election to the leadership last year on a firm promise to abolish Universal Credit entirely, along with the ‘cruel sanction regime’ of the Tory government

        Therefore I’ll ask YOU … What good will renaming UC do, genius?

        But you won’t answer….again. because you’re a shithouse.

        So fuck you. and fuck your assertions.

  13. “The Muslim question”? – An echo of “The Jewish question” which was being posed in central Europe a little less than a century ago.
    People who promote such a “question” know what they are doing, and it is evil.

    1. Well said. This should be the focus of analysis and discussion here (not making provocative or vacuous comments, or trading insults).

    2. Exactly goldbach….but unfortunately some folk come on here and try to divert the attention to somewhere/something else.

      Polishing the Turd is what I call it.

  14. What else does one expect from a Zionist apologist? One has to think on what type of voter/supporter Starmerfuhrer wants support from in a dying socialist political party.

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