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E Mids Labour’s official page still full of Corbyn and McDonnell – and locked out of local party Twitter

Labour right doesn’t even have competence in its favour

The Labour right’s claim of competence has again been exposed as a fraud by the East Midlands Labour website, which is still full of former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. The region, considered one of the hotbeds of the Labour hard right in terms of party structures, has not updated its ‘about’ page in the more than two years since Keir Starmer took over:

The East Midlands Labour page today

Most of the images of the region’s main landing page are also from the Corbyn era, showing people holding the ‘For the Many’ placards that the party used when Labour still stood for something meaningful. Apparently there’s nothing attended by enough people under Keir Starmer to be viable to use as a home-page picture.

Meanwhile, the party is still locked out of one of the regions constituency party (CLP) Twitter accounts. To the undoubted frustration of the Labour right, the Mansfield Labour feed hasn’t been updated in years and still prominently features not just Corbyn, but Chris Williamson – another of the people the right loves to hate:

The right’s incompetence and bankruptcy has been on show in more concrete ways, too. According to locals, the right-dominated party machine cossetted then-Labour Ashfield councillor Lee Anderson until he was finally suspended after a racism storm – and legally sanctioned – for dumping boulders to prevent Gypsy Travellers from using a campsite. Anderson, who worked as office manager for Labour-right MP (at the time) Gloria de Piero, then defected to the Tories and now sits as the Tory MP for the area.

Anderson has since been reprimanded by the Tories for an ‘extremist’ ‘hate speech’ rant about Travellers and has said he refused to watch England football matches because he didn’t like players ‘taking a knee’ against racism and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Anderson also had to undertake antisemitism training after signing a letter that used an antisemitic smear, yet was nonetheless recently part of a ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ trip to Jerusalem.

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  1. Does The Neo-Labour Party TORIES have a shred of awareness of their shithole of a TORY Party!? Blobby and BlueKeef will soon have legal action and expulsions against all Labour Councillors and MPs! Probably those who left two years, and more, because they have no idea who is in and who is out, another factual figure we will never see, Labour’s member numbers, probably about 10K! That happens in a Culture of Fear, it never works and there will always be many kicking against it!

    1. The results from this years NEC elections will give us an accurate update on the number of members.

      1. The Parasite TORY dominated NEC? Nah, doubt that very much! According to the liars there will most likely be 600K to 1M members, it’s got to beat Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, in reality 5K to 10K, but we will never know! Just as we will never know the real numbers of GE2019!

  2. Praise for Starmer from Kinnock.

    But no great surprise. One of the reasons I did not vote for Starmer is because I had seen this before with Kinnock.

    1. The same Neil Kinnock who boasted, “we’ve got our party back!” when leftish Ed Miliband beat his Blairite brother?

      Starmer is to the right of Blair so clearly expecting any consistency from these people must be too much to hope for.

      It’s a wonder Starmer hasn’t used a Sun newspaper column to denounce Johnson’s mendacity. Yep, the same rag Starmer promised the Liverpool leadership hustings audience he wouldn’t touch with a bargepole if he became leader.

      1. Andy – You are mistaken, Keir didn’t say what you claim. What he actually said was
        “I certainly won’t be giving any interviews to The Sun during this campaign.”

      2. Steve H “I certainly won’t be giving any interveiws for the sun in this campaign.?…True or false it looks like Starmer fully realises that the scum are toilet paper for illiterate torys.So what does that say about a parasite that has no problem fishing for supporters amongst the racist \fascist half wits that flock to the scum or the other numpty twit that support your knightship cap in hand.on here.

      3. The impression his strident remarks left, was that the Sun wouldn’t be entertained full stop.

        The man is an actor. Who’ll play any part depending on the needs of the audience.

        The real Starmer is a right-wing Tory – an establishment plant ‘put in’ to steer the Labour party away from leftism.

      4. Andy – That’s the problem with impressions, they are influenced by our own prejudices and are seldom accurate.
        I find it far safer to analyse what was actually said.

      5. Analyse, indeed. But don’t accept if you think that a form of words has been deliberately crafted to mislead, which this clearly was.

    2. SteveH

      You’re Starmer’s resident apologist here, excusing his outrageous antics.

      Don’t you think playing semantics with precisely what was meant at the time, and reinterpreting sentences looks shifty?

      Remember Starmer squirming with Andrew Marr over the precise meaning of ‘common ownership’ in his Pledge 5:

      ‘Public services should be in public hands, not making profits for shareholders. Support common ownership of rail, mail, energy and water; end outsourcing in our NHS, local government and justice system.’

      And then there’s his outright U-turns on introducing a “Prevention of Military Intervention Act” and abolishing the House of Lords. To illustrate but two of many fibs.

      1. “I won’t be speaking to that nasty guy who said such horrible things about the Liverpool supporters just after the Hillsborough disaster whilst I’m campaigning to become leader of the Labour Party, but I’ll speak to him at some point afterwards because by then I won’t care if he’s the nasty person who was spreading such malevolent falsehoods about the Liverpool supporters.”

        Needless to say. if someone feels animosity towards another person because of what they said, and feels that animosity towards them some thirty years after they said it, they would still hold that feeling a year or so later. The reality is of course that Starmer DIDN’T hold such feelings towards the Sun, and he couldn’t give a flying fuck about what they did, and how they smeared the Liverpool supporters in the worst possible ways they could think of..


      2. PS Starmer is on EXACTLY the same page as the fascists who concocted the smears!

    3. Starmer is like a ‘shifty lawyer’ quibbling over the meaning of words that were expressed and freely and clearly.

      Like a dodgy insurance rep arguing that you aren’t actually covered because of fine print buried in section 37B , specifically Subsections (4) and (5) subject to the following two subsections (7).

      His whole leadership is an infuriating, frustrating masquerade.

      1. Andy – Oh come on, surely you’ve been messing around on the fringe of politics long enough to appreciate that words have meaning and the words that politicians carefully select and use are chosen for a reason. In this respect Jeremy was no different.

      2. The difference is of course that Jeremy is the real deal and genuine and principled, whereas Starmer is the polar opposite – ie a fake and a phony – but generally speaking only left-wingers are aware that he is.

  3. Its looking like even our fascist labour party in the midlands are uninterested and bored with this labour party….and the old pictures reflect a party in the dumps and not a clue what to do now the cream of the activists and members have disgust.

    1. Speaking out at any level means being expelled. And for those that do remain in CLPs it’s a case of…

      Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way…

      The 5th May needs to be a reality check day for this party and the vile Starmers, Reeves; Streetings and Debbonaire. At the moment it’s a party that exists merely to serve an isolated bunch of ivory tower, self serving centrist MPs, who’ve hijacked the party. And provide the facade of democracy in the UK. Many Tory MPs would be quite happily to support Starmer and vice versa.

      This situation needs to be shattered. The lack of any meaningful political choice has to end. A bad enough result in May can undermine Starmer.

  4. For leftwingers trying to find ‘positives’ in Starmer’s Labour is akin to sifting through human faeces trying to to pick out undigested corn kernels.

  5. Why was I not allowed to vote against Starmer as leader !
    The Liar Torturer MI5 agent and Apartheidist lowlife…
    A 100,000 curses on these diseased minds who tyrannise us all .
    Sellotape has sticky ends … I hope these characters meet their sellotape.

  6. Apparently there’s nothing attended by enough people under Keir Starmer to be viable to use as a home-page picture.

    As I’ve said….Keefs’ lower than whaleshite, and that sinks to the bottom of the ocean .

    You just can’t get any lower 👍

    1. If the fact that one particular ex-member in the NE is getting more and more emails urging him to “join us canvassing” is anything to go by, I suspect that there are few boots on the ground. My guess is that there will be a very low turnout in May, at least in this neck of the woods. Two weeks to go until the great exercise in “democratic choice”.

  7. Len McCluskey has said in an interview by Aaron Bastani, that “there is something sinister happening in the Labour party”. I wonder if he realises how sinister?

    Grassroots Labour have been investigating the backgrounds of the new regional directors and so far, the connections are indeed very sinister. The latest revelations led to Labour having the YouTube videos taken down, on the grounds of harrassment. All the information is available from public sources, but pulled together to build up the picture of how this leadership are shaping the party.

    What the series Behind Labour are exposing is that the leadership are building a structure that will further undermine any ability communities have to influence local decisions that directly affect their lives. Many of the new regional directors are lobbyists or have vested interests. Add to this that Labour are rigging councillor candidate selections and imposing their favoured, right wing candidates, there is huge potential for conflict of interests. Labour party lobbyists and their place men and women as elected officials, may not be predesposed to represent the wishes of local communities over the lobbyists. This will further undermine local democracy.

    1. Nemtona
      Which would make it more realistic to forget the pox ridden Labour party and start with a fresh sheet
      Let’s hope lessons have been learnt, you can never have to much democracy or transparency, in future we need to be able to sack the fuckers on the spot when we catch them at it

    1. IF any genuine member of the labour party read the “reader app” thankfully posted by Nemtona “here then you wouldn’t touch the labour party with A barge pole.IT describes a party overun with American spooks,Israeli government and extreme right wing power players.and funded from abroad.ITs time the British government stepped in to sort out the labour party for the sake of democracy.and freedom although I suspect that the whole of parliament are fully signed up anyway.

    2. Thanks for the threadreaderapp article Nemtona. The scope and depth of these people’s influence persuades me that the ‘Labour party’ brand could never recover.

      1. In my experience the apoliticals and neutrals don’t like Starmer much at all.

        Certainly not enough to go out and vote. He could hardly be described as charismatic. They instinctively find something distrustful and shifty about him. Like a man living a lie, which he is, because he’s a Tory.

        Labour’s iffy postal vote practices, creating votes that wouldn’t have existed, may save the day yet however. Because people making the effort to vote in person in a non-starter with this miserable party and leadership.

      2. ““Keir Starmer’s popularity has been relatively constant….. currently sitting at -22, making him the least unpopular senior politician – a spot that was held by Rishi Sunak until very recently.”

        If true, SteveH, it doesn’t proclaim any Starmer virtue, or ineed anything about Sir Keir – just that the MSM is still powerful in shaping people’s perceptions and value judgements. Encouragingly though, Labour antisemitism, pandemic and now the Ukraine situation are making more than the usual suspects’ realise on the nature of the synchronised-MSM. – and that is isn’t there to ‘report’, but there to manage.

      3. qwertboi – What the polls do show is that Labour has now been consistently in the lead for several months, something Corbyn never managed.

    1. I’m surprised it took 10 months for his ‘Unfavourable’ numbers to signigicantly exceed his favourable….

    1. baz2001 – The Wikipedia page that I linked to factually reports the polling results from most of the polling organisation and it is both open and transparent. This Wikipedia page provides links to all the original source material whilst other sites like Stats for Lefties give averages but are less than transparent because they neglect to tell us which polls are included in their average.
      What is your issue with this Wikipedia page?

  8. Anderson also had to undertake antisemitism training after signing a letter that used an antisemitic smear, yet was nonetheless recently part of a ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ trip to Jerusalem.

    Hmmmm 🤔

    I’m sure he was made most welcome 😙🎶

  9. My father’s family were gypsies & my father’s father fought for the world heavy weight bare knuckle boxing championship, he was known as ‘Knocker Richards’. I have a close affinity with the Irish travelling community. My son’s mother is black, but he will not, like his dad, have anything to do with bending the knee or support Black Lives Matter, there are many far better ways to virtue signal than follow a bunch of highly paid overseas footballers or a pundit who is paid over 3 million pounds a year by the BBC to talk about elite football.
    I have been called a ‘racist’ because I criticise a popular meaningless ritual & a ‘pikey’ because I speak on behalf of travellers & gypsies at every available opportunity. I was recently attacked in the street for voicing an opinion that does not coincide with popular dominant ideologies because the ‘gypsies’ were in town & I because I wear an ear ring & my hair is long. I am often called a racist by Neo-liberal bourgeois idiots because I voted Brexit. Not everything is clear cut nor black & white.

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