Labour to remove whip from councillor for voting AGAINST cuts to help for poorest

Former Tory knows more about defending poor people than ‘Labour’

Croydon’s Labour councillors will vote next Friday on whether to kick Cllr Andrew Pelling out of the council’s Labour group – for voting against cuts to council tax benefit, a support only available to the poorest residents.

Pelling posted the news on his Facebook feed:

Even more shameful is that Pelling is a former Tory – who apparently know more than his current ‘colleagues’ about standing up for the millions of poor and vulnerable people in this country.

Croydon is, of course, a stronghold of the Labour right and home to both Keir Starmer’s general secretary David Evans and MP Steve ‘Corbyn was soft on criminals’ bollocks Reed.

The news comes at the end of another scandalous week for the Labour party – and not just at the top – with Sefton MP Bill Esterson and the party’s South Yorkshire mayoral candidate both crossing a UCU picket line to attend a University management bash.

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    1. Dreadfull to see how easily and quickly Starmer & co have been able to do so much of what they said they planned. They r hoping ENOUGH people will remain TRIBAL with deaf loyalty to any wolf using a red rosette.
      ⛔️ ⚠️🚫⛔️ ⚠️🚫⛔️ ⚠️🚫

      1. This very minute Starmer’s Streeting just repeated FULL backing to Rayner’s “SHOOT TO KILL and ask questions later”☢️ It took a former employee of Theresa May, like many other rightwing leaning devotees, to point out the murder of innocent Jean Charles de Menezes unlike ANY of Keith’s cabal. But Streeting could not care less. He doubled down insisting that Rayner’s rash words are right. He said it shows “Labour” is better under Starmer☢️ As if that was not bad enough, he then flag-waved for “NATO” warmongering towards Russia.
        The nature of Starmer’s gang is there for ALL to see🔴🔴🔴

      2. Watching Kamala Harris threaten severe financial sanctions on those who aid and abet the Russians
        That’s us fucked then

      3. Yes Doug, i heard Harris spouting typical parasitic tosh in the USA. V v v interesting the striking similarities with our dreadful UK Establishment. Parasites have gorged on tbe Democratic party just as they’ve been allowed to do on tbe once great Labour party. My sis aptly dubs Democrats, Demoncrats.

        But here’s a free heads up 4 Harris, and the daddy of Biden Jnr who was paid MONTHLY by Ukrainian operatives.

        Harris sanction the Biden’s and sanction the BLUE TORIES. They are awash … SOAKED in Russian Oligarch kleptocratic money. While u r at it, investigate PETER MANDELSON who famously with Nathaniel Rothschild, hosted George Osborne on OLEG DERIPASKA’s yacht in Corfu while Osborne was Shadow BLUE TORY CHANCELLOR.

        SteveH’s “Mandy” was then EUROPEAN UNION TRADE COMMISSIONER when aluminium tariffs were reduced to 3% which happened to enrich further a company called RUSAL.

        Who owned RusAl❔❔❔

        Ah‼️‼️‼️ Peter Mandelson’s freind Oleg Deripaska.

        Those blinded by RED ROSETTE WAVERS should ask at least two questions and FOCUS on what they find:

        1️⃣• Who said on October 26th 2008 “whole country” wanted “transparency” about Mandelson’s previous meetings with Deripaska. ???

        2️⃣• “Mandelson’s dealings with Deripaska had been “found to be above board”. ???

        3️⃣• WHO on in October 2008, while on a ministerial visit to Moscow,[114] it was alleged in the British press that Valery Pechenkin, the head of security at Deripaska’s company Basic Element, organised a swift entry visa for Mandelson when he came to Moscow to visit Deripaska in 2005.

      4. “There is a petition, the link is self-explanatory.”

        Thank you Stevieh. Feels strange getting agreeable advice from you. Is this a disorientation tactic from you?

      5. I think steveies becoming increasingly disillusioned with the leadership of the Labour party and the shadowy cabinet made up of misfits and degenerates.ITs looking grim with the right wing starting to consume itself as shown in this article….
        Such a narrow crowded stage with Tory against Tory and fascists against Tory..Remember Steve H you’ve voted for this meltdown.and no doubt overpayed with membership money for your propaganda.and porkys.Ps
        “A faithful man will abound with blessings,….but he who hastened to be rich shall not go unpunished” proverbs 28\20…..God save your queen ‘?

  1. Thanks for putting this story through a SKWAWKBOX PRISM, SW.

    Until you did so, even many good, well intentioned labourist would not see the issue and the morality behind it as clearly as you presents them.

    1 – Labour values are about protecting and helping the economically and socially vulnerable – not increasing council efficiency, revenue and expenditure.

    2 – When a Labour councillor claims to ‘increase’ the revenue of a council by reducing essential expenditure by it, two things happen

    – first, the people who need labour to be protecting them are defenceless and alone;
    – second, all that is happening is ‘clever’ (i.e. deceptive) accountancy, contorted book-keeping and nothing else.

    This ‘clever accountancy’ makes protecting the financial and material needs of vulnerable citizens impossible.

    G*d Damn Sir Sneer Rodney Starmer and the right wing Hayak-ian economics that he is charged by the Trilateral Commission and WEF to promote.

    1. qwertboi – “G*d Damn Sir Sneer Rodney Starmer and the right wing”. i second that✅✅✅

      meanwhile Charles Cash 4 Gongs & upgraded gongs (allegedly) & MISTRESS… his words … Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles and Self declared “HONOURABLE FREIND” of CONVICTED cross continental child trafficking + sex abuse 1% Jeffrey Epstein, Airmiles Andrew who has been making DAILY secret visits to his mummy in the run up to her finding TWO MILLION + another TEN million to keep her son Epstein’s freind, out of court, may ALL have given Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Mountbatten aka The Queen, Covid-19.

      ¿Charles getting things done? Heartless Charles? Careless Charles?? Ruthless mistress ? ? ?

      btw Charles said he wants to be Mrs Parker-Bowles’ tampon. No wonder that family dont want the light let in. Establishment enforced secrecy eg SEALED WILLS for NINTY YEARS, and no inquests as for most of “The Many” re deaths like Diana’s or Dr David Kelly.

      The Establishment is ROTTEN. Perverse. CORRUPT

  2. But, but, but….We MUST vote for them because they’re NOT tories, we’re constantly told

    Oh, and there IS a petition to reinstate the councillor**

    Well, yippee-i-bastard-yay. But still not a dicky-bird about the people who’ll be affected by such shithouse treachery from so-called labour.. Yet another kick in the stones for the poorest, even though they’re already on the floor, having shed pints of blood.

    No, they must be bled white AND they must submit to worse than toerag idealogy, or they’ll get exactly what they deserve, eh?

    **Will that count as a ‘win’, wee gobshite?

    1. Toffee – I don’t know enough about this individual case to comment on it. It is however worth bearing in mind that Local Authorities have a legal obligation to set a balanced budget. The enemy isn’t the cash strapped Labour council who have had their budgets cut year after year, the enemy is the Conservative government that has imposed these savage cuts.

      1. The fat joe anderson, hand-wringing, cop-out excuses are strong in this one…

        In that case you can – and should – furnish us with the reason keef whipped his lickspittles to (yet again) ABSTAIN; this time on the welfare vote about a fortnight ago.

        But you won’t. Because you’re slime.

      2. Toffee – If you can’t see that for yourself then you are even more politically naive than I thought you were.

      3. Well?

        What’s the excuse for not only ABSTAINING on the welfare cuts a fortnight ago, but voting AGAINST council tax rebate cuts in Croydon?

        Why should me, and people like me vote labour because of this? WHAT are they gonna do for the likes of me?

        Not that you give a shite about us. Plebs like me who dare to ask for anything, but refuse to tug our forelocks, deserve a life of serfdom, don’t we?

      4. PS.

        It’s satisfying to see you know exactly who I’m referring to when I use the term ‘wee gobshite’.

        You think people like me should know our place. But at least we now have proof people like you know your name.

        And if the underclass are calling you wee gobshite, I can only imagine what sort of derogatory term you answer to, to your upper-class overlords.

      5. Toffee – Local Authorities have a legal obligation to set a balanced budget. The enemy isn’t the cash strapped Labour council who have had their budgets cut year after year, the enemy is the Conservative government that has imposed these savage cuts. The same Conservative government that you are fighting to get elected.

      6. Not only have you NOT given an answer – AGAIN – you’ve cut & pasted your original drivel.

        What an irredeemably subvirate shithouse you truly are. Not even a word of concern for those who will be affected; only ‘It’s not keef’s fault’.

        But keef doesn’t even make a pretence that he’s against these cuts. As long as it’s not taxing his paymasters.

      7. Local authorities also have a legal obligation to provide mandatory support to those people in desperate situations.

        Thing is, stevieh, I remember being shocked when the 2010 Bullingdon Government (Cameron, Osborne and their LibDem enablers) presented the ‘balanced budget’ arguement as a reason to curtail benefits and social spending.

        Now Keir Starmer is making it Labour Party orthodoxy, his USP.

        Every day the Starmer charlatan remains ‘leader’ of Labour, a new spontaneously-formed left wing party looks more certain and unavoidable. Bring it on!

      8. qwertboi – Oh please don’t be so childish. The party’s leadership is simply insisting that Labour LAs produce balanced budgets because it would be illegal not to and would leave the councillors personally liable. Yes of course they have legal responsibilities for care which they have to fulfil but there is a pecking order to those obligations hence the robbing of Peter to pay Paul.

        I am surprised that you aren’t aware that Jeremy Corbyn and his team did the same thing when they were in office, or did you manufacture some faux outrage back then as well.

        Jeremy Corbyn wrote to all Labour council leaders calling on them to resist calls to set illegal no cuts budgets.
        In the letter which was co-signed by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Local Government Secretary Jon Trickett, Jeremy points out that failure to set balanced budgets could see “Tory minister deciding council spending priorities”, and warns that “their priorities would certainly not meet the needs of the communities that elected us”.

        The evidence is here for all to see

      9. The same Conservative government that you are fighting to get elected.

        And you refuse to tell me HOW I’d be any better off under your shower of stinking shite…Who, when they’re not ABSTAINING are voting AGAINST amelioratory measures for the protection of the poorest.

        That’s when cuboid-head isn’t sneering and sniggering at low-paid workers taking industrial action to try and improve their lot…

        So…? Let’s hear it? .

      10. Toffee – It’s not my problem that you’re incapable of working that one out for yourself. Ask a trusted friend to explain it to you.

      11. Toffee – I don’t know enough about this individual case to comment on it.

        just like the DWP won’t comment on individual deaths that have been directly attributable to them by coroner’s courts.

        And just like them saying there’s no causal link…you think keef can have a free pass by allowing his cowardly abstentions to pass unquestioned, and try to tell others they shouldn’t complain else they’re tory.

        You’re a fucking certifiable degenerate..

        I sincerely hope those young goats you ‘amuse yourself’ with grow up to butt you into mincemeat.

      12. Toffee – Why would I want to embarrass myself by following your example.

      13. Steve H All councillors have to make a moral decission and obligation to work for the people who elected them.IN times of severe hardship for the working-class its not the job of a working-class councillor to punish the vulnerable people on behalf of the conservative government.We are there to represent our people not punish them which makes us little better than collaborators much like the French Vichy government who collaberated with Nazis against their own people…Stop trying to off load the blame on the Tory government when you fascists Steve H Hall havnt the cajones to do the morally correct and support the sick,the vulnerable and the elderly you bloody cowards.and collaborators.

      14. Joseph – If that’s what you think then you really are a tosser. WTF would that achieve.

      15. STeveH

        But your claim of accountability is refuted by same Councillor
        who defends his objection to the cuts in that making people
        homeless will cost MORE.

        Yes of course the Tory Govt bears responsibility – but the Council
        has chosen the wrong people to bear the brunt.

      16. HFM – Maybe they don’t have a choice. If a council doesn’t set a balanced budget as per the 1992 Local Government Act then an order will be issued under section114 of the Local Government Act 1988 to order the council to create a balanced budget and if this isn’t complied with then the process will progress until Commissioners are appointed by the government to run the council. It isn’t long since Croydon Council nearly went bust and they have been subject to a 114 notice for a while which more or less banned anything but ‘essential’ spending. A bailout deal was agreed on the proviso they sort out their spending, so apart from the normal obligation that every council Croydon has an additional obligation to balance its books.
        I am just guessing, but maybe his fellow Labour councillors were so pissed off with him because he was putting their £120,000,000 bailout deal with the government at risk.

  3. Dear Skwawky, Bill Esterton is my MP & UCU is my Union. Please provide more details ref. crossing picket line @ University bash. Ta very much, in solidarity.

  4. ‘Temporary housing’ is a big money spinner for its private owners. Vast sums of money are being spent by councils on ‘temporary housing’ now. Shelter is reporting that, “New figures show that councils in England spent £1.45 billion on the provision of temporary accommodation between April 2020 and March 2021.”

    The majority of this money goes straight into the pockets of for-profit private providers. More than a third of this money is forked out by councils for emergency homeless B&Bs, while almost a fifth goes on the very expensive nightly charged private accommodation. In London especially, the shift to the use of nightly rate accommodation has resulted in an increase in costs.

    Shelter’s report states, “Insecure, unsuitable, unregulated and expensive temporary accommodation is rapidly becoming the ‘new social housing’ – where the state accommodates those who are homeless because they can’t compete in the rental market. It’s also far from ‘temporary’ – with some families living in it for over a decade.”

  5. Toffee – I’m surprised you didn’t know that Jeremy passed down the same edict.

    And nobody’s surprised to know that Jeremy gave a manifesto and amongst those policies were that the utilities mail and rail would be renationalised, corporates would pay their (long over)dues and the poor would be helped….As well as voting AGAINST welfare cuts and many other toerag austerity policies.

    Keefs’ done the exact opposite. And you’ll always be an utterly useless, self-absorbed, pro-establishment, more-of-the-same cunt, just like your idol.

    Die screaming.

  6. THAT should have read:

    3️⃣• WHO in October 2008 or 2005, while visiting Deripraska Moscow on a MINISTERIAL trip, allegedly had a SWIFT visa arranged for him by Valery Pechenkin, the head of security at Deripaska’s company Basic Element. ???

  7. As every New New Labourite knows, to quote Arthur Young, “if the lower classes are not kept poor, they will never be industrious”.

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