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Labour slammed for leaflet designed to terrify people struggling financially

‘Final demand’ letter appallingly conceived: “Clearly whoever designed this has never lived in fear of an envelope like this landing on their doorstep’

The Labour party has been slammed for distributing leaflets designed to strike terror into the hearts of the millions of UK people struggling financially.

The brown envelopes containing the leaflets are designed to look like ‘final demand’ letters from a creditor – a situation that would terrify many who are barely keeping their nose above water – even bearing the phrase ‘final demand’ in the biggest and boldest font.

Residents in Hartlepool, one of the places where the leaflet has been delivered through letterboxes – including by Keir Starmer’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jon Ashworth, seen above, and one of the towns hit hardest by poverty and child poverty under the UK’s broken system – have been appalled at leaflets designed for shock value but without even a shred of empathy for those it targets.

One told Skwawkbox:

This is being done for shock value, but clearly whoever designed this has never lived in fear of an envelope like this landing on their doorstep.

Another said:

Seeing something like this on your doormat when you walk in, the first words that will hit you are ‘final demand’. It’s enough to give someone a heart attack if they’re already drowning in debt, it’s appallingly callous.

The leaflets are still being sold to local party groups on Labour’s website:

The ‘final demand’ is just the latest in Starmer’s sorry history with tone-deaf and even outright racist leaflets. At the same time as he was destroying Labour’s popularity in Hartlepool, Labour was also handing out horrific anti-Gypsy leaflets in local election campaigns.

Labour’s contempt for Hartlepool was clear last year when Starmer’s machine rigged the selection for the town’s parliamentary by-election to hand the candidacy to a right-winger with a record of misogyny, who they admitted didn’t even know the area.

The party was punished for that arrogance and contempt when Hartlepool voters installed a Tory MP for the first time in the constituency’s history – one of a string of disastrous results for Starmer’s lack of vision and substance – but Starmer and his allies have clearly learned nothing from that result and is now showing contempt for the poor and struggling across the country and not just in Hartlepool.

And Starmer has so far failed to come up with any policies to help those struggling under the latest crisis beyond a one-off financial contribution and a tiny cut in costs by reducing fuel VAT – and he has repeatedly opposed renationalising the energy companies that are gouging the population, despite promising to do so during his leadership election campaign.

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  1. And if people have been bounced into getting jabbed by the Labour Party under the guise of “saving them” from a flu-like illness, myocarditis or a sudden cardiac arrest could certainly finish them off. It smacks of blatant, class-based #eugenics to me.

    1. You are spot on again…paul and we know and have warned of the misery to come with fear being the motivating factor against a working class that will be told not asked to shoulder the blame for the reset.Now if the labour party had warned with enclosed advice of independent debt managment the few good ones that look upon the banks,landlords and credit card companies as parasites much like I look upon the labour party as then I could forgive them.The most important debt in this modern world is a roof over your head and keeping the Credit card companies last on the list of owings.,but the advice of a good debt managent company(not a con outfit)his vital in this coming finincial meltdown.Dont ignore debt and allow them to get a court order by running away
      IN my business life and working abroad I have met all sorts of charities and NGOs who can help not just here in Cambodia were microfinance is as good as carpetbagging and stealing land and property from people who have very little but ownership of land like in Ireland was sacred to the people who suffered and saw it stolen from them in years past.The British people are in for a rocky road and a dangerous road and warning without any advice just for a vote is nearly as cruel who trap the working class in a spiraling debt trap.
      Labour party could have beenI at the front helping and organising against the establishment using the activists and its vast networks across Britain to help the working class and the vulnerable and elderly but will they???Very doubtful as they are the problem not the solution.regards comrades in the struggle against oppression.!

    2. ‘Norman’ Gates has released his new book on the next killer virus and the urgency of taking the next carcinogenic, brain scrambling jab, all endorsed by WHO! We’re FUCKED!
      I wonder if we will EVER see true figures, where are all the investigative journalists!? Oh, yeah, I remember, shoved into obscurity or Belmarsh for shipment to the USA! What a “Great” Species of Ape!

      1. Well said nellykskelly. The incarceration of Julian Assange (and the constraint of a good few others) isn’t just an accident. It’s happening for a reason and the reason is global capitalism’s New World Order – i.e. the continuation of the powers that be (PTB and their economic system.

        Neoliberal capitalism’s professes to love ‘free markets’ but has to rig them. It proclaims that a ‘free and vibrant press’ is essential but only when it supports or promotes the current Establishment Narrative, whether that be covid, Ukraine, 9/11 or that Lee Harvey Oswald killed a former American President).

        People have to learn to distrust EVERY SINGLE organ of the oligarchs – and today (40 years after the Reagan/Thatcher double act) that includes the synchronised-MSM, the BBC, the NHS and the Starmer-led Labour party.

      2. Thank You, QwertBoi, it is a global phenomenon. Everything is simple when you have a basic plan and basic instructions. Something The PEOPLE will do well to learn.
        One day sooner than later!

  2. Interesting – Could the Labour Party be held responsible if someone already on the edge commits suicide.
    It’s not un unlikely scenario – I knew one person, struggling financially, who did just that when told they HAD to go to a job interview they couldn’t afford to travel to or lose their entire income as a sanction.

  3. Keir Starmer is a multi millionaire and Jon Ashworth ( along with wife Emilie Oldknow) is not far behind him. Most of the shadow cabinet /front bench are millionaires or at the very least extremely wealthy and even those from humble beginnings seem to have forgotten their roots.
    I am Ok financially now but wasn’t always. For years, long after I got my head above water, I used to be gripped with panic every time I received statements or letters from the bank. I can fully identify therefore with the feelings of people struggling to make ends meet when they receive this crass election communication from Starmers Labour.
    The people who designed this appalling leaflet are happy to show their contempt for traditional Labour values and neither see nor care about how offensive it is for them to exploit the fears of those living in poverty and trying to get by -trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table – in order to get their votes.
    I hope the people of Hartlepool and working class communities throughout the country bear this in mind at the ballot box and give Starmers Labour the message loud and clear – if you don’t support us don’t expect us to support you.

  4. Let’s hope that “The Undeserving Poor” remember ALL their moments of callousness! We have only one option and that is to vote for, this Neo-Labour Party TORIES’, strongest opposition, try and vote Democratic Socialist wherever you have one, but if there are none just vote for Neo-Labour TORIES’ strongest opposition. The Neo-Labour Party TORIES are by a long shot the worst of the pair of TORY Parties, there was a choice like GE2017 and GE2019. If people vote for any Democratic Socialists/vote Neo-Labour Party TORIES out, we will stand a chance of having some voices FOR The PEOPLE in Parliament, rather than NONE! This is a Battle between Thatcherite Neoliberalism and Democratic Socialism! Forget about “Labour”, it is dead, the Parasite TORY Party within, the Neo-Labour Party TORIES killed it!

  5. Genuinely astonished by this story. How tone deaf must the campaign managers be? Thanks Skwawkbox for bringing it to our attention.

  6. The smarmerite labour party…Now getting their ideas from Tv licensing (crapita) and their ‘threat-o-grams’..

    Bellends, the whole bleedin’ lot of ’em.

  7. I wouldn’t even wipe my ‘arris with ANY smarmerite literature, nevermind this latest piss-poor, brain-dead attempt.

  8. A friend of mine (a good socialist) is standing to defend his/her seat on local council.
    I’m working for his/her re-election.
    Already said ……. If the election literature even mentions Starmer, then he/she can stick it well-up.

  9. Yes, but Labour’s support for nuclear weapons and NATO will have the voters flocking back in their droves!

  10. They’re actually selling them? What type of feckin’ idiots are buying them ffs? Can I have their details?

    I’ve got an owld typewriter here once belonged to Geoffrey Chaucer – I’ve got the receipt, to prove it, too! No VAT on that, neither.

    Jesus Wept. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  11. What on earth was contained in this execrable envelope?

    I’m afraid no *decent* comms or graphic design person/company wishes to work for Labour. The output is substandard. Who on earth signs this stuff off?

  12. If they have put final demand on the envelope then they have broken the law
    Its not allowed under Consumer Credit Act

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