Labour expels Liverpool legend Gibbons ahead of formation of new independent council group

Labour have expelled Liverpool left-wing councillor Alan Gibbons, the leading Liverpool anti-racism campaigner who voted against the right-wing regime’s cuts budget earlier this year.

The party is claiming the expulsion is part of its anti-justice retrospective campaign of expulsions for old support of now-banned left-wing groups, but Gibbons has described it as ‘suspicious’ timing when suspended and expelled councillors in the city are set to join forces this week with colleagues who have resigned in disgust at the leadership’s embrace of hard right policies, to form a new independent group on the city’s council. The new grouping would stand within a whisker of forming the official opposition on Liverpool’s Council.

Gibbons is a Liverpool Labour legend who has rallied the left to kick out the extreme right from the city and who dealt with his grief over his son’s tragic death by campaigning even harder for a Corbyn government and for the real change the UK so desperately needs.

Councillors from the new group are scheduled to appear on Socialist Telly on Tuesday night at 8pm.

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    1. Why do you ask that question as if you’re already sure that he won’t? Is there ANY point at which you’d admit that Keir has gone too brutally far on all this? Do you even HAVE a “this far and no further”, in terms of how much antidemcratic represson and vindictive anti-socialism you’re going to defend?

      Or do you actually believe the delusional canard that “it’s enough to just get something that CALLS itself ‘a Labour government’?

      Is there a reason you don’t care whether still disagrees with the Tories on any major issues- other than from the right?

      And can you find some way of responding to this without pretending it’s all still CORBYN’S fault?

    2. Steve H The truth is leaking from the labour party and the roumer mill is inside the leaders cabal.many who are waiting to move against him.The voters don’t like a party at war with itself.Should be a very interesting local election with only the libs and the greens who I have no time for showing that they can behave themselves.Looking to france its looking like even macron is more acepptable than a fascist .The democratic socialists are still searching but their time will come and labours time is quickly coming to a end with the plant whos done his job with the labour party with lightening speed and efficiency.and no doubt been rewarded by his funders for removing the only Opposition party in England.Carry on Steve H The sooner the better that the labour party are gone.

      1. Joseph – Why are you still obsessing about a political party that you never really agreed with and that you have left.

      2. Steve H to answer your question ! Because having given Four years of my life as a labour councillor in Surrey and a few decades in every position in the CLP I think I am entitled to comment on the death of the labour party.and the bloody shambles youve created.

      3. I wonder if anyone has the time, patience, energy and so much more to run a SteveH input scan, how many times he/it asked exactly the same question, said exactly the same thing, repeated the MSM, and low and behold said ANYTHING remotely Original/Interesting/Human not AI generated!?

      4. nellyskelly – It is quite easy to do if you know your way around Google.

    3. ….and right on cue there you go again.

      The pointless rhetorical question, as always.

      1. PW – My question wasn’t intended to be rhetorical. I’m curious, aren’t you?

  1. What the hell’s it got to do with an arse-licking apologist ?? !!
    I’m sure he can manage perfectly well without your intervention.

  2. The minute you sign on the dotted line as a Labour Party member, that’s it.
    Before the ink has dried on the paper, you are as good as f*cked.
    But don’t panic.
    All will be well if you:

    o doff your cap
    o genuflect
    o come to heel
    o bow
    o scrape
    o whimper
    o disappear up Starmer’s trouser leg quick as a flash
    o ascend to the hirsute arse cheeks
    o greedily dive into the crack and brown-nose like a demented, sex-starved ferret.

    1. Is it any wonder that people don’t take the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ seriously.😏

      1. Is it any wonder that people don’t take the self-appointed guardians of ‘the parasite TORY infestation’ seriously.😏
        You’ve said exactly that same thing over and over since fuck knows when! Refute, don’t waffle worn out, pointless innuendo after worn out, pointless innuendo!
        Ah, but you can’t, you are a TORY and your most disappointing Neo-Labour Party TORIES are so well and truly fucked up, that they forced you into being Jester of this court instead of remotely influential! Reminder, I am not the one trying to influence/convince anyone here of anything, that is supposed to be you, you decided to tumble roll into this court with your TORY bullshit or do you just love the hostility?

  3. Gibbons would get my vote if I lived in Liverpool. Perhaps this is the solution to Starmer’s eviscerated Labour.

    If the opposition inside the party is being shut down and kicked out then it’s either operate outside the party or give up.

  4. It’s funny how these things shape up. When Starmer’s appointment to the Mayoralty of Liverpool tried to convince the people of Liverpool that the City Council was powerless to stop the controversial electronic arms fair being held in their city, Alan Gibbons, 70 other councillors and 5,500 citizens told her they were horrified at her claimed inability to stop the event. That was last Autumn.

    Six months later and Starmer’s Labour has alienated itself from more local communities the length of the country. Starmer has proscribed more left groups than fit on the head of a needle, 200,000-plus former members either let their membership whither, or have left the party, are encouraged to leave or are suspended, and, quietly, while no-one is looking, a new independent group magically forms itself on the city’s council. The new grouping would immediately be a significant force in local politics, and could, within a year or two constitute the official opposition on Liverpool’s Council.

    None of this is by design, it’s not a plan or a strategy. It’s the spontaneous energy of people power ( dēmos ‘the people’ + -kratia ‘power, rule’), democracy.

    New party? It will happen when it happens and probably with hardly anyone noticing. Liverpool fills me with hope!

      1. We will. I am sure that I’m looking forward to them more than you.

      2. qwertboi – You’re the one hoping for Tory victories. 🤔

      3. Precisely NOT! One TORY Party is more than Enough, out of the two the one that must go is the one that stole HOPE, dumped us in this shit that we are in and created the second and far worse TORY Party!
        Two TORIES one is a bastard, always has been, the other fucked us over, robbed us blind, has a different face on momentary queue and is no better than the other,
        The PEOPLE will suffer with either or, take a wild guess which TORY The PEOPLE WILL eliminate in May?
        There is only one way out of this shit! Get rid of the Sabotaging Parasite Problem and start all over again with what worked, which is way beyond the scope of your Parasite TORY Party!

      4. nellyskelly – Why don’t you come back and tell us all about it when you can offer a credible alternative. At the moment all you have to offer is destruction and incoherent rants. If you really feel so strongly about it then why don’t you get involved in building something positive to replace the Labour party that you hate so much.. You’re the one without anything tangible to pin your hopes on.
        Do you know how many candidates from ‘the left’ are standing in the May elections

      5. First Destroy the Parasite, and only, then rebuild your home!
        Until all Parasite TORIES move to where they belong or out the backdoor, there is no point, it would only aide them in their Spinmeister Propaganda and of blurring the lines of good and evil, they must be entirely eradicated!
        The Labour Party is DEAD, BlueSteveH! You and yours killed it, and you are not “The Labour Party” you are TORIES!
        The aim at this stage is not to set up a new wishy-washy party, the aim is to entirely destroy The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES! ONE TORY Party is enough, and out of the two the one who Destroyed The PEOPLE’S chance for REAL Change, Killed The UK Labour Party and wears more masks than the Palace’s Ball Room has ever seen, is the one that poses the greatest threat to The PEOPLE and must go!

      6. Doug – Do you know how many candidates ‘the left’ are standing in the May elections. In 2015 the TUSC stood 650 candidates in the LA elections and 135 candidates in the GE (135 lost deposits?). The TUSC gained no seats (and, in one ward, no votes) and lost three anti-cuts councillors in Leicester and Hull. They retained one affiliated councillor each in Warrington, Walsall and Hull, and two in Southampton. The only way is up?😉

      7. Confused.com
        Which part of ‘Temporary Embarrassment’ to the Labour party do you not get

      8. A ‘Tory’ victory in any election is the election of any administration pursuing Tory policies regardless of any artificial and subjectively perceived ‘different’ options in the form of supposed competing party’s.

        The objective reality is that what is on offer to voters is that they can have Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Virgin Cola or Generic Cola. Water is not option.

        Different brands of the same product, in this case Tory policies, always result in a Tory victory. Regardless of which brand of the same product are temporarily put in place.

        steveH is therefore once again talking total nonsense. Lying through his teeth. Desperately trying to sell the same pig in a poke.

        He really must think everyone else is as dumb as he clearly is. Though I suppose when someone is as sycophantic and delusional as steveH it must get really lonely being the only Useful (Village) Idiot ranting into the void.

    1. Mrs T said she was proudest of Tony Blair as her legacy. Show-me-you-papers and mandatory vaccination StarmerLabour is Tory in a way that Adolph Hitler and the Ukrainian Azovians would find acceptable.

      1. BBC1 News, 17 April 2022:

        In small writing:

        “Pictures from Azov Battalion”

        The BBC’s relationship with the neo-Nazis seems to be getting even closer.

      2. Ironically, a few years ago they did a documentary/article on Azov ‘Nazis’, now they miraculously are not Nazis, even if they are more ferocious and armed with the Best and the Most The West can throw at them! I wonder if any of those people stopped a moment and considered the imminent and announced rise of Nazism throughout the West and how arming Ukraine, the Mecca of Nazism, with far more weapons than they have used, what do they think will happen to the stockpile remaining at the end of this conflict!? I would not be surprised if much of the weapons are shipped out to the various Nazis internationally!

        To name but one! Let’s Arm the Nazis! It was in 2018 that Ros Atkinson started the Putin is saying so…. Propaganda to Normalise Nazism! This documentary is quite late so I am not sure just how much BBC crap has been thrown into this, but just sears Azov Nazis 2015 to 2020, all the MSM hypocrisy is revealed!

  5. Its looking like a dying art being a member of the labour party.
    I’n the years to come it will be said that a death wish was led by a five year labour mp and a bunch of loosers whos only agenda was the death of the working class movement.Organised labour and unions out and rule by decree in… Its looking grim up southside “

    1. In 2019 Corbyn set a new record, for the first time ever more of the working class voted for the Tories than voted for Labour.

      1. Did you not comprehend the Leaked Report, Comprehension King?
        Did you really not notice the Fake AS, Remoan, Brexiteer, etc Bandwagons?
        Did you not notice that The Spinmeisters BLiar, Campbell, Mandelson created the Remoan Bandwagon with supporting act by their sidekick “Celebrity” and TV Types for added effect and “Confirmation” of what though? Certainly not that the Remoan Bandwagon were screeching over something they already had, in their hands, since September 2017!?
        Did you not notice that all that screeching over something they already had would not have the desired and planned effect on the Brexiteers, who then formed the Brexiteer Bandwagon!?
        Did you not notice the culture of fear BlueKeef created, in that party, you so worship!?
        Those very people who fucked up in 2017 are now so desperate that they may fall into EXACTLY the same trap again by voting for that Parasite TORY Party of yours, hopefully, they will be so outraged that they don’t, and we’ll have a new contender for the first time ever!
        No! These are not excuses, these are facts and observations! Refute if you can, or piss off!

    2. That’ll be down to his listening to your idol. His so called mates shit out too (another reason not to vote labour…)

      Whilst it’s extremely amusing that Jezza is still living rent free inside your mind, it’s a busted record and it’s three years out of date.

      Is this the point where we talk about anyone but Corbyn being 20 points ahead?

      1. NVLA……I can see him now thinking to himself. What inane stupid comment can I conjure up to wind them all up today.

  6. Excellent, interview with Len McCluskey. I found the last 20/25 minutes electrifying. Starmer’s a liar. Who wants – or needs – to be led by a liar Untrustworthy. :

    1. Yes George, it was an interview worth watching. Though, it seems to me, McCluskey’s analysis of events was pretty good I was a little disappointed by the final couple of minutes when he seemed to be saying that it was worth digging in and hoping to be able to effect change over some decades. Maybe I read him wrong but, if I read him correctly, I don’t think we have anywhere near as long as that – even those of you who will live that long.

      1. Perpesctive: We get it from living and how we react to the lessons life throws at us. Although I agree with goldbach that McCluskey’s diagnostic skills are excellent – and sharpened by his certain and humane socialism, – his persective is that of an old man. (The world doesn’t work at the pace it did when he was younger and the representative democracy we have accepted doesn’t either.) We haven’t got decades to fix ourselves, our political system or the exploitative socio-economic system that causes most of our current ills.

        The wisdom of age needs toi be combined with the desperate urgency of youth. Such a blend can be revolutionary. Extinction Rebellion know this – and so too do many other good democratic socialists.

      2. ITs become increasingly clear why all of us should retire in our early sixties rather than limp on like the geriatric old men who negotiated with starmer..What a fiasco that allowed a snake oil salesman to drstroy the labour party…. I think lens conversation only raises my blood pressure and he seems to be unable to grasp how them final negotiated agreements put the nails in the coffin of the labour party..
        ..I like len but lifes slightly more difficult for ordinary people who arnt able to flog books to keep afloat.and are in for a fight for survival in the worst possible circumstances and government \opposition.in living memory.

  7. Hundreds maybe thousands of Labour councillors and reluctant independents up and down the country will be tuning-in to Socialist Telly tomorrow to learn how a bunch of marginalised councillors were able to form themselves into an independent grouping which could immediately become a major force in local Liverpool politics.

    Former Labour party members (“the dearly-departed”) will be attuning themselvews too.

    Instead of being marginalised and insignificant-ised by Starmer’s Labour, they will see the hope, the prospect, the potential of a ‘fight-back” – not in the Party, but outside of it.

    Exciting times – and then some!

  8. To all those who have been tempted to become involved in the desired interaction – this is his raison d’être. He has nothing to say other than to snipe and hope to provoke a response. David Gower Syndrome. I too feel the brief surge of irritation when I read the dross. I close the laptop, do a few useful things and, when I return to the discussion it has just become amusing with a dash of pathos.

    1. I did exactly the same on this and the last post! However, whilst I am always happy to read an opposing point of view, I was so angry at the hijacking of comments on Professor Rosenhead’s awe inspiring response yesterday, I found it elsewhere. And with interesting comments without having to scroll through endless sniping and sneering. I don’t know what the answer is, other than completely ignore him, but it is making reading other comments here, from which I learn a lot, very tedious indeed.

      1. Julia – I’m curious, what was it about my initial post that hijacked the comments section?
        Do you actually disagree with its content?
        For your (and others) convenience I have reproduced my comment below.
        “There are now new disciplinary procedures in place that cover all cases that involve ‘protected characteristics’, this case is obviously being judged under the old discredited procedures.
        Surely it is unconscionable to try someone under the old disciplinary procedure that has been found wanting and that have already been discredited. Labour should have immediately suspended all the outstanding cases that would fall under the new system until the new procedures were in place.”

        What princely are you actually objecting to?

      2. Julia, you have been called “princely”. A strange compliment.

  9. The Len McCluskey interview is revealing – as far as the past is concerned.
    Len’s optimism for a left future in the Labour Party is, in my opinion, misplaced.
    It makes litttle sense for the trade unions to continue to pour their funds, resources and members’ energies into a corpse that is burocratically controlled from above by a sinister right wing.
    Call it Trilateral Alliance / the establishment / those people who run the world …… They are not going to let go of the burocratic control that they now exercise on behalf of the rich and powerful who have colonised our party.
    The time for a major reset is fast arriving.
    Maybe Liverpool can show us the way.
    I’m sure they will be aware of the huge resources that will be mobilised to ensure that they fail.
    Cue … The usual shroud-waving of anti-Semitism … and more dirty tricks to follow !

    1. Maybe we’re heading for a major reset worldwide – interesting stuff going on in Latin America, “coup” in Pakistan, dollar/rouble rate, after hitting over 140 in early March, is now back to around 82 and the MH17 trial in the Netherlands proving to be anything but an open and shut case. It’s certainly interesting times.

    1. Disturbingly, that article then refers to another matter and states:

      “Although an internal Labour investigation confirmed Buck’s role in perverting the democratic process, he was never subject to any formal disciplinary action.”

      1. Tony, Indeed and follow the links.

        “LabourList quoted an unnamed member of the NEC as saying last night, “If Evans now takes us back to the toxic culture in HQ, purges of left-wing members and stitch-ups of parliamentary selections exposed in the leaked report, his appointment will be the worst mistake of Keir’s leadership.

        “Keir and Angela both stood on election platforms promising to unite the party. Members won’t forgive them if they allow a hard-right general secretary to wage factional warfare against the left.

        “They are responsible for making sure Evans fulfils their election promise to bring our party together, not tear it apart.”

        And Rachel Garnham, a member of the NEC, tweeted: “Today Keir and Angela had the opportunity to prove their commitment to uniting our party.

        “Instead in their choice of [general secretary] so closely aligned to the right of the party they have shown their pledge to end factionalism to be a sham”.
        “Any remaining illusions must now be shattered.”


      2. And the result of a fascist labour party and no Opposition to the greed of the Torys is a report I just read that the UK foodbanks are gearing up for
        One Out of ten people in the UK to use the foodbanks to survive.Thats real lives and deaths of the working class my people no matter who they are colour religion,or whatever they are the ones who will suffer like never before.Young families and elderly,disabled working class on minimum wage exploited so politicians and groupys like Steve H can play with peoples lives and deaths due to the greed of the parliament and the establishment that’sees politics as a means to control the working class across the world.and bring in a new world order to enslave us all.
        ..We need a hero?…..and soon somone tell Len times running out for his people the working class of Britain.

  10. Alan Gibbons has dedicated his political career to help the poor and low income people of Liverpool, his expulsion from New New Labour was inevitable.

  11. SteveH18/04/2022 AT 1:01 AM
    Doug – Do you know how many candidates ‘the left’ are standing in the May elections. In 2015 the TUSC…

    And there was me being led to believe smarmerist labour represented ‘the left.

    Thanks for your inadvertent admission that they don’t, never have, and never will. They are only very slightly to the left of the most rabid toerag.

  12. Lens relaxed mood is baffling considering Unites submission to Forde
    The party has split, we expect the Unions to tell Red Tories ‘off you must fuck’
    If Len can explain on here how anyone could work with that wing of the party ever again then it’s a 10 from me

  13. Some feel Neo Cons and Putin are capable of pressing the button
    Others feel it will end when one of the fuckers gives the order and is then taken out by their own people
    Historically the second group have prevailed
    Hope that helps

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