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The absolute must-watch, must-share conference speech on the Labour Brexit issue

Liverpool Labour member’s passionate speech introducing motion supporting Corbyn’s Brexit position must not be missed

Liverpool Walton Labour member and hardened antifascist campaigner Alan Gibbons has introduced his constituency party’s motion in support of party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Brexit and a referendum – with a passionate, barnstorming speech that received a tumultuous welcome from massed delegated at Labour’s conference just now.

It expresses perfectly why the matters and why Labour must continue to represent the many instead of veering off-course to back only the 48% who voted remain in 2016 – or in fact the far smaller number who believe undemocratically overturning the decision will help anything.

It’s a must-watch – and a must-share:

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    1. Brilliant speech. If I see him around conference, I’ll buy him a pint or shake his hand.

  1. “Labour must continue to represent the many instead of veering off-course”

    … Which gives it two courses of action, given that ‘the many’ didn’t vote for Brexit.: support ‘Remain’ or go for a referendum.

    .. and in the present circumstances, as I’ve said for a long time, the latter is the best course of action given where things are – and was imp-licit from last year.

    Supporting ‘Leave’ would, of course, be the real alternative for ‘the few’ – an alternative out of the speculative fund stable that will undoubtedly worsen the lot of ‘the many’.

  2. … meanwhile other things are happening – notably the threat to Waterstones.

    I notice, Skwawkbox, that you’ve veered away from opening comments – which is a good indication of the violent terrorism of the Israel Lobby, and why Waterstones has backed off.

    Given the provenance of the book, which comes from individuals with impeccable credentials, I suggest all who can afford it buy the book.

    It will be interesting to see if and how this will be reported. Imagine if threats shut down a Jewish Chronicle event at the Tory Party conference had emerged.

    Of course, a parallel incident was lost to view last year. Labour spokespeople need to highlight the clear links to this sort of fascism and terrorism of the Israel lobby.

    The good news is that each incident provides more evidence of the sinister forces behind the antisemitism scam – their only recourse is to try to prevent the truth reaching the public. Burning books next on the agenda?.

    1. ‘Burning books next on the agenda?.’


      Those crying ‘antisemite’ at anything and everything are only distracting from the toerags mirroring (Albeit in a ‘subtler’ mode) how the nazis kicked off.

      In fact, they enable it in my opinion.

      For the nazi ‘Aktion T4 program’ see WCA’s and benefit sanctions. Yes, the nazis started their wholesale slaughter on the sick & disabled years before they started the industrial scale murder of jews.

      Last year it was the bomb scare at the film screening. This year it’s closing bookshops. What next year? Burn down the conference venue?

  3. Apologies for thread hopping, but there’s no comment box for the SB post re Waterstones book launch. The book in question is the one flagged up earlier by Maria and sponsored/promoted by JVL. Here’s the JVL link again for anyone who missed it.


    The situation referred to is nothing short of appalling.

    1. Free speech, including scientific study is being attacked across the board and people are being forcefully coerced into a single dominant narratives or they are attacked, derided, smeared, even risk losing their jobs, grants or imprisoned.

      I find this trend extremely concerning indeed.

      I hope the police are investigating these attacks on Waterstones and its staff energetically.

  4. What is more to the point is how on Earth was Ella Rose who threatened Jackie Walker, allowed to make a speech from the rostrum when members who have supported Labour for years are suspended. What the heck is going on in the Party?

    1. Jack I don’t know why AS is now being used to suspend inocent people including Chris Williamson,but it seems anything approaching discussion on AS inside Labour and here on these pages are suppressed.We must be grateful for the lack of demos I expected by JLM and others from inside the Labour party.And thats a sign of how far democratic debate can be used against the fanatics inside and outside the Labour party.We Will not bow to intimidation of the extremists who many of us have fought against for many years.We’ve dealt with thuggery before and it will not be tolerated by the Labour party even from inside the party by so called affiliated body’s.

    2. “Rose who threatened Jackie Walker, allowed to make a speech from the rostrum”


      Sorry – Jack, I haven’t been up to speed on this one. Could you elaborate for those of us who’ve been avoiding the mogadon? 🙂

      1. RH In the ‘Israeli Lobby’ documentary by Al Jazeera, Ella Rose of the JLM said that Jackie Walker was only 5’2″ and she could ‘take her’. Yet there was Rose on Saturday, given a place on the rostrum by the Labour Party. Party members have been expelled or suspended for much less than the behaviour of Ella Rose. Even more evidence that the Zionist JLM exerts too much influence in the LP and should be de-affiliated.

    3. This is one reason why I am waiting to see what LP becomes. Not this specific example but the witch hunt trend it represents that has been established and continues to deepen under the sustained anti-semitism smear campaign against the party or probably more accurately Corbyn’s leadership.

      1. Sounds to me like someone’s got scruples…Not that you’d know anything about what scruples are, mind.

  5. You’d think that being one of the most impoverished, deprived and diverse cities in europe, to all intents and purposes abandoned by the rest of the nation for a time, Liverpool’d be one of the prime breeding grounds for fascism.

    Except the exact opposite is true.

    We here are also have a knack of spotting the early signs of fascism and it’s many methods of germination; so heed Mr Gibbons’ words and be very careful because ignoring democracy and reneging on promises to respect the referendum result the party will only succeed in garnering sympathy for any rise in far right hardline manoeuvering in future.

    You’ve been warned.

    1. “You’ve been warned”

      Dammit Toffee you owe me a new irony meter.

      I love seeing a quarter of the country trying to fuck up life for the rest of us and using sinister threats with the support of the far right. But there the anti fascists obviously, well if you ignore the Nazi’s, Nationalists and racists.

      1. 🙂

        I must admit that the red-mist tendency of the Leaver brigade doesn’t speak well of their sanity and judgment.

        (Off to see a re-run of ‘Psycho’ ….)

      2. This ^^^^ will c, will foerever be your ‘kevin keegan’ moment. 🙂

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