Starmer banned from Liverpool pub for writing for S*n

The Little Taproom bans Starmer from its premises

The landlord of the Little Taproom in Aigburth in south Liverpool has banned Labour leader Keir Starmer from his premises because of Starmer’s decision to write in the Murdoch S*n, which is almost universally despised and boycotted on Merseyside. The decision was announced in a tweet after Starmer tweeted a widely-derided message of condolence to the families of Hillsborough victims who were smeared by that same rag for decades after their deaths:

The Taproom’s landlord, a former Labour member disgusted with the party leadership’s conduct, told Skwawkbox that the mention of an earlier ban via the local paper was in reference to a different person and not Starmer.

Customers in the Little Taproom on Monday. Keir Starmer is not welcome to join them.

The venue’s popularity is likely to rise still further as a result of its stance against the Murdoch columnist currently running the party into the ground, as local left-wingers give it their custom.

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  1. So its The old chums method in reverse “.Not that the knight of the realm will be staggering in soon its too too far beyond Watford gap and Oxted in Surrey.IN a more practical sense it highlights the fact that the labour party are at war with itself and its core voters the working class.
    Eventually it will leak out and we all know what happens to partys that are infighting…ask the voters!

    1. Working people know it everywhere Joseph. Where was it that a different Landlord, Rod Humphreys, told Starmer to ‘Get out of my pub!’? Oh yes, Bath.

      It wasn’t long ago that voters in the Red Wall seats were regretting needing to vote Conservative (thanks to Sir Keir’s hatchet-job on Jremy Crbyn’s Labour), but voicing unwillingness to return to Labour as long as the Trilateral Commission’s Special Envoy is its leader.

    2. He won’t be visiting that neck of the wood soon. He’s far too busy working at those other jobs he hasn’t got.

  2. Good for you Landlord! Hope all your patrons show solidarity and bar Starmers Labour at the ballot box .

  3. That Liverpool’s community-consciousness admonishes a supposed-leader of Labour for being a S*n correspondent and member of a pro-oligarchy pressure group is wonderful. Respect to the landlord of the Little Taproom in Aigburth!

    That others do not admonish him for his resolute pro-war alignment in proxy war between Natio and Russia is not.

    Now is the time for non-alignment and peace.

    1. ‘Virtual lifes’ – just how they like us to live Toffee…

      When you next go out for a walk or to the shops pay attention to how few people try to make eye-contact with you (or even look directly in the direction of your face), and you’ll see how dysfunctional our communities and social operations are becoming thanks to the covid (99.6 – 99.8 survival rate) national ’emergency’.

      If this is ‘the new normal’, the human race will stop being a social species. This is an intended harm of the covid narrative. The 1% have to overcome the 99% any way they can!

      1. Quertboi, just read your excellent post, and no Z’s. 11 out of 10.

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