Exclusive: Angela Eagle’s wife faces expulsion under Starmer’s new proscriptions

RIght-wing Labour MP Angela Eagle

Earlier today, Skwawkbox revealed how the Labour right’s new proscription rules kicking out members for old associations with newly-banned groups had been specially written to let right-wingers such as Labour First’s Luke Akehurst off the hook – and that Momentum founder Jon Lansman would not qualify for the Akehurst exemption.

But Skwawkbox can also reveal that the wife of one of Labour’s better known right-wing MPs also falls foul of the new retrospective ban, having participated in at least one event organised by new pariahs the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (AWL).

The name of Angela Eagle’s wife Maria Exall appears – together with that of Akehurst and Lansman – on a list of speakers at AWL’s 2016 Ideas for Freedom event – and, unlike Akehurst, she wasn’t there to disagree with the now-banned group:

Many members have already been expelled from the party for connections with banned groups far more tenuous than attending a flagship event.

Of course, the shamelessly hypocritical regime is likely to just ignore Exall’s participation as such rules are only applied to left-wingers – but if anyone from that or any other AWL event finds themselves kicked out of the party while others are given a free pass, there would likely be grounds to sue Labour for discrimination.

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    1. The left needs to keep pointing out that Starmer is the biggest albatross ever to fasten itself around Labour’s neck as all the Tories need to do at next GE is to say “keep Brexit safe ” & Labour will b crucified again. Starmer out & all his cronies such as Eagle.

      1. Brian – Get a grip. Back in the real world we went into the last election with ⅔ of the electorate consistently expressing a dislike for Jeremy Corbyn. These sentiments were borne out by the election results when we lost 60 seats because Corbyn had lost the trust of the electorate and for the first time ever more of the working class (C2DE) voted Tory than voted for Labour and Corbyn.

      2. And absolutely NOTING to do with the fact that YOU, along with keef and fattwat were demanding people vote again & again & again & again for something they already told the nation they wanted and you weren’t prepared to accept.

        Weren’t Corbyn told them that’s what they’d be getting if they voted labour. POLICY was to respect the referendum result.

        And when you allowed democracy to be shat all over (And it’s continuing under starmbannfuhrer keef) you were told repeatedly what the result’d be,

        And to deflect criticism, the public were told (Again, courtesy of fattwat and others, in a two-pronged, false-flag hatchet job on Corbyn) that he: ‘posed an existential threat to jews’ if elected.

        Strange, how ‘Corbyn – the scruffy, bearded hippy who wont press the button’ seemed to be promoting violent sentiment towards a single sector of society, innit?

        Strange how peopkle had more to dislike about him than is actually true.

        But no. He brought a toerag goverment on us. Keef’s just consolidating one. Boil your sorry head, you utter cunt.

      3. Bravo on the last line. That reminds me, I hear Labour are a bit desperate for candidates. He should apply. He’d be a shoo-in! (Or is it shoe-in?)

      4. Toffee – So you keep saying but Corbyn himself has admitted that he had no choice but to support a CV because 70% of Labour’s members and voters supported both a CV and remaining in the EU. It’s a shame that Corbyn spent so long hiding behind his infamous ‘constructive ambiguity’.

    1. Illeagle’s been (gold)bricking it since 1992, the godawful parasite.

      The day she’s punted can’t come soon enough.

      1. Yeah, Burglary 101: when staging burglary, stand on the OUTside when throwing brick!

  1. That “Ideas for Freedom” menu in full:

    o ID cards
    o Vaccine Passports
    o Central Bank Digital Currency for all
    o 5G employee tracking
    o Subcutaneous smart dust sensors
    o Remotely activated cyanide lozenges
    o Castration for the terminally poor

    1. The first four of your list are de-facto WEF policy. It’s all about building-on and extending the Mass Indisciminate Surveillance powers newlabour gave to big-tech and the state. “Fourth Industrial Revolution” my posterior! This is pure Great Reset and foretells the end of democracy.

      1. I’d call it the snuffing out of the human/holy spirit.

  2. Angela Eagle did put Smug Sunak on a very hot seat yesterday, providing what looked like solid opposition. So… it would not surprise me if her missus does get the boot after all.

    1. That is just the Matinée, as soon as the voting is over it’s all hands back under the table, won’t hear a peep from them! Then the 10/15 Democratic Socialists will carefully crawl from their burrow and squeak! What a shame those great MPs are clinging onto BlueKeef and Mr Blobby’s Culture of Fear Shithole, The Neo-Labour TORY Party!

  3. Could this be a Russophobic elimination of all things Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, etc, etc, etc to cleanse the Party of any affiliation with “Pro-Russian”/”Pro-Communism” groups, etc? For BlueKeef it is a bit hypocritical to blab on about Conservatives and ‘The Russians’ from the Party that used to fly The Crimson Standard High, of course this in the eyes of the Establishment and sadly a vast majority of Sheeple who are now total conditioned to believe shit like ‘look BlueKeef is removing ‘the Russia’ from Labour that can only be a good thing’. I have never really communicated with Sheeple on Twitter, those who do or know where they are, keep your eye on the “Labour” de-Russiafication talk.

  4. I wouldn’t call Maria Exall a right winger. I know for a fact that despite her marriage to Angela Eagle she publicly supported Corbyn through out his leadership.
    Sometimes people cannot help who they fall in love to. If anything Exall could be made an example and suspended so Evans can pretend a semblance of fairness.
    Exall has a good reputation among active Trade Unionist. She should consider leaving the LP as a way of keeping her integrity intact.
    The Labour Party is quickly becoming an openly fascist Party, I am so glad that after 30 years membership I quit after last year Conference.

  5. It seems clear that Maria Exall spoke at the AWL event in her capacity as a member of the TUC LGBT committee. She therefore had the endorsement of the TUC to speak at the event and would have received travelling and other expenses from the TUC to cover the costs of her attendance. They in effect sponsored her. attendance
    We now have Starmers Labour attempting to retrospectively “outlaw” the event. If this happens it should set the the TUC on a collision course with the TUC or at the very least which ever Union Maria Exall belongs to.
    I really do hope the TUC and Exall’s union have the guts to challenge Starmers Labour about undermining the legitimacy of the TUC’s position on AWL . It is hard enough to be a Trade Union activist at this present time without Starmer shoving his oar in and calling the integrity of the Trade Union movement into question.

  6. Queen Betty on a roll, first her favourite War Criminal promoted to the highest level
    Now her beloved son and paedophile gets favoured treatment in the full glare of the country, MSM and toilet papers
    Another right royal fuck you all

    1. Doug yes, she’s OK with pedophiles like almost all Tories blue & RED. Remember Harriet Harman???

      1. Also Doug, this evening, when asked:
        “Are you a Socialist❔❔❔”
        RACHEL REEVES replied: “I’m a Social Democrat”.

        So you’re not a Socialist. OR That’s a no then:
        REEVES replied: “I’m a Social Democrat”.

        I assume most of readers would find it EXTREMELY EASY to say, feel, THINK and BELIEVE that we are Socialist. UNSURPRISINGLY NOT Rach Reeves. Yesterday late afternoon a right wing media person said re Reeves re her TORY RIGHT WING SYMPATHIES:

        “she has form”.

      2. Signpost ….I remember the hypocrite comments coming from the Torys and even more so when Abbot sent her kids to private schools because the local education in S.London was not good enough for Harman Abbot and a long line of labour mps who used their constituents money to ensure that in education apparthied ruled..This fascist labour party has been a long time coming even in my days as a labour councillor the greed and selfishess of labour Mps and councillors effected us on the borders of London and our Westminster chums even the so called left wing.mps.And as far as paedophile mps and VIPs….its rampant in the public schools and amongst the establishment to which Westminster bows and joins in
        .ps and I don’t want the old excuse that its a parents duty to make sure that their children come first thankyou and regards comrades

      3. @signpost

        Social Democrat and Democratic Socialist are historically the same, pretty much anyway. Remember the Bolsheviks?
        Bolsheviki means majority and Mensheviki means minority. What party were the Bolsheviks a majority in and the Mensheviks a minority? The Russian Social Democratic and Labour Party.

        We should reclaim these terms.

  7. Yes seems one rule for Lefties and one for the Right even though I have no time for the tiny bourgeois socialists of AWL but they should be beaten on ideas.
    Reeves has the gall to wear red, I don’t think the political lightweight loser understands left wing Democratic Socialism?
    Brown 2010 8.6m.
    Miliband/Reeves 2915 9.3m. (And the left didn’t criticise him in public in years – we gave him a chance).
    Corbyn 2017 12.8m (despite being slagged off by Right Wing Labour MPs in public for years & some Right Wing staff sabotage?)
    Corbyn 2019 10.2m (despite BREXIT & Right Wing Labour sabotage?)
    Oh got a post disallowed on the BBC News website comments, my crime I said we should promote peace in Ukraine but also in Yemen where Saudis continue to bomb (armed by the UK) and 200,000 have been killed, and in Palestine and Sudan.

  8. It looks like New New Labour will kick more members when out of the party, losing more subscriptions. When they’re finances are, to quote George Orwell, no longer going to the dogs they’re in the kennels with the dogs.

  9. I was watching that very thoughtful film “Witness” last night and the part where “Rachael’s” father-in-law Eli reminded her about “shunning” rang a bell. A person could be shunned out-of-the-blue and for reasons no-one understands – according to Eli there was no defence . It is obvious that the Labour Party have now become a “cult”. The pity is that the Labour Party have not also adopted the Amish community’s pacifism.

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