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Exclusive: Lansman to get free pass over AWL link as others expelled

Akehurst flags right’s intention to ignore Lansman’s AWL appearance – but there will be no such nuance for the many

Comments to Skwawkbox by Labour right-winger Luke Akehurst indicate that Jon Lansman will be given a free pass despite his recorded link with the now-banned group Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (AWL).

Momentum founder Lansman faced expulsion from the party after the right-wing regime ‘proscribed’ AWL and two other groups, as Lansman has appeared as a speaker at at least one AWL event – an ‘offence’ now forbidden retrospectively after Labour’s national executive (NEC) voted to outlaw the three groups in line with Keir Starmer’s wishes.

Skwawkbox contacted Akehurst for comment after the NEC wrote the rules to ensure that Akehurst – an NEC member – would not fall foul of them, including a specific exemption for the right-winger’s appearance at the same AWL event to argue against their views. But when the conversation turned to Lansman, Akehurst was at pains to make excuses for Lansman and indicated that there would be no consequences:

“I’m sure no one in the Labour Party thinks Jon Lansman supports AWL”

Left Labour members have been expelled in large numbers for far more tenuous ‘support’ for the groups banned in the cowardly proscriptions, including merely giving an interview to a news sheet for an election campaign – or nothing more than merely liking an ‘unacceptable’ tweet or Facebook post.

But as Skwawkbox observed to the right-winger, such nuance is reserved only for right-wingers and the occasional useful tool. It appears Lansman is to get out of ‘jail’ free.

Jon Lansman has previously told Skwawkbox not to contact him for comment.

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  1. Is anyone really surprised by this? Jon sold us out and is therefore welcome in Starmers Labour

    1. Tony Greenstein on his blog has called out Landsman many times, worth checking out. Landsman the landlord of multiple properties!

  2. Well they would protect the

    ir own.Time for momentum to re start again under Momentum world or something else without the baggage of lansman and other collberaters with fascists in the labour party.Lansman legitamised the AS scam and stabbed jeremy Corbyn and socialism in the back.I have worked with Momentum activists and they are good people and I appeal to comrades in momentum to bring Lansman down to fulfil the pledge that momentum made at the very beginning of the socialist revival to “Support Corbyn” .

    1. Yup! We’ve had the MOMENT-UM. Next a MOMENT-EE.

      Starmer can be Alice and Akehurst, the Eton Old Boy!

      Jon Lansman? He’s the prat who Framed Roger Rabbit.

      May the new party – should it ever exist – never be visited by the likes of them.

  3. Agrree time for momentum to start again and not be held back by a backstabber like Lansman who legitamised and gave the seal of approval to the AS scam that destroyed Corbyn and the socialist revival to which momentum pledged to Support jeremy Corbyn
    ..Scattergood and others need to set up a rival momentum and take the brilliant activists with theres a need out there with hundreds of thousands of socialists and a few mps and councillors who need a alternative to the labour party.and the likes of Lansman.

  4. 🙂 Discrimination, within the discrimination!

    The Labour Party’s going to eat themselves, aren’t they?

  5. The Labour Party’s going to eat themselves, aren’t they?

    Let them. I hope the ratbastards choke.

  6. Momentum belongs to Lansman he owns it
    Bur your right about GE’s being won on Social Media, nor least to combat fake news
    Sadly at the moment democracy is kaput when Nazis are running both major parties
    It’s well and truly stitched up
    Now where is JC and the Unions, they have the scissors

  7. Hahahaha….Lansman is one of them. Hasn’t the penny dropped yet ?

    The secret mole….A ‘best friend’ of Jeremy. A multi millionaire property developer. The person who ‘owns’ the Momentum brand.

    Oh yeah, he’ll get a free pass already.

      1. Failing that, a select band of socialists who believe in democracy and stand in elections in opposition to Starmer’slabour!

        Democracy and Socialism are Indivisible and Transcendent. Time to give them both a go, together.

        End FPTP end rigged politics.

  8. Back to Queen Betty
    It also puts into context what happened to Princess Diana and now her second son Harry
    Security has been withdrawn
    When your in no matter what you have done you are above the law, one rule for the ruler and her sex offender son
    When your out then you are not safe
    The Royal Family are not nice people, time to send them back to where they came from

    1. Now the 96 year old monarch is reaching the stage where she is incapable of fullfilling her duties as head of state we can rest assured that there are four Counsellors of State who can deputize on her behalf.
      One is Prince Andrew another is Prince Harry.

    2. I always wonder how many innocent Outsiders were killed/life imprisoned (then “committed” suicide). etc, for being “Terrorists”, “Sex Offenders”, “Drug/Weapons dealers,” etc all the evidence on the PC, in the House nicely staged after entering for the MSM contacts, etc, etc and if necessary they attacked the Police with a gun!? According to The ONS there are an average of 80 “Suicides” per year in prison, how many have the MSM reported on, that is not to mention “Drug Related”, “Murders”, “Natural Deaths”, etc! The only “Suicides”, deaths that matter to the MSM are the Insiders, but don’t expect to hear about Tom, Dick or Harry!
      That is also why I still firmly believe that since 2019 voting is optional! The conniving Insiders, a finger in every pie! 22:00 35000 Polling Station Volunteers across the UK take the Ballot Boxes with our votes for a ride alone, in their own private unmarked, untraced, unescorted car! 1 Conservative connected Co supplies everything pencil to ballot box to ballot paper for all GEs! A piece of piss for any well-trained secret service/military/etc Team! Just a final total text, finalise box, seal it and do a couple of second switch, take the box back, into the shredder/insinuator, done!
      I think no matter how shit BlueKeef, Mr Blobby and the Starmerstruppen are, The Trilateral and Xlateral (all the other criminal rich bastards at the IN Club) Commissions have spoken BlueKeef is our future Prime Minister! We’re all FUCKED!

  9. You know when you draw a face on an uninflated balloon, and when you inflate it, the face expands?

    Well akehurst looks like the balloon expanded – but the face didn’t.

    1. Reeves: Idon’t want to be in a position…And nor does ANY public sector worker… Be in a position where they have to down tools and leave work to argue for better pay

      No, rachel….You’ve already got yours – without any argument,; without having to leave work** while the rest of the public sector got fook-all.

      How much of your payrise will go to charity – like the last one?

      toerag twunt.

      **Leave work? Try DOING some first, ffs.

    2. That TORY Creature stands in front of a mirror all day long, practising the Rachel Reeves top tips on how to become the Lady of Iron! That creature couldn’t make a ‘Labour’ MP, at BLiar’s New-Labour Party standards! The Trilateral Commission will be ever so proud!

  10. Well April fools day for europe the day after the economic collapse of the Western alliance and possibly the european union.Either europe blinks first or Friday will be for ever remebered as the day it all started and the leaders of europe took the destructive decission to aceppt American oil and gas at two hundred dollers a barrel.and become fully signed up members of the New world order…….which will last about a year or two.until the Bastille is stormed.
    Putin demanded payment and the Russian government and people cannot afford to give away oil and gas to people that steal their currency reserves….three hundred billion and gold property private possessions and just about anything.that can be robbed or pirated on the high seas.The hyper inflation about to hit the west will make Germany before the war look like a minor hickup in economic meltdown.and arnachy
    Europe never seems to learn and the USA always make a profit from mugs.And Britain?well better get the fleets and aircraft carrier back from Asia and start a fishing expedition for oil and gas in the.sea or what may soon be St Georges chanell off the N.east coast….This is really going to make the cod wars look like shooting fish in a barrel of oil.And the labour party?….well the above is becoming a little bit like “dog 🐕bites man” …has smartboy said is anyone suprised?

  11. As an aside…

    Tomorrow (31/3/2022) is the deadline for NHS patients to opt-out of the NHS data grab

    You can do so here…


    After requesting a code to be sent via text message – not getting one – and several r‘resend code’ requests – I’m STILL to receive one.

    Are the ‘rags preventing the opt-out? 🤨

    1. After calling the helpline number it appears the system is on a go-slow’

      also the deadline has been extended AGAIN to July 31st, I was told…

      Panic over….For now.

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