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Video: Kill the Bill activists ‘zoom bomb’ Patel Q&A. Host: ‘no idea how these leftists got in on the call’

Hard right Home Secretary and supporters have no idea how to react when faced with actual questions

Home Secretary Priti Patel was nonplussed when activists against her fascist policing bill – which will criminalise ‘inconvenient’ protests with prison sentences of up to ten years – gained access to a Conservative zoom call to put actual questions to her rather than the brown-nosing she would have expected.

And, as the call’s chat was swamped with ‘Kill the Bill’ and questions about the impact of the racist and totalitarian new legislation, the host apologised to the assembled Tories with ‘I’ve no idea how these leftists got in on the call’:

It certainly made for a more watchable event than a screenful of Tory horrors, but it shone a spotlight on the arrogance and perversity of a party that has rewarded Patel – who had to resign in disgrace as International Development Secretary after arranging off-book meetings with a foreign power to discuss giving them UK aid funds for military purposes and was at the centre of a huge bullying scandal that led to a £340,000 payout to a top civil servant – with promotion to one of the top jobs in government.

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  1. Kill the Bill may sound dangerous but it is not a fraction of danger compared to one of the many draconian laws against the working-class people of Britain .Whilst the virus swept through care homes and people died this government was partying and coniving to take advantage of the media hyped fear of CV 19…and push through the most appalling attack on human rights in a hundred years.

  2. It’s dangerous for the authorities to attempt to suppress protest like this. Protest is cathartic for those involved; often achieving very little, but nonetheless satisfying a desire to at least show disapproval peacefully.

    Imagine banning the Iraq war protests. There’s a reason this hasn’t been done before.

  3. This government is attempting to silence dissent by deterring citizens from taking to the street to protest.

    The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill is a draconian measure and is effectively supported (or at least not opposed in Parliament) by Sir Keir Rodney Starmer and the LabourRight.

    It removes a principle at the heart of UK policing since the inception of the Metropolitan Police in 1829: Policing by Content.

    Here we have the British Labour party not opposing the most fiercely anti-democratic authoritarianism imaginable in a “free” society. Keir Starmer is very dangerous as leader of Labour.

  4. 2017 GE
    Clear Red Water and a Socialist leader
    Give the electorate a clear choice
    FPTP works for you when the establishment and Red Tories are working night and day against you
    The Socialist Party would attract progressive and youth vote

  5. Don’t forget the Nationality and Borders Bill. Do you have dual nationality? Were you, or was a parent or grandparent born on Ireland (north or south)? Are you Jewish? When this Bill becomes law the Home Secretary will be able to revoke your UK citizenship and deport you to a country where s/he deems that you will be able to become a citizen (if you’re not one already). This could be done with no notice and no right of appeal.

    1. ….I have duel nationality and my wife was born a jew and my son,
      MY daughter doesn’t attend synogogue and considers herself Catholic and British despite being a US citizen….I think that the conservative party invented this one for us but we were still happy gypsys until the virus clipped our wings.The Nationality and Borders bill attacks ordinary people such as ourselves.ITs about time they got rid of that bunch of Nazis camping out at our expense at “Buck House” if they want to deport foreigners…Maybe cast their eyes on Johnson’s background and a definite on patel and her offspring.Ps …..maybe Steve H Hall centrist Dad might be worth a look at with a dubios international jet setter background and hiding away in his Caribbean bolt hole.with duel nationality….Oh what a tangled web they weave “?

  6. Chuckle! The Barbarians have breached the outer walls! What shall we do?

    Nuke ’em, says, more than, the half of Fleet St.

    Panic-buying of bottles of wine ensues, but there’s none left on the shelves – for some reason.

    Wetherspoons, it is, says Kelvin McKenzie. Let’s go lads!

  7. Ive just googled and just about everyone is against the PCSC Bill!

    Justice, the Runnymede Trust, The Good Law Project .. etc

    Even David Blunkett (that well known left winger 🥴) has called it “toxic”
    – turning the UK into Putins Russia.

    Sir Keir and the Labour Right are on their own ..

  8. There was a time recently when we were also the vermin of the day, we were worked out of Politics, Employment, Society and then life, note that these Fearmongering Tactics are by no means less prevalent/intense in the supposed “Opposition”, they are far more blatant and hateful. We are at a point of the rise of two Nazi Parties and the beginnings of History Repeating itself started in September 2015, Dumb Humans what an Utterly Pathetic Species! PLEASE gods and fairies nudge that big space brick in the sky on a slight unexpected swerve this way!

    1. The climate change laws will be so draconian they could end official resistance. Join the Greens if you want to but they are not Left.

      1. Yes, that is what I mean with a Barf and a Groan, in comparison to:
        The Thatcherite Neoliberal Conservative Party TORY FILTH!
        The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY FILTH!
        The Thatcherite Neoliberal Undemocratic Neoliberal Party TORY FILTH!
        The Thatcherite Neoliberal Greenish Party TORY FILTH probably would be the best of a bad lot?
        Remember this is only if we do not have a Democratic Socialist Candidate to vote for!
        If we all go and vote for the loony Party or that or that 100 vote Party we loose THEY WIN!
        Unless we create a Communication Platform for every Constituency and preplan to vote for the least offensive out of a bad lot, I would love to see the Loony Party kick Starmer’s Arse out of his seat! We can only do this if we work this together!

    ‘The brave with torch did shine a light.
    At the alter of Tory Ghouls.
    As that lumpen horde bled dry the right to say no!
    But were crushed…..Tory! Zombie! Fools!’

    1. @Bazza

      She walks with a ditty, works out of the city

      Has a demeanor that is real shitty

      Big bad Pritti!

      1. NVLA, I keep thinking that Medusa is dead but she is protected.

  10. Reminded of the old song ‘Big Bad John.’
    ‘Is Patel to send in a battleship to sink the desperate of the Earth?
    Whilst Lumpen Dorries bashes the bourgeois BBC and milks it for all it’s worth!
    Big Bad Johnson. Oh.
    Big Bad Johnson.’
    So with the Cost of Living Crisis we need:
    An immediate £500 Winter Fuel Payment for All plus end overcharging for pre-payment meters which hits the poor most and massive investment in retro fitting to reduce bills.
    Scrap the NI increase.
    Restore the £20 additional UC payment which helped poorer citizens and as they spent money in local shops brought millions to the local pounds.
    And let’s learn from history and regulate food prices.
    And free public transport on the buses, as well as helping the environment, less stress on bus drivers, helping the transport poor & more efficient plus if car owners can get the bus for free could save them £500+ a year in petrol costs.
    Just have a 10% tax on the rich (£69b), a financial transaction tax (£250b) and cut 90% of nuclear weapons (£475b) – there ain’t nothing we can’t do once we have left wing democratic socialist vision!

  11. Separate and Distinct, but relevant:

    That a government functionary, Priti Patel, is promoting THE MOST oppressive measure possible in a supposedly “free” society, The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill, is, well, what we’d expect from the most right-wing and divisive British Government since the Peterloo Massacre and the 1820s, BUT the Head of State’s personal decision to give Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter (2022) is very political, not appropriate, a vile attack on antiwar sentiments and just plain wrong.

    This aspect of Sir Anthony’s award/’honour’ needs to be addressed directly and frequently by the democratic left. Our constitutional Head of State has over-stepped her place here. Even ‘hard working’, patriotic working people would be made very uncomfortable by HMQ’s action here and we need to publicise it repeatedly and loudly.

    “Not in my name” Brenda.

  12. Is a powerful piece on The Canary website on the Sinister clause 4 of The Police Bill which some suggest attempts to end the 500 year history of Gypsies, Travellers and Roma in the UK, and to make their lifestyles as free citizens illegal.
    Go back to 2010 and one of the first acts of the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition Govt was to cut £26m from the Gypsies and Travellers National sites fund, so that’s £312m cut since then!
    And now the Tory Barbarians blame the victims of their policy!
    Stand by these diverse working people!

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