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New Brighton exec resigns en masse over Labour’s abuse and contempt for democracy

Elected officers say regional party has ignored abuse they have suffered from right-wingers while inventing pretext to seize control of selections

Dear Member,
It is with regret that we, the signatories of this letter announce our resignation as officers of New Brighton Labour Party Branch.

As officers we pride ourselves on how well attended our branch meetings are, the political education we provide through excellent local speakers and how proactive we have been in our local area. From donations to local food banks, tree planting, supporting local refugees, Santa Sacks for local families and so much more, we were proud that we took our socialist values into our community. We have worked hard to make our meetings respectful, welcoming and inclusive so we can make a real difference to our local community through shared values.

We were also really looking forward to meeting members again as we returned to face to face meetings. However we have been consistently undermined by certain individuals in our branch and when complaints were made we received no support or even had an acknowledgement from Labour Party Northwest. Their lack of action has resulted in this minority of members continuing to exhibit unacceptable behaviours and we believe may have actually encouraged them to become more confident in disrupting and frustrating our meetings.

NW Region really showed their true colours when they informed us that our meeting to select our candidate for the May local elections would have to be cancelled because a complaint had been made. Your executive were not provided with any further details until we were informed that the “incident surrounding
the New Brighton selection has now been investigated … the selection process for New Brighton, will be carried out by the Northwest Regional Executive

We contacted Region by email to find out how they planned to carry out the candidate selection which they never acknowledged never mind answer our questions!

Then on Saturday 19 March we were informed by Paul Stuart, LGC Panel Co­ordinator that “Regional executive board have selected Susan Powell Wilde as the candidate for New Brighton. I am sure this is welcomed news. Now is the time to get campaigning and promote the new candidate for New Brighton“.

How can we welcome a candidate that we know very little about and who has not been endorsed by the members of New Brighton. This candidate has been imposed upon us which shows yet again the contempt Labour Party Northwest has for local members, as also shown by the removal last week of the Labour candidate for Bromborough. They have shown no respect or acknowledged our positive contribution to supporting local residents and our proud democratic values, which is why we are resigning with immediate effect.

In solidarity,
Laura Knotts, Chair
Shelagh Cullity, Branch Secretary
Andrew Bennett, Vice Chair
John Betteridge, Treasurer
Rosemary Hale, Membership Secretary
Gillian Homeri, Environmental Officer
Linda Wall, Social Media Officer
Gerard Corcoran, Disability Officer

A local source told Skwawkbox:

These people had done so much for their community but it had become untenable for them. Angela Eagle will be delighted.

Right-winger Eagle, the local Labour MP, was at the centre of a scandal after her supporters accused left members of throwing a brick through her office. A buried party investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, while a police investigation subsequently showed the window was not in her office and there had been never been a brick, nor was anyone ever charged with the act. After the constituency party (CLP) was suspended by Labour for many months, party staff communications in the leaked Labour report revealed that it had been done to protect Eagle from deselection.

Last week, the executive of Berwick upon Tweed (CLP) resigned en masse in protest at the party leadership’s war on members and active defence of racists. Last month, the elected officers and a number of members of both CLPs in Newham quit both their positions and their party membership in disgust at the same phenomena.

Labour is rotting from the head and the regional offices are spreading the putrefaction, while local parties and communities lose the decent members who genuinely have their best interests at heart.

North-west Labour has been contacted for comment.

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  1. I see you mention Berwick on Tweed resignations.
    Just heard on the local radio that 1 in 5 people in Alnwick have used a foodbank over the last year.
    That’s Ann-Marie Trevelyan’s constituency. She has consistently voted against higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability. 22 votes for a reduction in welfare benefits. We need to get her out, rather than squabbling between ourselves.

    1. Jenw And who can forget the Trevelyan name of the family who starved millions of People in the potato faminesi in Ireland and reduced the population from eight million to three million and from which they never recovered.This family are a obscenity and are still bringing misery to the working class.but now it’s in Britain and to think that this party are still dominated by this filthy disgusting Trevelyan family tory mp..
      the name of one of the most hated politicians in Irish history the Famine minister who said that the “nature of these Irish Catholics has brought gods judgment down upon them.
      JenwAnne Marie and her family shouldnt be allowed near anyone that needs feeding.or even a discussion on welfare.That name alone has guaranteed that I could never vote for the Conservative and unionist party..The labour party becomes more like them daily.

      1. Joseph, we are talking about serious genetic haters of the working class. To think that her beliefs don’t merit scrutiny beggars belief. Nonetheless, she had to follow the election process something that Labour Party ignores by parachuting in ‘candidates’. Does that mean that this party is less democratic than the madmen in office?

    2. Nobody I know is squabbling but angry at the treatment of members and the withdrawal of democracy in the party, I want the Tories out for sure but you must be aware of what you replace them with, I will not vote to replace a blue Tory with a red one.

  2. BRAVO! We need to see the 10/15 Democratic Socialist MPs do the same! It is an injustice to The PEOPLE that they are speaking and offering The PEOPLE Democratic Socialism, but the Reality of it, no matter how good intentioned they are being, is that they can only give/offer Thatcherite Neoliberalism, they are in an 80%+ Thatcherite Neoliberal Party, who’s Faux “Promises and Manifestos” will change quicker than BoJoke’s did, if people are stupid enough to vote them into Nr10!

  3. Considering Akehurst had some involvement in choosing Liverpool candidates last time. Are the party allowing him to take control once again. I do hope this councillors stand as Independents and win.

    1. “Are the party allowing him to take control once again” I wonder sometimes is it The Party or is it The Bored of Zionists and LikudHerut HQ aka JLM who are the decision-makers.

  4. It’s a fine thing to resign on principle, but it does nothing to advance the cause of democratic socialism or defend the people of this country from the unprincipled Right never mind the Tories. In fact it plays straight into the hands of the Starmer leadership who strive to remove the left from elected positions or even membership by hook or by crook.

  5. Although UK citizens are (currently mostly) able to still vote still ‘we’ have become disenfranchised. For myself, currently within one of the few non-Starmeritez, I feel that I am no longer able to support Evans’s envicerated Labour Party.

    For decades I have voted Labour, for decades there appeared to be voices and some hope on the left, I feel soon to be snuffed out completely. Where to turn? 200,000 ex-Party members, where will they turn?

    1. But for how long? They had the selection process for Angela Eagle last week. There is normally around 15 to 20 that turn up for Branch meeting but a certain councillor from Bidston rounded up as many as he could to keep Eagle safe. 92 was the attendance! New Brighton has been a very active Branch but I doubt the extra 72 even know what that means!

  6. In the letter the signatories say that Labour NW has contempt for the local members. Unfortunately this contempt is not confined to the NW. Starmers Labour has shown contempt for members and local democracy throughout the entire country.

  7. New brighton’s my home town. Can’t say I recognise any of the names, though it’s been a while since I bothered with the coming & goings within the ward. Last time I seen (former) New Brighton councillor, Wirral mayor & Wirral labour group leader, pot haircut, he told me he wants nothing to do with them anymore.

    But fair play to them. Shame it’s took another imposition for them to see the light and Do the Frank

    And the godawful local MP’s just been on BBC news about the spring statement, too. Usual just about to start whingeing grid on it.

    She’ll have nobody left to accompany her if she comes knocking at my door after my vote, again.

    Sound. 🖕🤬🖕

  8. A ‘certain individual’ in this branch is Councillor Paul Martin, who presumably approves of Torifying the remnants of this party.

  9. Beg to differ. If everyone goes, they’re scuppered. The quicker they all bail out, the quicker the ship founders and sinks. Glug, glug, glug… 👋 👋 👋

  10. SteveH
    Remind us of the numbers
    How many door knockers will Temporary Embarrassment have at his disposal come the GE
    Your a military strategist, how many Nazi supporters does it take to mount an effective election campaign
    Your fucked

      1. SteveH
        Your up against cheap and nasty do anything to keep power horrible bastards and you are celebrating a victory over a fringe or should i say Tinge party
        Go and resit your CSE maths

      2. Doug – ….and yet despite ‘the left’ mobilising their activists to door knock on his behalf Nellist lost his deposit again.

  11. The Northwest is being emasculated, my CLP had single figure attendance for February, a once vibrant CLP has all but been disbanded, the introduction of attending ward meetings to qualify to attend the CLP is a tool to take away any power a CLP has, I understand New Brighton going this way.

  12. The Village Idiot again spouts his verbal nonsense. If it’s not Corbyn it’s Nellist……Does he get a stiffy out of these sad events?

    1. baz2001 – ‘The left’ are pretending to offer a credible alternative so I see nothing wrong with referring to your candidates past performance when examining the veracity of these claims. It isn’t my fault that your claims simply don’t stack up.

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