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Byrne delivers Right-to-Food letter to Sunak signed by politicians, union leaders and community groups

Liverpool MP Ian Byrne has delivered a letter through Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s letterbox demanding a legally-enshrined ‘right to food’ for the people of the UK. Byrne’s right-to-food campaign has burgeoned since it started as a football fans’ initiative with the Fans Supporting Foodbanks group that Byrne co-founded in Liverpool and that has spread around the UK and overseas.

The letter was signed by an array of political figures, union leaders and community groups – including MPs from a broad spectrum of the Labour party and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, though not by Keir Starmer or his close team:

Byrne delivered the letter in person along with a delegation of signatories:

Last week, the working-class left MP’s campaign was recognised by the Patchwork Foundation with the organisation’s ‘MP of the year’ award. The award was entirely ignored by the national ‘mainstream’ media.

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    1. “Will Rishi Sunak listen/

      Probably not – and he’ll be delighted that neither does Sir Keir Rodney.

      The Covid-scam and War in Ukraine have succeeded in Restoring Inflation, without which the neoliberals esperience”all that is solid” turning into air.

      1. quertboi…hyper inflation is a different beast and even those with large deposits in the bank fear that.Sunak if hes any common sense at all after a public schoolboy education should be very frightened even if only for his position as chancellor with a task before him requiring a steely determination and commitment to the people of Britain ???
        .I naturally wouldnt expect anything for the working class invisible majority or any common sense statments from the tribute act of the knight but starving familys on the streets,repossesions,and empty shelves in supermarkets will see a fight back from the streets despite demos and anti establishment comments being virtually illegal.I have worked in countrys were hyperinflation and poverty take control and the results are not pretty
        Western neo liberalism and the one world order that joe Biden commented on only this week touting that the USA should lead this allianc of parasites which will with good planning and the help of a emboldened Russia and China see the end of these warlike parasites that have infected democracy since the end of the second world war..
        Pride 😤comes before a fall and I can only pray that I will still be kicking to see it.and the working class share in the fruits of their labour.

  1. The right to food will soon be a main issue for the invisible working class people of Britain.ITs a little bit like watching a truck out of control heading for a crowd of people who have no inkling of just whats coming .and even if they had ..theres nothing in the way to stop the carnage..!

    1. Good analogy. With our press being handmaidens of the city we shall bear the brunt. They can’t print a new exit from the recession. Inflation is going to pinch, with no price controls and increased unemployment. These gaping sores are being held together by what we call laughingly our emergency and social services. It will get worse because while the walls tumble they will give us something to hate. They can be relied upon to give us war. War is nice, there’s money in war and death. Excuse me, I didn’t mean to startle and wake you up CND.

  2. Could regulate staple food prices and have a 20% Wealth Tax which would bring in £69b to address poverty etc plus restore the £20 a week UC that was cut and for all legacy benefits though this now may not be enough.
    Also scrap the NI increase, cut tax on energy bills, have a Windfall Tax on Big Business and an annual £500 Winter Fuel Payment for All plus take utilities into public ownership.
    Was campaigning with my union to restore the £20 UC yesterday and one woman on UC was depressed and said she is not living but existing plus they are always messing her about and she felt she had nothing to live for.
    We tried to give her hope by saying we can get rid of this Govt and treat claimants with respect and to support them.
    Then an old bloke with a Zimmer frame came by, we were saying we are fighting poverty, and he said you are looking at it, on chatting he was very clued up.
    Oh how we need a left wing democratic socialist party to politicise the masses, offer Hope & transform society.

      1. Until Sir Keir Rodney, ‘our’ candidates were mostly Labour. After Thursday May 5 2022 the loss of deposit will become a Labour thing.

        Democracy and socialism are indivisible – Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is about to prove it (well, prove it inverse)

      2. qwertboi – I’ll be extremely surprised if there is even a single loss of deposit by a Labour candidate in May’s Local Authority Elections.

      3. Steve H realises that the number of seats challanged will be dramatically reduced to limit the damage done by being a Tory tribute act.Moneys to tight to mention especially when it has to be acounted for legaly during elections as the knights labour party are very well aware of and frightened of.Imagine the stampede out if the public were ever to find out what and who outside the UK funds the technically bankrupt labour party.

      4. wobbly – Are you speaking from personal experience. (Why are you commenting on a post from 2mths ago)

    1. Well done Bazza……you give the real people hope,and one day that hope will be a reality otherwise we would never have got out of the caves and stood up on two feet. I am becoming increasingly worried about the many people who are victims of this government and so called opposition and hope that a real Opposition party will lead the working class to a better life in solidarity with one another unlike the insane dog eat dog neo liberalism that nonces like Steve H are planning for working class.

  3. Sunak’s probably the only toerag I can think of that looks like he needs a pan o’ scouse or two down him the most. (I’ve seen more meat on a Good Friday than on that diminutive, avaricious** skeleton ffs)

    …And he’s the richest, isn’t he? Go on lad, treat yerself ffs. Have a scran. Not as if you can’t afford it…

    **Is that where the name Rishi comes from? A nickname derived from ‘avaricious’ ??

  4. A poll out today says people vaccinated with four or more doses of the vaccine are more likely to be very anti Russian and would like more retaliation against….ST on a Canadian poll..I didn’t realise Steve H hall and holby central had been to Canada…..nowt as strange as folk?

    1. Clinically venerable people like me so about another 900,000 others according to the NHS anyhow. That’s who happened quietly around a month ago it started I believe q the tin foil hat brigade it doesn’t exist BS…

      All the while hundreds of people still die every day to this virus and they still claim it doesn’t exist it must be terrifying in there heads. Sorry to get off topic I am just tired of 2 or 3 voices in here all the damn time with there anti vax, anti covid routine it gets old bleeding quick!

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