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New coalition to march on Parliament next weekend against Patel’s racist legislation

March takes place in London from noon on 27 Feb in protest at ‘classic far-right playbook’ of ‘racist, repressive’ legislation, as part of national day of action

A coalition of grassroots human rights and anti-racist groups is mounting a march in London next week and has called for a national day of action against the racist and anti-human-rights legislation the Tories are pushing through Parliament to little or no opposition from the current right-wing Labour regime, which is too busy trying to persuade billionaires that it is no threat while appealing to right-wing racism.

The Citizenship is a Right coalition brings together join campaigners opposed to the controversial Nationality and Borders Bill and is calling on supporters to take part in a national demonstration against the proposed legislation on the last Sunday of this month.

The much criticised Bill which is currently winding through Parliament gives the Home Secretary the right to to strip Britons with foreign ancestry of their nationality without notice. The Citizenship Bill, as it has been dubbed, furnishes Priti Patel with an ill-defined, easily abused power to make a deprivation order without notice and with fewer safeguards for those it targets.

There is no test or clear definition for exercise of the proposed powers. The Home Secretary is judge, jury and executioner. In case readers have forgotten Patel’s recent history, she:

An estimated six million people in the UK could be affected if the law comes into force – with a disproportionate impact on those born overseas or who have a parent born abroad. Racism is written into its very fabric.

The Bill also targets migrants by giving Border Force officers powers to turn refugees away from the UK while at sea – so-called ‘pushback powers’ – and makes it a criminal offence to knowingly arrive in the UK without permission.

This creates a punitive and inhumane barrier for genuine asylum-seekers trying to flee situations of desperate danger and leaves them at the mercy of human traffickers. Even the Government’s own lawyers have warned that they would likely lose a case on the lawfulness of forcing migrant boats to reverse course. But the Tories are pressing ahead anway, further entrenching hostility to migrants and to those with migrant backgrounds.

The demonstration is supported by 21 civil society organisations:

  • Association of Muslim Lawyers
  • Cube Network
  • Sikh Council UK
  • BLM Coalition
  • Jewish Voice for Labour
  • BAME Lawyers for Justice
  • Society of Black Lawyers
  • Labour Black Socialist
  • Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK
  • Society of Asian Lawyers
  • End Violence and Racism Against East and Southeast Asian Communities (EVR)
  • Muslim Association of Britain
  • Finsbury Park Mosque
  • Islamic Human Rights Commission
  • CAGE
  • Save Our Citizenships
  • Sikh Human Rights
  • Stop the War
  • Restless Beings
  • Friends of Al-Aqsa
  • Windrush Lives

The London march will assemble at noon on Sunday 27 February at the Home Office (SW1P 4DF) and march to Parliament Square. Details of marches in other locations will be published as and when received.

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  1. Are yer happy now Frank! I expect they’ll be lots of left-wing racists there!!

    (If anyone’s wondering what I’m talking about, see the first comment in the thread before this one)

    1. These are the Labour MPs who didn’t vote against the bill.

      Margaret Beckett (Labour – Derby South)
      Dan Carden (Labour – Liverpool, Walton)
      Feryal Clark (Labour – Enfield North)
      Rosie Cooper (Labour – West Lancashire)
      Wayne David (Labour – Caerphilly)
      Chris Evans (Labour – Islwyn)
      Barry Gardiner (Labour – Brent North)
      Emma Hardy (Labour – Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle)
      Mark Hendrick (Labour – Preston)
      Margaret Hodge (Labour – Barking)
      Kim Johnson (Labour – Liverpool, Riverside)
      David Lammy (Labour – Tottenham)
      Justin Madders (Labour – Ellesmere Port and Neston)
      Shabana Mahmood (Labour – Birmingham, Ladywood)
      Christian Matheson (Labour – City of Chester)
      Siobhain McDonagh (Labour – Mitcham and Morden)
      Conor McGinn (Labour – St Helens North)
      Catherine McKinnell (Labour – Newcastle upon Tyne North)
      Anna McMorrin (Labour – Cardiff North)
      Lisa Nandy (Labour – Wigan)
      Charlotte Nichols (Labour – Warrington North)
      Bridget Phillipson (Labour – Houghton and Sunderland South)
      Angela Rayner (Labour – Ashton-under-Lyne)
      Steve Reed (Labour – Croydon North)
      Marie Rimmer (Labour – St Helens South and Whiston)
      John Spellar (Labour – Warley)
      Jon Trickett (Labour – Hemsworth)
      Nadia Whittome (Labour – Nottingham East)

      1. Diferent frank….Your obsession with colour is treatable but you might have to stand in line with a few “blanke “to seek psychiatric help on the NHS..My family are mainly what you call P.O.C.and we live in a commune with exclusively .P.OC.and I am the only one with blue eyes although I do have a slightly darker skin tone amongst the many here .Should I be worried about being a white man and the blue eyed boy to many Khmer people including my grandchildren..Bugger off with your devisive attacks on the minority of people of this world who are Blanke and have no natural protection from the sun and unfortunately have blue eyes and are part of the worldwide community of the “Working class” socialists who like me are colour blind.

      2. Jon Trickett was absent through ill-health, do we know why the others didn’t vote against.

        Or are they all to be lumped together as – ‘didn’t vote against the bill’?

      3. George – Those a reasonable excuse will no doubt ensure that their constituents know why they didn’t vote on such an important bill that is so contrary to everything that Labour stands for.

    2. Funny how this appeared after I called them out.
      Only one article before.
      Q’White interesting.
      Fascist policy, and only two articles?
      But, Starmer is more important, than 6 million people maybe losing their citizenship.

    3. Oh, I forgot.
      The skwarkbox unfollowed me, when I stood with Black people against racist trolls.,
      So I am calling the skwarkbox, a liberal racist site.

      1. Different Frank you will probably not like the fact that the SNP leader has lost her fight in the courts to remove the biological fact that a Women is a Woman which is the “protected rights” of Women and men and the plainly bloody everyone other than cranks and neo liberal western society who wish to challange biology,science and the natural world for political reasons rather than common sense…wake up the world is burning.
        “Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds,there is nothing comparable to one who is “Awakened” BUDDA SUTTA NIPATA “

      1. Steven I hope you do a Socialist Telly on the SOS NHS actions across the country 26 February to build to this National Day of Action building up to that day.

    4. Who is this guy Frank? Seen him occasionally post some really weird comments .

  2. ‘Neo-Liberal Capitalist Lumpen abuse thy power?
    Barbarians – no misnomer?
    Patel the Pound Shop Mussolini?
    First they came for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma?’

    1. The horror is how swiftly Sir Keith Rodney Starmer rushed to expelling and suspending black, brown, Muslim and Jewish people of faith and none. Why? Because Starmer & gang lack anything positive to help “The Many”, yet openly show the will protect the interests of “The Few”.

      That’s why Sir Keith has kept TOTALLY quiet re all blatantly WICKED legislation in general, and this RACIST one in particular.

      1. Only two pieces by this rag.
        Q’white quiet, if you ask me.

    2. Patel the Pound Shop Mussolini

      Paper shops, weren’t it? Newsagent nazi.

  3. In the above article and referring to the legislation, it says: ‘Racism is written into its very fabric.’

    AND Fascism!

  4. Were Jeremy C still the wonderful leader of Labour, this coalition would not be necessary – but credit to them for fighting for thei bleeding obvious – Citizenship is a Right!. The things that right wing politics reduces our politics to, Sir Sneer Rodney Starmer and Priti Patel.

    For the Many, not the Few

  5. I wonder
    (1) Who voted against the Bill –
    possibly some Tories?
    (2) who will turn up on the march-
    – apart from the usual?

  6. Funny how I call you out for ignoring this.
    Then suddenly, an article appears.
    Performative racist liberals.
    We see you.

    1. As you have been told Frank – Skwawkie did NOT ignore this –
      there has been much talk about it!

      The reason it has been posted now? Because of
      the march later this month.

      1. And all the other demonstrations were ignored, why?
        Did they publicise them?

      2. HolbyFanMw
        Oh, the one about white people.
        Funny, that.

  7. Two pieces, about Nazi legislation, that will affect millions of POC.
    How many droning on about Starmer?
    Q’White interesting.

    1. Speaking of of droning on about Starmer, he’s right! Starmer is right when he says money can be saved, starting with MP’s salaries. As Dave Nellist observed, they are paid far too much & have lost touch with the plight of the poor & have no concept of hunger nor deprivation. More foodbanks than McDonalds is a testimony to this fact. Elites drone on about ‘if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’, but 3 times the average working wage is quite a differential.
      May I suggest a financial incentive to encourage MPs to do their job & represent the needs of the people; may I suggest performance related pay? A simple formula would sufffice………a basic salary based on the minimum wage, with incremental bonuses paid as & when the standard of living for the poor rises. Simples. Apologies for droning on about Starmer (AWM).
      (AWM – Angry White Man).

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