Video: £15bn cuts ‘easily achievable’ says man Starmer wants to get into political bed with

Fellow knight Ed Davey boasted that the LibDems could ‘easily’ find another £12bn cuts on top of £3bn already promised – and his party agreed other Tory cuts in return for carrier bag tax

Keir Starmer wants to get into bed with Ed Davey’s LibDems at the next general election to try to defeat the Tories. In the eyes of the Labour right, this is presumably a better option than having to actually stand for any kind of real change.

And Davey definitely represents ‘more of the same’ that has blighted the UK for the last twelve years. In 2015, as the LibDems tried to persuade a betrayed UK that it should trust them again after five years of collusion with the Tories, the party promised at least £3 billion of further cuts – so-called centrists’ ‘wisdom’ then, like now, was that the only way to appeal to the public was to try to out-Tory the Tories – and Davey appeared on the BBC to boast that after finding £12 billion of cuts as a coalition he could ‘easily’ find another £12 billion to cut on top of the £3bn further cuts already promised:

The coalition government’s cuts in the 2010-15 government had caused untold misery, hardship and poverty, with burgeoning homelessness, child poverty and foodbank use even among working people. Davey thought that was ‘easy’ and that it would be easy to do it all over again in the next term.

And the LibDems had sold the Tories their cooperation on the 2010-15 hounding of the poor – all that ‘conscious cruelty’, misery, hardship and death – for the price of a carrier bag tax. They boasted of that, too:

Two Establishment men with a common mindset, running what are now – tragically for the nation – two Establishment parties. Natural bedfellows. But neither of them have any business anywhere near a Labour party – and neither offer any meaningful change from the slash and burn of twelve Tory years.

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  1. The liberal box, still banging on about Labour.
    Does Rachael Cousins write this drivel, for you?
    Not much to say about anything else, have you, while 6 million people could have their citizenship taken away, you drone on about Starmer.
    You are sad, and pathetic. and like most of the UK left, probably racist.

    1. I guess that this is what Skwawkbox is referring to:
      It does constitute a news item worth commenting on.
      If they’d quoted the reference it would have been clear that the Skwawkbox article wasn’t just a random attack on Starmer.
      The rest puzzles me. Some young relatives listen to Rachel Cousins’ music. Can’t say I like it but can’t see what she has to do with this. Never seen anything to indicate that Mr Walker is racist. Quite the opposite. I think an apology is called for.

    2. No I don’t know who Rachael Cousins is either.

      If you are talking about the ease at which citizens can have
      their citizenship removed – yes it is racist but
      Skwawkie has already dealt with it and it has
      been criticised as such here.

      You need to pay attention at the back!

      1. Holby: “No I don’t know who Rachael Cousins is either….”

        I know! It’s getting hard to keep up with all the alleged players in the right’s ‘culture wars’ – especially when people from ‘the left’ join-in (eh, Different frank?)

        might help, or at least give you a handle on her/it/them.

    3. No, this site “drones on” about the Tories. And that includes all the different varieties, Red, Blue Yellow and Green.

      Mr Savile Saver Starmer deserves what he gets, he’s a racist liar. A person who got elected on a set of promises and pledges he quickly abandoned. A person who supports genocide in Palestine, a person who takes money from Israel and Private Health Investors, a person who sent private letters of support to the corrupt maniac we have as PM. A person who directs his Party to abstain on the bill to strip people of their citizenship and benefits.

      If you don’t like that sort of ‘bias’ you know what to do.

      1. AND someone who dissembled a Big fat Lie and totally twisted and misrepresented what Jeremy Corbyn said, and then suspended him based on his big Nazi-type lie, and then as good as booted him out of the LP three weeks later.

        Oh, right, and he and his fascist buddies want Jeremy to apologise for telling the truth!

      2. ‘Mr’ Jimmy Saville was knighted in 1990 by the “blessed” woman who either groomed him, or was gromed by him (as i!!).

        If nothing else, the British Establishment is predictable and formulaicly corrupt and self-serving in who/what it endorses. For heaven’s sake, Saville even received the very same type of knighthood as Blair and Starmer!

    4. ‘,,,, and like most of the UK left, probably racist’

      Put a sock in it Frank, ffs! Yur talkin’ outta yur arse, and YOU know it!!

      1. Off topic, but here’s a short video (2mins 50secs) that exposes the lies and smears of yet ANOTHER fascist piece of unowhat:

        OTTAWA FREEDOM CONVOY – Are protesters honest and respectful citizens or not?

      2. Thanks for that Allan which shows the lies against ordinary people who are brave to stand up against Tyranny that seems from where I am to be a orchestrated scam on the western public to introduce draconian laws and measures that are nothing to do with the virus and more about the removal of freedoms we fought for and our parents and grandparents spilled blood for liberty and freedom from fascist dictators.Maybe its time to make these tyrinacal goverments realise weve got teeth and we can fight back..

      3. A few days ago in the Canadian parliament Trudeau said that there were people at the protests waiving swastikas. I knew that he was lying of course, and by chance I just came across what he was referring to. It’s someone holding a large upside down Canadian flag with – amongst other things that I can’t make out even though I enlarged the picture – a swastika symbol drawn on it. It was OBVIOUSLY designed to make a point about Trudeau and the way he’s been curtailing freedoms and smearing the protesters, but Trudeau, being Trudeau, ‘transformed’ it in to the opposite of what it actually was.

        There’s a picture of it in the background of a picture in the following CBC article (which I assume stands for Canadian Broadcasting Company); scroll down a little bit and you’ll see it. And if CBC is part of the Canadian MSM, then I can only assume that the Canadian MSM are playing along with all Trudeau’s lies and smears and demonisation:

      4. Thanks Allan Howard. “A few days ago in the Canadian parliament Trudeau said that there were people at the protests waiving swastikas..”

        The Elites/Establishment often uses this particular trick. They (WRONGLY) present/ characterise resistance to them in order to demonise it!! They’ve been very sucessful with it on the coronavirus issue. Very successful..

      5. Funny how the left on Twitter follow people that call Black people, the N word.
        And post their telephone numbers online. The left are not left wing, in away way at all.
        Just Liberal racists.

    5. Starmer is a bigger liar than Johnson, look no further than his pledges or the pile on against Corbyn. Labour getting into bed with the Lib Dums is showing his true colours, anti poor/disabled anti socialists and pro establishment.

      1. and his support for mandatory vaccination and venues covid passports. Both of these measures are rightly resisted / opposed by the wonderful Jeremy Corbyn.

  2. The liberal democrats are directly responsible for the concept of the privateNHS when they dreamt up furthur business opportunity in removing the responsibility for the NHS from government and to the private sector.The arch traitors the Gang of four “released Dame shirley williams to the libs to plan and further ransack the NHS for the vultures of the Condem government.This infection should have been dealt with after the gang of four treacherous double dealing flop.
    …. Labour party ..membrrs who were around at that time should have worked on eradicating the right wing of the Labour party…We didnt and I like many others should shoulder some of the blame for the death of the Labour party and the last few nails in the coffin of the NHS…..Never again will I repeat that mistake of trusting politicians before double checking on every filthy platitude.

    1. Joseph, the Yellow Tories we co-authors of the 2012 Health & Social Care Bill that removed the duty of care from the Secretary of State for Health. That principal was the initial step that allowed the NHS to be gradually privatised. Also remember what Sir Vince Cable (yes, another Sir of the Realm) did to the Royal Mail.

      These bastards just look after the Establishment of this Country, and never the general public. And that includes Mr Savile Saver as well.

  3. PS About the NHS – there have been hints from
    the shadow Cabinet that more privatisation is

    Eg “We need to have a serious
    conversation about the NHS”

    which fans of “Yes Minister” know
    can be translated as

    “We need to privatise more of the NHS ..”

    1. Have they really said ““We need to have a serious conversation about the NHS”?
      They can’t seem to have a serious conversation about anything.
      Nationality and Borders Bill?
      Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill?
      Coventry (little laugh)?
      Give me Jim Hacker any day.

      1. In fact I can’t find that quotation – so apologies !

        It was something similar though which set
        the alarm bells ringing

        I will have another look ..

    2. The NHS and Care Bill is in the HoL at the moment. It will divide up our NHS into 42 seperate Intergrated Care Systems (ICS), segmenting our NHS. It puts the emphasis on provision of healthcare by private companies over the NHS. The private providers will sit on the ICS boards, will make decisions on the care to be provided, will take a % for the admin and care (unlike the NHS providers who do not have to give shareholders a dividend) and any money still in the budget at the financial year end will be taken for further profit. No conflict of interest there then.

      It will reverse the emphasis of care at the point of need and will refocus care as dependent on the money available – no money, no treatment. That is unless you can pay up front, or have costly private insurance.

      At a recent union meeting, I was alarmed that one former councillor brought up that our campaign for the NHS could potentially be embarrassing for any union members who were on the ICS boards. I took this as code for councillors – who else would be likely to sit on the boards? Don’t want to be embarrassing Labour councillors now, do we?

      The 26th February has been designated a national day of action for our NHS. Under the SOS NHS banner, camapigners will be on the streets in the major cities and towns to highlight what the government are doing. There has been no MSM coverage of the bill that will affect all of us who depend on the NHS. Worse still, no condemnation from Labour. No support for our campaigns. No surprise there.

      1. Thanks, Nemtona: wonderfuly accurate analysis.

        Arguably, though, the ICSs are simply a ‘prioritisation’ (check-list) aid for the privateers and capital accumulators. The 2012 HSCA already opens the enire NHS (even “Trust”/Foundation Trust functions) to privatisation in the guise of competition, efficiency and choice.

    3. HolbyFanMw – i posted a few days ago or last week that Streeting said EXACTLY as much. He said he wanted more PRIVATISATION in the NHS. ⚠️🚨⚠️🚨⚠️🚨

      1. Thanks you Signpost – so they are not even hiding it then?

        This privatisation is in spite of the fact that it cost MORE
        and many health authorities are still left with old contracts
        to pay off – this leaching money for much needed resources.

        There was a TV program a couple of years ago
        which pointed this out – have they learned nothing?

      2. HolbyFanMw, They r not hiding it. Read my earlier post. Streeting was crystal clear + TOTAL approval of openly Right Wing Thatcher worshiping host.
        I think they r also testing the water re coalition pact č Tories. Shady meetings r being met in “Westminster hotels”.

        Lammy in particular all this week especially, but since last year, keeps repeating that he could “work with Liz Truss” and other Tories, INCLUDING now JOHNSON re Ukraine military action.

        Lammy has also been repeating what he knows is a lie that the people rejected Jeremy, Socialism and the manifesto. He claims he heard it on the doorstep. He also said he knows people get angry hearing that. YES because it’s a ridiculous lie NB Putney Canterbury W or E etc. PLUS Luciana Berger, Smeethe, Ummuna, Soubrey, Jo Swinson etc being wiped away by the electorate. Jeremy & Dianne by stark contrast, kept their HUGE majorities and forty something THOUSAND votes🚩🌟🚩🌟🚩🌟

        These BASICS need repeating DAILY to dismiss the likes of Lammy, Streeting, Mandelson, Blair and Sir Keith.
        🅰️ 🅱️ C … 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

        btw, Ask Lammy to explain the Revolutionary Socialist Republic of Putney and the 29 seats gained GE2017. First gains in DECADES i think.

        🔔🅰️🔵🔔🅰️🔵🔔🅰️ 🔵

      3. ps. i awoke in early hours thinking that Maria Vazquez understood what i meant, re dont give any intelligence to the parasites. Some may have misunderstood me and her better clearer suggestion. Maria improves mine,m. ie Use up the time of the parasites in their PHONE CALLS & doorstep. But DONT click links in their texts and similar emails. And DONT answer them except with questions. Example – Which of Sir Keith made, YOU think are most important❓
        Rank the pledges in order of preference❓ Do u think Labour will ever be the largest party in Europe again❓
        NHS privitisation❓ Citizenship withdrawal❓ Covid-19 banditry❓

        Use your own words of course. Preparation is everything. Time and intelligence is invaluable. Deprive them of all that is valuable.

        Of course in meetings speak clearly as my lot did / do.

        But if they come calling on the doorstep, of course use use their time THEN give them all u’ve got … as an energetic good bye‼️‼️‼️

        Their texts, calls & email survey / questionnaires r meant to make it easy to plan / max their resources. FRUSTRATE them.

        Maria, it came to mind afterwards that i did use your method of asking lots of questions. That was when our Blair lot MP was campaigning to sabotage Open Selection. Then i used the questions to avoid giving them the assurances i knew they were seeking. They were out in force working overtime!!!

        ALSO beware, an EXPENSIVE polling company was hired to extract negative opinions of Jeremy. They were pretty rapid fire with THEIR questions. But forewarned is forearmed. As May elections approaches, their calls, texts, + emails will increase.

        Glad to reveal, volunteers to canvass etc has dropped to near ZERO🙃🙃🙃 Other branches r slow to learn. They still have not realised they r being used. Strange. Almost all aggressively stuck to non stop appeasement have left the party, leaving those four or five who hogged control of the appeasement fest “Left”, and blather on about what they call “Political Education” eg reading about any noble issue far away eg Socialism in Chile, with none to indulge them.

        BASICS like crushing MYTHS holds no appeal for them. Anyway, they’ve been left in the lurch. GOOD ‼️‼️‼️

      4. Oh dear, was it Labour’s consistent lead in the polls that prompted your return.

      5. windchimes – Did he really say that, do you have a link?

  4. A little help in identifying two women, if I may.

    Rachael Cousins (with two As) is the real name of the blogger “Rachael Swindon”.

    Polly Mackenzie is now director of something called Demos. I didn’t study Greek, and so I lay myself open to correction by Jacob Rees-Mogg, but I understand that “demos” is Greek for “the common people”, corresponding to Latin “plebs”.

    So, it appears from her tweets thal lovely, liberal Polly was so keen to help the plebs that she attacked their benefits and then charged them for a plastic bag to bring their meagre rations home from Lidl.

    1. I’ve heard of DEMOS. It’s a “think tank”. This translates as a lobby group posing as being independent. Most such “think tanks” are neoliberal. They’re everywhere.

    2. liberal Polly was so keen to help the plebs that she attacked their benefits and then charged them for a plastic bag to bring their meagre rations home from Lidl.

      But, but, but…If the plebs are that hard up, the food bank doesn’t charge for plastic bags…

  5. As an aside, in case you’ve missed it/them:
    From and interview that George Stephanopoulos did with Nancy Pelosi.
    “STEPHANOPOULOS: The White House is warning of an imminent invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainians seem to think that that’s all hype. Are — do you believe that Putin is poised to invade?
    PELOSI: Well, I think we have to be prepared for it. … But if we were not threatening the sanctions and the rest, it would guarantee that Putin would invade. … And the president’s made it very clear. There’s a big price to pay for Russia to go there. So if Russia doesn’t invade, it’s not that he never intended to. It’s just that the sanctions worked.”
    … and from a Consortium News piece:
    “Monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), who are on the ground, reported 222 ceasefire violations and 135 explosions in Donetsk on Thursday and 648 ceasefire violations and 519 explosions in Lugansk”
    Looks like Ukraine is trying to provoke a Russian intervention to protect Donbas. If it works, then Russia is “guilty of attacking Ukraine”. If it doesn’t work then the US saw off the “Russian threat”.
    Cake and eat it?

    1. Well, well. At last someone in the MSM has decided that you can’t believe everything you are told.
      See Patrick Cockburn in today’s Independent.

    2. The playbook goes like this (first spotted on Zerohedge of all places*):

      “First, accuse Putin of plotting something he never intends to do. Second, tell the world you will strongly respond to the fabricated scenario. Third, tell the world when the fabricated scenario is to happen. Then, when the fabricated scenario never happens, that it is because you are so brilliant and strong you outmaneuvered and cowed the Russians.”

      Which is like me sitting in the back garden on a sunny afternoon with a few beers then claiming success at guarding the house from marauders when none turn up.

      * Its a sad sign of the state of affairs which exists that the most effective questioning of Official Narratives is coming from the political right rather than the political left – where at least some sections claiming to be of the left seem more comfortable acting as water carriers for Official Narratives based more on the no such thing as society only the individual and the family philosophy of Rand and Thatcher.

      1. Dave – I hadn’t appreciated that you were so gullible.

      2. Spot on Dave H though you’re likely to be attacked by a gullible Right Wing Labour lightweight on here who falls for the Western Right Wing Neo-Liberal Capitalist Narrative.
        Is a brilliant piece today in Sidecar, the blog of the brilliant New Left Review, entitled ‘Natoland’ which I highly recommend.
        After Gorbachev agreed to end the partition of Germany the US promised that NATO would not “Expand one more inch to the East.”
        In the last 30 years NATO has expanded 800 miles to the East.
        Interestingly in Ukraine only 20% supported joining NATO for many years but when the US picked the new Ukraine PM he changed the constitution in 2019 to have joining NATO as a goal; 40% in Ukraine now support this and 40% don’t plus they don’t count the two disputed regions.
        Also the West have broken the Minsk agreement by supplying drones to Ukrainians in disputed areas and last year NATO massed 28,000 troops over the border of Russia, provocative or what?
        To be clear I am a left wing democratic socialist and want such governments in every country and Putin is a nationalist who wants to protect Russia’s resources but I have little time for his regime post-Chechnya, when they raised cities to the ground whilst the West remained silent and as the article suggests in the Presidential Election that followed “Blair rushed to Moscow to congratulate Putin on his election victory.”
        But as a left wing democratic socialist I believe we should talk to other countries and treat them as equals and with respect – better Jaw Jaw than War War!
        But also as a left wing democratic socialist I believe we should pull the rug from under the Neo-Liberal Capitalist Western Imperialists.
        There are 30 members of NATO and 40 partner counties, so that’s 70 countries out of 187 in the world, so let’s scrap NATO and have a World Peace Alliance with ALL countries IN, what no enemies, a multi-trillion hit for military industrial complexes and their profits ,spend the savings on human need, save millions of lives?
        Left wing democratic socialists say YES!

      3. Bazza – Wasn’t that the idea behind the United Nations. All you have to do is persuade the security council to give up their veto votes.

      4. The smarmer worshipper – questioning others’ gullibility. 🙄

      5. Toffee – You and your comrades are the ones who are stupid and gullible enough to put your faith in a thuggish narcissist like Putin who enriches himself whilst maintaining his dictatorial power by murdering and imprisoning his opponents. There’s a reason why the only states who want anything to do with him are other authoritarian dictatorships.

  6. Starmer’s plan appears to be to unite with his fellow ‘knight of the realm’ & merge the Labour Party with the Liberal Democrats. Both have similar foreign policies (as do all 3 major parties) but both are anti-Brexit & share a contempt for the working class.
    I voted Brexit, nothing to do with Nationalism (which I despise) but more accountability, Corbyn’s compromise would have been a far better resolution but Starmer ensured it would never become policy.. EU foreign policy is supportive of Nato & Germany has unfinished business from WW2, started by arming Croatia & breaking up Yugoslavia; now arming Ukraine (also allies from WW2) & destroying the Greek economy. Beware the European Central Bank. Yes I voted ‘Leave’ so I must be a racist……….but only in a corrupt bourgeois pervert’s mind.

    1. …..and here was I thinking that it was the members of the SCG that were advocating this strategy.

    2. Steve – I think the various parts of Yugoslavia did it
      all by themselves in breaking it up. It was Tito who had
      kept them together and when he died it fell apart.
      At that early stage the West should have kept their
      nose out. By recognising one of the parts they
      exacerbated the situation ..

      All the parts had responsibility – but Serbian nationalism
      had bigger than most. Some of this was an old old dispute
      between Orthodox and Rome and some racism towards
      Islamists ..

      But you are correct in that by loaning Greece large
      amounts of money for projects they did not need – Germany
      helped put them in the dire financial position which ensued.

      1. exactly like the blessed thatcher encouraging people to buy their council house. She wasn’t genuflecting at the alter of capitalism: she was ensuring that large chunks of labour became wage slaves and credit pimps so that the protect ‘the system’ as-is, not improve it.

      2. Franjo Tudjman was a fervent Croatian nationalist, so it wasn’t a great mix.

      3. HFM and the massive debts they have saddled Greece with is for them to pay German banks for many years!

      4. Massive loans were given to Greece by IMF & European Central Bank; financed by Germany, mainly to provide ‘military defence’ against a supposed Turkish invasion threat. @ extortionate rates of repayment that bankrupted the economy. & could never be repaid. .Croatia has always had close links with Germany & the break up of Yugoslavia started with weapons provided by German gov’t. & history is repeated in Ukraine.

  7. £12 billion from the military budget would be fine by me although I do not think that is what they mean.

    1. Once we get our money back from the track and trace ponces everything will be OK 👍.

    2. Tony
      Trident is neither a deterrent nor independent
      Michael Portillo Tory Defence Minister

      Trident is in fact the world’s biggest and most expensive penis extension
      JC promised to spend the money on the Armed Forces pound for pound

  8. Despite mendaciously making his 10 Pledges, didn’t the disgustingly RW ‘anti’-leader of Labour also repeat another strategem of the wonderful Corbyn which he had No Intention to implement, ie, rejecting even the possibility of a “pact” with the Libdems and other extremely economically right wing arties?

    He’s a marker for duplicity. Whatever he says serves only one purpose: To Deceive.

    Scum is as scum does.

  9. In 2010 the first thing the Neo-Liberal capitalist 1st X1 and 2nd X1 -Tories & Lib Dem’s did was to give tax cuts to the rich and big business TO PROTECT THEM from Austerity which was and is only for US Diverse Working People.
    Now tragically post-Corbyn, Right Wing Labour under Lightweight Trilateral Commission Agent Starmer has become the third Neo-Liberal capitalist grovelling party.
    And citizens have no choice as whoever wins it is all power to the rich!
    We need a new left wing democratic socialist party to give working people a GENUINE CHOICE and just read that the great New Democratic Socialist Party Breakthrough are to come up with a manifesto shortly.
    Those unions who are not impressed with Starmer’s Right Wing Labour could do no worse than take a look at this group, they are mainly young people who were attracted to Labour by Corbyn, but left Labour after how Corbyn was treated and formed this new party, their hearts and minds are in the right place and they are good democratic socialist kids!

  10. SteveH – Welcome back. I hope you’ve been doing something enjoyable rather than having been ill.
    Whatever it was, it caused you to forget to answer a couple of questions when we were having a good discussion.
    I’ll remind you.
    * Did you alert the, then, leadership of the party to the fact that McNicol was working against the interests of the party? Did they ignore your sage advice? Who did you inform? This could be really useful in ascertaining where responsibility for these failures lay.
    * Is it “it is the GLU … which is responsible for suspension and reinstatement” which I got wrong or is it “As was made clear in the EHRC report, it is not within the remit of the leader of the party to make such decisions.”?
    No rush. I have visitors coming shortly so I won’t be able to look until tomorrow.

    1. goldbach – Is this you trying to impress us all with how clever you think you are again?

      1. Says the beaut who’s widely regarded as a genius on this site.

        In fact, so erudite and well-versed** is he,that just about everyone has shown him up for the imbecile he is.

        Yes folks, wee stevie is the self-appointed genius and guardian of centrist (tory) politics.

        **In all things extolling smarmer but fuck-all else.

      2. Not at all. I suspect that it appears that way from your perspective as a result of your inability to answer a couple of simple questions.

      3. Except it isn’t an inability.

        It’s a point-blank refusal. He knows we know he’s full of shite, but it doesn’t stop him posting all sorts of irrelevant, deflective and obfuscatory garbage.

        But when push comes to shove he’s all piss & wind.

        You’ll notice he hasn’t uttered a peep about the people these cuts will affect. He never posts about the victims of smarmer’s shithousery, nor acknowledges their plight.

        Instead he sneers at people who know there is ZERO difference between smarmerism & conservatism…except the name.

        The proof was when smarmerism said they’d merely change the name of universal credit.

        Take a look at this thread, take a look at wee fella’s posts to deduce how much of a shite he gives about the poor…And this link’s just one example of his (and smarmerism’s) total disregard towards them

      4. Ah, up and about and raring to go, I see, but still bereft of answers.
        Let’s make it easy for you.
        Just one at a time.
        Did you alert the, then, leadership of the party to the fact that McNicol was working against the interests of the party?
        That’s an easy one. Only requires a “yes” or “no”, or have you forgotten?

      5. goldbach – No I didn’t write to Jeremy to complain about McNicol. Why would I when JC and/or his staff must have already been aware of many of the problems because they were reported on these pages. Why on earth are you asking?

      6. That makes things easier. Just one outstanding question, then.
        “* Is it “it is the GLU … which is responsible for suspension and reinstatement” which I got wrong or is it “As was made clear in the EHRC report, it is not within the remit of the leader of the party to make such decisions.”?”
        Regarding your previous answer – Could you post the link yo the expose of McNichol’s malfeasance between the 2015 GE and his departure as GSec which was here on Skwawkbox. You refer to it in your last comment, but I was not visiting this site inn those days.

      7. goldbach – It is within the remit of the party leader to make a political decision to remove the whip. Plus at this time Corbyn was in control of the NEC and Formby was GenSec. You’re welcome to carry on trying to defend the indefensible if you want to.

        THE woman who has accused Hartlepool Labour candidate Mike Hill of sexual assault spoke out for the first time last night after party leader Jeremy Corbyn was seen with his arm around the would-be MP.
        In her first ever media interview, the woman told The Northern Echo that she wanted people voting in Hartlepool to know that she had not dropped her complaint against Mr Hill, and he had not been exonerated, as some people believe.
        Mr Corbyn was seen with his arm around Mr Hill on a stage in Middlesbrough yesterday as he visited the North-East on a whistle-stop tour of the country on the eve of the election, something seen by Labour insiders as a disastrous lapse of judgement
        (Something we can all agree on).

      8. goldbach – This is what SW said in Dec16

        This farce shames the party and McNicol, as the man responsible is, beyond dispute, guilty of bringing the party into disrepute. As CLPs across the country start to wake up to his unfitness for his position and vote ‘no confidence’ in him, it’s more essential than ever that he be removed – and without delay.

      9. Of course it is correct to say that it is within the remit of the leader of the LP to withdraw the whip. However, that is not what you said
        “windchime – How did Corbyn and/or Formby justify re-instating sex pest Mike Hill”
        The reinstating which took place was his reinstatement as a member of the Labour Party, and that was not in Corbyn’s hands, nor was he in a position to overrule it.
        Anyhow, it was a good try.
        Had you said “the reinstatement of” rather than “reinstating” you would have had an argument to make. In the event you were wrong to say what you did. Careless or deliberate?
        But, then again, your obsession with Corbyn persists 2 years since he left. Move on.

      10. Now, now. Don’t get yourself aerated.
        Have a pina colada and watch the kids.

  11. A new party could stomp on these people and wipe the smiles off establishment faces very quickly.

    Tory, Labour, Lib Dem … hideously unpopular neoliberal, pro-war parties.

    Just needs the right formula to smash the current status quo.

    1. Andy “A new party could stomp on these people and wipe the smiles off establishment faces very quickly.”

      The ‘success’ of the TUSC and the numerous other lefty parties that spring up from time to time bears testament to this

  12. Not a murmur of concern from the wee shite regarding the people these cuts would affect.

    Oh, no. Instead, it indulges in its favourite pastime of sneering shithousery and deliberately provocative posts.

    What a horrible abortion of a tory twunt it really is.

  13. Whooosh….More Labour Droppings.

    Oundle (North Northamptonshire) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 47.2% (+22.6)
    CON: 39.9% (-3.5)
    LAB: 9.4% (-4.9)
    GRN: 3.5% (-9.8)

    Votes cast: 3,567

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative.

    1. baz2001 – Or in other words ‘the left’ could now be in charge and selecting their own candidate if they hadn’t abandoned hope. How do ‘the left’ expect to gain influence if they have so little staying power.

      1. oops this was intended as a response to your comment below at 10:36am

  14. Wooosh…..Labour didn’t even have a candidate in this one.

    Also in our local council elections in three weeks time for the first time EVER Labour will not have a candidate. The local Labour Party is no more, dead as the proverbial parrot. No members left to form a committee so it’s disbanded. This has happened since April 2020. Wonder what happened then ?…..Let me think.

    Wigston Meadowcourt (Oadby & Wigston) council by-election result:

    CON: 63.4% (+29.3)
    LDEM: 27.1% (-24.6)
    GRN: 9.5% (+9.5)

    Votes cast: 1,393

    No Lab (-14.3) as prev.

    Conservative GAIN from Liberal Democrat.

  15. SteveH20/02/2022 AT 4:15 PM
    goldbach – This is what SW said in Dec16
    Thank you. You have been working hard. How on earth did you find these so quickly?
    I’ve followed the links through and it looks like they were all from the time around or a few weeks after the attempted coup in 2016. Must have been a busy time for Mr Corbyn and his supporters. Are you surprised that four or five reports on a (with apologies to SW) relatively modest website didn’t catch their attention.
    Maybe they should have spotted it. Maybe they would have had the great majority of the staff at LPHQ not been feeding them garbage.

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