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Former director condemns EHRC as unfit, ‘not independent’ and ignorant

Grey Collier reacts to leak of EHRC’s anti-trans plan

A former director of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has condemned the organisation as unfit to be accredited, after its ‘unpublished’ plan to exclude 99% of trans people from public bathrooms and other single-sex spaces was leaked.

Grey Collier tweeted, in response to the leak, that he could ‘not agree strongly enough’ that the EHRC is unfit to be accredited by the UN – and that it is not the independent body it is portrayed to be. And Collier went as far as to say that it doesn’t understand the law it’s there to protect:

This is not the first time that the EHRC has been criticised for a lack of understanding of relevant law. Leading lawyers acting for people smeared in its report on supposed ‘Labour antisemitism’ identified serious flaws in the EHRC’s conclusions and its legal basis for them.

The organisation has also been criticised before for not treating the rights of people of all groups as equally important. In 2020, black former director Simon Woolley and his Muslim former colleague Meeral Hussain-Ece – at the time the EHRC’s only black and Muslim directors and now both peers – said that they had lost their jobs for being ‘too loud’ about racism.

And of course, the EHRC refused to investigate the Conservative party for its entrenched racism and Islamophobia, despite multiple scandals involving Tory figures and repeated requests by the Muslim Council of Britain. In 2020, one of the EHRC’s directors was revealed to have made donations to the Tory party that she failed to declare when appointed.

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  1. Well youve heard it from the horses mouth they are unfit to pass judgment on anyone or any organisation…Maybe Starmer should issue a writ against them but he would have to c\c to himself as his name should be at the top of the AS scammers to bring down Corbyn and the Labour party.IT should be illegal to ruin somone and defame their character by using Anti semitism.

  2. …after its ‘unpublished’ plan to exclude 99% of trans people from public bathrooms…

    What are they???

    1. There used to be one in Harrogate. It might still be there and there may be some in other spa towns.

      1. Neoliberal hegemony has no need for public facilities. It starts with public bathrooms and ends up with democratically controlled not-for-profit utility companies and even a publically-funded and socially-managed NHS.

        Anathema to the free-market neoliberals. Heaven preserve us!

  3. I think that the EHRC in ignoring the racism directed at Muslims has already demonstrated it is unfit for purpose and partial in its decision making. However I do not agree that it is ignorant of the law. I think it is well aware of the law but just like Keir Starmer only applies it as and when it suits.
    Contrary to the spiteful assertions of another contributor on this site I am neither Trans nor Gay. I am not part of any LGBT+ lobby. I just believe we are all equal and entitled to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of our gender sexual orientation etc.
    If the leaked document is correct then the ECHR has undermined the rights of Trans people and is contributing to the hurt society inflicts on anyone who is “different”. It used to be divorced people, people “living in sin” single mothers and gays who were the targets of the self righteous in society – now its Trans people (who next I wonder) and the rubbish these self appointed guardians of the public morals come out with about public toilets and single sex spaces is just that – rubbish.
    The EHRC must recognise and acknowledge that we all have equal rights , we are all human and there are no circumstances in which anybody should be subjected to hurt indignity or discrimination because of their trans status (or anything else for that matter).
    This won’t happen of course and EHRC will carry on as usual, sponging of the Taxpayer and being about as useful as a chocolate teapot in ensuring everyone’s rights are protected.

  4. Well .. according to previous Skwawkie articles EHRC
    has been criticised by previous black and Muslim
    directors .. and by Harriet Harman too.

    It seems to me to have been plain incompetent – the
    EHRC report on Anti-semitism was unclear a lot of the
    time and self contradictory.

  5. Just hearing reports that the investigation that Starmer commissioned into the leaked report cost over £1,000,000.
    Your money well-spent?

    1. If you are right about this Goldbach and I have no reason to think otherwise then surely the next questions must be
      what tendering process did the party apply in selecting someone for this £1million contract to investigate the leak
      who was the successful contractor
      had the contractor any links or associations with the party hierarchy past or present and
      who approved the £1million expenditure.
      In relation to the £1 million costs this shows that Starmer is willing to bankrupt the party in order to pursue his vendetta against Socialists and Anti Zionists.

      1. From what I hear, those involved include a company called Stroz Friedberg (no idea who they are) and a “media consultant” called Morag Slater (never heard of her). May have been others.

      2. A search comes up with:-
        “Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company, is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world.”
        … so it looks like they were hired to go through electronic communications to try to trace who was/were involved in putting together the report and/or making it public (i.e. whistleblowers).

      3. The only Morag Slater I can find has this on her “profile”:-
        “Executive Coach with expertise in conflict management, career development, change management, career change and job search. Experience across many sectors including Legal, Professional Services, Financial Services, Public Sector, Transport & Pharmaceuticals. Qualified (MSc Birkbeck, Diploma AoEC, SHL and Wave psychometrics).”
        If that’s her, then it seems that they contracted someone who gets paid huge amounts of money for what my Da used to call “pissin’ about”.

      4. AoEC = Academy of Executive Coaching
        S H L = A recruitment organisation
        Wave psychometrics = The “Saville Wave” psychometric tests
        Psychometrics was part of the management theory nonsense that came from the US in the 1960s. None of it worked. I would have thought that, if the LP had seen that on someone’s CV, they’d have steered well clear.

      5. Thanks for the info Goldbach. I tried to find out more but with no success. It is clear however that Stolz Friedberg which is based in New York specialises in cyber security and forensic examination of digital data – clearly as you say Starmers Labour has spent a million trying to identify the person responsible for the leaked antisemitism report.
        How very typical for them to obsess on this instead of trying to find out how and why members and ex-members details were accessed by criminals who hacked into Labour’s systems and making sure adequate precautions were put in place to ensure a serious data breach never happens again.

      6. I think rgey were just wanting to get a report that confirmed their way of ‘thinking’.

      7. Reply to Nemtona
        I really hope you are right Nemtona. Starmer is far worse than Nixon ever was – for all his faults Nixon was not a war monger and didn’t persecute Jews and deprive them of elected office on the absurd grounds that they were Jew haters who brought the party into disrepute

    2. Goldbach, I think you may be referring to (another) leaked Labour report. This one is a gem.

      Labour contacting Google to asking them remove the internet references to the original Labour leaked report and trying to have delisted the likes of Skwaks (and others) who published it, costing $1.3m of members subs and donations. Also requesting the ICO not to sanction Labour too hard in case it embarrases the Knight.

      1. Whats all this shit about “Nixon was not a warmonger” ?.He strived to continue the Veitnam war by sabotaging the paris peace deal.when the right wing Republican was elected by the sly moves against Johnson LBJ he decided to drop hundreds of thousands of Tons of Chemical weapons on the Cambodian and Laos civillians in the secret war.that destroyed the rice fields and Cambodians.He Richard Nixon or dicky if you prefer
        left a legacy up to this day with some of the nastiest defects apparent in young babys born today in Cambodia and Laos and unfortunately in my own grandchild joe chan Okeefe..I have along with my family spent a small fortune in flying to Hanoi to repair the damage done to my grandson and others on our commune and thats down to your President mr Richard Nixon who “wasn’t a warmonger” you ignorant bloody clown.!

      2. Reply to Joseph O Keefe
        Your reaction to my comment is uncalled for. If I am wrong you only have to say so, you don’t have descend into personal abuse and name calling.

    3. No suprise that members money has been spaffed up the wall on a witchunt,bribes and a vanity project by the knight of the realm to use old chums “from the south London mob to improve his image for his for
      his paymasters.abroad.Thanks Goldbach for the research and nemtona it all helps in proving that the Labour party are unfit to govern and are just as corrupt when using money for themselves in a image refurbishment rather than a flat refurbishment.Johnson and Starmer have a lot in common as well as being extreme right wing torys they both show contempt for the membership of their own partys and are adept at siphoning money away for their private life.and enjoyment.Stop feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party.

    4. We have the best system of justice that money can buy! Who are these ‘chosen’ barristers who constitute the EHRC & impose their definitions of morality according to the law & how can any of them represent both the EHRC & the CAA at the same time?

  6. And they decry de piffle for staffing money up the wall.

    Imagine if keef was in charge of the purse strings. A sobering thought indeed, having read the above (linked) article

    And let’s not forget, he already sabotaged his own (potential) remit as chief brexit negotiatior when he shat on democracy with that 2nd ref shithousery…And then buried any false hope he kidded some into holding onto when he voted FOR toerag brexit.

    I wouldn’t buy a big issue off the twunt, lest he stiffed me of the change and handed me a copy of the toerag manifesto…

  7. Back to the EHRC – It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just an expensive irrelevance. Its’ lack of impartiality makes it a malign influence. It needs scrapping.

    1. I agree with you 100% Goldbach and also with Bazza’s comments about the people at the top of organisations such as the BBC – the EHRC needs to go.

  8. I am afraid as some suggest the Tories may have populated a range of organisations at the top (like the BBC) with their people?
    Perish the thought independent critical thinking?
    All power to the middle class/upper class lumpen?

    1. And apparently there is a Tory secretive Appointments Unit made up of Tory funders, some suggest that their task is to ensure from their Right Wing perspective that new appointees are one of “ours” (?)

  9. Must says that the EI piece confused me totally –
    suggesting that sone of those who wrote thee report
    did so to incriminate Corbyn?

    Just about to put my head under the cold tap ..

    What the piece does NOT say is the amount of
    ancillary material that the investigation sucked
    in. Many who had been mistreated by the Labour
    Party wrote to Fordes Office about their experiences.

    Starmer might regret instituting an enquiry a mistake ..

    1. HolbyFM,

      If reports in the Grun are to be believed, in the early days after the Forde inquiry was commissioned by Starmer, Forde was poking around the GLU asking questions they were not happy about. It was rumoured thet Starmer wanted a quick report, but Martin Forde wanted to do a professional job and after getting so many submissions the publication was delayed.

      Unite have now published their submission to the inquiry, which asks Forde some interesting questions. As the biggest affiliate donor to the 2017 GE campaign, they want answers, particularly about the Ergon House project and electoral sabotage, the role of one staffer who apparently was given extra pay to run a parallel campaign, misappropriation of fundsand possible non declaration of some election spending. Interestingly, Unite have requested a forensic audit.

      The full Unite submission is here.

      1. Says something about the rotten control-freakery of Starmer – and his success in thwarting Forde – when involved stakeholders (Labout supporters and members) have to read submissions by witnesses instead of reading the (completed) Inquiry Report.

        Heaven help us.

      2. And of course if getting Corbyn over the line in 2017 was sabotaged by some Right Wing members of staff and Right Wing Labour MPs (?) which many of us believe it was and is millions of diverse working people who have subsequently suffered!
        But what we do know from our experience is that a significant number of Right Wing Labour MPs had been slagging Jeremy off in public for years but he still got 12.8m votes.
        I remember when Useless Ed stood in 2015 alongside Loser Reeves (they got a petty 9.3m) the Left in Labour didn’t criticise Miliband in public once, we gave Ed a chance.
        How do the Labour Right Sleep?

    1. Wirrel innit together…..I sometimes wonder if you are one of few who actually “gets it”. Weve got one idiot on here asking if starmer followed the correct “Tendering process” with contractors and who was the successful contracter?Beggers belief the nievety of those left in the ranks of the Labour party.
      123 abc..

      1. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe
        Just to clarify my comments about tendering etc. I am concerned that there may have been cronyism involved in the award of this £million contract- that it was given to somebody ” in the know” thereby enabling them to make a fortune. If the people awarded the contract turn out to be family or close friends of senior Labour figures then it is scandal of gigantic proportions. Thats why I would like to know what process was used to select the firm concerned for this £million job.

  10. The internal report was framed by the authors to validate some AS claims against certain individuals
    So they cherry picked the source material, that means there is a lot more that hasn’t been published
    Whoever has it has Red Tories by the Sir John Halls
    As for pissing money up the wall, where the fuck is the NEC, are there any financial controls in place or is it one rule for scumbag politicians

    1. If there is any more that didn’t go into the leaked report, Doug, you can unfortunately bet your boots that it’ll all have been wiped by now.

  11. Sorry I’m rather late with this, but I finally managed to get to see that Starmer op-ed piece.
    The man is a dangerous simpleton. Aaaaargh!!!!!!!

  12. What we saw in leaked sections of the original report
    was absolutely damning but they claimed it was
    “taken out of context” ..

    well well well

    So if they want some context they should allow
    publication of the whole lot or at least allow it to
    have been seen by Forde.

    After all there was no objection when the Labour
    Party said they would “open up the books”. Anything
    else would have been criticised.

    If you look at the Terms of Reference of the Forde
    Enquiry – it is easy to access but I cannot cut and
    paste from it – however it includes as number 1

    … serious sexist, racist and
    discriminatory attitudes .. relationship of senior staff
    to members of the Labour Party

    The Labour Party guarantees “whistleblower status”
    to Labour Party members (?) – NDA statements
    are waived ..

    Forde cannot ignore this – his reputation would
    be shredded

  13. Blair’s EHRC fit for purpose? If the EHRC is to be investigated, perhaps the role of Doughty Street Chambers & especially the role of Adam Wagner who can represent the fox & the hounds should top priorities?

    1. Interesting that Adam Wagner should be mentioned in this discussion.

      Interesting simply because its going to be really entertaining to witness the level of cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics on display trying to reconcile the principles involved (without resorting to exceptionalist selectivity) in the fact that Wagner’s criticisms of the EHRC on AS were based on an a proiri assumption of rampant AS in the LP without the need for solid evidence; whilst on the matter of the EHRC’s recent interventions seeking to protect the rights of natal women on an equal basis he is in line with the nonsense spouted by Skwakbox on this issue.

      I might have to get the popcorn out.

      Which is it to be? Is Wagner a villain for his role in pushing the EHRC to hammer the LP under Jeremy Corbyn for AS?

      Or is he a hero, along with that other grifter Joloyn Maugham, for laying into the EHRC over its recent intervention on behalf of the reality based community?

      It would certainly be interesting to see some evidential meat on the bones of these hyperbolic assertions, assumptions and allegations against the EHRC on this matter.

      After all, whats sauce for the goose? If we are going to hang our hat on objective based evidence and proper due process in regards LP members being witch hunted on AS then we are going to have to be consistent rather than selective when it comes to this issue.

      Which is it to be?

      1. I mentioned Adam Wagner & his involvement & representation of CAA while being an EHRC Commissioner. This not a hyperbolic assertion nor an assumption, it is a fact, you know, one of those things that can be verified (quite easily), Never heard this fact ever mentioned on BBC nor other MSM.

    2. Here’s Wagner in full flow from March 2019 prejudging in print – i.e. pre-assuming what he desperately wants to deduce – before any EHRC investigation on the alleged AS in the LP:

      “When people look back on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn’s response to antisemitism, the question is unlikely to be whether the party became institutionally antisemitic, but when.

      Not WHETHER, but WHEN. Before any involvement of the EHRC.

      Talk about incitement. Prejudging what he want to hear from the EHRC.

      Not a dissimilar position from the one being taken by skwawkbox in this article.

      That’s as clear an example of “an a proiri assumption of rampant AS in the LP without the need for solid evidence” as you are likely to get. All of it in the MSM.

  14. Replying to earlier comments about Nixon:

    Nixon was brought down by a CIA-Pentagon coup.

    The Watergate burglary team contained a number of people who were still secretly on the CIA payroll. The number of ‘mistakes’ they made is remarkable.

    This happened not long after a period in which it is claimed that the CIA tried to assassinate Nixon, a plan that was supposedly abandoned only because the hitman backed out when he was told who the target was. The Washington Post had longstanding ties to the CIA and so did its then editor, Ben Bradlee. According to the book Secret Agenda by Jim Hougan, he was a close friend of CIA Director Richard Helms.
    As we approach the fiftieth anniversary, we can be sure that the mainstream media will not report any of this.

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