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EHRC director failed to declare donations to Tory party – and EHRC defends her

Pavita Cooper raised £7,000 for Conservative party and MP. EHRC has repeatedly refused to investigate Tories for anti-Muslim bigotry, while pursuing Labour Party

A huge Newsweek exclusive has revealed that a director of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) failed to declare significant financial support given to a Tory MP and to the Conservative party itself.

When Cooper was appointed by the government she did not declare any political activity, according to a statement by the Cabinet Office – which went on to underline the obligation on all appointees to declare such activity.

Worse still, when presented with the information the EHRC defended Cooper’s failure – telling Newsweek:

A donation was made at an event in 2013 to support a personal friend who was running as an MP. Pavita Cooper has not made a donation to any political party and is not a member of any party.

However, the Electoral Commission’s donations website lists two donations, for a total of £7,000:

But the EHRC’s own governance manual is clear that:

members must register their own or close family members’ or associates’ relevant non-pecuniary interests…

[including] membership or active involvement with any, public bodies, political parties, campaigning groups, professional and trade bodies or charities and other voluntary and community sector bodies, which, even if not remunerated, may have a direct bearing on the business of the Commission, or which a fair-minded person might reasonably think could influence a members’ judgment.

The EHRC has pursued an investigation against the Labour Party for antisemitism in spite of the very low incidence of anti-Jewish prejudice in the party – and the fact that it reduced under Jeremy Corbyn.

The EHRC has also repeatedly refused to investigate anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory party, in spite of multiple instances and a huge dossier of evidence presented by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and evidence presented by Conservative whistleblowers.

The organisation is expected to release its report on its Labour investigation shortly. A leaked Labour internal report revealed that right-wing senior HQ staff had delayed investigations into antisemitism complaints and coordinated light discipline of some found guilty, expressly in order to embarrass and implicate then-leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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  1. I think it is abundantly clear that the looming anti-Left purge in the Labour Party ( of which the gormless Long-Bailey was just the first Shadow Cabinet casualty) will be given a huge boost by the selective toxic nonsense that will be the EHRC Investigation Report. By the evidence of the tepid Independent article interview with Maxine Peak that was used as ‘evidence’ of Long Bailey promoting ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’, it is clear the bar will be set ludicrously wide to ‘prove’ a member qualifies for expulsion ! In fact many daft, careless posters here on Skwawkbox, will be dead certs for expulsion ! The newly triumphant Labour Leadership wants the Party stripped back to around 100,000 members, with an annual Conference just as a PR event – as in the Blair years. They will look to billionaires for replacement cash, as per the Blair years – offering ‘sensible budgets’, a continuation of privatisation, pro NATO, pro trident, polices – but without the madder neoliberal globalist fantasies of the Boris Johnson coterie of crazy free marketeers. And they’ll distance themselves from the trades unions as per Blair. They will simply offer to be the ‘more sensible, competent, Reserve Party of UK Capitalism’. Unfortunately for them, and their no doubt backstage growing number of Big Business backers such a Labour Party has all the electoral appeal of a bucket of cold vomit !

    That massive purge of the Left is coming very soon though. Leave now and help form a new socialist Party outside Labour.

    1. Bad Penny gives Bad Advice shocker
      Your as thick as my doorstep
      A new party would take 20 to 30 years to make an impact
      How about we clear Cockwombles out of our party
      The report was the game changer, red Tories are on notice
      Off they must fuck

      1. The insane bigot and male chauvinist, Doug, vomits out another meanigless comment ! Given your deeply dodgy posting history comments, Doug, you’ll be a dead cert for expulsion as soon as the witchhunt starts , laddie ! So when my pre-paid membership expires in September you’ll probably already be expelled, bozo. Assuming the character ‘Doug’ is actually a real person, and actually a Labour Party member , rather than just a bogus troll account, – which for a joker like the poster ‘Doug’ , is a distinct possibility. I suspect that the cohort of trolls who constantly raise the ‘Zionism’ issue conspiracy stuff on here (to encourage other, genuine but gullible , Lefties to put down unwise comments too) , if actually Party members, will be given a ‘free pass’ , as agent provocateurs supposedly ‘working to reveal the anti-Semites on the Left’, when the coming purge starts rolling in earnest.

        But in fact ‘Doug’ , if UNITE backed a new Left Party, and the Campaign Group MPs all joined it, with the 2017 Manifesto as its outline initial policy offer (including respecting the decision to leave the EU, a and replacing the daft Liberal moralist 5th form unlimited Freedom of Movement policy nonsense with comprehensive socialist economic planning – including PLANNED labour supply issues) the fast -accelerating rush of Starmer’s Labour Party to the extreme outer fringes of neoliberal Blairism will produce such a political void on the Left of UK politics, that such a new party could have both a mass membership and mass (working class Labour old heartlands) voter base in MONTHS , not ’20 to 30 years’. Remember how fast the opportunist , single issue, Brexit Party (temporarily) gained a mass voter base in the EU MEP elections, from NOTHING – just by meeting the then desire of millions of formerly Labour-voting working people to leave the neoliberal EU, and fuck over their usual ,Labour Party, voting choice , for betraying them on Brexit !

      2. Bad Penny
        Why would Unite or any of the members or supporters walk away from the Labour party, its ours not theirs
        You know the charge against fuckwits like you,
        It’s a bad Monty Python sketch or worse The Tooting Popular Front
        Practically useless, a shit flavoured lolly is all you have to offer

  2. The Tories removed any vestige of independence that the EHRC may have once had by making them part of government. Draw your own conclusions as to why they did this.

  3. What I find alarming is the scale of corruption combined with cover-up that exists in political circles particularly, it seems, in the Tory party although not at all exclusively. And when a party leader comes in who believes in honesty, decency, equity and human rights, the whole establishment comes together to get rid of him using any ways them can. The UK is in a really bad place at the moment.

    1. I think that’s absolutely on the money. Politics has never been a squeaky-clean business. Quite the contrary. But a lot of the lazy ‘Oh they’re all the same corrupt bunch” crap was just that : crap.

      Over a considerable number of years, I’ve known a range of politicians at various levels, and with a wide range of views and allegiances The devious workings of the establishment, the state and its security services have always been a fact.

      But I cannot recall a state of dire fundamental corruption blended with incompetence as I’ve seen developing over the past twenty years, as the professional time-servers of little brain, small principles and even less experience have taken over.

      This goes beyond simple political divisions, and no – it isn’t just the Tory Party who – at least – don’t claim to an outstanding moral compass, except in comic book terms.

      Seeing a leader of the Labour Party essentially endorsing openly the extra-territorial activities of a colonial apartheid state whilst violating basic principles of free speech and, indeed, fundamental honesty of language and action at the behest of a narrow, dishonest and fanatical interest group – that is a sickening sight.

    2. Jenny – “when a party leader comes in who believes in honesty”

      I’m not sure where month after bloody month of constructive ambiguity fits on the honesty scale.

  4. Refusing to bow to Tory demands to state a position that they can then attack isn’t dishonest in the least.

  5. Like jenrick, patel, and the rest of the corrupt slime, how long until we get: ‘The PM considers the matter closed’?

    (And stammer offers his full support?)

  6. There is an illusion held by many that main stream party politicians hold the keys to power. They don’t.

    The string pullers are to be found in the : City of London, transnational financiers and their accomplices in the military, civil service, royalty, the MSM and the secret services.

    Politicans are the public mouthpieces of these organizations, institutions as was explained in great detail by the academic books and research of Professors Sutton, Quigley, Zinn, Parenti, Preparata and numerous other world renowned researchers and academics. There is an illusion of democracy to control the masses. The interests of the majority usually have little influence on ” democracy ” once the required X is made.

    Look at the policies in just the last4 decades to witness this. Neo Liberalism, the incremental strangulation of the welfare state, the increase in surveillance powers of the state, the numerous wars and secret wars which the historian Mark Curtis has written so much about, the greatest transfer of public wealth to a small nucleus of people, the fact that approximately 85% of the population live on 15% of the land and the majority of rest is owned by less than 5,000 families.

    Pray what has this to do with democracy!

  7. From Wikipedia so clearly I can’t confirm its authenticity:

    “In March 2017, the EHCR was criticised by campaigners, including Lord Ouseley and Peter Herbert, for allegedly targeting BAME staff for compulsory redundancies and for failing to appoint BAME personnel to senior positions. The campaigners said that, out of 12 staff selected for redundancy, only two were white British, while eight were from a BAME background, four were Muslim, and six were disabled. Campaigners also said that there were no visible minorities among the senior management team, after the only black director was selected for redundancy, and that all two of the remaining BAME workers were on the bottom three pay grades.”

    I don’t expect such decisions would have been made as high up the management structure as David Isaac CBE (Chairman) or Rebecca Hilsenrath (Chief Executive) – but somebody in the EHCR is apparently rather less than colourblind.
    The racism experienced by black Jews in Israel is probably just a coincidence.

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