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Hundreds of examples of Tory racism sent to EHRC. Where are the hourly broadcast news updates?

Broadcasters’ silence over Tory racism shames ‘mainstream’ journalism

The extent of the corruption of Establishment ‘journalism’ has again been exposed by the absence this week of half-hourly updates on the scandal of hundreds of cases of Tory racism submitted to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Or of virtually any coverage at all, for that matter.

While the media have run endless comment and analysis of allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party – for example a ‘dossier’ that last week resulted in a single decision to prosecute – the submission by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has been conspicuous by its absence from broadcast news feeds, although it has had modest attention from a small handful of press outlets.

The development is not a new one. The MCB submitted 150 cases almost a year ago – but the EHRC delayed any investigation on the grounds that it wanted to see how the Tories’ investigation into racism in their party would be defined.

This reasoning was rejected by the MCB, with secretary general Harun Khan this week calling on the EHRC to fulfil its obligation to uphold the Equality Act and saying:

Having furnished the Equality and Human Rights Commission with evidence of over 100 incidents of Islamophobia in the Conservative party 10 months ago, we find it extraordinary that the commission has failed to give any response, let alone inform us and British Muslims as to whether action will be taken.

Two years ago, we estimated that there were cases of Islamophobia being identified in the party on a weekly basis. Now, with over 300 documented incidents, it appears our estimation was too low. There is no doubt that the Conservative party has an Islamophobia crisis. The party’s response has been one of denial, dismissal and deceit.

This results in clear discrimination against Muslims because of their religion. Islamophobia is never acceptable, yet this dossier cites hundreds of individuals – including many in significant positions of power and influence – who have made horribly offensive comments about Muslims that would not be tolerated for any other section in our society.”

Racism in the Tory party is a huge issue – and one that starts at its very top. And the media have again failed in their duty to inform the public – including the ‘impartial’ BBC – if ‘failure’ is the right word for what can only be conscious editorial decisions.

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  1. One of the differences might of course be that these allegations are not accompanied by a chorus of outrage from Tory MPs as the anti semitism claims against Mr Corbyn were by our colleagues in Labour.

    1. Very good point jim,The PLP piled in to back up the lies ,and of course under the guidance of the deputy leader of the Labour party to give credibility to the lies

      1. And Joseph, despite that, Twatson may get a peerage. That’s why we need serious thought about our party. There is a lot of something that is crippling our progress. Difficult to find the tight, right word for the “something” but it is worse than i thought in 2016. On closer observation, much worse … think of the multi pronged COVID 19… contagious, tenacious and comparatively deadly to the spirit, the drive to change. Children appear to “survive it”, yet they carry and transmit it. Apropos the childlike naive people around us. We assume they are agents for change, while in reality they are part of the problem. They soldier on hard at keeping the Tories in power… directly and indirectly. That must change. It will change. We must change it.

  2. If the EHRC fails to investigate the Tory party who on earth will believe their report into labour is impartial and in my view racist and politically motivated.This is a test of their integrity!

    1. The ERHC do not, “investigate” they rely upon roumer innuendo and lies backed up by statments from our fearless PLP.Expect nothing from this sham media trial,the verdict was in at Friday the 13th of December.Jeremy Corbyn resigned and its a case of “job done” .!

    2. The EHRC was compromised right from the start – the ‘investigation’ had none of the objective parameters that are necessary for such an operation, and one senior staff member had already made a public subjective judgment that assumed widespread ‘antisemitism’ on the basis of allegations rather than evidence.

      A wider problem is that we do need some such body – but it has to have quasi-judicial credibility, use rational definitions and transparency.

  3. Where ate they? Where are the presenters asking Tories to apologise again and again and again? Where are the hypocrites Blair, Faulkner, Campbell, Hodge, Swinson, Ayesha Hazurika, Coyle, Jack Straw, Hillary Benn, Yvette Cooper??? This is not new. The blatant antisemitism within the Tory party and ALL forms of racism, is well known. When Tony Blair undermined Jeremy and promoted Johnson, the creature proved it preferred rampant racist to win the election rather than Jeremy who has spent his lifetime fighting racism.

    Without and other outstanding alternative media keeping the disgusting slanders and treachery of Blair and its minions in the spotlight, they will get away with it. We cannot depend on everyone in CLPs to hell with this. A few but a few too many have wormed their way amongst us. Their only purpose is to ensure that Blair and his cronies regain their control. They will stop at nothing. Dont’t be fooled by their empty words. They offer less than nothing. Those deluded are the type who would ask Harold Shipman to care for their much loved grandparents. Or send Rolfe Harris to look after their children. Or have Bill Clinton supervise interns. Would you entrust our party’s future to those whose spectacular lack of judgement is dwarfed only by their laughable inconsistency?

    Be on the watch for them. They are easy to spot and easily drop their disguise of being treacherous stooges. Fling them into the bin with the rest of the Tory detritus… then wash your hands with soap and hot water while singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn for a minimum duration of 30 seconds … 10 extra seconds as they are strong contaminants. DRY hands thoroughly and apply a good quality moisturiser.
    And use your votes wisely in all forthcoming elections in and out of the party.🗳🗳🗳

  4. Integrity hmmm these crooks in power couldn’t care nothing for the truth only the lies they peddle to stay in power

  5. Where “ARE” they. Apologies… i really must slow down and stop multitasking. Will try harder😂😂😂

    1. Yeah, I used to be able to mow the lawn, wash my hair, smoke, fart and type all at the same time but not any more.
      I haven’t got a lawn here.

  6. It’s a joke isn’t it. On the one hand the EHRC knowingly ‘investigate’ completely fraudulent claims regarding the LPs handling of mainly fraudulent claims of A/S, and on the other hand refuse to investigate REAL widespread racism in the Tory Party!

    I wonder if the folks at the EHRC saw this:

    UK’s ex-parliament speaker says he suffered ‘subtle’ anti-Semitism in House

    But John Bercow says abuse came from his own Conservative party rather than rivals in Labour, with one fellow member saying he would like to keep ‘people like you’ out of Commons

    Bercow, who left his position last year after a decade as speaker, said in an interview published by the Sunday Times that he was the target of “subtle” abuse from other Tory party members but had never encountered any anti-Semitism from Labour lawmakers.

    1. Absolutely right. A joke. Plus the folks in the EHRC r v much like some even in our Jeremy supporting groups. The EHRC has been easily colonised by operatives with the mission to keep things just so. It is easily done as capable good people have their eyes, ears and minds fogged up with clouds of meaningless pointless tripe. They take offence at words but are content with inaction. So expect nothing of positive substance from the EHRC. They are worthless. They are like a few, but a few too many at our heart. We must organise and sweep them out. Sweep them out and sweep out their dust.

  7. I look at it this way –
    when we FINALLY present our case for laws to impose honesty on ALL media in the name of democracy –
    IF someone has the stones to do it –
    the evidence of media bias will be overwhelming – an unstoppable torrent.

  8. Lets not forget that the MSM, the State Broadcaster and “ the moderates, centrists “, Blairites are but the mouth piece of the ruling classes. Witness not only the absence of comment by them on the disgraceful AS attack on Sanders but the deafening silence concerning the persecution, perversion of justice and torture of a political dissident in supposedly a civilised country which believes in justice and upholding the rule of law.

  9. Skwawkbox “Hundreds of examples of Tory racism sent to EHRC. Where are the hourly broadcast news updates?”

    It’s never going to happen!

    The media is infested with right wing sociopaths who would do nothing to spoil the fortunes of the Tories unless they proposed measures to penalise them. The Tories even want to get rid of the BBC because once in a blue moon they let something marginally critical slip through.

    The only people who can change things is us and we had a leader we thought we could get behind and at last make some headway. The media/Zionists had other ideas and although in Corbyn we had someone whose heart was in the right place but when it came to a fight, unfortunately his fists were made of jelly.

    It’s going to take a hell of a long time until someone comes along with the right combination of qualities to harness the yearning more than three hundred thousand new members had to see better and fairer government.

    Our first task is to democratise the Labour Party because as long as the excecutive is complicit in suspending/expelling those who have been most vociferous in opposing our enemies, we will get nowhere.

    1. you r right Jack T. esp your last para. I’m still puzzled by the complicit NEC. it is pure weakness and not wanting to rock the boat. The boat MUST be rocked. There is a lot of dead wood, worm eaten, and sodden. They are good for nothing except absorbing the urine released against them by Tory A & B sides…. in fact they can’t absorb anymore Tory waste. They are soaked through and through. So they are not even useful as a piss board for Campbellend and the other coup plotters.
      Don’t be surprised if they launch a campaign to prevent the extradition of Airmiles Andrew in the Spirit of Margaret Thatcher re Pinochet. Interestingly, Andrew may be using the services of Pinochet’s extradition lawyer. Bet Johnson loves that as he said the Royal Family are “beyond reproach” … like Twatson, Blair, Campbell, Straw and Khan… all beyond reproach. Lets see how long that lasts.

    2. “The media is infested with right wing sociopaths”

      This simplistic explanation for the ‘antisemitism’ scam is just that – simplistic. And inaccurate. It doesn’t work like that, unless you enlarge ‘right wing’ to the point that it becomes totally meaningless.

      It is true that BBC News and Current Affairs has been pushed further to the right – beyond its natural establishment bent – by the failure of Labour to counteract the Tory hegemony.

      But in terms of individual reporting, the key factor has been the persistent dominance of the Israel Lobby in terms of organisation and pressure, and the lack of those same qualities in Labour. Above all – this isn’t new, and is as much to do with fear and ‘can’t be arsed’ as it is to do with any political bias. It’s a classic of narrative dominance, not Tory influence.

      The main venality stem from fear of going against the accepted narrative, and that taken-for-granted narrative fencing off contradiction. It’s far more powerful than simple bias.

      1. JackT is right, the media IS infested with right wing sociopaths, and they rank quite highly in the sociopathy of ‘the establishment’ – Gauleiters at least.
        Just voting for policies that cause the deaths of thousands, possibly millions of the less fortunate to preserve personal wealth & privilege makes a person a willing accomplice to genocide.
        Actively working for such an evil cause increases the guilt a hundredfold – but crushing all opposition to the evil empire of untrammelled wealth with inescapable and universal propaganda puts the MSM beyond the pale and beyond forgiveness.
        The BBC deserves its own special Nuremberg.

      2. RH “This simplistic explanation for the ‘antisemitism’ scam is just that – simplistic. And inaccurate.”

        It wasn’t an explanation for the anti-Semitism scam, a subject upon which I’ve commented many times. It was an answer to Skwawky’s question about why the media is silent about racism within the Tory Party.

        The point, which you appear to have missed, is that the sociopathic media don’t give a damn about racism, no matter to whom it is directed. What they do care about is ensuring that, for their own selfish reasons, someone such as Jeremy Corbyn never becomes our PM and consequently they focus their fire on Labour when it looks like a Socialist is getting too close to the seat of power.

  10. That the Conservative party applies double standards is hardly a surprise or an issue, but that the BBC and billionaires’ press do not even comment on this speaks volumes and actually enfeebles them.

    No wonder thousands of BBC R4 listeners routinely switch off their radios’ news broadcasts. As a FREEVIEW television user, I eve hit channel 235 for my news (and good it is too).

    The BBC is blotting its own copy book.

  11. There is nothing ‘equal’ about that commission, in the same manner as there is nothing ‘independent’ about either the IPCC (Or IOPC, as it is now) or IPSO.

  12. Meanwhile a bit of light relief from Nick Cohen, whose anti-left obsessions are once again paraded in the ‘Observer’ under the sub-heading :

    “How repellent to damn minorities for not having the ‘right’ politics”

    Like the BoD on the ‘wrong type of Jew’, Nick?

    What do you mean – you didn’t mention that? Shum mishtake, surely?

  13. “I am Tony Blair’s EHRC….so TRUST IN ME…..TRUST IN ME…….TRUST IN ME…….TRUST IN ME.
    As soon as Labour Party adopted IHRA definition….GUILTY BY DEFINITION! Anti-Semitism accusations, self inflicted to protect Israel.

    1. The IHRA definition is NOT universally accepted. That is another lie that was allowed to take root all because of timidity and jellied weakness. Virtue and vision goes to waste when surrounded by pathetic jellied guardians, who would not recognise solid integrity of belief in what is right. They would not recognise integrity of belief = courage, if it hit them in the face. Their weakness has set back progress. Jeremy brought something substantial value to the party. His “guardians” failed to guard. They failed to do their part of defending the hope he brought. With no good reason they trembled at the sight of what was defeated by the victory and defeating the two coups. Yet they trembled. The Lib Dems limp tentacle of Blair, with all their lies repeating the AS slanders were joined by Luciana Berger. She was despised and rejected by the people of Finchley & Golders Green. They were alert and perceptive enough to reject her ghastly lies, accusations and theatrics. They rejected her. Are they antisemites? And yet, despite all the facts, especially the electorate’s common-sense in rejecting Berger. Despite their decisive disposal of the embodiment of a mountain of trash of false accusations, still Still STILL those who should have believed in justice, equality and RESPECT for ALL races and religions, and demonstrate their conviction, they trembled and whined “we did EVERYTHING they asked!” They bent with every blow of the MSM. They bent because they have been institutionalised to bend and appease. Despite all evidence of the ability to win, they return to lazy repugnant appeasement like a dog returns to its vomit. They sign away their autonomy to lead yet ridiculously put themselves forward as leaders.

      Have they seen what happened to Jo Swinson and the LibDems? Or do they only note the assault on Jeremy by Blair, Faulkner and Campbell? How can any leader sign pledges which at their core, with breathtaking abhorrence, demand and intimidate?… demand even as an unelected unrepresentative group to be above all others?

      What selfishness! What obscene vomit! How could any leader of anything spinelessly gobble up the obscene vomit of an unelected, unrepresentative group of bullies? They are such degenerate bullies that they manipulatively and recklessly trample and desecrate the memory of millions murdered at the command of eugenicists? And yet, they utter not one word about the eugenicist in 10 Downing Street now. Not one word condemning Johnson for allowing them in! Not a word!

      WHERE IS THE MSM OUTRAGE and DOUBLE HOUR segments about racist and antisemites at the heart of Johnson’s government? They are communing with each other. They are disgusting hypocrites. Were they in possession of even a scrap of decency, Johnson would never be Prime Minister and the Tories would be in opposition. The MSM, Blair, Campbell, Hodge and the other shameless purveyors of racist vomit and all nastiness, have enabled Johnson. They should be despised and rejected outright! They should never be appeased! If in doubt, then open your eyes, ears and brain… how did cowardice work❓❓❓

  14. Has any of the ‘leadership’ candidates voiced support for Michael Rosen and Ken Loach over the BoD’s attempt to smear them in the recent SRtRC issue ?

    Genuine question. Just asking – it’s a bit of a topical litmus test in terms of bottle.

    1. No RH. I don’t think any of the leadership candidates have commented yet.

      Our wonderful current leader of course doesn’t need to. He has been the butt of the same smear sine September 2015

      1. I didn’t think so, either – but one can’t be sure as to what actually gets reported.

        I ask the question because the allegations were so absolutely farcical that the incident provided an unambiguous opportunity to expose the nonsense of the BoD’s hypocritical stance.

        … and no, Corbyn doesn’t have to say anything. His record stands. My only criticism is that he acceded to advice not to fight back which, in retrospect, had the reverse effect from what was intended.

  15. And just to widen the debate regarding the establishment and their lackeys Sir keir 🌙nightly sent a pretend begging e-mail asking for donations.I think it’s a bit late to pretend to be needing wonga when hes already well funded and rolling in it.Still deflection politics is very popular with the knight and his supporters.I am told.

    1. exactly what i thought joseph. Starmer is already super-funded. His operators hoped to mislead the gullible. They can fund a million Trojan horses with Trillions to spare on arms to bomb the living daylights out of people who were born in lands with oil and now rare earths for batteries and mobile phones etc. They can fool some of the people all of the time. Let’s hope the majority will never be fooled by the Starmer type parasitic life sucking worm. ps good news, another waste of space was miraculously suspended from party today. V surprised as was one of the AS slanders who thought it fine and dandy to insult Muslims. Don’t know where the NEC got the bottle to suspend the pompous polyp. It should have been excised a long time ago. Over the last 20 or so years it has emerged from its mess only to insult and denigrate those too weak / disorganised to fight back. That’s how that lot try to ingratiate the little selves to the intimidating controllers of Starmer and Co. They accuse Jeremy Corbyn, with his dedication to standing up against all racism. But that lot are so low, they stoop to any level.

  16. I note the number of comments citing the usual betes noirs re. lack of mention of Tory racism.

    Indeed, there is a massive silence. But what is most disturbing is the oft commented-on (and continuing) complicity of the *central administration* of the Labour Party and Party spokespersons with regard to perpetuating the insulting charges against the Labour Party at large – in preference to tackling real problems.

    Good anti-racists are still being suspended at the behest of the right-wing lobby.

  17. Strange indeed RH. My hypothesis is that they have long lost their way, soul, spine and purpose. Instead of “tackling real problems”, they bend this way and that as directed by those determined to keep the world just so. They have given up. To feel relevant the jump on any passing wet bandwagon. Distraction. Avoidance and most of all something safe that won’t upset the MSM, their masters and their rectal polyps ie WMD Iraq Blair, Faulkner, Johnson and the others. NB years ago, Harman’s pink van or car and pink T shirts to launch her campaign. It took a few days to reveal the clothing was made by women and girls paid a few pence. Yes that Harriet Harman – she of the Pedophile Information Exchange. The likes of her are shallow self-servers. They care nothing for the people in flooded homes or Grenfel. They are professional parasites. Nothing more.

  18. Of course the EHRC does rely on government money, maybe that has entered their train of thought, given the way this rancid government uses funding to punish councils and other public bodies who dont tow the line.

  19. Having just returned from the Dudley deputy leadership hustings, I couldn’t find the enthusiasm to go the leadership hustings to view potential candidates who have Kowtowed to the BOD, it should come as no surprise that Burgon stood head and shoulders above the rest.

    He was the only one who talked about the socialist policies of the manifesto, he was the sole candidate who described the real causes of the ordinary person’s demise ( Neo Liberalism and the erosion of the trade unions particularly so after the miners were defeated by Thatcher), he was the only one who described the treacherous behaviour of the PLP putting to bed the myth that democratic socialist Labour Party was divided. It was the PLP who were divided from the party.

    Moreover, it should come as no shock that the Progress, Labour list preferred candidate trotted out the usual spiel about AS. Let’s hope that Burgon wins otherwise a Keir/ Nandy in tandem with Murray/ Rayner will definitely lead to another Tory lite party with watered down socialist policies to try and pacify the overwhelming majority of the democratic socialist Labour Party.

  20. Thanks to Skwawkbox for elaborating on the question of whether any of the leadership candidates have responded to the Rosen and Loach affair.

    What can one say that mitigates the cowardly inaction (at best)? Some hope for taking on the Tories and their propaganda machine.

    1. Maybe ‘more fool me’, but I cannot help but ascribe RLB’s silence to her management by Lansman. Of course, maybe she really is as selective in her principles as she seems and her ‘moral compass’ is calibrated by PR value instead of right and wrong.

      After the marvellous double election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader, I actually thought I’d never again need to dig-out that old nose-peg when voting internally. Seems I need it more than ever if I actually do vote for RLB.

    2. RH Why would Starmer and Nandy have anything to say about the Rosen and Loach affair when they are both in the opposing camp – ie when they are both Red Tories and more than happy to play along with the A/S smear campaign? And the same applies for the two of them signing up to the BoDs ‘Ten Pledges’. Being totally devoid of integrity is one thing, but they ain’t cowards. But then you know that of course! As does Jack T!!

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