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Blair tribute act said to be The Crown set

Update: it seems this is a set for a new series of The Crown. Starmer is of course still a Blair tribute act, making it sadly all too easy to believe the new branding would be as above, but apologies for the honest error.

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  1. I suppose this is the closest we’re, ever, going to get, to finding out what Starmer’s political philosophy is.

    I couldn’t be less impressed.

    1. How much importance should we attach to the caveat – ” According to an image sent to Skwawkbox …..”

      1. Exactly…back of beyond…front page fawning article with a picture of the degeneates walking over a look left sign on the floor..The huffer post is a particular fan of his version of the Labour party.and bigged up the Labour leader so much that I wonderd if the knight had splashed the membership cash at them.being as he likes to throw away members money.
        Vomit inducing but then again the British public are gullible even with him lugging a title around which for even a simplton can work out that hes an establishment stooge bought and paid for and manufactured abroad…Johnson’s hanging on there oils heading for a hundred a barrall and British troops running away from a Nato \USA manufactured war.Truss embarrases herself and the Labour leader believes his own propaganda..What a fiasco…god save the queen?

      2. “How much importance should we attach to the caveat?”
        See the updated article above

      3. SteveH, when has Skwawkbox ever been WRONG about Starmer? Face facts- he promised to NOT move the party massively to the right, to NOT crush internal democracy, and implicitly never to do mass purges based on what we know are false acccusations of AS(non-ZIonism/anti-ZIonism is NOT AS, as I think even you’d have to concede). Everything socialists feared has happened, and the new methadology Opinium has switched to for its polls- which shows The Party Formerly Known as Labour only three points ahead proves that Keir’s “Exile the Left, Crush the Young, Persecute the Jews” strategy is’t working.

        I know you don’t like it SteveH- we all know you’re PAID to not like it, from wherever it is in the Carribbean that Keir’s cheques keep you- and quite frankly I’d be worried about those cheques beginning to bounce any time now), but it’s the truth.

        At least 95% of what Skwawkbox and The Canary and the rest of the independent Left press has reported about Starmer’s pointless antisocialist vendetta has proved to be right.

        They’ve got Keir’s number, and they’ve got his deep blue colour. As the Barking Bard would put it “His life has lost its dignity, its beauty, and its passion, he’s an accident waiting to happen”.

      4. kenburch – The headline and contents of this article have changed from “Starmer removes any doubt he’s a Tony Blair tribute act” TO “Blair tribute act said to be The Crown set”

      1. If it’s an update of a now-removed post it needs more.

        The Crown was a lot more recent than Blair…

      2. Brian – This is what the original article said before it was replaced by the above text. (note the match between the original headline and the web address of this page).

        Starmer removes any doubt he’s a Tony Blair tribute act
        by SKWAWKBOX (SW)
        ‘New Labour’ makes its reappearance as Starmer tries desperately to push his ‘I’m not Corbyn’ line despite polling fall against dire and murderous government
        Keir Starmer’s latest advertising makes it absolutely clear that he’s presenting himself as Tony Blair Mk II. According to an image sent to Skwawkbox of the outside of the Queen Elizabeth II Centre near Parliament, the discredited ‘New Labour’ name is not only back but emblazoned in large letters on flags and sidings:
        Starmer continues to do everything possible to remind people he’s not Jeremy Corbyn – as if that wasn’t all too lamentably clear – including misrepresenting what Corbyn said about NATO and the Salisbury novichok poisonings.
        But the tactic isn’t working. Northern working-class people expressed a preference for Corbyn as the next Labour leader (and hate Blair), while polling firm Opinium has said its previous polling showing a Labour lead was wrong and has redone its calculations to reduce it to just three points – that’s three points ahead of a flagrantly dishonest government run by a mass-murderous buffoon mired in scandal – and Starmer’s personal ratings continue to be awful and worse than Jeremy Corbyn’s at the same point in his leadership.
        It seems the Blairites, including Starmer’s twice-disgraced top adviser Peter Mandelson, just can’t let go of their delusion that what the public wants is a new version of the man many would like to see on trial in the Hague for war crimes.

      3. This is what it is:

        Of course, being the Spectator it doesn’t miss the opportunity for an orgy of anti-left abuse directed at Skwawkbox, but we must take care that the likes of the Spectator don’t take advantage like this.

        All the image at top of this Skwawkbox article is, as one can glean from Spectator article above, is a filming set for new series of The Crown by Netflix, set in the 1990s all about Diana, Blair etc.

        Hence there may have been jokes re Starmer re New New Labour. Or if there aren’t there almost certainly will be soon!

        Let’s see if Starmer asks for some role in this new drama! At the encouragement of his resurrected mate Mandelson!!!

      4. Hello Brian. Thanks for your comment. I too am at a complete loss. What is going on here. I don’t get the picture and the wording does little to help. Apologies but, WTF? It’s got 60 odd comments. Is this my shortcoming. I don’t understand.

  2. You are quite right – Starmer is delusional –
    what he says is mostly untrue.

    To be honest I now cannot bear to read it for it raises
    my blood pressure!

    There got to be a time during the Labour Government
    ending in 2010 when I shouted at the TV during
    political programmes. The problem was MPs
    who were either supremely ill- advised – like Miliband
    or just wrong.

  3. I don’t believe they are delusional, but hell bent on destroying Labour as a party. These Red Tories are not Labour they are part of the Neo-Liberal agenda. Those that aren’t part of the socialist grouping and mildly anti Corbyn are probably just gravy train politicians looking for a well paid career outside politics when their time is up.

    1. Absolutely right rotzeichem.
      Starmer’s agenda is to rid the party of socialists and antiZionists, make it unelectable while doing so, lose the next election, ride of into the sunset leaving somebody else to finish the job , lose the election after that , regroup and Labour by then a Socialist free Zionist party will win an election around 2030 (not because the electorate want them but because by then the Tories will have been in government for around 20 years and people will be heartily sick of them). Unfortunately for the electorate when this happens they will be getting another Tory government, it will just be under another name.

    2. Thank you. You sum them up nicely. The fundamental problem is that our FPTP electoral system has enabled minority Establishment governments and thus maintained a rotten, corrupt status quo. Ironically, Thatcherism benefitted from that and the political deceptions of New Labour, which was a Thatcher tribute band. We are now living through Thatcherism’s final slide into the sewer – not the dustbin -of history and New New Labour continues to be on the wrong side.

      1. …..and the only credible route to PR is through a Labour government. 🤔

    1. John Rentoul “From the 10 pledges of his leadership campaign to his FT interview yesterday is quite a journey in just 16 months. It can be done, but it requires a great deal of explaining. Kinnock and Blair were both teacher-politicians, who argued and cajoled and explained to their party what had to be done and why. So far, Starmer has not done that. The voters do not know why he appeared to be one thing and now appears to be another.”

    2. The same guy also wrote this article (not hidden behind a paywall).
      “Something remarkable has happened to the Labour Party. Tony Blair is now as popular with party members as Jeremy Corbyn. Admittedly, that means neither of them is very popular, with only half of Labour members saying they have a favourable view of each of them, compared with 81 per cent with a favourable view of Gordon Brown, 78 per cent of Ed Miliband, and 74 per cent of Keir Starmer.

      1. Do you get a gold star when you attempt a rejoinder to any evidnce of Starmer’s ineptitude, incompetence or dishonesty?

        Thing is, Corbyn as leader attracted over 7 million more votes in 2017 and 2.3 million more in GE 19 than any of he leaders Rntoul mentions.

        I’m not a gambling man, but I bet ‘unpopular’ Corbyn’s returns are at least 10 or 12 million more than the hapless Starmer will manage.

      2. qwertboi – The reality is that when we entered the 19GE the Corbyn bubble had burst several months before.

      3. Rentoul thinking Bliar’s as popular with members as Corbyn is every bit as laughable as you convincing yourself that you know the mindset of the electorate at large, nevermind that of your precious, ever-dwindling, labour membership.

      4. Toffee – He was referencing the results of a contemporary YouGov poll.

      5. Toffee – Or maybe Keir’s knighthood is nothing more than a title that came with his job as DPP.

      6. The numbers don’t support that. stevieh. Even Jeremy’s relatively poor GE19 performance acquired for Labour more votes than any other GE labour leader in the twenty-first century.

        But I see where you’re coming from, no doubt Sir Keir claims all the credit for the loss of 60 seats when he talks to his sponsors and backers.

        Rumour has it that Klaus Schwab is very impressed with Sir Keir Rodney.

      7. Doesn’t actually talk to people; just relies on polls, the same as you do.

      8. SteveH
        74% members of the shadow cabinet and PLP at a push
        You cannot support nothing, there is nothing to support with Temporary Embarrassment, it really is trust me ive been assured its my turn next by those upstairs, they have promised to fix it for me
        Now if 13 members can trigger the Leader of Newcastle City Council then the world is our 🦞

      9. Doug – So far I’m quite happy with the policies that were announced at conference, aren’t you. Labour’s Green Paper on Employment Rights is impressive.

      10. SteveH
        Are your man’s policies worth the paper they are written on, he makes Baby Trump blush
        Someone a lot wiser than me once said ‘when someone shows you what they are, believe them’
        Do you know what Temporary Embarrassment is

      11. Doug – Your desperation is showing, I could say the same about Corbyn.

      12. SteveH
        The Tory toilet papers have all been fed the ‘Labour want to deselect JC story’
        Now we know maths is not your specialist subject but what are the odds on Temporary Embarrassment being deselected and precisely what would it take
        That’s what I thought, not a lot then
        Do you know how precarious your man’s position is

      13. Doug – Now you are just making yourself look ridiculous.

      14. “Labour’s Green Paper on Employment Rights is impressive.”

        So were the 10 Pledges. How are they doing now he conned members’ votes out of them?

      15. Maya Angelou…Steve H you must be much younger than I thought and that would explain a lot.Maya Angelou and her sayings “during the civil rights movement in the US and N.Ireland were inspiring and uplifting a little bit like Bernadette Devlin without the “punch” physically,but that was maybe just a cultural difference and of course the black civil rights movement were not under Occupation although it must have felt like it at times with the rogue national guard in the Southern states.and challenging the racist apartheid system……sorry its on reflection a whole lot worse in Ocuppied Ulster of the sixtys and early seventies.and we got inspiration from people of the USA who wanted to be treated like human beings.Remember rosa parkes the lady that got fed up of moving to the back of the bus?..Thats what originally set me off on a lifetime of activism until age won the day.Your leader represents all of that to me personally and I detest him personally for all he represents in the country and most importantly all he has done to the Labour party I served in.

  4. While attending the protest against energy price increases yesterday. A friend saw these banners outside the QE2 building and wondered what it was all about. Is there a conference going on to relaunch the party again?

    1. It’d make a new party easier to name and more understanable by the electorate?

      1. Can we chip in and get Elon Musk to launch Keith into Space?

  5. Starmer so lacks Any political philosophy that he us more susceptible to becoming considerably more right wing than Blair.

  6. They should give up the Labour titles, however I think the brand has become toxic, and any new socialist party ought to consider what it wants to be called. I would not want it to be tarnished with the same brush as stammers outfit, ie the party that is so bad that union’s disassociate from, etc.

    1. Reply to Sabine
      Studies have found most people vote for the party rather than the candidate ( there are some notable exceptions Jeremy Corbyn being one of them ). Many people are not politically aware and don’t know the half of what goes on so they vote for the party their families have traditionally supported.
      That would be the big danger in dropping the name Labour from any new party. .
      Also it worries me that there has been a concerted campaign run in the MSM encouraging Jeremy and his supporters to form a break away party – this is not because they want us to succeed They want us to fail. I think they are scared that we will possibly take back control of Labour – maybe after the next election. Anyway they want to destroy Socialism and Anti Zionism ( which usually go hand in hand completely. He fact that they want us to form a new party screams caution to me
      We will only get one chance at this and unless we want to end up like the SDP Change UK Respect etc we need to make sure we have everything in place before we make a move – union support and union finance is essential along with an army of well known and respected local activists prepared to campaign for us.
      Jeremy and the SCG are not stupid – they know what has to be done – and I suspect that these discussions are going on now behind the scenes.

      1. Or in other words, you need Labour more than it needs you.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        You can be as sarcastic as you like Steve H. The important thing is that we socialists do not let ourselves be bounced into forming a new party to soon even though we desperately need one.

    2. SteveH
      What Labour doesn’t need are Red Tories working night and day for the worst cheap and nasty party since 1979
      They denied this country the best Labour government since 1945

      1. All those working class voters who switched their votes from Labour to Tory are why Labour lost.

      2. “All those working class voters who switched their votes from Labour to Tory….”

        Yes, fine working people who saw brexit as a g”d-given opportunity to be freew of yet another layer of globalist capital-enabling shitery masquerading as pan-european government. I don’t quite buy the proposition, but” Good on ’em”

        Sir Lie-in-your-face Keir of the 10 Pledges, might have manipulated the wretched mess simply, of course, to get yet another brownie point from WEF Uber-Fuehrer, Klaus Schwab.

        Jeremy’s always “on the right side of history” for a reason: Pillocks like Blair, Mandelson, Evans and Starmer are not!

      3. qwertboi – I suppose that all depends on whether you regard Brexit as a success or not.

      4. true, but winners look for and find silver linngs on most clouds. My own views are fluid on this but on balance Starmer’s attrocious behaviour as Brexit shadow sec lessened his standing for me.

  7. Sunday Times today (13/2) quotes a Labour insider saying that even if Corbyn was reselected in Islington they would find a way of keeping him out of Labour, so it looks like standing as an Independent is Jeremy’s only choice, and the ST believes he wants to stand again.
    Apparently JC is due to make a speech on the issue when MPs are back.
    I would appeal to Jeremy to form a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party too which would attract hundreds of thousands of new members within weeks!
    I know it is hard to leave something after 40 or so years (I did 10 seconds after the Neo-Liberal Lump of Wood got to be Leader (on dodgy promises?).
    But Jeremy could leave a fantastic heritage for diverse working people – thousands of genuine socialist fighters as potential councillors and MPs up and down the country, and we give citizens, diverse working people a real choice!
    And then what an exciting future it could be.
    At present there is a perhaps a plethora of mediocre tribute acts with Johnson (Pound Shop Churchill), Truss (Pound Shop Thatcher) and now Lightweight Starmer – The Neo-Liberal Blair Clone?
    But with Jeremy there’s only one genuine article and he always was and is a political heavyweight as history has recently shown on his record Iraq War etc etc.
    Come on JC let’s make history Part Two!

  8. Sometimes geatness is just thrust on a person. Jeremy doesn’t even need to start a new party. The very second Jeremy names himself as an Independent candidate for Islington North (hopefully, he’ll call himself ‘Independent Labour’ or ‘Peace & Justice’), democratic socialsts the length of the country will (legalities allowing) use the same identifier/label.

    This is how Labour’s successor will be born.

    1. Or alternatively it could result in him ending his career in defeat and ignominy.

      1. Are you mixing up Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (of the Teflon-Coat) with our Jeremy?

        Ignominy – public shame and disgrace* – belong to the former, not the latter.

        * and a Nuremberg jail cell

      2. Steve H or he could just wait and see and let the likes of you ‘re wright “history and the truth about the “socialist revival in Britain” .
        IT would be a shame really especially as looking across the Irish sea a Republic will see the first democratic socialist government in the history of Ireland. “Ireland has been transformed since they threw away the shackles of the old British empire and the reason Sinn Fein are so high in the polls both sides of the border is that theres little point in a wealthy republic or a partitioned N.Ireland if the Working-class cannot share in the wealth of a Nation
        .Subsistance living and crumbs from the table will never be acceptable and the British people are beginning to realise that voting for either of the mainstream party’s is a wasted opportunity
        .I wouldn’t blame Jeremy Corbyn if he decides to step aside but he may miss the real socialists revival thats already moving at a pace in Ireland and the economic black hole of Ulster.British politics can and will be transformed by necessity and not by voting conservative,Labour,lib dems or greens..The Labour party are the class traitors not the answer for the invisible working-class of Britain.

      3. Joseph – You may well see a united Ireland within your lifetime, good luck to them.

      4. …. Steve H Thanks for the support of a united Ireland steve,its nearly brought on a lump in my throat and a little tear.I hope that your leader doesn’t see your support but thankyou anyway….

      5. Steve H…..knowing the membership of the Labour party he Jeremy could end up defeated but “ignomy” he will always be remembered for building the largest socialist party in Europe…and inspiring millions of people across Britain and be somthing better than they are.

    2. Reply to Steve H
      Joseph will need a lot of luck if he seeks to defend Special Branch informants ( like he did with Joe Gormley in a previous post) to his party colleagues in Sinn Fein!

  9. 🎶 Things can only get better🎶

    They didn’t…

    In other news, why is the left in general ignoring the trucking protests moving around the globe?

    No one want to talk about the clear links between government, tech, and banking?

    1. “why is the left in general ignoring the trucking protests moving around the globe?”

      I know. The nearest thing to a mass uprising by the working class in nearly 40 years, and.. It makes one doubt one’s own supposed allies. (there is a double ‘l’ in alies, isn’t there?).

    2. Or more to the point why is everyone ignoring what is happening right under our noses.

      ‘Kill the bill’: surge in Bristol riot charges prompts alarm over civil liberties
      MP says police seem to be punishing people for challenging them during clashes in the city last year
      A protester confronts police during the ‘kill the bill’ protests in Bristol last March.
      Dozens of mainly young “kill the bill” protesters have been charged with riot – the most serious public order offence – following clashes in Bristol last year. The decision by Avon and Somerset police and the Crown Prosecution Service appears to be the biggest use of riot charges against demonstrators since the 1980s.
      The force launched one of its largest investigations after a confrontation between riot police and protesters opposed to the police and crime bill – which will allow the police to curb protests – spiralled into violent clashes outside a police station in Bristol on 21 March last year.
      It has been accused of giving the impression of “revenge policing” and giving in to political influences. The police claimed mobs of people attacked officers, damaged police vans and a police station in a night of sustained violence. But MPs later heard evidence that the disorder was sparked by the police pepper-spraying and beating demonstrators taking part in a sit-down protest outside the station.

      1. SteveH
        Traditionally it fails the Jury test
        Complete waste of time and money

      2. Everyone has not been ignoring whats going on under our noses except you Steve H and your right wing politics..
        I have warned on a regular basis about civil libertys and civil rights being trashed by the Conservative and Labour alliance under the cover of “the virus” .The canary have covered the Bristol kangaroo courts extensively and the draconian laws against the people.The western world is changing rapidly with fleets of warships sailing into confrontation on the other side of the world and Nato forces looking for war in the Balkans.History being repeated except this time the massive military machines of Germany and Japan are suddenly allies and comrades against those “Commie bastards” in the East.
        Steve H or whatever your name is are getting what youve been paid for
        Dont be suprised if theres a sting in the tail…comrades.!

      3. Joseph – ……or Putin could could just his hubris back in its box and take his toys back home to their barracks. Problem solved.

  10. Starmer has not yet found a slogan that can catch the public mood.
    Since he is trying to appear as much like Blair as he can, I suggest “Things can only get bitter.”

      1. Has keef actually used that ^^^ since de piffle grassed him up to the nation?

        I can’t remember hearing him prattle on about it in the last two weeks or so…

      2. Toffee – Today (Mon 14/2) in Sunderland Keir said

        “As director of public prosecutions, I saw the difference preventative services and early intervention can make to give security, choices, to turn young people’s lives around. The Tories are creating a perfect storm of failing communities that don’t feel safe, failing to tackle violent crime and failing to provide the ambition and opportunities young people need to make positive choices.

    1. “I Failed With Savile”…….Or “Keith Fixed it for Jimmy…Let him fix it for you.”

  11. I listened to an old Blair acolyte Alan Milburn today on BBC Radio 4 explaining why the NHS needs the private sector & why it should not be led by ideology, So ;New Labour’ from 20 years ago.

  12. As New Labour Blair is now estimated to be worth £70m, Alan Milburn, former New Labour Secretary of State for Health, a key driver of PFI, became a paid advisor to Bridgenorth Capital, a private equity firm involved in financing private health services, and had links with Alliance Medical, Match Group, Medica and the Robina Care Group.
    New Labour Patricia Hewitt, former Health Secretary, became an advisor to Boots, and was paid £55k by Cinven which bought 25 hospitals from BUPA – she also joined the board of BUPA for another £52k for attending 10 board meetings a year, all whilst remaining a Labour MP (Bayer, Andrew, ‘Why We Can’t Afford The Rich’ (2015) page 247.

  13. Meanwhile I am hearing accounts, from the US, of US submarines being discovered in Russian waters north of Japan, and being unceremoniously turned back (this from a right wing commentator in the US).

    1. Yes this was on RT. US submarine detected off Sakhalin Island, so it quickly scuttled away.


    It is expected that later today ASLEF will announce that it is disaffiliating from the Labour Party.

      1. It rumours have been confirmed that, a motion proposing that the union disaffiliates from Labour is going to be put to ASLEF’s conference (which starts on 16/05/22) where the 80 delegates will consider and vote on the motion.

  15. Thanks 4 the clarification Steve. My posts showed what somebody who didn’t see your previous article might think. AND LOOK WHAT THE SPECTATOR MADE OF IT, AT THEIR ARTICLE I LINK ABOVE. You should’ve kept the original text otherwise people wouldn’t have the foggiest what it was about or the likes of the Spectator would make mischief with it.

  16. Wobbly I hope subsequent posts have clarified things: An image was – perhaps mischievously- sent to Skwawkbox of an array of new Labour placards etc, which were interpreted as Starmer rebranding Labour as new Labour. In fact it’s an image from the filmset where Netflix are making new episodes of The Crown, their drama set in the 1990s re Blair, Diana etc.

    I say mischievously since, as I posted above, rw magazine The Spectator did a piece attacking Skwawkbox for wrongly interpreting the image as I’ve just written.

    Hence the possibility that the aforementioned image was sent to Skwawkbox with the intention of making a fool of Skwawkbox.

    So we must take care since it is clear Starmer’s friends extend beyond Tory MPs whitewashing Starmer re Jimmy Savile.

    This affair gives good credence to the suggestion that Starmer is a spook & that Skwawkbox is being targeted because of it’s trenchant opposition to him.

    NB Lobster magazine.

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