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Labour expels members and councillors – then asks them to stand as candidates

Starmer-Evans party’s chaos and incompetence on show again

The incompetence, chaos and malignancy of the Labour party under its current regime can’t help resurfacing, like boiling water (or more likely p***) under a poorly fitted pan lid.

The right’s malevolent and hypocritical purge of left-wingers continues – especially those who support Palestinians and even more especially Jews who support Palestinians, or who happen to Muslims – but the fundamental absence of substance in the party, along with self-inflicted data breaches and just sheer incompetence, means that chaos and foolishness dog every step.

At the same time, so great is the disgust and disillusionment with the right-wing regime and the obvious lack of values and decent politics that the party is struggling to find people to stand under a Labour banner in the fast-approaching local elections.

Put these factors together and we have a party that is expelling people – including current councillors – and then begging them to put themselves forward to stand.

In Liverpool, Cllr Sam Gorst and filmmaker and ex-councillor Phil Maxwell have both been expelled from the party for pro-Palestinian comments, pointing out that the ‘Labour antisemitism scandal’ was vastly exaggerated and defending Labour’s previous leader against nonsensical right-wing accusations.

But now Labour has written to both men asking them to put themselves forward to stand as candidates:

Do you want to be considered for the panel of candidate’s for the forthcoming by-elections?

If yes please return the attached application form by Thursday 3rd February to

If you applied for the panel for the by elections last year and are still interested please let me know by emial [sic] (I already have your application so you won’t need to send a new one in) Interviews will take place via Zoom the following week.

Best wishes
Sheila Murphy
Liverpool Officer

Murphy is a hardline right-winger who quit the party to campaign for the now-defunct Change UK – often known as the ‘Tinge party’ because of racist comments by one of the MPs who deserted Labour to form it – and was the rapidly welcomed back with open arms and imposed as ‘Liverpool officer’ on the most left-wing city in England as part of Keir Starmer’s war on the left.

Now she’s writing shoddy emails to people who’ve been expelled by her boss and his sidekick. Right-wing Labour couldn’t organise the proverbial knees-up in a brewery, but it is asking voters to trust it to run the country.

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  1. There is very probably a data protection issue in the middle of that somewhere.

    Its the elephant in every room, and is clearly something evens neither understands or grasps the importance of.

    The failure to comply with SARs after the data breach along could result in fines big enough to bankrupt the party.

    Th emedia seem to be ignoring this looming issue completely.

  2. Sings of sheer panic as all of them practically all of the MPs realise the damage they have done to this party is irreparable.

  3. They have attacked Jewish People, Islamists, Left wingers,
    Northern Ireland Nationalists and (arguably) stupidest of all
    because of Election considerations – Women.

    Rosie Duffield is the latest victim of this nasty right-wing group.

    1. I agree with you HolbyFanMw that the Labour right wing has attacked Jewish people, Muslims ( not Islamists) and Left Wingers. They have also disappointed Northern Ireland nationalists and women but your comment about Rosie Duffield is not correct.
      Rosie is part of Right Wing and is a staunch supporter of Starmer.

      1. Smarboy, you are correct our Rosie is right winger and member of the now defunct Progress.
        It appears that she has smell the coffee and has decided that she stands better chances at retaining her seat if she crossed the floor to the LibDems

      2. Maybe, if the Lib Dems would have her Maria V. Unfortunately for her if she is considering defecting the Lib Dems are a bit more discerning that Starmers Labour.

  4. It’s almost as if …. as if…. they don’t know what the are doing.

  5. I hope that Sam Gorts stand on his seat and win. It would be good too if Phil Maxwell can be persuaded to stand as an independent socialist against some new Labour Cllr and win.

  6. Noone deserves the sort of abuse Duffield has had – it
    has been so bad she informed the police and she did not
    attend the Main Labour Conference.

    Yes it is true that Duffield is not a left winger – she
    has made some “reckless” comments about antisemitism
    in the Labour Party and seemed undecided as to whether
    the Labour Party were fit to govern .. She presumably does
    not know about Diana Nelson – who is an observant Jew
    who has been harassed about being “antisemitic”
    – abominable!

    She complains she has had problems for the whole
    five years – firstly (I would guess judging from the date)
    reckless comments about antisemitism being endemic.
    She quite obviously did not have a
    clue what she was talking about and should
    have kept quiet.

    However it is the comments she has made about
    trans women that appear to have generated the
    worst abuse – she complained about this before
    Conference. It is “trans activists” who are mainly
    responsible for the abuse and again – she should
    have moderated her language. What is not realised
    is that LGBTQ+ is not a Community all with the
    same opinions for there are significant differences
    between members.

    I might add that the Labour Party had issues with women long
    before Starmer – there were problems during Corbyns
    leadership over “trans” issues .. and the Party
    was told there should be no discussion.

    In fact it is the lack of discussion about this
    which disturbs some – see
    (1) susanna rustin “My hope for a more open discussion”
    guardian , October 2021

    (2) For example some trans women disagree with
    trans activists – and they are harassed.

    (3) lesbian women have difficulties too –
    (see “The cotton ceiling”). Some transactivists say
    lesbians do not really exists and should admit to
    being “trans men”

  7. Brilliant speech by Sir K in Parliament, I just wonder if he practiced it in a mirror, if he did, did he reflect on how similar lines of attack resonate in respect of himself.Self awareness.

    1. Im must say I kept replacing “the Gray Report” with
      “The Forde Report” during Starmers speech (and
      others too). WhatJohnson and his mates did is
      sickening – especially for those who were not allowed
      to see dying relatives.

      However what is involved in the Forde report is far
      more serious for democracy.

  8. According to guru-murthy (interviewing magda goebbels nadine dorris) on ch4 news earlier, de piffle’s riposte to keef and his failing to prosecute savile is fake news

    First I’ve heard…😙🎶

  9. To be fair and putting on my nerdy stem hat:

    I know that Corbyn was treated unfairly and blatant lies were told – but
    that does not make it right- here is refutation of the allegation
    that Sir Keir was responsible for lack of prosecution of Savile:


    Reuters Fact Check-No evidence UK’s Keir Starmer was directly involved in failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile

    I have watched my recording of the TV program about the way Rape cases
    are handled – the program looked at everything through the examination of four cases and was very thorough. They were not looking at the Savile case but as a result it is evident that it is as Reuters say.

    However from the TV program – looking at the four cases the way they are handled
    is an absolute disgrace. If as Starmer says that as a result of the Saville case
    he looked into the way they were handled then he has not done enough.

    1. Got a right one here ain’t we Lads! Holby seems to be a fan of Starmer and fucking pervert Saville !!! This is not a support group for nonces.

      1. You have obviously never read my posts – I am no fan of Starmer
        but false accusations reflect more on the accuser – in this case
        Johnson. Starmer accepted that as head of the CPS he should

        I will ignore the comment about myself and Savile – as beneath

  10. Utter bollocks.

    There’s no evidence keef failed to prosecute savile?

    I suppose there was insufficient evidence to prosecute damien grope green and his namesake toerag Michael green/seb fox/grant shapps or whatever his bleedin’ name is this week? The met – at least showing they once had a pair of bollocks – thought otherwise AND went public about it…Keef resigned as DPP that very day. 😙🎶

    No evidence he failed to prosecute Ian Tomlinson’s killer harwood on the grounds there was insufficient evidence?

    Channel 4 gave us all the evidence needed AND more…

    Oh, but someone else took the decision not to prosecute savile is the piss-poor cop-out.

    And nobody from the UK prosecuted assange – but keef (the human rights bastion) wants to see him twistin in the wind…

    The buck stops with keef.

  11. American Jews supporting Palestinians and the Israeli peace activists who support the Palestinians:
    “The footage below — circulated by Rabbis for Human Rights — is just the latest evidence of a surge in violent attacks against Palestinian families and farmers, as well as the Israelis who stand with and support them.”
    “The images are distressing. Over a dozen masked settlers converging on Palestinian farmers and Israeli activists in the occupied West Bank. Beating them with poles. Setting a car ablaze. Leaving them with fractured bones and bloody headwounds.”
    “In recent days, a growing chorus of leaders both in Israel and the US have spoken out. Last week, seven prominent American Jewish groups — including the Reform Movement, the Conservative Movement and the Anti-Defamation League — called on Israeli leaders to take “unequivocal action” to stop “ongoing terrorism and political violence committed by Jewish Israeli extremists in the West Bank.”

  12. We, ‘the people’,and them, the political overclass, become less connected every day.

    They’re letting their guard slip, confident in the knowledge that the synchronised MSM has got their back.

  13. JulieT – there has been a lot on JVL about the persecution of
    Palestinians by right wing Israelis. They illegally dragged one
    family from their home in East Jerusalem – beating them – even
    their children then demolished their home.

    They have also been using “Green ” excuses for forestation of
    the Negev desert taking over land occupied by indigenous groups.
    “Forestation” has also covered up the ruins of what were
    Palestinian villages.

    As you say – there has been condemnation from many
    Israeli groups – but no action from the Israeli govt?

    1. Like the odd spec of rain in the desert turns to wine, yeah right, sorry I am not convinced of this so called condemnation. I cannot believe any of it as this has been going on for over 60 years.

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