Breaking: Pidcock resigns NEC – ‘the right will never do right thing’

Leader devoid of vision for anything but party control, says former MP

Former Labour MP Laura Pidcock has resigned from the party’s national executive, blaming the determination of the right to keep.doing wrong – and Keir Starmer’s lack of political ideas.

She announced the news just now in a Facebook post:

The resignation means that fellow left-winger Ann Henderson will return to the NEC as the party abandoned the by-elections that first let right-wingers Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan back onto the NEC in 2020.

The first title of this article said ‘Laura Paddock’. Bloody autocorrect.

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    1. One more c**t of a comment designed to do nothing more than provoke…

      If the left leaning at the top of the chain feel disenfranchised/powerless to instigate change from within, what chance has the ordinary rank & file member at the bottom?

      About time the left cottoned on. They’ve got it stitched up and you’re paying for their privilege.

      1. Toffee – Unless this is intended to be a publicity stunt prior to the announcement of another new socialist party/coalition then I am struggling to see what she hopes to achieve with this gesture.

      2. All in the Pipeline!
        Only the beginning of a Massive Project, I am anxious to see Candidates, but watch this space a lot is happening in the Background and it will hit like a Storm once it is Completed!

    2. Enough. It’s not as though the Left has an obligation to stay on in a party that no longer disagrees with the Tories on anything- all of Keir’s so-called “policies” could have been implemented by Harold MacMillan- and support that party no matter what, even if they have no voice or say in that party any longer and even though that party is now so right-wing it no longer has any reason to exist.

      Just admit you’ve been a Blairite the whole time.

      1. Tory Harold MacMilan was way to the left of Blairites. He introduced a student grant in his 1962 education act.

      2. Most Conservative Party TORY SCUM are way to the Left of The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM! They have been, ever since Blair gnawed his way into Parliament via the sewers of Westminster dragging that infamous Reagan/Thatcher flavour of Neoliberalism with its hefty topping of Neoconservatism, in behind him.
        Then he Worked The Voters by joining up with Murdoch and created The People of The SUN, dragging once Centre Left Voters all the way Past Rattle Bones in her Box’s spot into the deep right! The Spinmeisters Campbell and Mandelson did the same with The Pretentious Wannabees and The People of The SUN, in Lamb’s Clothing aka The Guardian.
        The only thing that was left of “The Left” was the 20% of Democratic Socialists who we saw in 2015-2020 for 4y3m! Now, what is left!? In The House of Commons we have a Whopping total of 15-20 Democratic Socialist MPs, in a Sea of Thatcherite Neoliberal SCUM!
        That there is The Power that MONEY still has over The PEOPLE!
        The PEOPLE are weak for it!
        The PEOPLE are weak for The Pointless, Unnecessary Commercialised/Materialist tat that The Moneymongers sell to them, to keep them poor and make the rich richer!
        We NEED to put constant Pressure on The PAL to get set up and Candidates announced for 645/630 Seats! Else it is Game Over for The PEOPLE! Then we will have to learn to pretend to be them, like Winston Smith!

      3. You’re right, Bernie.
        I recall McMillan responding to a Tory MP who was rabbiting on about “the unemployed”. McMillan said (the quote may not be exact) “There is nothing wrong with unemployment. What is wrong is not having enough money. The rich have unemployment but they call it leisure.”

      4. MacMillan created the Swinging Sixties, what a great legacy that was for him. Great times, but I was a bit young to enjoy it to the full.

      5. MacMillan told the Milk snatcher ‘you cannot sell off the family silver’
        Temporary Embarrassment would sell his granny and her flat

      6. baz2001 – The Sixties was, indeed, great fun as was the sixties a few decades later.
        I suspect that McMillan, Butler, McLeod et al would be regarded as a little too far to the left for many in the LP today.

    3. For what?

      Today we witness this farce:

      A call from an incompetent junta which is still nowhere near doing the same thing they are calling on their present fellow numpties in Government to do. Its over eighteen months since many of us submitted copious evidence to the Forde Inquiry.

      Its nowhere to be seen. No even a glint in the milkman’s eye.

      Starmer and his chinless wonders have zero credibility in calling out anyone for slow timing the publication of a report.

      They, along with their sycophantic acolytes and fellow wormtongues, certainly have no more business being anywhere near Government as their fellow mirror images in the Tory & Lib-Dem party’s.

      Your problem Mr Heep is you are still under the delusion we are living in a rights based system operating on the reciprocal principles of law.

      This has not been the case for some time. We have in fact transitioned from a society based on rights codified in the law to a society based on privileges based on a terms of service. You get to do things promised in the terms of services, as long as you are compliant with the terms of service, which can change at any time. What we used to think of as rights are now privileges, no different from access to Twitter. You get to do things based on your level of compliance to the current set of rules.

      Whatever they happen to be at any one time.

      A ‘rules based order’ in which those at the top make the rules and everyone else obeys the orders.

      Rules which, as we see with this joke of an organisation masquerading under its current managerialist cult as a political party, are opaque and impossible to understand.

      One of things that clarity of the law requires is the clarity of the process. In the before times when the law was supposed to be clear, the process of adjudicating disputes was supposed to be clear as well. In other words, the rules defining the process were supposed to be as clear as the law. In the terms of service society, the process for adjudicating disputes is as mysterious as the rules. No one can explain how the LP enforces its terms of service, not even the LP.

      The liberal order was about making the law clear and reciprocal. Men would follow the law because it was in their interest, as the law was what protected them.

      The terms of service society, of which the LP is now a prime exampl and leading exponant, is much closer to a feudal order in that we have a proliferation of rules, but we are not in a rule-based society. Because the rules are always changing and their implementation is dependent on a privileged elite, people cannot depend on the rules at all.

      In such a context voting is a total sodding irrelevance.

      You really are a sad freak to be pitied because as a result of your deliberate choice to be ignorant of the social reality which exists you are wasting your limited time on earth attempting to put out a burning shipwreck with a leaky thimble whilst patting yourself on the back like a performing chimp. Totally oblivious to the laughter and derision of the grown up’s.

      No wonder you couldn’t hack it in blighty and had slink off to the Caribbean.

      1. Dave – A direct quote from Martin Forde’s letter to the NEC
        “I understand there has been and, in fact have read, much ill-informed speculation about the reason for the delay. I wish to place on record that the delay has not been caused by any political interference in the drafting of the Report or its recommendations by any member of the National Executive, Parliamentary Labour Party, Party official, Party member or affiliate. In fact we have not shared even a draft of the Report with anybody outside the panel or Secretariat.”

      2. Funny Starmer calling for the immediate release of the full Gray Report on Tory PartyGate but why not then the immediate release of the FULL FORDE REPORT?
        Right Wing Labour hypocrite of what?
        Off now, have to go to a BYOB party at

      3. Wouldn’t that be political interference?
        Like you I’m disappointed it hasn’t been released yet but I’d far rather they were absolutely certain about their wording than risk the party being sued again. Being slack about getting things passed by the legals cost us dear last time.

    4. Well you would say that wouldn’t you?
      SH – Right Wing Labour supporter on a Left Wing website.
      Laura’s a Star and you are not fit to wipe her boots lumpen!

      1. Bazza – I was mistaken, at the time of writing I had forgotten about the rule change, but there won’t be an election Laura will be replaced by Ann Henderson who is I think on the left. Never mind you can always hope for a clean sweep for the left in this year’s NEC election.

    5. Just came across the following article in the Express (published yesterday, Tuesday, before the NEC vote to restore the whip to Jeremy):

      Jeremy Corbyn threat: The real reason we should be terrified as Starmer’s hands tied

      JEREMY CORBYN will be the subject of a meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday, and the results could see the former party leader making a major comeback in public life.

      And in the article it says:

      Mr Corbyn, MP for Islington North now acting as an independent, is said to be considering launching a new party if the whip isn’t restored.

      According to the Telegraph, sources claim Mr Corbyn could upgrade his Peace and Justice Project charity into a political party and run on the ticket at the next election.

      Such a move could wreak havoc within the Labour ranks, as the new party could tempt the defection of Left-wing MPs who are frustrated by the direction Sir Keir is taking the party.

      Mr Corbyn is believed to have been urged by many within his inner circle, including his wife Laura Alvarez, to establish the new party and accept his time within Labour has come to a close.

      A close ally of the former Labour leader did not deny claims he was considering setting up a new political party, but told the Telegraph there had been no “advanced discussions”.

      1. Did you, or anyone else post about it prior to now? Because if THAT’s the case, then how come so many of the regular posters have repeatedly posted comments calling for Jeremy Corbyn and/or left-wing MPs to establish a new party in the past few days, and not one of them mentioned it, which they would have done had the story been posted by someone on here. Mind you, I do vaguely recall – now I come to think of it – an article on here that mentioned it a week or so back, but just dismissed it as anti-Corbyn guff.

        It could have been just a bluff – ie restore the whip or I’m starting a new party – but I don’t think Jeremy plays games like that. And the fact that his wife is encouraging him to do so leads me to believe he’s seriously contemplating it. But jeeze, what a massive undertaking it would be, but if it goes ahead, I will definitely be on board!

        And JVL will have to change their name to JVPJP (Jewish Voice for the Peace and Justice Party)!!.

    6. Not that makes any difference but one less is wrong. She’s replaced the candidate who came second, another lefty to be abused and otherwise ignored.

    7. “One less vote”

      One less dmocratic socialist providing cover for an authoritarian “show me your papers” Labour party in hoc to the World Economic Forum school of globalist crony-capitalism.

      Respect, Laura P.

  1. Oh well done Laura!

    It was evident that nothing could be done against the
    machinations of the Right – who will do literally anything
    to attain their goals. With that in mind – resignation was the
    right thing.

    PS The Headline: Its PIDCOCK

  2. There won’t be a by-election to look forward to, according to the new rules it looks like Jermain Jackman has got the job

    1. Ooops I misread the chart, it is looking like Ann Henderson will be Pidock’s replacement.

      1. Incidentally Labour to Win have announced their slate for this years NEC elections when all 9 CLP seats are up for grabs.
        Luke Akehurst, Johanna Baxter, Abdi Duale, Gurinder Singh Josan & Jane Thomas. They have also endorsed Ann Black, former MEP Theresa Griffin and former MP Paula Sherriff,

  3. BRAVO! Now get yours and Jeremy’s butts into The PAL!!!
    We NEED a Leader and an Advisor to the Leader!!!!
    Lets get Bums for Seats before the next GE!!!!!
    We’ll soon get all the Democratic Socialists with their seats in tact out of that Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY Shithole!

  4. “I am sure, this is part of their larger strategy”

    There. She said it. The right is there to destroy the party from within. Not to court right leaning swing voters. Not to get friendly coverage from right leaning press. Not to attract donations. No. Their sole aim is to destroy the party.

    You cannot reason with that.

    1. You’re right Ben, and I said this from the very beginning. All one had to do is look at who funded them and who was advising Starmer King Turd. Mandelson’s backers didn’t like the idea of a Left Wing Labour Govt, and certainly the Trilateral Commission didn’t either. Add to that also Israel would have hated a PM that gave Palestine any solidarity. So yeah they’re taking the Labour Party apart bit by bit. But to be honest I don’t give a damn because it is so fundamentally corrupt from the ground level up it needs to be burned down completely. Something honest and fresh will arise, of that I have no doubt.

      Laura is a decent human being, a gem in a cess pit of corrupt bastards.

      And while I’m at it, the Chief Turd Polisher can go screw himself once more.

  5. SAhe is top quality and a very brave honourable left wing lady. She’s needed in the new party.
    If anyone is interested this is really worth a listen especially the party about JC and this dreadful finished labour party

    1. Thanks for that, Andrew. He should devote his Sputnik show on RT to giving us his views on things occasionally. It would make the show a lot more interesting!

      He’s right, though. Anyone who, like me, has been paying their subs until this whip issue was resolved in the hope of any good coming out of it can now cancel the DD and cut up their membership card with a clear conscience!

      (I don’t do social media, but if you could post this broadcast each week somewhere in a comment thread I’d be most grateful).

  6. We have to thank the Lefties on the NEC who yesterday forced the hand of the starmerites. It was probably their intention to keep JC in limbo until just before a GE is announced. We now know they had no intentions of reinstating the whip. Thank you guys, now for something positive! Onwards and upwards!

  7. “Unless this is intended to be a publicity stunt prior to the announcement of another new socialist party/coalition then I am struggling to see what she hopes to achieve with this gesture.”
    Could it be that she has decided that Tony Benn’s comment, on leaving parliament, was relevant here – “More time for politics.” Maybe she has decided that there are better things she could do with her time.

    1. Something better than representing the views of the grass-root members who voted for her.

      1. Something more effective than being a marginalised socialist in a party bending over backwards to not have socialist values, not appreciate its members and not offer substantial opposition to a rotten Conservative government.

        Good on her! I respect her decision.

      2. Indeed, qwertboi.
        Having, now, read her statement I see that my guess as to why she resigned was correct.

  8. If there were no left-wingers at all in the party, the whole Starmer project would have no reason to exist.

    If the left put forward the uncontroversial proposition that ‘the sky is blue’, that lot would vote against it.

    Labour’s right can’t be reasoned with or won over through debate, because they aren’t open to compromise.

    They self-define as anti-socialists rather than having some distinct political philosophy of their own. That’s why they so struggle to explain what they believe in. They don’t believe in anything, other than hating and opposing socialism.

    1. Andy – “Labour’s right can’t be reasoned with or won over through debate, because they aren’t open to compromise.

      Whilst ‘the left’ have always been open to compromise.

      1. ALWAYS – some would say “too much” under bthe CorbynProject interregnum

      2. SteveH

        Well, yes the left are willing to compromise, just not surrender everything as Starmer demands. At that point why even bother with politics?.

        Corbyn invited Starmer back into his shad cab after his part in the ‘crap coup’ involving orchestrated resignations. An error on Corbyn’s part mind, as in hindsight, Starmer acted then more like some RW sleeper agent after that, and given his behaviour since.

        Corbyn genuinely tried for a broad church shad cab, he tolerated Watson’s despicable behaviour. They watered down policy proposals to keep the PLP right from exploding.

        Starmer isn’t of the left at all, not remotely. Starmer Looks like an uncomfortable RW Tory, having to lead the Labour party because someone in the UK establishment has asked him to.

        If you are happy with that kind of play, fair enough. But many aren’t.

      3. Andy – Yeah you can see the degree of compromise all day long on these pages.🙄

      4. Left-wing Skwawkbox is tolerant enough to allow you and me to comment here and have this exchange.

        Do you think Starmer, Evans, Mandelson and co want an open debate about policy, SteveH, be honest now?

        Imho, Labour’s right instinctively want to prevent debate, Evans openly said as much in his reported comments about internal democracy needing to be eliminated. He believes in top-down diktats and the party members input being limited to applauding approval only.

        Why do you stand by people who want to shut others up because they know they’d lose a free and open debate?

        Look at their behaviour at conference. These aren’t confident people, these are insecure individuals operating in bad faith.

      5. Looking at the history of the LP, at least in my lifetime, it is clear that the left has constantly compromised. Had they not been prepared to do so the governments of Attlee and Wilson would have been very different and would have collapsed rapidly.
        What has changed in the past few years is that the right has decided that it is no longer prepared to enter into debate with the left. It will simply ignore their views, stifle meaningful debate and, where it has no valid counterarguments (e.g. Palestine) simply expel left leaning members.
        I can’t work out whether SH understands the current situation in the LP, approves of it and is simply prevaricating (real meaning of the word), or is clueless.

      6. Andy – spot on.
        Time was when compromise meant two groups both modifying their objectives to achieve things which both groups deemed to be “satisfactory” progress. The current regime views compromise as everyone acceding to all their demands.

  9. Had a good discussion with some comrades concerning the worry some of us have about the dreadful Right Wing drift of Labour under Trilateral Commission member Starmer and I posed the question: Should the Left unions be now exploring supporting a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party?
    I argued come the next GE citizens will have NO GENUINE CHOICE with all the 3 major political parties supporting Neo-Liberal capitalism.
    A Labour Left members said he would stay and fight and we have had the Right before but felt they could turn things around especially if we pressurised the unions.
    Another said he had reservations about a new party and was worried it could split the vote like the SPD had done and although PR could help he felt that even minor reforms would be welcome.
    Yet someone else said we simply don’t have the time in Labour for the Left to turn things around with the Climate Crisis and current War Mongering.
    On reflection I agree with the last comment and believe the previous two make the mistake of thinking this is just another ordinary Right Wing Labour when I would argue they are Blairite Neo-Liberals on steroids!
    So a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party for me, and Laura if she’s up for it could play a prominent part!
    Solidarity to Socialists!

    1. And in the absence of such a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party the little Left groups in my view may try to fill the vacuum.
      They in my view as poor communicators with diverse working people could fail miserably and help Right Wing Labour to crow.
      We need to play our first team then give it everything!
      Grassroots, bottom up, participatory, left wing democratic, socialist WITH diverse working people or bust.

  10. You can’t reason with the Labour right, they’re determined to ensure no socialists are left in the party. The Left need to get real and stop trying to fight these people, it’s over. Put your energy in to something worthwhile. Here in Birmingham the Conservatives are on the march to obliterate Labour in the local elections in my area and will probably succeed. No matter what happens nationally, local Conservative councillors or prospective councillors are organising themselves and going in to areas Labour councillors haven’t been in years.

    I do agree that if Jeremy’s project became a party and brought in a 100-200,000 members led by Laura and SCG members getting of the fence and joining it would be the third biggest opposition party in Parliament. Do it now and build a movement and really take the fight to Starmer, Mandelson & Co. And crush them!

  11. Well better late than never. But why stop there, leave the bloody party and work to defeat Starmer and his goons.

  12. Slightly off topic. This is a brilliant (OpenDemocracy) article by Debs Grayson
    It could almost be a SW/ SKWAWKBOX analysis piece.

    We need to start addressing the two main issues that conspire against a massively popular Democratic Socialist rebirth and parliamentary presence:

    1 – The synchronised Media (incl the ‘broken’ BBC), and

    2 – FPTP.

    1. qwertboi
      FPTP gets you into power with a working majority that allows you to repair damage done to our democracy
      Start by handing over War Criminal

      PR is a very dangerous game to play if it leads to Nigel Farage holding the balance of power

      1. Doug – Only if ‘the left’ can’t get their vote out.

  13. I wonder if Starmer stayed away from the NEC because openly supporting the retrospective application of rules would damage his standing as a barrister? Just a thought

    1. His ‘standing’ as a barrister is pish. Even ian dummkopf schmitt nearly got something right when he referred to keef as a ‘second rate lawyer’ (He wasn’t even that competent)

      Oh! He used to prosecute terrorists alright – except he wouldn’t allow a private prosecution of abu hamza’s mates IIRC.

      But not pederasts, murdering plod or tories that even the met said ‘may have committed fraud’

      The reason he steered clear is because he fears someone telling him to his block-head exactly what he is, in front of the great & good

      1. He is a Fucking Dangerous Lawyer, because he operates as Serf by orders from The Elites/Establishment/Xlateral Commission, not by what is right or what is true, it’s all Loopholing and Fine Tooth Combing, for his Masters!

  14. A question was raised by a poster upthread
    as to what Laura is doing at the moment. In her
    statement she said she was looking after her child
    – which to me is quite enough for they are only
    little for a short time! However she is also secretary
    of the “Peoples Assembly”.

    1. Well spotted Holby. I’m wondering what role she knows will befall her as National Secretary of the People’s Aliance re the very exciting and fast-moving and formative embryonic movement (and parliamentary ‘party’) of the Left?

      1. We have to keep the pressure up on the member parties of The PAL, to get Candidates Announced for ALL 630/645 Neoliberal Seats.
        There Most Certainly is GREAT APPETITE! <- Especially for @BlueSteveH for his love of Polls.
        If This Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM have 10 seats after the next GE, I would be surprised, however I would be delighted if we could diminish BOTH TORY FILTH Parties to NOTHING, at the next GE, but I believe it will be as expected another 5 years of TORY HELL, even so with The Neo-Labour Party's Anti Socialist, Anti Left, Anti Corbyn, Anti Free Speech, Anti The PEOPLE, Sabotaging, Propagandising, Smearing, Lying TORY SCUM, The PEOPLE will have Democratic Socialist Voices in the House of Commons again and Able to Speak without Fear of the Strings of Repercussions when they do! Hats off to those who did despite the Risks, Zarah, Bel, Apsana, Claudia, Jeremy, Dianne, Jon, etc, etc!

      2. That is a completely different Question! I posted a Sample of Labour Voters intentions voting for other Parties.
        I told you what was going to happen when us “Undeserving Poor” are ignored by the Billionaire Pollsters, et al!
        The voters intention is usually asked in the MSM, MSSM Newspapers, etc, now show me the “Undeserving Poor” who still reads a Paper or who would entertain a Pollster on any platform! You’ve not been on Twitter recently, at least I doubt it because you would find that result of yours hard to believe when you see how few people have anything good to say about your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY Party, especially about BlueKeef! I wouldn’t get my hopes up too High if I was you, but then who knows what is going to happen! Perhaps The Elites/Establishment/Xlateral Commission know again, but at the end of the day we have to go to the Poll Station, make our X and wait!

  15. I just thought about this:
    “you can see the degree of compromise all day long on these pages.”
    And it struck me what a ridiculous statement it is.
    Compromise does not mean agreeing with each other. It does not even mean refraining from insulting each other,
    It means people sinking some of their differences in pursuit of common goals.

    1. Astute.It means a ‘scientific method’ exactly as Marx promoted, before anyone in the ‘scientific community’ had formally even formulated the concept.

      It means ‘respect’ for different opinions, different agendas, different priorities and it means the truth will win.

  16. Laura pidcock is making statement of why she should leave the Labour party rather than just the NEC.Shes a target now and cannot remain in the Labour party without being “fit up”
    .Lovely decent lady who deserves better than this shambolic front for the liberation of the establishment party.Go and live your dreams with your family laura the Labour party dont deserve you.!

  17. Well there has been a debate on the lunchtime Politics
    Show between Mish Rahman of the NEC and Lucy Powell.
    Rahman managed to make some very good points before
    Powells filibustering finish of the debate.

    The latter hardly attempted to counter Rahman – but went
    on about the Labour Party being a “very broad church”,
    finishing at length “Jeremy must apologise ” etc etc .
    followed by the results of the last Election.

    They did give further time to Mish though who made
    some further good points about Momentum.

    Incidentally as to Jeremy’s apology – someone on JVL
    made the very good point referring to Winston Smith –
    that to show his loyalty to ruling Big Brother he had
    to agree to the statement “2 + 2 = 5” – a humiliation
    no less.

    1. Steve Bell’s cartoon, which the Grauniad refused to publish, said it all.

      1. Oh that, that’s a while ago.(If… strip RIP). There have been a few other rejected works among his large format cartoons for the editorial pages since then. He’s too hot for the Guardian, these days! You might have noticed he hardly ever appears now. His top dog cartoonist slot is spread among their other, FAR inferior pretenders.

  18. Corbyn as the focus of a new movement might work, but new parties are hard to bring into existence, build and maintain. The crucial matter is to recognise what Edward Bernays argued a century ago: “party machines should narrow down the field of choice to two candidates, or at most three or four.” The party system exists to limit people’s choice in order to defend the interests of the rich and powerful. If we want to change society radically in the direction of thoroughgoing democracy, the end of the relationship between employer and employee, genuine equality, we can’t rely on the party system alone. We need to work outside that system, which is difficult and requires imagination. The other Bernays matter we need to understand is the propaganda system. Bernays worked in advertising as well as propaganda. The two overlap. The conundrum we face is that people have the vote but use it consistently against their interest. The propaganda system is our greatest enemy. That’s where we have to begin: finding simple ways of getting our ideas into everyone’s head. The crucial one already is. Everyone believes in democracy, or has to claim they do. So what’s wrong with democracy in the workplace? How can we promote that idea? Not through the conventional means. They are controlled and closed against us. How did Banksy get his work noticed? Not by trying to use the rigged gallery system. Instead of spending your time at a screen posting messages read by the other people who post messages to be read by the people who post messages, get to the people who don’t. They live near you. They are the majority. It isn’t difficult to get to them. Look what the Situationists did. Slogans on walls all over Paris. Metro Boulot Dodo is world famous and it summarises brilliantly the killing routine of capitalism. Equality: everybody’s favourite ingredient; Workers’ Control: opening up a world of opportunity; Life’s a handful, join a union; When money talks, poverty answers back. There are simple but effective ways of turning the culture’s slogans back on themselves and getting our ideas circulated. That’s what we have to do. The party system wont liberate us. Manufactured consent cripples the possibilities. In your city or town there are huge advertising hoardings, boarded up buildings, walls of derelict buildings and much more. They invite messages. Defacing a hoarding is a criminal act, but then it would be wouldn’t it?

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