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Breaking: ‘sham’ IPSO refuses to investigate Jewish Chronicle despite ‘spree of libels and breaches’

After months of delays, the mainstream press complaint-handler IPSO has refused to initiate a formal standards investigation into the right-wing Jewish Chronicle, despite a string of breaches and several payouts for libel in a limited period.

Instead, IPSO has decided that providing ‘training’ to the paper’s staff will be enough of a response – even though IPSO itself has previously criticised the Chronicle’s arrogant non-cooperation with its investigations into a ‘litany’ of libels against a Liverpool pensioner for which the paper eventually paid out ‘substantial damages’.

Victims of the rag’s smears have issued a response to IPSO’s refusal, accusing it of being a ‘sham… toothless organisation that always puts the interests of the press before those of ordinary people:


Statement by victims of libel by the Jewish Chronicle and members of the public whose complaints against the paper were upheld by IPSO.

In August we wrote to Lord Faulks, the chair of IPSO, pointing to the collapse of journalistic standards at the Jewish Chronicle and urging him to initiate a formal Standards Investigation into what had gone wrong. The Editors ‘Code of Conduct had been breached 33 times in three years and the paper admitted libel on four occasions in the same period.

We can announce that today, five months on from our letter, we have been told by Lord Faulks that there will be no Standards Investigation and that IPSO believes it is sufficient to provide Jewish Chronicle staff with compliance training – something that is already supposed to be routine for all IPSO members.

IPSO has refused to take meaningful action in the case of a member that repeatedly defies its authority, and it is clear that it will never do so. This sends the message to IPSO members that no behaviour by them could ever be bad enough to prompt even a formal investigation, let alone disciplinary action.

We had pointed out to Lord Faulks that IPSO’s own conduct should also be subject to investigation. IPSO’s complaints committee publicly reported the Jewish Chronicle to IPSO’s standards department for ‘unacceptable’ conduct in November 2019, yet the paper’s spree of libels and code breaches was allowed to continue. This matter has been ignored.

The price for this regulatory failure is felt by the public – both by those who are libelled and misrepresented and by readers who are fed falsehoods without consequence. That IPSO provided its response to us only after five months had elapsed underlines this disregard for the public. That it chose to do so at the height of the Christmas season smacks of the worst kind of news manipulation.

The moral is clear: IPSO is nothing like a real regulator. It is a sham, a toothless organisation that always puts the interests of the press before those of ordinary people. If you have been abused in the papers, don’t count on IPSO to put it right.

IPSO has never conducted a single standards investigation against one of its members in its entire existence. The Hacked Off group has described it as a ‘sham’ set up to create ‘the illusion of reform’ after the phone-hacking scandal.

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  1. IT must be very upsetting for the left wing media who have been targeted to see IPSO collaberate with various right wing media to spread hatred lies and propaganda and walk away unhindered.The thought that these type of people are in control of all the main political parties is extremely dangerous and doesn’t look good for fair and free elections.Keep your eyes open and on the ballot boxes.

    1. We must not hope for outfits like IPSO or any other to do the right thing. Sue the misnamed chronicle and others over and over. Never give up. Never appease. Appeasement, keeping heads down etc never works, never will. Sue and press for MAXIMUM redress with repeated published apologies and MAXIMUM financial damages.
      The only way🔴🟡🔴🟡🔴🟡

      1. The BRILLIANT people of Bristol bravely took ACTION to “RECTIFY HISTORY” Inspiring the many worldwide🎉🎉🎉

        Well done judge & jury showing a tiny glimmer of justice through wisdom, decency, HONESTY, common-sense and self-respect IS possible+++

        Likewise, lets keep Queen woman’s shamelessly abominable PERSONAL CHOICE to bauble Blair LIAR warmongering creature on NYD of all inappropriate times; … lets keep her heartless choice in the news until the trinket is withdrawn. Not because the trinkets hold intrinsic value, but because it says to the world the UK honours mass murder, death, destruction, grief, and orphans making.

    1. Tomorrow Akela announces her retirement after 40 years leading the 14th Cub Scouts
      Within 24 hours the kleptocracy have chosen her replacement
      Look up George Monbiot article on how we are infected at every level of society
      Fascism 101

      1. I’ll look that up when Monbiot acknowledges that there’s a fellow journalist waiting to die in a high security prison a few miles away from his desk. i.e. probably never.

      2. Monbiot criticizes the very thing that he helps to facilitate. He’s a hypocrite of the first order. Never once has he come out in defense of Assange and he helped put the knife into Corbyn and Labour when he had the opportunity.

      3. Agree with both replies, but it doesn’t negate the moral of the story not least in our beloved Labour Party, until we get real and get rid of Red Tories we haven’t got a snowballs of closing down IPSO
        JC is a wonderful human bean, but it’s the fuckers who do the dirty work who clear the path for the sainted one

      4. I would love to meet this gentleman. He has led us to believe that he is a leftie and knows everything. He’s a lover of all things green as well as himself of course. How can I put it mm?. He’s a wanker and he writes for hateful, twisted security forces backed rag. It’s so infused with tick box garbage that it is now deeply anti-working class. Its readership is cycling the wagons around a demented staff and readership- which is dropping in numbers daily. Why socialists have bothered with it since Blair is beyond me. I shall not be researching the great man’s work. I can kinda guess what’s in it. I’d wear a chastity belt to their staff does and knees ups. X

    1. What’s not to like about The International Palestine Supporters Organisation?

  2. IPSO have never really acted against the press. The Chronicle receives no punishment from them culminating in giving the rag a green light to carry on libelling anyone they see fit.

  3. I wonder if anyone noticed our knight of the realm is in isolation again..
    Now I presume that it is not from “the Speech” and I have every sympathy if keir has to take a few days off for the jitters and hiding in the bottom of a glass but is our beloved knight a living example of multiple covid attacks or his it somthing far more worrying for a man who cant take the pressure?
    We must be told?

      1. Yes, his SARS-CoV-2 Test result!
        He must be the record holder for contracting SARS-CoV-2 the most times of all MPs! It does speak well for him or his Personal SARS-Cov Hygiene! I wonder if he is The International Record Holder for a Fully Injected Person to contract SARS-Cov!? The X-Lateral Commission won’t be pleased! This serum is their money maker at the moment, Not Good Blue Keef! NOT Good!
        Probably just another Posh Boy TORY, Duvet Week, felt a little worn out after being an utter Twat to Socialists and The Left for a couple months that appears to be all he and Blobby in the Boiler Room does, well, that and catching SARS-Cov!

    1. Joseph, my in-depth, scientific research has come up with an answer to these self-imposed lockings. It’s called covidianconvenientum, also known as coroniaddictus. It affects the great and the good. Possibly, of course, we can’t know yet, permanent but not fatal.

  4. ………but it’s getting easier to spot a lying fraudster, just look out for the ‘Sir’ B4 the name.

  5. Glass half full
    Makes it easier to solve the problem, our problem is we never do
    Sort our own house out first
    Red Tories ‘off they must fuck ‘

    1. There is only one way Doug to ‘off they must fuck ‘ Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES. That is to vote them out of their seat by campaigning, now already, in your constituency, who to vote for en masse, my advice would be their strongest opponent to ensure a guaranteed boot or block for Candidates,
      Where there are UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates Vote them IN!

      1. nellyskelly
        Seize back control of the party then kick them all out, how we do it I care not a jot, let’s first and foremost agree it has to happen
        There is no way back for those who worked for the worst Tory government when for the first time in my lifetime there was a realistic chance to elect the most progressive Labour government since 1945

  6. Just read the Aaron Bastani tweet on JK Rowling and her goblins
    What goes around comes around as me Nana used to say

      1. Toffee
        It was listed on this page
        See if I can find it elsewhere
        Regards for 2022 to you and yours kidda

      2. Toffee
        Google Jon Stewart calls out J K Rowling over anti semitic goblins
        Good news is it appears the Cockwombles are beginning to eat each other
        I’ll drink to that

      3. Had a look at bastani’s twotter and had to tut and roll me eyes.

        Also, I just KNEW the ‘talented’ baddiel would have had to stick his oar in….And after scrolling down just a wee bit, he disappointed by not disappointing.

        Anyway, best wishes reciprocated to you, Dougal, and all comrades on & off this site.

        Stay warm, stay safe, stay strong, and stay socialist✌️

        All my very best wishes, folks 👍

    1. That is Hilarious, the amount of times I said it to her/her Zionist Protection Army/etc and seen other people also in fierce battle with the Zionists fighting nail and tooth ‘that it is not Antisemitism’!
      Wonder which Zionist Federation agreement she broke, would it be going to the Anniversary Party with all those “nasty little” Pro Palestine actors after saying she wouldn’t? Her main role as Head of Project Get-Corbyn UK Zionist Division is spent, making her a liability! Is the First Big Name Antisemite Prison sentence about to be delivered for the UK!? Wah hah hah, we can all but dream!

    2. Thanks for the info Doug . I read Arron’s tweet and agree wholeheartedly with his reference to the banking mural which Jeremy Corbyn was almost flayed alive over.
      Furthermore JK Rowlings did not just glance at picture and “like” it. She wove a story round what is undoubtedly an antisemetic trope.
      I see the Campaign Against Antisemitism has defended JK’s use of the trope and there is dead silence from the BoD JLM and of course the Chief Rabbi about the issue. Clearly the Rabbi does not think JK Rowlings vile creation poses “existential threat” to Jewish life in the UK. Only Jeremy Corbyn, lifelong antiracist, and all round decent guy does that apparently.
      JK Rowlings is a Labour member whose conduct has brought the party into disrepute. Many members including lifelong Jewish members have been expelled for less so I call on the party to instigate the disciplinary process against Rowlings for her clear antisemitism.
      Shame on her and those who seek to defend or ignore her disgusting trope.

  7. The Independent Press Standards Organisation is not independent.

    It is a product of our time and – like everything neoliberal – rotten to its very core.

    It is crony-capitalism’s rejection of The Leveson Inquiry’s judicial public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press and its attempt to define a ‘minimum’ acceptable standard for our decadent MSM.

    It is a major part of the reason that the UK is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    It is the reason that our MSM is, properly speaking, better referred to as the ‘synchronised-MSM’. (Synchronised with the powerful billionaires economic and political interests (‘Elite’ my arse, they are oligarchic parasites).

    It is the reason that the world is acting as if the ‘pandemic’ is a health emergency – despite The survival rate of “Covid” being over 99%, despite there being NO unusual excess mortality anywhere in the world during 2020 and 2021, despite “covid death” counts being artificially inflated by globalist ’emergency legislation’ defining a “Covid death” to be a “death by any cause within 28/30/60 days of a positive test”.

    It is also the reason that despite UN resolutions against Israel outnumbering UN resolutions against every other country in the world combined, that Israel remains (to its founders’ shame) a quasi-fascist apartheid state.

    IPSO is not independent, not acceptable and not good for your health or the health of democratic societies.

    1. For one day can you NOT post your tin foil hated BS about Covid we ALL know you don’t believe it’s real or it’s whatever I really don’t care any more!!!

      The minuet one of you it’s all a con or not a real virus brigade go and work on a red ward with no PPE to demonstrate how survivable it is etc then we might listen to your rants! You post this drivel you and another and it’s alwase the same drivel, show me your PHD in virology heck show me a damn degree in it I might listen maybe? But to some random muppet behind a keyboard spewing there lies on a blog site okay I will get right on that chief NOT!

      SO for the love of all holly sky fairy you believe in or more likely not! Just give it a rest we get it you don’t believe it it’s totally survivable, the vaccine is out to track you make you impotent or whatever current BS you believe in, that all these huge numbers of bodies are fake all these grieving relatives must be actors whatever the heck you want to believe just keep it to yourself.

      As I said the minuet one of you deniers wants to demostrare how wrong all these experts are and work on a red ward with no PPE for 2 weeks then were listen until then STFU!

      1. disabledgrandad
        My son called yesterday to tell me he had tested positive as I was due to call in to pick up their Christmas tree, they make great logs and firelighters
        Told him that would be at least two hugs instead of one then
        What does that make me

      2. @ disabledgrandad. Coronaviruses are real DG. Covid is very real too. As a medically qualified biochemist (and a democratic socialist), I can’t not be very worried by the “Covid Narrative” and its use of bad science, bad epidemiology, inaccurate medical diagnosis, confused taxonomy and legal slight of hand, etc., to actually put people’s heath at risk and harm my class, rather than, as claimed, “to manage and mitigate” a killer virus (which no coronavirus has ever been at least since 1962 when biochemists realised that 2 of the 4 ‘flu’ viruses contained spiked proteins of the type we now describe as ‘coronaviruses’. (Yes, sometimes it’s not just history that’s written by the winners, science too).

        So, I’m sorry that my posts upset you. But for the record, I have worked with much more virulent (pathogenic) viruses than even SARS-CoV-2 supposedly was in Dec 2019 (today it has transmuted at least five times and should be 80% less pathogenic). It was called MERS-CoV and today cannot even be found anywhere in nature. (This is what viruses do – constantly transmute and die (but of course you know that from the “Covid Narrative” don’t you? Thought not – the covid narrative is only a sales-pitch for untested, possibly dangerous ’emergency authorised’ vaccines).

        I assure you DG, I don’t come here and talk about the covid-lie solely make people uncomfortable. I at least have good intent. I believe that some democratic socialists should want to know when the hard neoliberal right (well, global capitalism, technically) is pulling the wool over their eyes. Hopefully, my posts cause some people here to re-examine the misinformation they have been bombarded with on covid and, as such will alert them to the danger their acquiescence to the establishment’s lie creates for their class and their loved-ones.

        FWIW – Jeremy Corbyn probably doesn’t read my posts here (not cos they’d offend him), or visit doctorsforcovidethics dot org but he voted exactly the right way on mandatory vaccination of NHS staff and show-me-your-papers passports for venues (unlike the starmer-labr party), because as a socialist he he knows what’s right and what’s wrong, and that’s all I ask of you.

      3. There are many “tin foil hatters” here DG, so you are more likely to read our post than not,
        Perhaps not read the Comments so anally?
        Skip over the ones of those you don’t want to read?
        I think you would benefit from seeing a SARS-CoV-2 Anxiety Therapist, to vent your Anxious Aggression, you would also do well to accuse us only of what we are to blame for, don’t read some MSM stories about other people and then come here and try to spew at us.
        You have developed such hatred, for us deep within you that you wish us dead! WTAF! That is pretty Fucking Twisted!
        Nasty Little Prick!

      4. @nellykskelly – don’t be too hard on dg – he might be dealing with issues we can’t even imagine, but thanks for your (usual) plain speaking. I like your style.

      5. Quertboi — This is what viruses do – constantly transmute and die

        I’m no bio-chemist but if that is the case, and I’m not suggesting it won’t happen with Sars-Cov-2, perhaps you could explain why we still have viruses like Measles and Herpes, for instance, still circulating year after year without them dying out, or even becoming seemingly any less virulent?

      6. DG….I for one aplaude quertboi for his helpful advice and his patience with people like DG who dont want to know any medical facts about the flu like virus covid 19..We are all effected differently as I have pointed out when my wife,son,daughter in law and grandchildren..age of us 2….71years and I have also seen the deaths of two brothers in care ❤ homes who were all diagnosed covid !.and in fact picked up the virus locked in from discharged hospital patiants..Myself elderly sufferd more but no more than dengue fever or malaria that I suffer from with my travels around the world many areas being third world were their are many more dangerous deseases than covid .Mr knight of the realm seems to contract the virus as reported by Tom peck independent for at least the eighty eighth time and even the guardian are basically casting doubts.Scepticism about covid and the draconian laws associated with it should be questioned especially when theres no longer any discernable Opposition party.Thankyou querboi for not only informing us but also questioning the media Narrative and subservience to the covid 19 virus

      7. DG, Or what? Kick him out of the party. Can’t have that opinion.

      8. @PW
        You don’t need to be a chemist of any type to understand (or use) epidemiology (although it probably helps 😃).

        You are absolutely right, my words didn’t convey the obvious ‘givens’. I shoulda said something like “EVERY virus that can infect a human through a respiratory channel’ reduces its pathogenicity when it increases its own infectability. ( FWIW there are very few viruses that are infectious to humans that are not respiratory. The obvious factors explain this away/ stomach acid/skin barrier. Biologist who analyse human placenta verify that some viruses n other pathogens can be passed from mother to embryo/child, but then the pathogenicity of said viruses is whole different issue/ rabbit hole 😣.

        Rubeola (measles) and Herpes viruses’ (and a good few others) – incl maybe viruses we haven’t yet identified – ability to infect humans is as likely to be a feature of our immune system (which is not a fixed thing). The people whose analysis and hypothesising I trust the most tend to be biologists and v expert in T + B cells. One day some genius is going to stumble on a simple explanation that will probably involve a basic ‘unknown’ about how they work/ don’t work in humans.

        The enigma you outline (still circulating year after year without them dying out, or becoming seemingly any less virulent) I think is easy to answer: EVERY virus’ basic instinct is simply to survive and secondly to reproduce, being pathogenic is only permitted once the virus knows it is replacable through reproduction. requires that the first two requirements are met.

        Sorry I took so long to respond. Today has been mega-bitty, for good and not-so-good reasons. Out of interest P W, have you any favourite appoaches/theories that you’ve found relevant?

      1. qwertboi
        Djokovic has had Covid19, he has natural immunity which makes him better protected and less infectious than those who rely on vaccines that don’t last and dont work
        Well at least not very well
        This anti unvaccinated is criminal and should be tested in court, are you up for it

      2. HNY timfrom,
        Only superficially (no, I haven’t read ALL those articles), but I strongly recommend that you give the Tony Sutton article (“An end to capitalism. An end to cash!”) your attention. As with most Off-G articles, the comments are sometimes as thought-provoking as the ATL item (and is the ‘bevin’ there (whose comment has more votes than any other), the same bevin we meet here?) Apart from being a great book review of ‘Rebel Minds’ by somebody the starmer lbr party would call ‘the wrong type of Jew’, it tells me how cliquey (and parochial/myopic?) the dem socialist independent media can become.

        You know it says something when Hegel and Karl Marx’s illegitimate children, social scientists, stay truer to scientific methodology and discipline than supposed ‘proper’ scientists who might understand that electron transfer is the ‘life force’ of everything, but acquiesce to capitalism’s ‘money transfer’ as the currency that gives their science meaning!

      3. qwertboi
        Great video, will finish it when my data allowance updates or I get near some WIFFI
        Numbers and bits of the jigsaw
        So originally and in line with public health rule 101 we were told if we ever did create a vaccine it would go to the vulnerable here and around the world and that would be the end of it
        After that it was disaster masters with snouts in the trough

  8. IPSO refused to investigate the Jewish Chronicle because the JC clearly falls below even the appallingly low standards expected of British newspapers. Had IPSO investigated they would have had no option but to find against the JC and it seems to me that IPSO is so terrified of becoming victims of the usual witch hunt i.e being smeared as antisemites for daring to criticise the JC and then targeted for non stop vilification by the paper and its backers that it took the easy way out and recommended training instead.
    However I think this will give IPSO only a temporary respite because the JC is unlikely to stop its disgusting libels against anyone it chooses to target. Therefore more complaints to IPSO will probably follow and IPSO will, in the end, be forced to take action. IPSO will then be bombarded with “antisemite” accusations like so many others before it so taking the cowards way out on this occasion hasn’t solved the problem, it has just deferred it to a later date.

  9. Wonder if hislop will include this in street of shame in the next issue of ‘eye’

    I have a strong feeling the answer’ll be ‘nay’.

    1. Hislop is as much a part of The X-Lateral Commission as Blue Keef is. HIGNFY ripped Corbyn apart every damned show for 4y3m! How many millions were influenced by that, we could do with a Wiki of who did what or crawled from under their rock between 2015 to 2020.

    2. But isn’t the great one a communist (he used to claim to be one at least ) in which case publish and be damned. I admit I don’t know what the stipulations about commenting are in his lifetime contract with the bottom feeders. Did Two Jobs Shitlob have anything to say about job stacking?

  10. At least Meghan managed to win something back from “The Mail” but it
    says something about our press that it required such a convoluted
    way of achieving it.

    I am sorry about the racial attacks on her but I think the one who suffered most
    from this is a vulnerable and sick elderly man whose foolishness was exploited
    by the hyenas (ie her father).
    PS I have not yet read this weeks Eye – am hoping there were will be more in it
    about thendisgraceful way that Starmer and his instrument (Evens) are treating
    members of the Labour Party.

  11. In the grand order of things where do the Bristol 4 sit, I noticed they have had no support from the Mayor of Bristol
    There is precisely SFA on offer from major parties to younguns since JC exited stage LEFT

  12. I see tenth rate actress maureen lipman – she who was only last week harping on about ‘cancel culture’ (despite ‘leaving’ the labour party on numerous occasions) in comedy and how some people take offence too easily, is now ‘uncomfortable’ with the fact that Helen Mirren has been chosen to play former Israeli premiere Golda Meir, as Mirren ‘isnt jewish’

    Ere, ‘mo’ did you know that, for example, ATHEIST Daniel Craig has played a Jewish resistance fighter in ‘defiance’ and a mossad agent in ‘ munich’ ?

    It’s a fucking outrage, innit?? 😒

      1. PS Toffee
        Maureen Lipman claims the late actress Joyce Grenfell is her heroine and she did a tribute act to her over a number of years. Joyce was a niece of Nancy Astor , a rabid antisemite and was herself antisemitic. She said
        “there’s something a bit un-cosy about a non-Aryan refugee in one’s kitchen” in respect of Jewish Refugees fleeing the Nazis.
        It seems Maureen can turn a blind eye to antisemitism when the antisemite is a wealthy socialite or famous actress. This makes Maureen Lipman is a hypocrite.

    1. Toffee
      If Maureen Lipman is “uncomfortable ” with a non Jewish actress playing an Israeli leader I would be interested to know how she feels about Jewish people such as herself playing non Jewish parts ( Evelyn in Coronation St), straight actors playing Gays ,Gay actors playing straight parts, mentally healthy actors playing someone with a mental illness, a non disabled person playing the part of a person with a disability etc.
      If she is OK with these ( and I haven’t heard anything to indicate otherwise) then seems to me Maureen’s “uncomfortableness” may be rooted in a preoccupation with race.
      The Equality legislation is there to ensure that people are selected for all work including acting roles on the basis of their ability to do the job – the merit principle. Maureen who is in the public eye disagrees with this principle and has chosen in this instance to make a public pronouncements about feeling uncomfortable with it. By doing so she has done a great disservice to all of us who have worked so hard over the years to eradicate all forms of discrimination including racism from the workplace.
      It is unlikely that Maureen will ever put herself forward for Equality Training but that is what she needs if she is to fully understand that it is a person’s ability not their race gender sexual orientation disability etc that should determines their suitability for a job.

      1. I am not sure about her age but isn’t she due to become a national treasure? Wasn’t she promising to emigrate for some reason or other? I wish her well in her next role, should be worth a pair of globes.

      2. I have had enough of this Molestation. Baddiel laughs when he’s watching her. He’s the GOAT of fun and hysterical laughter. King of the new rock and roll.

    2. Is she the one who often plays gentiles for cash? Has she left or is she continuing to attend meetings where her life is at stake?

      1. Wobbly – its worse than that. She admires an antisemite and did a tribute act to her – See my post at 9.08 which for some reason- probably my fault – is out of sequence

  13. I wholeheartedly agree, Smartboy.

    The clue’s in the job description.

    actress from the noun act

    a pretence.
    “she was putting on an act and laughing a lot”

    You’d have thought a so-called ‘actress’ would at least appreciate that

    But this isn’t about acting…Is it, maureen?

    And, on a pertinent note – I’ve seen a picture of Helen Mirren portraying Golda Meir. I have to say the likeness is rather good.

    (You’ll note there’s no such qualms from the Times of Israel about Mirren’s casting in the role 😗🎶)

    1. Of course, she may have just had the idea that there could be someone else who might have liked the job.

      1. Lipman clearly does not have an Ology in the bleedin obvious, it’s called Acting, Darling

  14. Those jowls are spot on!

    ..said the brummy, looking in Boodles’ window.

    (I’ll get me coat…🚕)

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