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Exclusive: Labour bombards Liverpool councillor with emails – after expelling him

Starmer’s party an organisational mess

The Labour party is bombarding a Liverpool councillor with a daily stream of emails begging him for support – after expelling him and manoeuvering to block him from the Labour-run council’s policy committees.

Sam Gorst was expelled by Labour last week on the retrospective pretext of support for other expelled members that took place long before their groups were ‘proscribed’, but the party still wants his money so badly that it is emailing him almost every twenty-four hours.

On Monday, Cllr Gorst received a letter from the party asking him to go and help campaign in a West Midlands by-election:

On Tuesday, he received another – this one telling him about the campaigning and training dates he ‘needs’ to save:

And today, it’s an update from Labour’s Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner:

Party general secretary David Evans has claimed that the party, which recently suffered a massive data breach about which it has still not fully informed victims or party officers potentially liable to financial loss, is allowed to keep minimal data on expelled members for disciplinary purposes’internal governance’. But he also stated clearly that the information was ‘restricted’ to ‘ensure‘ that it could not be used for other purposes and that the party will not contact ex-members:

We do however minimise the personal data we hold and ensure that unnecessary information is deleted once it is no longer required. Where someone is no longer a member or supporter, we restrict the processing of this information in such a way to ensure that the Labour Party does not contact you again.

The huge data breach led to members’ sensitive data being in the possession of criminals, but Labour’s own internal data handling and admin has been a complete mess under Starmer and Evans, no doubt aggravated by their mass purge of left members and the even bigger exodus of people disgusted with their behaviour.

But to be expelling councillors from the party and not even bothering to ‘ensure that the Labour party does not contact [them] again’ is shoddy even by the standards of the current Labour regime and must surely constitute yet another major breach of supposedly-strict data protection laws.

Sam Gorst is appealing against his expulsion.

Clearly Starmer’s shambles of a party, having expelled or sickened its most engaged and campaigning members, is flailing around for support in its lacklustre campaigns. But it’s not going to get it from those it has most egregiously hounded and abused, nor from the hundreds of thousands of others who stand in solidarity with them.

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  1. “Labour members have led the way in standing up to hate right across Merseyside”, according to Police & Crime Commissioner Emily Spurrell. Does anyone know what that means?

    1. Keir’s had Labour standing up to hate as many people as possible. Hating socialists and Jews- as Keir and his allies all do0 is easier on the knees than hating socialists and Jews from a seated position.

  2. He should have signed up on the telephone ☎ canvassing and advised them to vote monster raving loony party for a better life and true freedom.I wish Labour would give me just half an hour on the dog 🐕and bone I would sing the praises of having a knight of the realm looking down upon the unwashed peasants of N.Shropshire….who…..arrr..!Them there torys as gone all radical and voting for the lib dems flip… Well its Christmas folks make merry and leave out the mistletoe

  3. Expulsion team working overtime while the administrative side races to catch-up perhaps?

    Given the rate of expulsions and how obscure some of the social media posts that are being dredged up to justify said expulsions are. How much of that £2m per year legal bill is being spent on this seemingly gargantuan Stasi-esque effort to dig digital dirt on members and chase out anyone found to be associated with the left?

    No wonder Unite are targeting their support more wisely. What a hideous Stasi-esque regime Starmer and Evans have created.

  4. Talk about shitting on someone’s doorstep then knocking and asking for some bogroll…

    Unfit to run a whelk stall.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Councillor Gorst’s comments. If Labour hadn’t expelled this man for implied antisemitism for supporting a “proscribed” group before it was “proscribed” – a completely disgusting concept- we wouldn’t have had to ask him to go out and campaign for us- he’d have been out there, unpaid, knocking on doors in winter weather urging people to vote Labour.
    Sam Gorst is only one of thousands who have been expelled and smeared by the party. The situation regarding getting people to campaign for us can only get worse while the purges and character assassinations continue.

  6. Well done Starm-trooper.
    You’ve expelled so many of Labour’s loyal; workers.
    Now – The rest of us are telling you – we will sit this one out.

  7. Labour….They’ve got a gun, so they shoot their own feet.

    What goes around comes around.

  8. Private Eye have suddenly noticed what is going on in the Labour
    Party – they cite the cases of two members. One was
    Pamela Fitzpatrick – the other was a CLP
    Secretary who reported the CHair’s resignation letter.

    They do not report the scandal of Jewish members being expelled for
    antisemitism. However they might well be interested in an expelled
    member being asked for support.

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