Guest article: Starmer to prop up Johnson as 80+ Tories rebel on Covid passports and compulsory jabs

Popular activist ‘Rosie Dee’ on Starmer’s continued collusion with Johnson

‘Rosie Dee’ (not her real name) is, according to the national media, a popular Labour activist. Here she writes about the Boris Johnson’s plan to impose ‘Covid passports’ and compulsory vaccinations, among other restrictions – a plan that, with at least eighty Tories now publicly saying they will rebel, Labour’s notional leader Keir Starmer is set to collude to ensure passes:

Today Westminster MPs get to vote on four Covid proposals from the Government. Keir Starmer as the current leader of the opposition has already announced he will whip labour MPs to support the Government on all 4 proposals which will apply to England only.

Getting boosters out is a rational position to support but that’s not on the table today.

The votes are on:

  1. facemasks
  2. isolation rules
  3. Covid passes
  4. NHS compulsory jabs

Johnson is at risk of rebel votes from his back benchers. It’s known he will suffer so many rebel votes, at least eighty so far, on Covid passes that only Labour votes will get the proposal through. He knows he’s going to get that support.

Without Labour votes Johnson would be severely wounded. So what is Labour doing squandering an opportunity to do such damage to a Tory prime minister?

Starmer has decided supporting Johnson in all these votes is in the public interest. Indeed he’s gone as far as to suggest it’s ‘patriotic’. And of course there are public health issues at the heart of these proposals.


Just giving backing to Covid passes, known to everyone as vaccine passports, with nothing in return when Johnson is at risk over it, is terrible politics.

Instead Starmer should be demanding a list of much needed support for citizens:

  • full sick pay for all those who succumb to the virus
  • support for businesses & workers that will be affected by work from home – particularly the transport industry,
    ventilation & filtration systems in schools & key worker workplaces
  • support for nhs staff who are too weary to go on
  • and so many other things.

As Christmas approaches, remember there will be children who won’t be getting a Christmas dinner least alone a present. How about demanding support for food banks over Christmas?

And of course the big question is what happens next? How far does the country go in excluding the unvaccinated? It could become very worrying indeed with borders in shops, towns and cities.

Can we really allow vaccines and public health education to become a weapon that divides communities?

Have we tried to persuade and educate? Faith in politicians – all parties in Westminster is at an all-time low, with the don’t-knows leading in the polls. So why are politicians trying to deliver public health messages propped up by union jacks when they should be using those the public trust and respect to get the message across.

Have we fully explored measures that we know work and need new reinforcing positive messages?

You can make wearing of face masks mandatory but who is going to reinforce them?

Look around you – there are people wearing the same mask over and over again. I’ve even seen one with a fag burn in it. Sales of sanitiser have dropped. Once it was more scarce than toilet paper!

At what point does compulsory vaccination extend to other key workers? To the general population? What are the wider ramifications of such damage to public freedoms?

These are serious issues and serious questions that need addressing and don’t get addressed by just giving votes away free to a political and moral enemy.

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  1. Jeremy corbyn first raised the issue of human rights with this virus and this government exploiting it.I have said right from the beginning of this virus that “theres far more dangerous people out there than any virus and this government along with the support of the Labour party are helping to bring in draconian laws and measures that no civilised society would tolerate We are not here to fill the pockets of Big pharma on a illegal untested Vaccine that doesn’t work.We sit back and watch mesmerized whilst our society and freedoms are taken from us with the help of the Labour party I served in for many many years till they deserted us.I and hundreds of thousands ex members will not be suprised to see the three line whip impossed to keep this government in power and out of control….and that sleezy corrupt knight to do his funders bidding….

    1. While I totally get we must protect the NHS, there are some worrying things about the global response to the virus. Much of the world, especially Africa is unvaccinated yet has far lower death rates than UK and USA. Vaccination can only work if the whole world is vaccinated, otherwise mutations evolve. Spanish flu killed 50,000,000, so far Covid has killed between 7 and 8 million. Behavioural psychologists and epidemiologists from Edinburgh and Imperial college who are sponsored by the Gates foundation are the only source of expertise followed by all Western governments.
      We don’t question anything and we attack anyone who does.

      1. lundiel “Africa is unvaccinated yet has far lower death rates than UK and USA. Vaccination can only work if the whole world is vaccinated, otherwise mutations evolve….”

        So, not taking a vaccine produces lwer death rates and yet “Vaccination can only work if the whole world is vaccinated”.
        So, vaccination has nothing to do with human health?

        Thanks for raising one of the key illogicalities that the covidians are creating and hoping we don’t notice. ‘TheScience™️’is not science and the covid narrative is not sound medicine or epidemiology.

      2. Cuban and Chinese vaccines are donated by the billion to Africa, and therein I guess is the secret, those vaccines donated are safe for human consumption, but the Greedmongers 80% of England’s Fully Vaccinated and Boosted COVID dead vs 20% Part Vaccinated AND Unvaccinated, “Vaccines” probably not so much,
        COVID will go dormant in 2022 says Bill Gates, yeah, probably as it incubates the Monster From Hell Lobotomizing, Zombifying, Virus ready to ship off into Amazon Manufacturing, Packaging Space Stations.
        So that the Ultra Rich and their Serfs can have a quiet planet to enjoy!
        “Humanity will move most industry into space and allow only ‘a select few’ to remain on our planet, which will be turned into a natural resort” Bezos

      3. Yes nelly “Cuban and Chinese vaccines are donated by the billion to Africa, and therein I guess is the secret, those vaccines donated are safe for human consumption…

        I don’t know enough about the Chinese vaccine, but the point is about Cuban pharmaceuticals is that they are always meticulously and systematically tested (arguably more rigorously than WHO standards usually require). Covid Vacs haven’t been tested at all. Their use is permitted by legislation which also provides the developers and injectors of them with indemnity (whatever standards the Nuremberg Code (Nürnberger Kodex) imposes on medics and physicians).

        ALSO, be v careful about what you say re. VAERS and NHS Yellow Card data. Sure the data will stop pople taking the vaccine products, but it could also cause many people extreme distress and this dis-ease.The deaths, strokes and thrombotic episodes following vaccination are certainly significant, and whether the pharmaceutical developers actually care or not, the point is that real people (like my auntie Margery) were persuaded to take them, and it would be very irresponsible of us to misplay this card now. Just point out the untested nature of the ‘vaccines’ and that covid is not dangerous enough to kill many people atm and disuade them from taking any more of the vaccine. People’s Mental Health is fragile enough atm

      4. One explanation for the lower death rates in Africa that I remember reading a while ago (I think in The New Scientist) is that, generally, the median age in African countries is lower than that in European countries.

        So, as a proportion of the population, Europe has more elderly people. As COVID has been a risk primarily to the elderly and those with underlying conditions, the increased proportion of older people in Europe, relative to the population as a whole, has resulted in a higher death rate when compared to Africa.

        Potentially, also, the numbers of people with those underlying conditions may vary between African and European populations, given (for example) differing availability of healthcare or that the Western diet is not the healthiest, with a resultant further shift in relative death rates.

        Quite plausible hypotheses, I think.

      5. The Edinburgh person (Devi Sridhar) is even made a Global Young Leader by the World Economic Forum, who have absolutely NO interest in changing human society!

      6. @stark – ” the median age in African countries is lower than that in European countries” . Yeah, probably a factor because i) globally there has been NO unusual excess mortality, ii) “covid death” counts are artificially inflated, iii) the vast majority of covid deaths have serious comorbidities, iv) average age of “Covid death” is greater than the average life expectancy (the average age of a “covid death” in the UK is 82.5 years).

        @timfrom – your posts always make me smile. Is Devi Sridhar (or many other WEF Global Young Leaders) a member of Starmer’s Labour I wonder?

      7. Almost certainly. I’d imagine it’s in their job description! 😉

    2. Even if we put Human Rights to one side, it is fucking weird that Fascist Governments who couldn’t give a flying Fuck about DWP Deaths, Collapse of Elderly Care, Collapse of Disability Care, Homelessness and Homeless Hungry Children, in the 5th richest nation in the world!
      In 2018 UK had 9/10 poorest areas in Northern Europe and 1/10 Richest, not just 1/10 but The Number One richest place in Northern Europe!
      Yet we have the above suffering and a government who doesn’t give a Fuck about that, but a”Vaccine” that according to Government’s November England figures 80% of people who died because of Covid were Fully “Vaccinated” People.
      WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS, that the government cares so deeply about that they are prepared to act forcefully to get it into us! Whatever THAT THING is, it is NOT A VACCINE!
      I wonder if this is all to do with the millions and millions of us who stopped voluntarily taking the annual Flu Vaccine and not getting their dose of whatever THAT THING is!
      PS apologies a bit cussey today!

  2. Instead Starmer should be demanding a list of much needed support for citizens:

    full sick pay for all those who succumb to the virus
    support for businesses & workers that will be affected by work from home – particularly the transport industry,
    ventilation & filtration systems in schools & key worker workplaces
    support for nhs staff who are too weary to go on
    and so many other things.

    Yep. Still waiting on the £20 benefit uplift that I didn’t get because I’m on ‘legacy benefit(s)’. Court case STILL pending an outcome and the judge has been out a week or more IIRC.

    Keef could’ve made that happen but hasn’t and won’t.

    I’m just waiting to hear his weasel words when the decision finally comes. Rule in favour of the DWP and he’ll no doubt give us one of his shite, meaningless soundbites; rule in favour of the claimants and it’ll be down to him personally (Just like the free school meals that young Rashford admirably batted for and got, while keef did sweet f**k-all).

    Not that any of it’ll matter because the greedy, snidey, thieving shithouses in Westminster can (and will) refuse to act on the ruling if it goes in favour of the claimants.

    People like me don’t matter to toerag or red toerag alike. They’ll probably halt NI payments on my behalf next.

    If covid doesn’t kill me dad off, then they’ll most likely force me to find work and leave him to his own devices; or want me to pay to look after him meself.

    They can all get to f**k.

  3. And no putting the homeless up, neither.

    Must still be plenty of their mates haven’t been boxed off, I suppose. They take priority.

    1. Homeless? What does that mean?
      I was only the other day thinking I have not heard, read, watched any kind of reports about Homelessness, Poverty, Food banks, etc, etc, are they still subjects of importance or have The PEOPLE, already become Neo-New-Labour TORY Party’s “UNDESERVING POOR”, even before The X-Lateral Commission’s ‘man’ Blue Keef, gets the keys to Nr10!?
      Thankfully more and more TORY MPs from both parties snag the whip for their occasionally active “principles”.

  4. Please, Labour right wingers, stop telling us that if we don’t back Starmer, we are Tory enablers and will let Johnson back in. STARMER BACKS JOHNSON. Johnson’s Government might have suffered a serious defeat were it not for Starmer riding to his rescue. Starmer and the Labour Right are the Tory enablers. If you back the Labour Right, you are backing Johnson and helping him stay in office.

    1. The only response they have is “you’re enabling the Tories” and “this is one you”. Always forgetting that if the right had respected the democratic will of the Labour members from 2015, Johnson’s government would never have happened.

      Starmer needs better bots.

  5. I completely agree. I’d also say Starmer’s stance was to be expected, like all so called ‘soft left liberals’ these days he’s anything but. People instinctively understand that Starmer and power don’t mix. He is an authoritarian who believes we have too much democracy.
    “why are politicians trying to deliver public health messages propped up by union jacks” I assume they want us to police each other and any deviation from the message would be unpatriotic and bring down the wrath of the people. Politicians and behavioural psychologists are another bad mix.
    I really hope Starmer’s New Labour never get power, it’ll be like the worst years of the coalition all the time.

  6. An article in the Observer last Sunday about how Starmer has been seeking advice on how to win elections from Barack Obama.

    No mention of the disastrous loss of senators, representatives and other elected officials that happened to the Democrats whilst Obama was president.

    Also not mentioned was Obama’s support for the Conservative Party in the recent past.

    Jim Messina was Obama’s camapign manager in 2012 and then worked for the Conservative Party in 2015 and 2017.
    There is no evidence that Obama had a problem with this.

    Clearly, Starmer is the kind of Labour leader Obama is happy to support.

  7. facemask enforcement
    isolation imposition
    covid passports
    compulsory jabs

    If the plp causes the HoC to impose any of the covidians’ “Covid Narrative” measures (above), I for one will be much angrier with neoliberalLabour than I could ever have been with anyone else.

    Socialists respect evidence – and the above ‘measures’ are being imposed evidence-free and – on masks, isolation and vaccination – contrary to medical and epidemiological good practice for the containment of a respiratory virus which produces an illness which has a better-than 99.5% survival rate,

    Moreover, the supposed ‘vaccines’ are untested and only authorised for use by an Act of Parliament. The supposed vaccines are untested and of a new ‘type, mRNA-based, not DNA-based and is possibly v dangerous and capable of making more people become more ill than SARS-CoV-2 which only ever produced serious illness in a clearly definable set of people who we should isolate and support as a key priority (and should have done last Jan.).

    1. Every single one of the Labour mps who voted to keep afloat the sinking ship of the tory government should realise that they have not only commited a crime against the people but ensured that the worst Government in living memory carrys on with their approval.Over one hundred torys rebelled against the draconian laws and measures against the people,even more would have done if they hadnt been aware that the leader of the Labour party with his pathetic bots was going to rescue Boris Johnson whilst dumping the people with intolerable cruel draconian laws.What are people to think when they see the Labour party stab them in the back once again.! and torys make a stand on freedom.There may very well be a complete realignment on the thinking that the Torys are the “nasty party” and the Labour party are the supporters of the ordinary people of Britain.I was brought up to believe that all Torys are basically driven by greed to exploit the people…tonight that belief has been shattered..I will carry on because I know that only a socialist believes in the people and so aligns with my beliefs in faith and another life others may walk away despairing knowing that they have no longer any alternative working-class party to rely on or vote for.and are abandoned with no political representation.We are entering a very dangerous world..

  8. Sort of agree with Ms Dee. 1. Yes, in the public interest, we need measures NOW. 2. Yes, Starmer could use his leverage to push for better sick pay and measures to support those affected by the virus (restaurant bookings severely down because ppl *choose* to stay safe home).

    BUT, these are strange times. The Tory party is under the grip of a death cult that would willingly let everything burn down if it makes some “woke” “leftie” somewhere angry. And I suspect Johnson is sympathetic to them.

    So, what if Starmer demand conditional support for the bills and Johnson just say no? It would put Johnson in a weirdly strong position: he’d get what he wants (letting the virus rip), yet could then blame Labour for that.

    And I don’t think Starmer would have the strength, or the interest, to form a government of national union, a coalition of reasonable Tories, SNP and lib dem….

  9. The vaccines aren’t “supposed” and they are tested. The type of vaccine needed depends on the way the virus operates: does it hitch a ride on RNA or DNA? Masks are effective. As is hand washing. As is social distancing. It’s important not to confuse realms. The science is one thing, the politics another. Omicron transmits very fast. Even if it produces only mild symptoms in most, a small proportion of serious illness among a very big number is big enough to overwhelm the NHS. Covid isn’t a conspiracy and the public sector scientists aren’t assisting big pharma. If it was your grandfather or grandmother, father, brother, sister , wife about to be wiped out, would you be blase?

    The politics, however, is about the scandal of giving Johnson a blank sheet. Starmer should extract concessions which offer greater protection. In addition to those mentioned in the article, he should call on the billionaires to show some patriotism and stump up some money to pay the folk coming forward to help the NHS. These people are rescuing a system Rabb says he doesn’t believe in. He is on record as saying he doesn’t believe in social rights.That means he doesn’t believe in the social right to free health care. Once this is over, the volunteers will be treated as mugs. Even in the midst of the pandemic, the Tories are looking for ways to privatise the NHS they claim to love.

    However, the Tory right is using plan B in order to make the argument against social provision; they are likening all public provision to Stalinism. The vote against Johnson in the Tory party comes from the far-right, people like Steve Baker who thinks god is a capitalist and all social welfare sinful. So we have to be clever enough to know what to accept and reject, which arguments to push and which to resist. The Tory appeal to individual liberty will ring true to many who will fail to see what lies behind it. The likes of Baker, Rabb, Rees-Mogg, Truss etc believe liberty is what serves the rich and whatever serves the rest is tyranny. We mustn’t give their argument any traction.

      1. lundiel, what media are you referring to specifically that are claiming Covid was made in a Chinese lab?

        And what politicians for that matter?

        I’ve not come across any media – and I assume you’re referring to the MSM – or politicians claiming Covid ‘was made in a lab’, except for the likes of Trump when the ‘pandemic’ first kicked off.

        That’s not to say that it wasn’t, as THAT is by far the most likely scenario – ie that it was a lab escape – but I’ve certainly not come across any media or politicians claiming that it WAS.

      2. Allan. This seems to be the current situation.
        My comment was about what was in the media shortly after the virus was discovered. I wouldn’t make too much out of “scientists raising their heads above the parapet” if I were you. It seems to me remotely possible that a sample collected infected someone but I still see no evidence. Certainly not of the virus having been constructed in a lab. I repeat, the piece I saw at the time said the virus would take 50 years to make with current technology and logically you would use a simple to make virus as a carrier.
        I have not lied to you or anyone, I have nothing to gain by doing so. And you should give some consideration to the obvious cold war politicisation of this by Biden.

    1. “So we have to be clever enough to know what to accept and reject, which arguments to push and which to resist.”
      Agreed but that is becoming increasingly difficult. For instance, you would expect organisations like The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to publish the truth but it’s now clear they lied, covered up and then discredited their own experts. Then we have media and politicians claiming Covid was “made in a Chinese lab”.
      I will carry on questioning everything and I’m increasingly worried that our relationship/bond with our GPs has changed forever and while they’re counting people who’ve “died with Covid”, no one’s counting those who died ‘because of covid’.

      1. Anyone who categorically rejects the existence of gods, is a fool, no one can guarantee that. We can profess that the probability that gods exist are highly unlikely.
        Same with COVID anyone who does not fear it, for the pandemic that it is, is a fool! However anyone who blindly expects that the Big Pharma Mega West Cream Scooping Money Spinner is an effective, if at all a, Vaccine to prevent COVID is also a Fool!
        WHO warned that people must not imagine themselves as immune to COVID after “Vaccination” and England’s Latest November figures show that 80% of People who Died of COVID where Fully Vaccinated and Boosted, the other 20% of COVID Deaths shared between Part-vaccinated and Unvaccinated!
        This Big Pharma Vaccine is definitely something Big Pharma, but it is highly unlikely that this is a vaccine, not with WHO warning and England’s deaths!
        Bring us vaccines that are effective, real world effective, not MSM effective!
        PPE and Isolation of the ill has been the one and only effective means to defeat any “natural” disaster, that causes illness and death. Until such time that an effective vaccine is established.
        Masks, Visors, 70% alc spray, spray car seats steering wheel, gearshift etc, shoes off, to washing machine, strip off, shower, contain the mucous globules prevent the spread.

      2. lundiel, what media are you referring to specifically that are claiming Covid was made in a Chinese lab?

        And what politicians for that matter?

        I’ve not come across any media – and I assume you’re referring to the MSM – or politicians claiming Covid ‘was made in a Chinese lab’, except for the likes of Trump when the ‘pandemic’ first kicked off – ie made in the Wuhan lab and escaped from there, as such.

        That’s not to say that it wasn’t, as THAT is by far the most likely scenario – ie that it ‘escaped’ from the Wuhan lab – but I’ve certainly not come across any media or politicians claiming that it WAS.

        PS I don’t know how my initial post ended up appearing above yours, as I posted it as a Reply to your comment??!

      3. You evidently missed Did Covid Leak From A Lab In China?, broadcast on Channel 4 on 6 Sept. I haven’t provided a link cos I can’t be bothered to look one up.

        You need to up your dosage again Allan. Calling Lundiel a fascist shill is worthy of Matthew Hopkins!

      4. Alan. Can you please stop asking me to justify my comments. I don’t tell lies or make things up on here. If I haven’t posted a link it’s because it isn’t current news. Thank you.

      5. lundiel, I’ll tell you what, you stop lying through your nasty little fascist teeth and trying to mislead readers of this blog, and I’ll stop asking you about whatever.

        The very fact that you ‘responded’ the way you DID was of course the classic ‘escape’ tactic of a lying fucking shill. And I WILL pull you up every single time you try to deceive readers! Which you’ve done on a few occasions! And I’ll list all your deceptions and post them on a regular basis so that everyone gets to see them, and gets to know exactly what you are!

        Yeah lundy, it isn’t current news, and it never-ever WAS!.

      6. So could you provide evidence of lundiel’s claim timfrom. And needless to say, asking the question – ie giving the ‘lab escape’ scenario consideration (which was being dismissed and vilified as a conspiracy theory up until about five or six months ago) is NOT the same as stating that ‘we have media and politicians claiming Covid was “made in a Chinese lab”‘, as lundiel said.

        And the funny thing IS that in the seven or eight months BEFORE Biden asked the FBI to review the possibility that Covid emanated from a lab escape, I posted links to THREE articles which were giving serious consideration to the lab escape scenario (posted by GMwatch), and each and every time I did, two or three posters scornfully rejected and dismissed the possibility, but of course didn’t address the valid points being made in the articles.

        And the very fact that lundiel said it IMMEDIATELY after citing the cover-up by the OPCW – and that they lied and discredited their own experts – was of course implying that THAT was a lie also. So first off lundiel dissembles a lie, and THEN asserts that the media and politicians were lying. Yep, a DOUBLE falsehood!

        Oh, and I just this minute scrolled the page, and I see that lundiel posted ANOTHER complete B/S comment at 2.35pm, yet again fraudulently dismissing the lab escape scenario! The following is from a New York Post article on November 4th:

        The origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 remains unclear, but recent revelations reinforce the likelihood that the true source was a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

        And in a Telegraph article at the end of May headlined ‘Why the Covid Wuhan lab escape theory, dead and buried months ago, has risen again’, it says the following:

        More and more scientists have begun poking their heads above the parapet to call for independent inquiry into origins of pandemic

        When the coronavirus pandemic first emerged in Wuhan in December 2019, conspiracy theorists quickly pointed out that it was close to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a leading world centre for research on coronaviruses.

        Of all the labs in all the cities in all the world, a deadly coronavirus had emerged at the spot where scientists were believed to be creating deadly coronaviruses.

        Yet within a matter of weeks, vocal members of the scientific community had roundly ridiculed the claims, criticising “shoddy” research that had spread on social media. It was far more likely, they insisted, that the virus had jumped from an animal and been picked up by a human in the Wuhan wet market.

        Yet in recent weeks, eminent scientists have been raising their heads above the parapet to insist the theory cannot be ruled out.

        The author of the piece says ‘in recent weeks’, which is untrue, and refers to ‘conspiracy theorists’, which is also untrue, as a small number of scientists had been arguing the case for the lab scenario for over a year at that point. And just about the whole of the MSM worldwide suddenly changed their tune and did a complete 180 degree turn-around, and no longer were they all dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.

        Lundiel is well aware of all this, but is obviously trying to mislead and deceive readers of this blog! And only SHILLS do THAT!! So do fuck off timfrom if you don’t mind. Funny, isn’t it, how you so often defend posters disseminating Big Lies on skwawkbox by attacking me!!

        And THAT says it ALL!!!

      7. “lundiel, what media are you referring to specifically that are claiming Covid was made in a Chinese lab?”
        You’ve just answered your own question you utter maniac.

      8. “And the very fact that lundiel said it IMMEDIATELY after citing the cover-up by the OPCW – and that they lied and discredited their own experts – was of course implying that THAT was a lie also.”

        Seriously, get help. You are obsessive and paranoid and I’ve never come across anyone so consumed with twisted hate before. You’d better be very careful what you say to me from now on. Your comments are deranged and threatening to me and l will pass them to the authorities. You can’t go around terrorising women like that.

      9. I’m not sure if this will appear in sequence, but it’s ALSO in response to lundiel’s 2.35pm post (and timfrom) – ie a Daily Mail article from Sept 11th. The headline, and four sub-headlines:

        REVEALED: 26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers

        The Lancet letter published in March 2020 called claims that Covid-19 originated in lab ‘conspiracy theories’
        It was signed by 27 scientists from across the globe working in virology and other medical science fields
        The widely-read letter effectively ended all debate about origins of the global coronavirus pandemic
        Investigation by The Telegraph has found 26 out of 27 had connections to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology

    2. “Masks are effective”.

      You have not a shred of evidence to back this claim up.

    3. Don’t be rediculous Alan. It was in all the papers about a year ago and scientists have said that at current tech levels it’d take 50 years to manufacture the virus, it’s so complex and contains so may pieces of DNA.

  10. Four weeks after reports that a new variant was sweeping South Africa, the `head of the South African Medical Association is reported saying that the new variant is extremely mild & although highly infectious, there have been no reports of people dying ‘of’ rather than ;with’ the new variant. It does not attack the respiratory tract & so there is no shortage of oxygen cylinders & hospital admissions are decreasing.
    There is no track & trace in Britain anymore & if the new variant is indeed lethal then I believe we need total lockdown Chinese style, which includes aircraft. It seems that fish must swim & the rich must fly, but compared to the Delta variant reports are extremely encouraging; the only problem we seem to have is precisely how to identify which variant is which in initial tests & so we have little idea about what is happening, apart from Richie Sunak reporting as fact a modelling projection of 200,000 new cases of the new variant per day. Tories can sell fear, but nobody knows any facts. So far in Britain, no-one has died ‘of’……….

    1. Nicely put Steve Richards. If I may tho’?

      i) Omicron is demonstrating a well understood principle – that as a virus configuration adaps to become more infectious, its pathogenic powers decrease. This is the case with every respiratory virus, of which SARS-CoV-2 is one.

      ii) Mechanical Ventilation is NOT a treatment for respiratory viruses. Mechanical ventilation is not, and never has been, recommended treatment for respiratory infection of any kind. In the early days of the pandemic, many doctors came forward questioning the use of ventilators to treat “Covid” and were threatened with sanction (even instant termination of employment and loss of pension) for speaking publicly on a “sensitive issue” pertaining to the global emergency. (For Real!)

      Moreover German Pulmonologist Dr Thomas Voshaar, chairman of Association of Pneumatological Clinics said:
      “When we read the first studies and reports from China and Italy, we immediately asked ourselves why intubation was so common there. This contradicted our clinical experience with viral pneumonia.”

      Despite this, the WHO, CDC, ECDC and NHS all “recommended” Covid patients be ventilated instead of using non-invasive methods. This was not a medical policy designed to best treat the patients, but rather to reduce the hypothetical spread of Covid by preventing patients from exhaling aerosol droplets. It is an unsound and dangerous treatment for covid.

      Ventilators kill people. Putting someone on a ventilator who is suffering from influenza, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or any other condition which restricts breathing or affects the lungs, will not alleviate any of those symptoms. In fact, it will almost certainly make it worse, and will kill many of them.

      iii) The dying ‘of’ or ‘with’ discussion never seems to highlight the main medical point:
      The only way we can know if a viral infection was the cause of a person’s death is to dissect the deceased’ refrigerate remains and submit several internal organs to very detailed analysis. I believe the CoronaVirus Emergemcy Act 2020 prohibited this practice.

      In Japan and Finland, the health bodies each try to ensure that autopsies occur for some of the (remarkably few) deaths where Covid can be put as the CoD.

  11. As socialists if we were in power we would plan to do everything to protect citizens including having set up a public owned pharma.
    In case things turn lethal we have to be tough and I support Covid passes, encouraging mask usage but not compulsory vaccinations for NHS/Care staff – you have to win hearts and minds.
    We may also need to recommend a maximum number et Xmas meetings of friends and families from 3 households at between 4 and 6 (?) plus we my need to go back to table service in pubs, all these things should be in our armoury if needed.
    But the 70 or so TORY Laissez faire, survival of the fittest, Neo-Liberal ultra individualists, would send us naked into the Conference Chamber.
    Socialists should be prepared to lead, not like non-Socialist Starmer, who seems only prepared to follow.
    I was in a pub Saturday waiting for friends and few including me wore masks and it was heaving with people in groups around the bar, it was madness as some seemed to think it is all over but tragically it isn’t now.
    Socialist rational planning can help and I believe deaths are highest amongst the most vulnerable and poor.

  12. I still can’t understand why they didn’t do everything possible to keep Covid out of hospitals. I get we didn’t have the staff for Nightingales at the beginning when every bed had to have a ventilator, but since then we’ve learnt a lot and we could have staffed them with temps and the army and tried various available drug treatments. If nothing else it would have protected hospital patients and we wouldn’t have the huge waiting lists.

  13. And I’m afraid we now have 3 major Right Wing Neo-Liberal parties in the UK – Tories, Right Wing Labour & Lib Dem.
    Hope some unions can explore with Breakthrough and Resist to form a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party and an avowedly openly left party in Belgium (which works with grassroots groups) has just built up 20% of public support there.
    Let’s make it a 2022 Resolution.

  14. Hopefully the boosters will do the job and vaccine passes just approved – 300+ for, 126 against.

  15. 19:27
    BreakingTory rebellion: 98 MPs defied Johnson

    Some figures are in.

    Ninety-eight Conservative MPs rebelled against the government over Covid passes in England. That’s by far the biggest such act of defiance by his own troops since Boris Johnson became PM.

    Also, eight Labour MPs rebelled against their own front bench to oppose the plan – Sir Keir Starmer had ordered them to support it.

    Independent former leaders and Labour MPs who voted against Entry to Venues Passports:
    Corbyn, Jeremy
    Islington North

    Labour (8)
    Abbott, Ms Diane
    Hackney North and Stoke Newington
    Begum, Apsana
    Poplar and Limehouse
    Butler, Dawn
    Brent Central
    Lewell-Buck, Mrs Emma
    South Shields
    Lewis, Clive
    Norwich South
    Long Bailey, Rebecca
    Salford and Eccles
    Ribeiro-Addy, Bell
    Stringer, Graham
    Blackley and Broughton

  16. The PLP made Corbyn’s life hell to give us this?

    On a night Johnson sees 100 of his own MPs rebelling, the opposition could’ve made demands for their support and the Starmer just capitulates and gives that leverage away for nothing?

    Starmer’s about as much use as ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith. He famously marched his MPs through the lobby in support of the Iraq war without so much as a second thought. In the 2003 local elections, the Tories gained 566 seats, but Smith was out on his arse by October after losing a no confidence vote. Let’s hope history repeats in 2022 for Starmer.

    1. Starmer as a Labour IDS doesn’t bode well for anyone, does it?

      But I am very pleased that Jeremy and eight Labour MPs disobeyed Starmer’s acquiescent decision to vote for what is essentially an antidemocratic measure which shows the Covidians to be anti-medicine as much as they are pro-vaccine.

      I suspect tonight’s vote is going to cause many people a “No Pasaran!” awakening.

      30 Days to flatten the curve” and we arrive at Labour endorsing “show me your papers” fascism 21 months later!

    2. Starmer as a Labour IDS doesn’t bode well for anyone, does it?

      But I am very pleased that Jeremy and eight Labour MPs disobeyed Starmer’s acquiescent decision to vote for what is essentially an antidemocratic measure which shows the Covidians to be anti-medicine as much as they are pro-vaccine.

      I suspect tonight’s vote is going to cause many people a “No Pasaran” awakening.

      30 Days to flatten the curve” and we arrive at Labour endorsing “show me your papers” fascism 21 months later.

      G*dDamn Keir Rodney Starmer and every Labour MP who voted for Vaccine Passports to enter a Venue.

      1. qwertboi
        Not a big job to replace a few hundred PLP Members come the day, bigger challenge to get rid of Red Tories in wider movement
        What we really need is the War Criminal to set up a centrist, one nation, flag shaggers party to hoover them up

      2. That’s what the War Criminal’s successor, Sir 10 pledges, is trying to do, but they need the Labour brand to pull it off.

  17. Purely on mandatory jags for NHS Staff
    We can argue the margins on how infectious each group is but what is clear is that staff would all be equally protected by now with adequate PPE
    Once we accept that then their is no case for mandatory needles
    If I was a worker in Social Care who was sacked then I would have a very strong case against my employer, either they provide adequate protection or they dont

  18. “The duty of the opposition is to oppose” not brownnose or cheer on or acquiesce. The job is to expose illogicality, stupidity, self interest, contradiction, bad leadership and nonsense. Starmer had an open goal with the ball at his feet to make Johnson look even more stupid, further increase divisions amongst the Tories, sap their morale and encourage insurrection. He did none of those things, he was a loyal and dim retainer scurrying to serve his master another glass of port.

    1. Plain Citizen
      Temporary Embarrassment forced through the vote to sack 70,000 NHS Staff next April, who clapped for that and where are the Unions

      1. Hang on, who sacks 70,000 health workers in the middle of a pandemic health emergency/ Still, i suppose it’s one way to “flatten the curve’.

        Starmer doesn’t even pretend he’s not working for Klaus Schwab amd the WEF anymore.

      2. qwertboi
        It’s almost as if they have a visceral hatred of the NHS
        On Labour List Luke Akehurst sees no reason why Labour should not win North Shropshire
        Centrist meets Reality on Friday morning, electorate don’t want choice between two Tory parties, Temporary Embarrassment hasn’t done anything to earn their votes, they have lost their foot soldiers and Temporary Embarrassment is as bent as a nine bob note
        The fucker makes Baby Trump blush

  19. 3 Major RW parties, but surprisingly only two party leaders instructed their MPs to vote for the venues vaccine passport, The DUP, the Green, two Independents (including the wonderful, much-missed Jeremy Corbyn), the LibDems and the SDLP all voted against it. Eight Labour MPs and 98 Conservative MPs disobeyed their pro-passport party leaders.

    Starmer is doing his level best to make authoritarianism as Blue Labour as loving the Queen (who I’d bet has never been asked to take a vial of untested mRNA-altering chemicals labeled as a “vaccine” because it’s too darned dangerous).

    30 days to “flatten the curve” and less than 22 months later it is “show me your papers”. The billionaires (who, obviously won’t have taken any untested mRNA “vaccines” either) must be very pleased with Keir Rodney Starmer. That ‘New Norma’l that the Trilateral Billionaires, Klaus Schwab and the WEF have been working so hard to deploy have just been given the keys to our freedoms.

    1. Look at the votes and do the maths – if Keir Rodney Starmer wasn’t the leader of Labour, this authoritarian bill would NOT have passed

      1. qwertboi-

        Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire, speaking on BBC 2’s Newsnight last week, said her party would seriously consider mandatory vaccinations for ALL citizens, i.e. not just NHS/care workers. Tory MP Peter Bone, the other guest, was horrified at the idea.

        It’s coming to something when an old, right-wing reactionary like Peter Bone is horrified at the idea of rounding people up – using force to do so? to be vaccinated, while Labour are perfectly relaxed about it.

        And just FYI, I’ve been vaccinated and I’d urge others to get vaccinated, but the idea of forcing it on those who reject it seems abhorrent. This Labour party are far to comfortable with the UK becoming an unaccountable police state.

      2. There is no doubt in my mind either, a Starmer Government would try to mandate compulsory vaccination – and this fact alone confirms my belief that neoliberal labourists are actualy entryists (enterists?), whose sole purpose is to disable Labour’s moderate democratic socialism.

        I respect your choice to be vaccinated but, I’d argue, it was not actually an ‘informed choice’ which these decisions are supposed to be (because the chemical vial you were vaccinated with has never been tested and and validated as ‘safe’ or ‘effective’ either chemically or functionally) .

        A little something I wouldn’t mind your opinion on, if you’re inclined to read it, Andy

      3. Andy,

        This piece posted in the last hour by Glen Greenwald will be of interest:

        “Just as is true of accusing people of being terrorists, white nationalists, fascists or anti-Semites not because one espouses views traditionally designated by those terms but as punishment for any sort of dissent, the destructive power of the COVID iteration of “anti-vax” resides precisely in its vagueness, its lack of precise contours, its emptiness and meaninglessness. A term that means nothing can, by definition and by design, encompass anyone and everyone depending solely on the needs of the moment.”

        My only beef with Greenwalds piece is the omission in the first sentence in the above quote is incomplete. Neglecting to include the oft used ‘phobic’ word in this purity spiral phenomena of piling on anyone who deviates from or ctiticises the sacred no debate narrative.

  20. Yep. Quite right qweetboi

    Was it 41 times Corbyn defeated the toerags in the commons?

    The first chance for keef to defeat de piffle and most likely depose him on the process, and what does keef do?

    He doesn’t even demand a concession. What an impotent, bereft, blockheaded milksop.

    But hey, he’s more popular and a better politician than Corbyn, isn’t he, wee gobshite?

    Jesus wept.

  21. While right wing liars are now claiming Corbyn is an antivaxer, Starmer has finally come out Fu on blue Labour. He never had the courage of his convictions and had to pretend to be something other than he is while the right has to lie about Corbyn because they’re so scared of him.
    Doesn’t bode well for the future. God save the queen.

  22. ‘Patriotism is the last refuge for the scoundrel’………Johnson. (I just had to say it seeing all those union jacks behind Bojo & Stasi.Starmer).

    1. Apparently he also had a photo of his family and a book by Obama who was such a disappointment for his own country and bringer of death to many others.

  23. Aaron Bastani praising Wes Streeting’s performance in the debate is an error imho.

    There should be no truck with the RW.

    Sure, compared to the lumbering, wooden Starmer, Streeting looked majorly better by contrast, but in no way are Wes Streeting’s views and politics acceptable. And the RW never ever praised Corbyn’s better parliamentary performances, in which he frequently forced the Tories to change policy.

    Labour today represents the upper middle class lockout – parliament has become an upper middle class stronghold. The working class has been completely locked out – some 70% of the public have no representation whatsoever and this is just how Starmer and Evans and the majority of the PLP want things. This is not a parliament by the people for the people, it’s a parliament and unelected HoL, by the elite, for the elite.

    1. On the subject…

      Wes Streeting was on Newsnight last night, bizarrely begging a Tory MP to challenge Johnson. He asked whether Johnson really is the best Tory available in the HoC to be leading that party? It was as if ,he(Streeting) were a supporter and personally invested in the Tory party. Why does who leads the Tories now matter so much to Streeting?

      Surely, Labour should be neutral or prefer a weakened Johnson over a new leader? Why offer any advice to your opponents – if they really are your opponents?

      As stated elsewhere, this abrupt turnaround in Johnson’s press and media(TV) coverage from hugely favourable to hostile, suggests senior people in the establishment , maybe military / intel? want Johnson out. It could be they don’t think he’s the person to sell the upcoming war with Iran to a war-weary British public after the ruinous debacles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and trail of US/UK brought destruction and millions of fleeing refugees. An unprovoked war of choice, against sanction and covid stricken Iran, could be the final straw for many. The thought of Labour offering their full support is truly sickening. But it’s exactly what you should expect under the likes of Starmer, John Healey, Reeves and Streeting.

      1. Good strategic thinking. Imagine a grave faced Sunak telling us we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies etc. Johnson doesn’t cut it as a two Bob Churchill at the moment.

      2. Lundiel –

        This imho , is why the media are pushing Jeremy Hunt and Liz Truss as the only viable Johnson replacements , strangely, previous media golden boy , R. Sunak,is suddenly out of favour. In Hunt and Liz Truss you have two cold, android-like politicians, politicians prepared to do their master’s bidding. Ultimately the US is that master and these two, like Starmer, are happy to serve the US’s needs.

        Any Tory MP dumping Johnson – who love him or loathe him is at least a proven election winner(mayoral and GE), for the likes of Hunt or Truss, needs their head examined.

      3. He wants a Tory to do it to save Keir the embarrassment of actually opposing the Govt on anything. They’re hoping power will just drop into their laps without having to do anything that might risk offending GloboCap Inc. Streeting’s bug-eye has been on just about every news show today as if to reassure them by advertising how psycho he is/Labour are.

        They really are the most repellent bunch of goal-hanging chancers!

      1. Future Labour leader? Not with that mad-eyed Blair Tribute stare, he isn’t! Not a chance.

  24. Robert Jenrick has announced that the British government will pass legislation to outlaw the BDS movement in the UK.

    This is completely outrageous and probably contravenes basic human rights. They’re trying to criminalise opinion, cowered by Israeli intimidation and intense lobbying via access at the highest levels of state.

    Similar attempts in the the US are being rejected; in Georgia a law created to discourage the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement was ruled as “unconstitutional”.

    This is a govt that at the same time claims it’s bringing in stronger protections for free speech. Talk about Orwellian doublespeak.

    1. Outlawing BDS or any campaigning group and voting for a “show me your papers” measure are exactly the same thing – antidemocratic authoritarianism aka fascism. The ‘New Normal’?

    2. The govt claim BDS is anti-Semitic, but the BDS movement came about in reaction to discrimination against Palestinians who are Semitic in the truest sense. A fact no doubt lost on denser US/UK politicians out to score cheap political points with long lasting ramifications for our free speech.

      Semitic peoples included Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, Hebrews, some Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes. Many Israelis arrived in the ME quite recently from Northern Europe and Russia, and are no more Middle Eastern than your average Brit. There is no such thing as a common Jewish genotype either, a scientific fact that some react with fury over when it’s mentioned.

      By this standard were similar movements against apartheid-era South Africa anti-Boer?

  25. Just 8 (EIGHT!) Labour MPs and Jeremy Corbyn voted against NHS vaccine mandates! Burgon , Sultana, McDonnell are all complicit in helping Starmer-Tory Capitalist alliance. History will judge the behaviour of SCG very harshly. They should all have resigned by now and become independents in solidarity with Corbyn. Instead they have shown solidarity with a brutal lying fascist leader at every turn. They have shown us exactly who they really are, if they lose their seats or get kicked out I won’t shed a tear.

  26. Lord Frost Tory Brexit Lead just resigned over Johnson so BBC 3 strikes & he is out?
    Seems capital is seeking a less divisive political puppet.
    Could be a Tory, Right Wing Labour, Lib Dem – they ARE all the same.
    Left Wing Democratic Socialists need to give diverse working people something to vote for.

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