Labour promotional pic for by-election shows just 9 campaigners – incl 2 MPs and the candidate

Photo tweeted by deputy leader Rayner, combined with emails begging for help, betray lack of enthusiasm for Starmer’s Establishment Labour – and for former Coyle aide his opposition-averse party has picked. Failure to at least match Labour’s 22.1% in 2019 will expose the Starmer disaster again

Keir Starmer’s candidate in the North Shropshire by-election used to work for anti-Corbyn MP Neil Coyle, who once earned himself a humiliating telling-off by local members and a neighbouring MP for his negativity and counterproductive comments after they had worked hard to get him re-elected in the 2017 general election campaign. It would appear that what remains of Labour’s membership is scarcely more enthusiastic about the by-election than they were about Coyle’s conduct after it.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has tweeted a picture of Mr Wood with his campaigners – an obligatory image in most campaigns – but it shows a total of only nine people, including two MPs and Mr Wood himself:

Such pictures may be obligatory and a bit trite – but they also usually show a lot more people, for example in this picture showing Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith and some of the people who turned out to campaign for her under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership:

Lest anyone should think that the lack of enthusiasm is because Mr Wood is trying to win a Tory-held seat, here’s a picture of the team that came together for Labour candidate Anne Rouse – – in dyed-in-the-wool Tory Guildford in 2019:

Labour’s desperation at the lack of ‘boots on the ground’ in North Shropshire is evident from the flood of emails it has been sending out to Labour members – and even ex-Labour members who have not been in the party for years, as well as at least one Liverpool councillor it’s just expelled – begging for them to go to the Midlands to help.

But Starmer’s drab party, his longstanding collusion with the Tories and his war on Labour’s members and democracy do not make for a groundswell of enthused candidates giving up their time at their own expense to campaign, as they did when they had a vision of actual real change under Jeremy Corbyn.

And if Labour does any worse in the by-election tomorrow than the 22.1% the party scored in 2019, it will expose the idea that Starmer is any threat even to the worst Tory government in history as the fevered fantasy of Labour-right machinists.

Bookies recently had the LibDems as favourites, with Labour trailing far behind them and the Tories on 50-66/1, despite the huge Tory scandal that prompted the by-election. Starmer’s spokespeople have already started making excuses. In 2019, the LibDems achieved less than half of Labour’s vote share.

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  1. How many times do we have to tell you betrayal is never forgotten and Labour is Done as a party of choice ffs Listen!!!

    1. Before and after (depicted in the above photos). Says it all really!

      A party devoid of the soul Jeremy harnessed and brought to it.

      And the spirit of Hope.

  2. That first picture is priceless. LMAO! It’s all to play for!

    James Melville has posted a link of Corbyn on LBC. The comments are worth a view.

  3. Wait! the usual suspects are going to say that the pictures in 2019 are pre-Covid and they didn’t want to appear to by flaunting the rules.
    Let’s us wait and see what the vote is on Friday.

      1. IOTW they’l hold on to at least the 0.1%, and claim all the rest are “Trots” or “antisemites”.

    1. Its embarrassing nonetheless Maria and is a clear indication of how much damage Starmer’s vindictive and unnecessary purges have caused.

  4. So it was HIM made the most phone calls to get the much envied visit from dear old Angie Rayner then, was it? 🤔

    Wait ’til you see how popular the one that won the phone call off keef is… 😙🎶🎶

    Guess everyone’s jealous eh, wee fella? 😉

  5. Real Labour

    Led by Jeremy Corbyn, the British Left Opposes Vaccine Mandates as Anti-Worker and Repressive
    The term “anti-vax” has expanded so widely that even vaccine advocates, such as Corbyn and trade unions, are now included by virtue of defending bodily autonomy.

    Glenn Greenwald
    Dec 15

    worth a visit to Glenn’s Site for this article

    1. Nothing has changed. If there is any way the facts can be twisted to discredit Jeremy, the Trade Union movement or the Left generally we can be sure the MSM and their allies will use it.

  6. It almost looks like Rayner has a false arm holding up a placard on that photo…

    1. The person holding it is one of 3 who aren’t keen to be seen either. So that’s 9 campaigners, including 2 MPs, the candidate, 3 too embarrassed to appear and just 3 Starmer-supporting members of the public with a self-awareness by-pass. Woopy-do.

      I’ve got my popcorn ready for the result!

  7. Starmer and his “showme your papers” leadership is about as good for Labour as Tony Blair, his unjustifiable war and invasion of Iraq.

    Labour came a very respectable second in every parliamentary election against Owen Pattison for the North Shropshire constituency. There was, alas, one time when Labour came third (2010).

    The bookies think it will happen again on Thursday

    “Show me your papers” – and if we ever get into power we will MAKE you get a covid vax. MAKE YOU!

    Lib Dem candidate Helen Walker is odds on to win at 1/2, with the Conservatives second placed in the pricing at 6/4 and Labour third at 40/1 upwards.

    Sir Show-me-your-papers Starmer is bad for Labour, good for the Libdems and G R E A T for the Conservatives.

  8. What else can Starmer’s Labour expect? This is only the start of it. They have expelled and suspended so many good decent people for alleged “anti semitism” ie for being Socialist, a critical voice or for refusing to condone the human rights abuses visited in the Palestinians by Israel . Their actions have disgusted thousands so this is just a taste of things to come.
    Lisa Nandy had the cheek to say she would go to Islington to campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. Seems too me she’ll have her work cut out in Wigan trying to find activists to campaign for her and keep her seat.

    1. If there is a proper alternative in Wigan, many on the left have said they will come and canvass against Nandy in Wigan. The local party is decrepit and the local council is becoming increasingly unpopular.

      1. Yes Ludus I had heard that – but its the cheek of the woman regarding Jeremy and Islington that gets me- The electorate in Wigan deserve better. Hope hey realise that and vote accordingly

  9. I defy anyone to convince me that Sir Keir is not working for Klaus Schwab and the WEF. Thangam Debbonaire on NewNight last week shocked even Peter Bone MP when she announced that Sir Keir’s Labour would seriously consider mandatory vaccinations for ALL citizens. At the start of Sir K’s leadership we had “30 days to flatten the Curve” Yesterday we had him ordering his MPs to support vaccination passports for ‘venues’ and the future? I shudder to think.

    Oswald Mosley will not be the only prominant Labour MP in a near-future fascist Hall of Fame.

  10. Surprised they can turn anyone out to campaign.

    Starmer’s Labour is like a cruel joke being played out against the membership after the genuine enthusiasm of the Corbyn years. Starmer & Evans have sucked out all that campaign energy and enthusiasm; replacing it with despondency, fear, loathing and purges. If it weren’t for complicity, in the form of the lies and omissions of his friends in the London mafia-like media establishment, the awful reality of Starmer’s leadership would be laid bare.

    Ask why that same media immediately discounted Labour’s chances in the North Shropshire by-election? It comes 20 months into Starmer’s leadership and Labour finished second there among a set of poor results in 2019, with the Lib Dems a very distant third. There’s no reason why the Lib Dems should be the natural repository for increasingly disgruntled voters there. Add in the fact that Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey, is hardly faring better than fellow knight, Sir Keir Starmer, in the popularity stakes.

  11. Hilarious to think a few months back Rayner was ranting about the Tories being ‘scum’ only to be pictured here out and about trying to get an anti-left, Tory-lite Starmer clone elected. Somehow doubt she’d understand the irony and absurdity in that.

    Given Starmer /Evans/Mandelson will want Rayner out, she should be collecting dirt to spill, on the shitshow operation they’re running at Southside. I know I would be were I her. Remember how the right (M.Hodge) even resorted to secretly recording a private meeting with Corbyn without permission, in the hope of getting something useful to use against him?

  12. I wonder where are all those 10s of 1000s of Members from that Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES!? I suppose canvassing is beneath their Upper Middle Class “Stature”! Oh boy, how they miss the “UNDESERVING POOR ” NOW!
    PLEASE Vote their TORY butts OUT of their seats and Vote a a Brick Wall in front of any Candidates after a seat! Of ALL the Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES, I would love nothing more than to see Blue Keef lose his seat!
    Wherever you have an UK Labour Party Democratic Socialist MP/Candidate/Exile VOTE THEM IN!
    Perhaps after 5 years of Housekeeping and Clearing out the Thrash, The Exiled Parties may be interested in returning, the Official Party Name could always become The UK Labour Movement and open it’s doors more widely, towards Left. A Center Left to Left Party, it’s more than high time! No more Fake Left and No More Parasite Neoliberal TORIES! Socialism/Marxism all under one Corbynist Roof.

  13. Isn’t this the same Angela Rayner who boasted to the gathering of the Zionists that Labour would “expel thousands”.
    Well Well …. Don’t be surprised if the thousands don’t show up any more to campaign for right-wing clowns ….
    ….. and neither do the rest of us.
    There’s an old northern saying
    Simples !! ….

  14. Sunday Times (12/21) was quoting Tory MPs saying if they lost this bye election there would be letters going in for a Leadership challenge.
    Apparently various Tory Ministers have a Govt budget for professional photo opps to promote themselves.
    The front runners are apparently Truss the Terrible and Philistine Patel.
    My favourite photo is of Truss sitting in the front of a tank a la Thatcher but let’s see her in it in a real battle field scenario, perhaps Ms T would crap herself?
    These Right Wing political barbarians are good at ordering others to risk their lives?
    Tragically we now have 3 Neo-Liberal Pro Capitalist parties – Tory, Right Wing Labour, Lib Dem.
    Let’s make the dream of a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party in 2022 come true.

    1. A new party would be great Bazza, I can only think of one person who I feel could pull it off and that is Corbyn.
      . The MSM would have his name on every front page in the country.

      1. “…..but it does illustrate why they needed to get rid of him in December 2019, just before the Covid roll-out, and why they so obviously rigged that election.

        “If he, as leader of the opposition, had been offering even this small amount of resistance from the beginning, the Covid narrative would never have made it this far.

        “Labour voting with the government, without even asking for concessions on sick pay or pay rises for NHS workers, is a sign that a changing of the guard may be on the horizon, with Keir Starmer being groomed to be the next PM, perhaps in the very near future.

        “That would explain the sudden emergence of the Christmas party scandal, which had further fuel added to its fire just today by yet another leak.

        “That, combined with the massive rebellion by his own MPs, is a massive knock on his authority.

        “Official polls, always a tool for controlling opinion rather than a scale for measuring it, are already putting Starmer 13 points ahead as the nations “most capable Prime Minister”.

        “Don’t be surprised if there are calls for another election, probably sometime soon. And they won’t be rigging this one for Boris.” source : UK approves vaccine passes and mandatory jabs for healthcare workers Vote signals the next step in the UK’s march towards a “new normal”, and perhaps a (planned) change in government …

      2. The only snag is no one wants to vote for him! Installing him would take vote-rigging on an unrealistic scale. Short of a military Coup d’Etat, perhaps behavioural modification drugs in the water supply would do it!

      3. “Short of a military Coup d’Etat, perhaps behavioural modification drugs in the water supply would do it!

        😀 Well, if they could get 56.2% of Labour members and supporters to vote for him (in the first reound), I think installing him as UKPM will be easy peasy…. but, just in case…. fluoridation of water is as good as law already (isn’t it Klaus?).

    2. We have all worked with, over, under Managers like Thick as a Brick Truss and Psycho Polly.
      Way out of their depths and way below the ability of most staff under their supervision.
      They are both the absolute wet dream types for the Neoliberal Corporate World, Truss will tell staff a humourless “joke” about cheese whilst she sacks them from their car manufacturing jobs. Psycho Polly, will look down with her trademark psychotic vindictive smirk as she slowly pulls out her swords.
      One possible good thing is that BoJoke’s exit, I doubt it, but I wish it nonetheless, may just save Julian Assange, Psycho Polly will more than likely see him as a great achievement sent to the USA, but maybe, just maybe the desire for that bunch of Nr10 keys may just sway her into unknown humanitarian territory!

      We have to acknowledge that “Labour” is a Corporate Brand. It has struggled along with rightwing infestations since the very beginnings. However it was since Thatcher/Reagan Concocted their New Flavour of Neoliberalism with it’s huge dollop of Neoconservativism. It took off like wildfire in the UK’s “Labour”, USA’s “Democrats” and even France with Macron.
      So unofficially the party split into two entirely opposing political parties and not just the “left and the right” of the same party. Democratic Socialism has it’s own Left and Right, these Anti-Socialists are Neoliberals, not so called bogus “Centrists” or “Liberal” they are bona fide TORIES, NO Different to those across the aisle! They serve The ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT and NOT The PEOPLE!
      The PEOPLE apparently chose the long way to freedom, all we have left is to VOTE OUT all Neo-New-Labour Party TORY MPs OUT and block any Neo-New-Labour Party TORY Candidates from taking seats. and wherever there are any UK Labour Party Democratic Socialist MPs, Candidates, Exiles VOTE THEM IN. The hollowed out skin and bones of the UK Labour Party is still there, we just have to VOTE OUT ALL the Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES so that we can do some serious housekeeping and put in place measures to prevent any such invasions and occupations of the Party. We need Democratic Socialists in Commons’ ocean of Thatcher’s Neoliberalism, a voice for The PEOPLE!
      I hope all new little parties will come together once the housekeeping is done. Just don’t be fooled by The Brand “Labour” TWO Polar Opposite Parties use that Brand name one Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY Con FOR The Elites/Establishment AND THE OTHER Democratic Socialist FOR The PEOPLE.

    1. It will be less, and Labour’s excuse will be….”It was a good result we did better than expected, it will take time to overcome the fall out from the Corbyn years. We are making good progress and are a Party ready for Government”.

  15. The guardian claims a Lib Dem win would be a political earthquake. But would it? Owen Paterson resigned in disgrace, after a sleaze row followed by a HoC suspension, and by-elections are typically seen as safe way to punish the govt of the day. These seats typically revert to type at a general election.

    The guardian completely dismisses Labour’s chances, yet Labour were in second place last time and Starmer’s strategy is supposed to be about sacrificing traditional left support in order to do well in places like North Shropshire. Were Corbyn still leader you can bet their expectations and tests would be different.

    1. The guardian columnists like to pretend Starmer is secretly a progressive.

      Their columnists fail to mention how Starmer has already ruled out any pre or post-election pact or cooperation deal(incl. supply and confidence) with either the Lib Dems or SNP – he probably fears their demands in negotiations will be too left-wing for his and Mandelson’s liking, seriously. The SNP are certainly way to the left of Starmer’s Labour.

      Starmer still has some silly twitter #FBPE supporters, who cling on to the dream of him leading a progressive coalition, pressing the case for PR for Westminster and a more sensible relationship with the EU. It’s clear from his actions to date that there is absolutely no chance a right-winger like Starmer will countenance any progressive reform. Anyone who thinks he will is simply wasting their time. Including Toynbee, Hutton et al at the guardian

  16. This is no way to campaign in the Labour party and I actually feel sorry for the candidate thats obviously used to being made a mug of and the fact that the mp from Bolton(last mp)is saying on the BBC that Labour can’t win vote libdem is not only extremely stupid its treacherous and so soul destroying for the local Labour party in Shropshire.Keir starmer is once again leading the charge by running away and in less than a few weeks of trying to campaign against the Torys the local mugged candidate is set up for a fall by his own leader.He may look like a Tory boy chumley warner but any candidate for any party should be given more respect than to be used as a sacrifice for the leader and his funders bidding.Dont forget that Labour came second last time and in this topsy turvy climate all was to play for before the leader of the Labour party and a Bolton mp stepped in and deliberately sabotaged an election and insulted the voters.

  17. Dirty deal front page between two knights of the realm Sir plonker Davey and Sir Rodney “Starmer…..front page for all the wrong reasons in the independent Labour came second last time under Jeremy Corbyn and the sell out continues under the fully funded knight of the Labour party.Shame on him and should be illegal to defraud the voters by a foreign funded Labour party and gullible Labour party members money…..Shropshire should signal with bells ringing just what this” plant “and his henchman are doing to the Labour party and the country….shitting on democracy….please excuse the language but I need to adjust my blood pressure…..merry Christmas everyone…!

  18. Labour’s age old problem has always been how to get its vote out on polling day. It’s a social phenomenon that has always been particular the Labour Party that can only be addressed effectively by having a small army of activists knocking on doors on the day of the election to practically drag the punters out.

    .It doesn’t matter how Labour’s own polling is going or what the opinion polls are showing they are all based upon the notion that the respondent will actually go out & cast their vote for the party they say that they support. No amount phone banking or posted leaflet shots (assuming Labour does have those resources available) can hope to be as effective in dragging Labour voters away from the telly on an election night and getting them to exercise their ballot.

    Like many former Labour members I have had a long experience of doing exactly that. They like me must have had the experience of beng aware how a close election result was turned in Labours favour in the final hour of knocking up promised votes just before the polls closed. Long after the Tories & Lib dems had already packed it in for the day.

    Without having its traditional army of party volunteers available on the day of an election Labour is going to lose a significant number of votes..It might get around this in by elections by flooding a constituency with activsts on polling day but the demands of a Gen Election will be beyond it’s capabilities. As many on the Labour right rarely got their hands dirty when election time came around they are going to find out the hard way just how important to the Party all those comitted Lefties they have just got rid of out were.

    1. Albert swift your very good description takes me back to dragging out Labour voters from pubs and bussing them down to the local voting sheer desperation to get that yes vote.The Torys and the libdems never came close to the footslogging backbreaking work we put in long after the Torys and libs had gone home.To see that toerag knight abuse a Labour party candidate in such a way and the electorate makes my blood boil.Thanks for the nostalgia Albert and despite being a member of another party I still can remember the adrenalin flowing through me every May and the comrades all of us fighting for a better life for the working-class people.
      How times and candidates have changed especially if I look through rose tinted glasses to the good old days before that runt the knight …

  19. Re: The next report
    Hisham Ziauddeen presents hardy any data and he doesn’t write like a medic, so I looked him up.
    He appears to work in the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology.
    Here’s what he writes about himself.
    “I am a specialist registrar in psychiatry and a TMAT PhD fellow. I work in the health neuroscience arm of the group’s research in our collaboration with Prof. Farooqi at the Institute of Metabolic Science. I am currently working on a number of projects studying food reward processing in normal weight and obese individuals and in patients on antipsychotic treatment”
    …. and
    “I am a Senior Clinical Research Associate working with Prof. Paul Fletcher. I work on brain reward systems using pharmacological fMRI and behavioural measures, to study the role of environmental influences and opioid and dopaminergic systems in controlling food reward processing and eating behaviour. In collaboration with GSK, we have recently completed a proof of concept study of a novel mu-opioid antagonist. My current work involves the use of pharmacological fMRI to study the role of the dopaminergic system in food reward processing in healthy controls. This work has a particular focus on the effect of the atypical antipsychotics which cause significant weight gain with serious consequences for health. As a side interest, I have spent some time looking at the matter of food addiction both in the scientific literature and in stand up comedy.”
    I’m sure that what he has written is heartfelt, but I’d rather listen to medics who work in the field and can offer a detailed analysis of the situation.

    1. Yes, it was interesting that Skwawk disabled the comments for that one. More panic-mongering won’t help anyone. Like the whole country, he’s a tad emotionally overwrought. The poor lad needs a holiday!

    2. Psychiatrists are ‘medics’ in the sense that they can prescribe “medicines” and should be called “Dr.”

  20. Then calculate the cost across the world and who will pay for it with their lives for generations to come, the man is a complete fuckwit and snowflake

    1. I would caution against any all-or-nothing perspective. The difficulty the world has had, and still has, is that we will never know what would have happened if things had been done differently. Clearly, Mr Ziauddeen has gone overboard but there is also a risk of going overboard on the opposite side of the boat. There is room for cautious optimism now, but it would have been a reckless decision to “let it rip” (I recall someone saying that) and there is no way of doing a “cost/benefit analysis”. The “effect on generations to come” is the effect that the corporate world will decide upon. They will use Covid as an excuse but, had it not been for Covid, they would have come up with some other excuse for transferring more wealth from the poor to the rich.

      1. goldbach
        Precisely and they have and when the debt is called in the ashes will pile high
        When we know this is how it works why are we giving torags like Ziaudden oxygen
        Skwawky did you check him out, does he have any competing interests
        Thought so

  21. Just seen this on Mike Sivier’s blog (Still not publishing my comments, though)

    1. He IS comically uptight about “bad” language. I had similar experiences!

      1. Except I was being my usual eloquent self, Tim…What are you implying? 😙🎶🎶

        He’s also a bit averse to being pulled on some things as well. For instance he wrote a piece in defence of that wee shite that tried and failed to detonate the bomb on the train in London saying it was entirely the fault of the west that drove him to do it, and how we shouldn’t play their game (words to that effect)

        When I told him it was the rat’s choice to attempt to murder those from the very same nation what had given him shelter and protection, he refused to publish any more of my comments for a good few months.

  22. They are about to announce vaccines for 5 year olds to help protect adults, on how many levels with the challenges we face at this moment in time is that utterly criminal

  23. Mass pannick as pannick attacks at MSM disable common sense and reason Board of deputys come out against anything that corbyn votes against a..millions denied treatment at hospitals and waiting lists in the millions will cause deaths and long term sickness.Omicron brought to you by the Big pharma and media are staggered by the death toll of one…..Whilst I am looking in whatever happened to the British stiff upper lip “or even a measured approach to a manageable not so dangerous virus.?

    1. Wah hah hah hah! Were the Far Right Bored of Zionists crowing about him voting against Covid Passports and Forced “Vaccinations” like any true democracy would not do? That doesn’t mean he didn’t have the “Vaccine” and it doesn’t mean he advocates not taking it, it means people should have a choice!
      Any way what has that got to do with Zionist Jews anyway!? They are fucking deranged never mind Paranoid! Can we even call it a “vaccine” if 80% of November Covid Deaths were fully “vaccinated” People!?
      Send us The Chinese, Russian and Cuban Vaccines, who all send out billions of vaccines that actually work, to poor nations and many more will consider taking it, but shove your Big Pharma ‘what the fuck ever it is’ square up your arse!

  24. He is a clone droid, with minor alterations of Roderick James Nugent Stewart!!!
    I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew he looked like someone totally forgettable!

  25. IF you are a disabled person the UN need to here from you about the way the government treat you…..I have been aware of this for a while now but have only seen it in the canary.Hopefully a UN investigation into this disgraceful treatment of disabled people will sort somthing out.good luck and give the government both barrells.

  26. To paraphrase the great Archie Bell & The Drells song re Omricon:”Here we go again.”
    Our best hope is as some Lefties say: Put people before profit!
    But we have the wrong Govt and the wrong opposition at the wrong time.
    Guess it’s up to us diverse working people.
    Imagine if Corbyn had been PM as this crisis broke but tragically the Tories and the rich and powerful don’t let a good crisis go to waste!
    Perhaps left wing democratic socialism is our and the world’s best hope. Solidarity.

  27. Hope the Tories lose the bye election and Right Wing Labour gets a risible vote.

  28. Wheather right wing or left wing any experienced activist will tell you that the campaign by the Labour party is a shambles and the message of cut ✂and run will terrify the PLP and make them wonder who is in control of their nice cosy jobs and that must apply to the socialist group as well who will soon be redundent.The Torys might just hang in there but whichever way it goes the Labour party shouldn’t expect to win control of the UK by default .whilst making dirty deals with the lobdem flip flops.The state of the Labour party and the leader has been clearly shown up for what they are by supporting the government in the critical covid vote on Tuesday.The fact that only eight Labour mps showed any courage and a substantial number didnt vote at all and ran away from parliament and the people shows the Labour party doesnt deserve to even exist.Shropshire of all places may prove to be the elephants graveyard for the Labour party.and not the conservative party

  29. The libdems have been gifted the seat by the Labour party and so should seal the fate of the fascist Labour party who have conned the voters once again with a dirty deal.The voters of Shropshire North have had their democracy flouted by a greasy lawyers one from oxted in Surrey and one allegedly Labour mp from Bolton who advised to vote lib dems.What a bloody shambles.dished out by Two human rights lawyers from the Labour party who have no thought of the human rights of the voters of Shropshire and the UK.

  30. Well well – so the Lib Dems get in with a respectable majority with
    the Labour Party third ..

    I suppose they will blame THAT one on Corbyn!

  31. Went according to plan then folks….LibDems win North Shropshire from the Tories, and Labour polls the worst result for many decades.

    North Shropshire, parliamentary by-election result:

    LDEM: 47.2% (+37.2)
    CON: 31.6% (-31.1)
    LAB: 9.7% (-12.4)
    GRN: 4.6% (+1.4)
    REFUK: 3.8% (+3.8)

    LDem GAIN from Con.

    1. From a good second to a poor third in one fell swoop!
      I would wonder what the thinking is in Labour High Command, but there clearly isn’t any.
      Another masterclass from the pages of “How to Master the Art of Being Politically Brain Dead”….

      1. And still they expel ordinary decent people from the Zionist Racist New Labour Party.

  32. 46.2% turnout, so part of my prediction was correct. However, I must admit that my assessment that they would all spin it as a triumph was incorrect. I can’t see how even Starmer’s crew would be able to spin this.
    Anyhow, at least we can see what they mean by “making Labour electable again”.

  33. All part of the Starmer/Evans/Mandelson Baldrick-esque ‘cunning plan’ I’m sure.

    Boundary changes, Photo ID reqs., no canvassers, demoralised expulsion hit party , dull centrist manifesto and unpopular leader no youth vote. I guess Labour MPs are thinking they’re home and dry whenever the next GE comes. Either that or what career path they’ll take after politics.

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