Gary Neville joins CWU workers tonight to support National Postal Workers Day and film launch

Former Manchester United player has been outspoken critic of government

Football pundit and former Manchester United player Gary Neville will be joining trade unionists tonight to mark National Postal Workers Day. Neville will be joining members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Labour MPs to mark the day, closely followed by the launch of the CWU’s Christmas video for 2021.

The short film, which pays tribute to CWU members for their hard work in another year of a pandemic appallingly handled by the government, will premier at 7pm across all social media channels.

Neville has been an outspoken critic both of the Tories and of Keir Starmer’s lack of opposition.

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said:

Gary Neville is an unapologetic supporter of working people, and we at the CWU couldn’t be happier to have him on board tonight.

I hope that as many people as possible will listen to him pay tribute to postal workers, who have kept our communities connected throughout one of the worst crises in our country’s history.

The ‘Twitter Space’ event can be watched here.

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  1. Makes you wonder who the opposition is.

    On another note, I see that sacoolas one is gonna face trial in the UK. I should’ve posted that I knew this would happen on the Assange thread t’other day.

    And I predict now she’ll get a suspended sentence, a fine plus a driving ban. 😕

    1. I’m sure you’re right. She should be remanded in custody pending trial when she lands. This is thanks for Assange.

    2. She will not appear in person……………video link. Big mystery as to actual charges.

      1. Appalling. Should be manslaughter, dangerous driving and failing to stop and failing to report. She should have been tried in her absence.

    3. His team are working hard on something, I didn’t read it yet, they may pull a rabbit out a hat still.
      The other conveniently timed demand is BoJoke may be out, so Psycho Polly, I doubt it, but maybe, just maybe, Psycho Polly may just hear the Public Outcry, and eager for that bunch of keys to Nr10, she may just decide against extradition, or put it to a Commons Vote and hopefully enough MPs do what is right it’s 50/50 on both sides of the Aisle.

    4. Toffee
      On another note
      Welcome to the Rafa fan club which is one step up from the Sam Allardice appreciation society
      Time to get your letter off to 🎅

    1. Waaaah haaah haah hah, Blue Keef, waaaah haah haah hah, tell us, waaaah haah haah hah, what to do!
      I feel you Comrade, I feel you!

    1. Thanks Bach
      Everyone should follow the link and read it. Here’s a snippet from one of the criminals accusing Julian

      “Pursue conspiracy and political terrorism charges and declassify the death of a source, someone which could link to Wiki.”

      “Assange is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo.”

      “Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track al-Qaeda.”

      “Bankrupt the arsehole first; ruin his life. Give him 7-12 years for conspiracy.”

      1. “Bankrupt the arsehole first; ruin his life”

        Exactly what Corbyn should’ve down to those two toerags what slandered him. They’re both still in influential positions because of it, and others are still tempted to spout their shite while the broadcasters and msm still pour it on thick about socialism…

  2. Labour party excuses going in already that Labour cant win in N.Shropshire realistically and so the Labour supporters are being urged to vote lib dems by the last Labour mp for Bolton Yasmin Querishi.,I wonder if she thinks that this bit of treachury for the knight will save her neck in a Town that once had three Labour mps and a Labour council.?…The bigger picture is that once the habibit of voting Labour goes,…returning to Labour is lost for many years.and hopefully the knights shadowy cabinet and the knight himself will go.Should the Labour mp for Bolton Yasmin Querishi now be suspended for urging people to vote lib dem.I am sure the Labour candidate would have a thing or two to say on this being as Labour came second last time?

    1. Yeah, this whole thing’s making my head spin. The Libdem’s were third at GE19, so why are they suddenly the favourites to win? Where’s Labour? It was second there at GE19 and Sir Keir is meant to be boosting Labour’s standing with Conservatives, so why does Labour not expect to win on Thursday? Oh, and while we’re asking questions: When will the Forde Report come out of its anti-social isolation or whatever it is?

  3. Gary Neville….Salford FC. co owner in a city that poverty at the turn of the century was notorious for the squalor,slums and disease of the working-class in Lancashire..The mill towns around were little better especially Bolton and bury were Gary Neville one of England’s best defenders was born..and raised
    .Who would have thought that a working class lad from Lancashire would have to give the so called Opposition Labour party a lesson numerous times on how to be the opposition to the worst Government in living memory.The nightmare of the total abandmont of the welfare state is upon us and the only real Opposition comes from outside of the political elite but from those young people of the working-class who because history of the direct attacks on the community they were born into.These people didn’t climb the ladder go to university become the unpaid helpers of the mps and then make a carreer out of politics and kick the ladder away.Recruitment from the wrong side of the class divide for the Labour party packed with bottom feeders lawyers and spivs on the make as led to the near bankrupt Labour party and a party indistinguishable from the conservative and unionist party….Well done Gary Neville we wish we had a defender of Gary’s calibre at Bolton wanderers.

  4. So is Labour going to prop up the worst Government in living memory and help with supporting the conservative and unionist party once again to stay in power and total control.Nearly seventy Tory mps are willing to bring down the hated Johnson regime in the covid passport row.and probably more.Can we see the chance ever again to bring some relief for the working-class people of the UK….This chance to save thousands of lives from poverty cold and hunger This….may never come again after Johnson and his criminal henchmen rig the voting system.Surely even a amateur politician with only five years experience of politics can’t miss this chance….or will the knight do the bidding of his paymasters and run with the enemy of the people.?

    1. The point was made on Politics Live *** today that it
      is bad politically for the Tories to have to depend on
      Labour to get their Bill through ..

      So an ignominious win for Boris who surely everyone
      wants rid?

      *** For once they have a point ..and there was a
      good discussion on the program with
      good arguments from everyone.

    1. booster of vaccine? I ‘umbly pint out that covid has a 99.5+% survival rate and the covid vaccines are untested and causing many people to become v ill. Don’t!

      1. Good man quertboi and I didnt want to give advice unlike you whos knowledgeable comments have helped me and my family to stay safe without the quackery of the Big pharma snake oil salesmen…Somtimes shoot the messenger seems to be the word.for those who followed the leader whos an expert at covid recovery like dr Johnson.

  5. Not really the person you’d expect to be hearing stereotypically. Hopefully it makes his words gain even more weight.

    Kudos to you Sir👏👏👏

    (In other Labour news, I see Lammy and Starmer have been chatting to Obama about how to win. So, expect lots of lies about being lifted out of poverty during the campaign, and lots of bombing/drone strikes _if_ they win)

    1. nvla
      Twas Obama and Brown who in 2008 had the banks in the palm of their hands, Obama was quoted as saying ‘its is only me that is keeping the folks with the pitchforks from your door’
      So what did they do

      1. and who was he talking to? The billionaires and neoliberals, obv – cos we are the people with the pitchforks!

    2. Not so strange Never voting Labour Again when you see they are all bottom feeders lawyers and all slick liars especially Obama trick that conned people like me who helped down in Austin Texas to get the espanic vote out for him on the strength of three years experience in politics and the suntanned skin and big wide smile 😃…how nieve I was in two thousand and eight.Do you know of any other lawyer with a permanent flushed 😳expression and similar experience in politics and fancys his chances of PM….?.At least the democrats ran a slick campaign and won on being convincing liars unlike our looser the knight who might just do it by default on not being Tory laughingly but sickning…..?

  6. Beware…. “When three lawyer bottom feeders get their heads together” ..For them the only problem is Starmers no slick willy or even has a individual thought in his head…….His bosses must be making sure that the “bottle” doesnt betray the knights habit…..apart from the flushed face hes always rubbing his nose?maybe the speaker should be told and divert the sniffer the so called Opposition benches.

      1. 🎶Who do you think you are kidding Mr.Starmer…🎶

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