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Starmer shredded over ‘simpering’ response to Johnson birth

‘Stop simpering and do your job’, Labour’s ‘leader’ told

Keir Starmer has been shredded on social media for his over the top, ‘simpering’ response to the convenient news that Carrie Johnson has had a baby girl. Starmer went further than the basic congratulations that might be considered obligatory, wishing Johnson and his family ‘health and happiness’:

Starmer put out his tweet within less than quarter of an hour after the news broke, despite the obvious PR value of a birth observers are speculating was induced early for exactly that purpose – a stark contrast with his slowness to respond on matters of far greater importance, including a complete non-response to vile anti-Muslim racism directed at women MPs in his own party.

And his response drew huge flak from people who wanted to know why he was so quick to suck up and unable to muster any actual opposition. And the number of actual retweets of Starmer’s message was dwarfed by the number of outraged quote tweets attacking Starmer and pouring scorn on his failure to oppose:

The quote tweets were almost uniformly withering:

Barely an hour old, the number of furious quote tweets and responses continues to rocket while supportive shares of his tweet crawl snail-like, although it would be no surprise to see paid ‘sockpuppet’ accounts try to redress that balance before too long.

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  1. Ramsdale FC gets it.

    I actually DO hate smarmer MORE than de piffle….And I fooking DETEST that fat gormless scruffy toff twunt AND his tart.

    1. “Starmer’s Labour looks set to complete its betrayal of members and its whitewash of the behaviour of right-wingers whose own conversations suggest they worked against the Labour victory that the UK and its poor and vulnerable so desperately needed.

      Or “whitewash” – take your pick.

  2. Keef Stalin should change his name to Uriah Heep. What a complete and utter excuse for an opposition leader he is with his “O so ‘umble” congratulations to the foul creature Johnson.

    1. Indeed, Redveg.

      smarmer is to de piffle what salacious crumb is to jabba the hutt; or nero to baron greenback. Or the hammond to clarkson.

      1. …Or baddiel to any of the proper comedians that’ve been lumbered with the smarmy, unfunny, talentless gobshite.

        (I was gonna mention that other unfunny, talentless prick, ed byrne – but that dara o’ briain’s every bit as woeful.)

  3. I don’t do twitter but I just had a look at @keir_starmer to see if I could read the bile rightfully directed at him

    I couldn’t. 😒

    What I did see was that he titles himself former director of public prosecutions instead of ‘leader of the opposition’.

    While he’s shite at both, it appears he is at least, familiar with the trades descriptions act.

  4. People of that class feel a close bond between themselves…same private education…..same snooty acent …same con man job and both a couple of Chancers that control the lives of the working-class whom they dispise as inferior.Get used to it because you are in for the long haul before liberation

  5. This cloying response to the birth of Johnson’s child shows that Starmer is once again trying to ingratiate himself with the Tories. Far far worse however was his abysmal performance at PMs questions yesterday. He was totally ineffective and it was left to Ian Blackford ( Scottish Nationalist) to show how a leader of the opposition should behave. He came across as strong confident and justifiably disgusted by Johnson’s lies and double standards. Starmer was just not in the same league.
    If I can see this so can the PLP and in my opinion it is just a matter of time before they send him packing in order to save their own jobs come the next election. Also at the moment Starmer is the Tories greatest asset and its probably his incompetence and alienation of Labour members and supporters which is stopping the Tories ousting Johnson but he’s on borrowed time too.
    Both the PM and the LOTO are two peas in a pod – useless untrustworthy men whose word means nothing.
    We can thank the PLP Southside MSM the BBC the Establishment including the Jewish establishment, JVL many others whose hate filled coordinated campaign against Jeremy Corbyn brought about this mess. They should all hang their heads in shame but they won’t of course because they all utterly shameless.

    1. Smartboy, I noticed that you are including JVL in your post; I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you intended to write JLM instead.
      The JVL has paid and still pays a very heavy price for its members been both Jewish and Socialist and speaking against the Zionist assault on democracy. As a group the JVL has always defended Corbyn.

      1. Maria I too am guilty of mixing up the names JIM and JVL
        Jewish voice for Labour.who of course are a democratic society rather than the JLM fanatics…

      2. Reply to Maria Vazquez
        Yes Maria I did mean JLM
        I am in full agreement with the contents of your post and extend my sincere apologies to JVL for my error.

  6. I’ve just been on the phone to my brother and after discussing another matter, told him about smarmer’s fawning sycophancy

    …The call was abruptly ended because his dog just vomited on hearing it.

  7. It’s not usual to vent political bile on the occasion of the birth of a baby who is an innocent arrival in the political maelstrom especially when the mother has previously suffered a miscarriage. Would all those who think it’s clever to criticise Starmer just say that they wish mother, father and child all dead and they can hark back to the golden era of their fascist sympathies when people with their views could have participated in wiping out whole families, villages and towns.

    1. Yeah – and as if de piffle and his tart carrie antoinette give a flying wank about the likes of me and whether I live or die. ‘Let the bodies pile high’, says de piffle.

      ‘Let them eat shit’ I say.

      Fuck de piffle, fuck his tart and their progeny (Who will no doubt never go without – unlike the kids unfortunate enough to be brought up on a sink estate somewhere in the grimmest north) and fuck smarmer for enabling them to do so.

    2. No one’s interested in Johnson, this thread is about Starmer. The man who has never spoken to some of his MPs has more time for the head of the conservative party and we understand that. So allow us our comments without misunderstanding them on purpose. In Starmer we see a cold calculating, power hungry fish with a strong authoritarian streak and flexible morals.

      1. I wouldn’t let it get to you lundiel. That last paragraph could also be misread. Wonder if child allowances will go up?

    3. There has been no bile directed to an ‘innocent baby’ (the baby in question actually has nothing but my sympathy) but towards its father and Starmer, who both in my opinion deserve every ounce of bile directed at them.

      As for ‘the mother has previously suffered a miscarriage’ no doubt there are many, many women without the Johnsons’ privilege who have suffered this alone and unsupported because of what passes for his government’s appalling handling of Coronavirus. And that’s not even mentioning all the women and children who have suffered during ‘austerity’.

      Your last sentence is too risible to even respond to.

  8. Starmer can’t attack Johnson too aggressively for just imagine what Johnson could reveal about establishment Trilateral man Starmer.

    Given all the controversial decisions Starmer’s been involved with over the years: Sir Jimmy Savile inaction; the death of Ian Tomlinson, Lost records in relation to correspondence with Sweden over Assange, to dropping the investigation into UK involvement in torture and his friendliness with Lord David Evans former DG of MI5 – as revealed by investigative journalist Matt Kennard. To pretending he was a socialist long enough to trick members into making him Labour leader.

    Reckon Johnson could pull the plug on ‘plant’ Starmer at any moment of his choosing.

    1. I believe that his daughter will be the first Catholic born to a Catholic PM since the Reformation….but for me it is still a matter of shame that we have amongst our ranks a lot like him mr Johnson.and by association his dear wife.

      1. Joseph – Is she a Roman Catholic when she’s born, or does she become one when she is christened?

      2. …… and another question Joseph, if you don’t mind – Isn’t it the Prime Minister’s job to appoint the Archbishop of Canterbury? And isn’t the PM prevented from doing so if s/he’s not CoE?

      3. Goldbach. Baptized….soon after birth with devout Catholics and orthadox…christened is a non Catholic word.Also I doubt that would much worry them.I only mention this in a historical context because of the talks I had with Tony Blair and who were,advised not to cause a constitutional crisis whilst being PM. and converting to the Roman Catholic faith “IT was difficult even in the ninteys to contemplate a British PM a catholic to be advising the Queen and Boris Johnson did the deed without a murmur from even our friends across the Irish sea that would have been appalled at such a move by the PM.I am now waiting for the position of Lord Chancellor to be filled by a member of my faith and the act of succession,Catholic emancipation act of 1851and all prejudicial laws removed against the old enemy Catholicism.and the faith of these islands for over a thousand years.thanks for the interest Goldbach and
        Happy Christmas.!

      4. Goldbach…I would direct you to the old hymn of “Faith of our fathers” which will answer many of your political worrys about advising the a catholic although strangely enough we have had a Jewish pm advising the Queen and of course many protestants not CofE….We could talk days about this and nights but I am sure that the audience dont want boring to death on a subject that for them is on a par with father Christmass coming down the Chimney.But thanks for the interest comrade

  9. Plain citizen….Nobody has condemed a innocent baby on here Just the Father and the Tory tribute act always ready to prop up the worst Government in living memory and the most shambolic Labour party in living memory.Because their joint venture of “levelling out” the working-class how many babys will be born in poverty this Christmas and how much longer do we wait for UNICEF to step in to alleviate over Five million children living in poverty in the UK….you need to decide whos side you are on and hopefully it will be the working-class of this country that are in for a rough ride for many years to come because of the knights sickening snivilling Cowardly alliance
    with the conservative and unionist party….merry Christmas..!

    1. The johnson brats will want for nothing on the back of THE most corrupt PM ever. They will grow up inheriting the same sense of entitlement as their odious parents. They will end up every bit the leeches that their father is, and will not be employed in any gainful, productive or beneficial sense to anyone but themselves and their parasitic capitalist class.

      Their tuition fees will most likely be paid for by a few photographs in a grovelling right wing comic, read exclusively by upper-middle class, tax-dodging twunts; whereas the delightful wee child that lives opposite me will be lumbered with debt perhaps for her entire working career if she goes to university to be a doctor, or an engineer, or some other work beneficial to society as a whole.

      So fuck him, fuck her and fuck them.

      Oh, and I wonder if they’ll be changing the rules for family allowance when the next one’s evicted from it’s mother’s womb…🤔

  10. “Of course, it is not just managing the pandemic where this government has proved its complete incompetence, with disastrous human consequences.

    “We are still hearing details of the dysfunctional evacuation of Kabul, where the operation headed by ex-foreign secretary Dominic Raab failed thousands in Afghanistan and left people to die at the hands of the Taliban.

    “Meanwhile, Priti Patel is proceeding with the draconian Nationality and Borders Bill which will make it even more difficult for those fleeing torture and murder to seek sanctuary, while giving the government the power to strip people of their citizenship without informing them.

    “In this context, the response by the leader of the opposition — to call for an apology — seems more than a little underwhelming.”

    MS says it all

  11. @plain

    Piss off with your faux concern troll crap.

    A woman has given birth. Big deal. Happens every day. This is a couple who put animals before people (I don’t recall the Taliban declaring jihad on pets?), who supported depriving kids of school meals. They deserve all they get on their happy day. It’s called karma.

    Nemesis is waiting in the wings for bunter. Wouldn’t surprise me if the greasy ungrateful turd got events induced either.

    As for Starmer, I’m sure guardian types and our resident smell are simpering over his forensic congratulations.

    It’s all to play for!

    1. Let us not fall for imperialist propaganda: the Taliban government have denied that there is any campaign against the hundreds of thousands of Afghans who collaborated with the invaders. Their claim makes sense, besides which we know that the media and the imperialists always tell lies.
      The knock against the Tories and the ‘Labour’ imperialists is not that they left Kabul in a hurry but that they went there-and killed a million or so ordinary people over a period of twenty years.

      1. “Their claim makes sense”? Why??

        We know that many have been killed and the Taliban have not denied
        this – they blame it on ultra fundamentalist hot head. Whether this is true
        ore not we dont know – the end is the same. Not only that but women have
        been denied work and girls denied school.

        Yes the US and UK did kill many ordinary people and this has never stopped for
        many in the countryside – the plight of women there has never improved. This is
        because the invaders did not try to understand the culture and chose one side
        over another – often ending up in arming warlords.

      2. Holby fan MW….since when have the West been given the freedoms to say who and what Culture or religion.are you claiming that our way is the only solution?…..Just look at the slaughter left by the invaders from the west and think again.?Have you ever been to Afganistan or that part of Asia before giving the western veiw of civilisation?.Humanity and culture are interpreted in a different way in many parts of Asia but the wests meddling in somthing they have no understanding has been a recipe for disaster.

  12. >> They deserve all they get on their happy day. It’s called karma.

    I pity the baby in fact with a father like that – we never hear from his first family
    do we – or the one or two “Extras”.

    I hope ALL his children find happiness – they deserve it ..

  13. Wonder if Mr S is hankering for an invite to this year’s Downing Street Christmas Party?

  14. Some Good News for all Labour Supporters

    Labour’s polling Lead Extends to 6 Points as Public Takes Dim View of Illegal Party Allegations
    For immediate release
    9 December 2021
    A new Survation poll for tomorrow’s Daily Mirror, conducted today & yesterday has Labour on 40%, their highest in a Survation poll since January 2019. The Conservatives, at 34% in today’s poll mark the lowest recorded in a Survation poll since Boris Johnson became leader in July 2019.
    In terms of vote share, were these types of figures seen at the next General Election a Labour lead of this size would easily make Labour the largest party in the Commons with over 300 seats, albeit short of an overall majority.

    1. Thing is SteveH, Labour ‘supporters’ when the party is lead by Sir Keir (or any pro-capitalist of his ilk), are a shrinking segment.

      People think much harder when placing their votes than they pick ‘not party-lover Boris’ in a telephone call from Survation pollsters.

      1. qwertboi – People obviously thought very hard in Dec19 when many became ex Labour supporters and voted Tory for the first time..
        What has shrunk is ‘the left’ in the party. The polls obviously contradict your nonsense about shrinking support. We were 20 points behind when Jeremy stepped down and we went into the 19GE with 66% of the electorate actively expressing a dislike for Labour’s leader. We’ve come a long way since those dark days.

      2. SteveH-

        You haven’t though. Starmer is disliked and his personal ratings are dire. Johnson is still ahead as to who would make the better PM. This, as the current scandals are all about Johnson.

        Corbyn at least had a full clearly socialist policy cupboard to keep the left fully onside. No one ever claimed Corbyn had a stunning media personality or that he was an outstanding orator, or deeply intellectual. Corbyn stood to get the left’s voice heard and won. Starmer was meant to be the real leadership deal and he’s like a sick joke.

        To bastardize that Tyrion quote from GoT :

        “We’ve had vicious Labour leaders, and we’ve had idiot Labour leaders…but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with a vicious idiot as Labour leader!”.

    2. Steve H Hall…..Rejoice….Rejoice…the media Gods have blessed the “anointed” saviour of mankind arise Sir keir Rodney “Starmer from oxted on the green Surrey..

  15. Neo-Liberal Capitalists will be laughing all the way to the bank – they now have the three main parties Tories, Right Wing Labour & Lib Dem under their thumb!
    Right Wing Labour in Govt (no chance) but NOT in Power!
    Anyway enough of the Xmas Party distraction.
    Would be great if Skwawky could do pieces on the Tories SINISTER Policing Bill, and the Tories GROTESQUE Nationality and Migration Bill.
    Are the Tories the New Far Right?
    By the way Toffee I have tech issues getting on here

  16. Surely Child Protection at Westminster CC should have taken this child into care as it’s unsafe to leave a child in the care of an inveterate liar?

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