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Harrow Councillor Fitzpatrick expelled by Labour after suffering ‘sustained campaign of harassment’

So many women have told me their stories. Of how similar abuse has impacted on both their physical and mental health

Harrow councillor – and former Harrow Labour group chair – Pamela Fitzpatrick has been expelled by the Labour party.

Fitzpatrick has commented on the news on her social media, accusing the party right and its current regime of a ‘sustained campaign of harassment’ and of expelling her in an attempt to protect the ‘small group of men’ at the heart of the abuse. She also revealed that her expulsion had been ‘briefed’ to the media, despite Labour’s insistence that the victims of its witch-hunts maintain confidentiality – and that her own complaint against one of her abusers, which was supposed to be heard by a panel of national executive members, had instead resulted in yet more abuse and hounding by the party and its right wing:

Fitzpatrick’s words on the systematic abuse of left-wingers and in particular left-wing women in the party will ring true with the thousands who have been personally affected or know those who have – along with the equally systematic targeting of women of colour and left-wing Jews:

So many women have told me their stories. Of how similar abuse has impacted on both their physical and mental health. Many have resigned from roles, some have left the party. The common thread to all those who are abused in this way? We are socialists.

Pamela Fitzpatrick

Cllr Fitzpatrick has said that she intends to speak out about what has been done to her. She has been invited to appear on Socialist Telly to give her a platform to do so.

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  1. That Starmer is acting for the “elite” is made obvious by the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, is said in the national media about what he is doing. Not a single word.

  2. I hope Pamela names and shames those responsible for the attacks on her.

  3. Given that the Mirror contacted her – surely this is her opportunity to provide
    them with the statement she issued above?

    If they do NOT print it – we will absolutely know that censorship reigns supreme.
    However I think they will because when it all comes out there will surely be
    a ruckus.

    Jo and Joanna Public will judge as seems sensible and see retrospective
    justice for what it is and expelling members of the Jewish Community for
    what THAT is.

  4. Thatcher’s Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES, if you’re not White European, Zionist Jew or Non-Jew, then you are nothing, nothing whatsoever!
    So what are our, The PEOPLE’S, options? One thing is a given, no matter what we decide to do, we will suffer TORY HELL for at least 10 more years.
    1) Vote Tactically and remove all Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORY MPs/Candidates. Start again with a smaller PLP but still connected to Membership, Unions, CLPs etc, That’s of course if ANY UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates survives athe Witchhunt, for us to vote for!
    2) Vote En Masse very well organised and planned, for one of the many new Parties, if they can amass 650+ Constituency Candidates and earn voters Trust by the next GE! However if we do not choose ONE Party to vote for we might as well close The House of Commons to The PEOPLE, as there will very close to 0 representation for The PEOPLE!
    3) Vote Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES, and get a TORY Party far Worse than BoJoke and Psycho Polly combined!
    So whatever we do we won’t win the next GE, The Fools who voted our one opportunity in a lifetime away ‘TWICE’ will be freaked out and vote Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES in the hopes of getting a UK Labour Party Government, but that was blown in 2017 and 2019! Now they/we will be instantly downgraded to the ever-growing “Undeserving Poor”!
    Therefore whatever The PEOPLE do must be very well organised and planned, or we’ll just see 43 Years of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Toryism become 48, 53, 58, etc, etc!

  5. Solidarity with Pamela Fiztpatrick, I hope she stand as an independent socialist Cllr and retain her seat.
    The irony isn’t missed: good enough to be interview for the position of Labour’s General Secretary but not good enough to re-stand as Labour Cllr despite holding the position since 2014.
    It makes me wonder, was she too competent and efficient to be Labour’s candidate? Was David Evans appointed as General Secretary because intellectual mediocrity is actually seen as an essential characteristic to climb to Office in the Labour Party?

  6. New rules to be made…
    1. Career MPs ought to systematically excluded from shortlists when choosing prospective MPs, including not allowing MPs who do not live in the areas they represent.
    2. Total ban on any form of lobbying.
    3. Retrospective laws to make it a criminal offence if any MPs are involved in formulating laws or benefiting companies that later on give a reward to the involved MP.
    4. Make regular community work mandatory for MPs during and upto 2 years before they are allowed to represent their district.
    5. Set a limit for the percentage of MPs who have come from paid educational institutes (such as Eton, Harrow etc)
    6. Need a law to safeguard the people of the UK from the oligarchs who rule our national media.

  7. We cannot let these bullies win. Let us stand by Pam and support her as she determines. Just another nail in the coffin of Labour Party.

  8. What kind of people subjected Pamela to years of harassment, did not tackle the harassment and then expelled her for something she did a few years ago which they had no problem with a few years ago but which they have since “proscribed”.
    Starmers Labour that’s who – also known as the New Fascist party or alternatively the lowest of the low party.

  9. You have my full sympathy, sister in the struggle. Unfortunately the Labour establishment have had the party stitched up ever since Blair.

  10. Emma Whitby (Sefton CLP) who attacked the decision by Starmer to invite the “lying Tory rag to Conference”, has been suspended (although we are not supposed to know). Labour Party Conference in Liverpool next year? Watch this space!

    1. Reply to Steve Richards
      Thank you for posting the information about Emma being suspended and Andy Wilson being expelled. This is totally sickening. I assume we will eventually find out that their alleged offences were ” antisemitism” the code word for “socialism” and/ or “non Zionism” and the catch all for excluding decent Labour members and activists from the Labour party.
      The party is finished as a socialist/non Zionist entity, we will get wiped out at the next election and Starmer will move on to greater things having achieved the result he set out to achieve. Disgusting.

    2. Emma was a star at the Conference. Not only did she extract a mealy mouthed justification from Labour for harbouring the ‘Scum’, she openly expressed support for the Palestinians, a capital offence in Starmer’s Zionist Labour Party.

  11. Chair of Sefton CLP Andy Wilson has just confirmed that he has been expelled from the Labour Party after more than 40 years.membership.

  12. McDonnell is speaking at a “Socialist Conference” next Saturday (27th) –
    in which ideas are swapped about a better society.

    How does he think though that this can be possibly achieved in the
    curren situation where so many members are being expelled?

    Good ideas can only be implemented when there is analysis and
    criticism of the ideas followed by discussion – something impossible
    in the current Labour Party.

    Anything else is a dictatorship – and it never leads to a decent society.
    Rather – mistakes are “covered up” and never admitted , lies are told
    which the public very well know about.. Nothing is learned and the public
    privately despise the Dictator – a situation I remember well when Solidarity
    was in the ascendent in Poland ..

    Of course that is also exactly what is going on in the Labour Party now ..
    there is a pretence that Labour are moving to a far better state than
    ever achieved previously except – possibly- under Blair.

    McDonnell needs to include in his talk ways in which we can correct
    these injustices of the Labour Party

  13. Fascism is installed at the heart of Labour. It is now a centralised, totalitarian organisation. It’s aim is the destruction of democracy and the elevation of a cadre of party managers who brook no dissent. It our duty to rebel.

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