Anti-Racist Alliance 30th anniversary marked tomorrow with screening of iconic films

The ARA protesting against racist murders

A special film screening to raise funds for The Liberation Movement will mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of its predecessor the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA) tomorrow at the Rio Cinema in Dalston.

Film directors Zak Ové, who made the award-winning Wonderful World for the ARA, and Orson Nava, maker of The Protector for ITV and a short film on Hackney’s Groundbreaking Hackney’s Diverse Curriculum the Black Contribution – all of which will be screened at the event, will take part in a Q&A chaired by Dr Margaret Busby CBE, former chair of the Booker Prize.

Dr Busby will steer what promises to be a galvanising conversation on the political and cultural shifts that have occurred over the last thirty years, and the current need for new partnerships and political collaborations.

Dalston’s Rio Cinema

Guests at this important cultural and historical event will be special forces-trained close protection officer Glen Dinnal-Allen, who stars in The Protector, and Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor and cabinet member for education, young people and children’s social care for Hackney Council, who founded the ground-breaking Hackney Black Curriculum – The Black Contribution, and the Improving Outcomes for Young Black Men project.

ARA founder Marc Wadsworth, who is curating the event, said:

Nava’s film is a gripping observational documentary that follows the special forces-trained close protection officer Glenford Dinnal-Allen who kept me alive after I was put on a “death list” by fascist paramilitary group Combat-18 in the 1990s.

My high crimes, in their twisted minds, were to have led campaigns to shut down the British National Party “nazi bunker” of a headquarters in south east London and fight racist murders like that of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. I’m still here and Combat-18 leaders are either dead or in jail. More importantly, the BNP’s Welling HQ was closed and two racist thugs were jailed for Lawrence’s murder.

I have fond memories of the Malcolm X-tribute ARA fundraiser held at the Rio in the 1990s, so it’s extremely fitting for the gig for its successor organisation, The Liberation Movement, to be held. Hackney had one of the most active ARA branches in the country, fighting racism in all its forms, which doubly makes it the right place for this screening of historically and culturally significant films associated with the campaign, which grew to become the largest Black-led movement in Europe. Its achievements included helping Stephen Lawrence’s parents to set up their justice campaign and introducing them to Nelson Mandela.

This event is part of the Hackney Black History in the Making season – the borough’s extended Black History season which runs from September – December. Proceeds from the event will go towards The Liberation Movement‘s vital anti-racism work.

Book tickets visit for the film screening here.

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  1. Priti Patel has just proscribed Hamas ‘in its entirety’ as a terrorist organisation.

    1. Any support for Hamas (including its political wing) is now a criminal offence in the UK

      1. Reply to Steve H
        Not so long ago the Irish Republican group Sinn Fein was proscribed by the then Home Secretary and it was an offence to be a member of it. As I recall it was even illegal for TV stations to broadcast the voices of Sinn Fein politicians and what they said was spoken by actors.
        Nowadays these same people meet with Royalty, Cabinet ministers and government officials ( I think they refused to meet with Boris Johnson) and they have a great deal of political power in the governments in Belfast and Dublin. One of them is deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland.They also sit in the European parliament. They were instrumental in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland.
        Nelson Mandela was convicted of being a terrorist, condemned outright by Margaret Thatcher and spent 29 years in prison before his release and subsequent receipt of a Nobel Peace Prize. He became president of South Africa and met and was hailed as a hero by the heads of most world
        David Ben Gurion was also part of a group proscribed by Britain which killed and maimed British service people and civilian workers in what was then British Palestine. They notoriously bombed the King David hotel causing much death and destruction ( I think there was about 150 British troops and civilians killed but I stand to be corrected) He became an Israeli leader and the rest is history
        Now Hamas has been proscribed by Priti Patel. I’m sure they are quaking in their shoes.

  2. Malcom Little was nothing more than a racist gangster who was a product of his environment. His was a message of hate & separate development of races, in conflict with the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King. His dream was a nightmare of violence akin to the messages of Eugene Terrablanc & Norman Lincoln Rockwell.

  3. Marc Wadsworth fought racism all his life including facing down the BNP. He went to a Labour anti racism ( I think it was the party’s proposals to combat antisemitism)event around 2016/17 to complain about the under representation of BAME members in various Labour party committees.
    He observed Ruth Smeeth receiving a document from a Telegraph(?) journalist who was hostile to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. He asked her what was going on between her and the journalist. She immediately accused him of using an anti Jewish trope and made a complaint of antisemitism against him. She was escorted to the hearing of her complaint by members of the PLP prominent among whom was Jess Phillips who BAME female MPs called a ” white feminist” because of her support for white women and lack of it for Black women Diane Abbott in particular.
    Result- Lifelong antiracist Marc was expelled from the party for anti Jewish racism and Ruth Smeeth never had to explain her association with a hostile journalist.

  4. Copy of letter sent by Tony Greenstein to Hope not Hate.
    Hate not Hope

    Dear Nick Lowles

    What a despicable bunch of racists and Zionists you are. Withdrawing an award for your Hope heroes award from the winner, Joe Solo, because, being a good socialist, Joe is also a supporter of Chris Williamson and the Palestinians. Isn’t it enough that you have half the Jewish Labour Movement on your payroll, headed by the obnoxious Ruth Smeeth?

    What an utter disgrace you people are. How can you reconcile opposition to fascism and support for Apartheid? All the veterans of the Anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa, like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, say that Israel is worse than South Africa, not forgetting about those reports from Human Rights Watch and B’Tselem.

    It was not for nothing that Tommy Robinson attended the last pro-Israel demonstration in May this year. You kept very quiet about that but imagine if he had attended a Palestine demonstration. The news would have been broadcast half way around the world.

    Try working out what it is about Israel that Tommy and so many other neo-Nazis love.

    Perhaps you should form a group, Racists Against Fascism (RAF). It has quite a ring to it.

    Still lets look on the bright side. The Crowdfunder for Joe has already exceeded the £5,000 target. People don’t like racist bullies

    Tony Greenstein

  5. I used to support “Hope Not Hate” but I unsubscribed over a year ago after they encouraged support
    for the JLM and did not mention (eg) JVL..

    I provide examples of other communities which are divided – particular the Christian
    Community where a principle example is Northern Ireland. I explain that as a Roman Catholic
    I have a particular interest in the discrimination against those of my faith there.

    This is are some quotes from my email:

    “I am unsubscribing because you quote the Jewish Labour Movement as if it were the only Jewish Voice. In contrary there are many voices – one being the “Jewish Voice of Labour” (JVL) but there are others also – ”

    “As a Gentile I think it only right to treat ALL Jewish views with respect and consideration
    for to do otherwise would be antisemitic. (“The Hive Mind” is after all an antisemitic trope.)”

    “I personally am sick of these divisions and the Main Stream Media is not helping by only presenting one side.

    This is the OPPOSITE of what Hope not Hate should be standing for .. and for this reason I am unsubscribing from your Organisation.”

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