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Tories to save Paterson by dissolving standards committee and putting… Whittingdale in charge

Tory MP repeatedly breached ethics rules for two companies paying him £112k a year

In yet another sign of the catastrophic collapse of this country’s democracy under the Tories and Keir Starmer’s non-opposition, Boris Johnson plans to save Tory MP Owen Paterson today by dissolving the Standards Committee that found Paterson repeatedly and ‘egregiously’ broke ethics rules to promote two companies paying him over £100,000 – and replacing it with one run by… John Whittingdale.

The cross-party committee last week found that Paterson had breached no fewer than four different parts of the MPs’ code of conduct by using his position on behalf of companies that paid him £112,000 a year. Paterson has denied any wrongdoing.

Now a motion put forward by former Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom has already been signed by 59 Tory MPs – and Boris Johnson is telling others to vote for it – to overturn the committee’s recommendation that Paterson be suspended from the Commons for thirty ‘sitting days’, which could have triggered a by-election.

And the Tories plan to replace the Standards Committee – which voted unanimously against Paterson – with an ‘overhauled’ Tory-majority body run by John Whittingdale, who was at the centre of a press cover-up surrounding his relationship with a professional dominatrix with gangland connections and a trip to Amsterdam that he did not declare in the register of MPs’ interests.

That Johnson and co can even think of such a course of action, let alone get away with it, is unspeakably damning of the state of this country and those who took it there or carried the bags of those who did. The UK has become a tinpot regime in a process aided and abetted by the complicit ‘mainstream’ media and the Establishment-friendly plants in what remains of the Labour party.

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  1. It seems the Tories learned a thing, or two, from the recent Labour Party Conference.

    One, just, as bad as the other.

    ‘…and the animals looked from humans to animals…’

    1. There is a competition between Starmer and Bozo the Dangerous Clown to see who can inflict the greatest harm to standards of democracy and decency.

  2. This manoeuvre by the Tory hierarchy is an utter disgrace. SKS should whip the Labour MPs to ensure Paterson is suspended and force via Recall a bye-election.

    1. Starmer is scared of a by election in my opinion because if one was called Labour would probably get completely wiped out and there is no convenient scapegoat for him to blame.

  3. It was predicted a Tory ally would be the Chair of this new non-standards committee. Yet it didn’t enter my head it would be the dodgy Whittingdale.

    From now on no Tory MP will be found guilty of anything corrupt.

  4. So the Tories just voted to scrap the system that investigates corruption by MPs after it found a Tory MP to be corrupt Then they create a new committee headed by someone proven to be untrustworthy. Each day they get worse.

  5. It seems that when a gov’t has no opposition to face & no 4th Estate to hold it to account, it can do as it damn well pleases. Only opposition on-line.

  6. Owen Patterson’s comment that his wife’s suicide was partly due to stress caused by the investigation into his misconduct was truly despicable.
    It doesn’t surprise me that his fellow Tories are rallying round him because they probably see nothing wrong with him saying this and believe in any case that his conduct in accepting money from businesses in Ireland was OK
    The question is – how will Starmer and the PLP react to proposal to dissolve the Standards Committee – my guess is they will go along with it because they are gutless and also like the MPs on the benches opposite they have little or no integrity.

    1. What is truly gutless and spineless is there isn’t 40 PLP members to mount a challenge

      1. I agree Doug but I genuinely believe that sometime in the not too distant future the right will force Starmer out because he is an electoral liability and its their jobs that are on the line.

    2. I am sorry that his wife committed suicide, not surprised that she couldn’t cope with the stress caused by the investigation after she discovered how corrupt her husband was. It mus have broken her, after 40 years marriage and three children and being blind to who her husband truly was.
      Ultimately, it was his behaviour that caused the investigation and he was proven to be corrupt, to try to blame the investigation for the suicide of his wife, rather than taking responsibility for engaging in corruption in the first place, tell us all we need to know about the type of person he is.
      Also telling that she commit suicide on the day of his birthday, she didn’t leave a note but her feelings are to me loud and clear: happy birthday for many years to come despicable man.

      1. I believe at the time he and family said they had no idea why she had committed suicide. But now…. As you say a despicable man indeed.

      2. No matter what you think of him, a family lost a loved one, suicide is a sudden death, it never leaves you, it is inexplicable to any rational person, you never stop missing them but you will never understand what made them do it
        As one mum said about her son, he might have wanted to die that night, but I know he didn’t want to die forever
        6,000 a year, 4000 men 2000 women
        We need to do more

      3. Reply to Doug
        I agree with you and know people ( one a close friend) whose lives have been wrecked by the suicide of a family member. That’s what makes Paterson shamelessly exploiting the tragic death of his wife so completely despicable.

  7. Lyndon Johnson did a similar thing.

    On becoming president, he closed down a Senate committee whose investigations threatened to send him to prison.

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