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Royal Cornwall hospital declares critical incident as ambulances back up at A&E

Hospital asks staff to work extra hours as queue reaches 26 ambulances long and 100+ patients waiting to be seen

The Royal Cornwall hospital in has declared a critical illness and appealed for staff to work extra hours, as the NHS continues to reel from privatisation, under-funding, hospital closures and the Tories’ appalling handling of the pandemic, whatever the claims of hard right Tory Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

The number of people waiting to be seen in the hospital’s A&E was reported to have exceeded one hundred and 26 ambulances were waiting outside, with patients not able to be admitted and crews unable to move on to new emergencies.

Cornwall, like many areas around England, has seen minor hospitals close as the Tories cut costs and services, funnelling more and more people into the few larger hospitals remaining.

Former Labour parliamentary candidate Jenn Forbes said that the situation at the hospital is now ‘pretty much constant’ and tweeted:

NHS doctors have condemned Javid for his lies about the NHS:

The English NHS has seen a reduction of over eight million bed days per year as the Tories continue to close thousands of hospital beds, leading to waiting lists of over six million people. Javid and his party, meanwhile, are pushing ahead with new legislation that will both accelerate privatisation and hide who profits from it, despite widespread horror among NHS campaigners.

To its shame, Labour’s leadership is generally on board with the Tories’ ‘integrated care systems’ plan and reduction of oversight.

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  1. Privatized privatisation….thats all these people want who rule.the country and when it totally collapses what?….privatisation with all the partys abdicating responsibility to the private sector to run and profit from every service,utilities and social care.You may want to ask if parliament and councils are basically abdicating responsibility for everything including the NHS what are you paying them for.?..Why the taxes if you don’t do anything other than police the public and attack foreign countries.and now it is expanding thought control as well as a virus with a jab that clearly doesn’t work other than for big pharma.

  2. The NHS is n its knees due to years and years of Tory underfunding and neglect. The electorate in Cornwall have for years and years voted Tory and now unsurprisingly there is now a crisis in the Royal Cornwall hospital .
    I wonder just how long it will take the Cornish electorate to realise that this is a case of cause and effect.

  3. “All within the expected parameters, no need to panic!” said the economist .
    I think that ship has long since sailed.

  4. And for the covidiots, who keep saying, by painfully stretching statistics, that covid isn’t that bad: if you get ill from anything else other than covid, even something normally easily treatable, you’re in danger due to the waiting times.

    1. It actually isn’t bad for healthy people. For those with compromised immune systems it’s terrible and unfortunately, the UK has far more unhealthy people than most developed countries apart from America. Long Covid is something else we’re going to have to live with. The problem lies with hospital closures and short staff not Covid.

      1. Let’s not generalise. It is very bad for some healthy people. A friend who is (still IS thank goodness) younger than me was whizzed into hospital by his son a few weeks ago. He survived. The doctors told his son that, if he’d waited another 6 hours he wouldn’t have survived. He is middle aged, very active in his job, no other “health issues”, etc. etc. but he hadn’t had the vaccination. He thought that, because he is younger, healthy etc. etc. it wouldn’t be bad if he got it. Just because Covid has a lower probability of causing serious illness or death when people are healthier or younger doesn’t mean that it isn’t bad when it does.

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