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Starmer’s deputy mayor defects to Greens. National media near-silent

If Corbyn’s local mayor had defected, we’d see a week of MSM ‘aneurysms’ and rolling coverage

The deputy mayor of Camden, the borough in which Keir Starmer’s parliamentary seat lies, has defected to the Green party, citing Starmer’s lack of ‘coherent vision’ and the fact that Labour no longer aligns with her “core values of social justice, equality, and environmentalism”, according to the Camden New Journal. Former Green party leader Sian Berry is a councillor in the same borough.

But while the defection has stirred the local press, the national media has so far been almost silent – a Google search for news of the defection shows only a brief mention on the BBC News website, though not channel.

As Novara Media’s Aaron Bastani observed, the double standard is towering compared to the feeding frenzy that would have taken place if Jeremy Corbyn’s local equivalent had defected:

But not just during Corbyn’s leadership of Labour. If that happened *now*, there’d be columns, editorials and televised discussions of why it was a symptom of ‘long Corbyn’ rather than Starmer’s fault.

Keir Starmer has had the easiest ride imaginable for a Labour leader from the press and broadcast media – yet still languishes as much as thirteen points behind the murderous buffoon who occupies Downing Street when he’s not swanning off on holiday in the middle of a national crisis.

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  1. Dear God! That photo creeps me out! 😧😧😧

    Keir Starmer has had the easiest ride imaginable for a Labour leader from the press and broadcast media – yet still languishes ten points behind the murderous buffoon

    Had keef actually opposed anything since april 2019, as is entirely within his taxpayer-paid remit (check the job description) then you might’ve heard a wee bit more about it.

    As it is, de piffle isn’t remotely worried about him, and keef’s only too happy enough cosying up to the murdoch scum and the rest of the client journalist clique, so it’s not surprising the public aren’t told about ‘mere bagatelles’ like this.

    1. The defector is Deputy Mayor Cllr Lorna Jane Russell. Above picture is same as that in the Camden New Journal.

      Go Keith go…

      1. Thanks for giving us her name, which is more than Skwawk could manage, but which one is she in the photo?

  2. Who said Laural and Hardy were dead?

    They just reinvented themselves as ‘leaders’ of the two political main parties in Westminster.

    Johnson’s Oliver Hardy Act over the years has obviously inspired Starmer’s attempt to ape Stan Laural. If Johnson can get votes by appearing on HIGNFY and floating high up in the air on a rope with his keks at half mast Starmer will also go the same ‘appeal to the lowest common denominator’ route

    We can no doubt expect weekly media stunts over the next several years in which ‘Stan’ acts out various themes on backing an HGV wagon into the Mersey; or pretending to be a contestant on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ as Clive Anderson gets him to pretend he’s Tony the Tiger.

    ‘That’s another fine mess you’ve got us into!’

  3. Andy got it absolutely right in a post a month or so ago. He said Jeremy Corbyn got the kind of press coverage usually reserved for serial killers. Obviously if this had happened in Jeremy’s constituency he would have been pilloried by the MSM for the next 6 months. Same if he had been expelling Jews wholesale from the party. If he had presided over the Covid epidemic and had through stupidity/ incompetence/ callousness caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people the MSM would have been leading a campaign to bring back the death penalty.
    Keir Starmer gets an easy ride from them but despite this is very unpopular. I think this is because people can see right through him. His blatant anti Arab racism and control freakery have alienated all right thinking people. There is no way we will win an election with this man at the helm but as I and many others have posted winning an election is not on his agenda.

    1. Corbyn indeed got the press coverage reserved for serial killers…the press coverage that Johnson so roundly deserves. Watch out for thousands/tens of thousands more deaths this winter as people die of the cold caused by inability to pay the ruinous prices for heating demanded by Johnson’s friends in the fuel distribution and supply industries. Clearly the “murderous buffon” believes that these wholly preventable deaths will be a price worth paying in order for him to continue his largesse to the corporate world using (raised) taxes forced from the workers by hand and brain.

  4. The free and fearless press don’t tell us anything that doesn’t strengthen its owners’ class and financial interests – so credit to Camden’s Deputy Mayor (Councillor Lorna Jane Russell?).

    She’s a brave and courageous person. We need more people like her in politics. It only took her six months in-post to see how Sir Keir’s deceit and betrayal made her position as a Labour elected representative untenable.

  5. You are a smart boy, Smartboy and I agree with you, Starmer is completely indifferent to the rules of the party and is banking on the Labour party ‘badge’ or ‘name’ to achieve victory, that is why it is important to campaign against him or any of his choices in any forthcoming by- elections. Prove to Mandelson that he is wrong and that they do have a choice. Anyone but Starmer.

    1. Reply to Harry Law
      Starmer must go if we are to have any chance of an election victory but realistically, given the number of PLP nominations required to run for the leadership we are almost certainly guaranteed another New Labour 2 moron in his place
      Also people are starting to get smart about the Labour name or badge too. They see Labour MPs who are millionaires or multi millionaires talking about Universal Credit etc These MPs have no idea what it is like to live hand to mouth – people like Angela Rayner may have in the past experienced hard times ( she milks her humble origins shamelessly) but have no understanding of just how hard it is to live nowadays if you are on a zero hours contract, are disabled or out of work.
      The electorate believed the lies and smears about Jeremy Corbyn which the MSM aided and abetted by the PLP, Southside , the Establishment including the Jewish Establishment bombarded them with for 4 years. He was the only chance we had of real change , a caring society which ensured everyone had enough to eat ,had a roof over their heads and access to education and work opportunities.
      Now Jeremy is on the back benches and doesn’t even have the Labour whip and we have in his place a right wing reactionary who is trying to out Tory the Tories. It would make you weep Harry.

    2. Deep in the dark bowels of Likud a new leader is being created. Once it’s victory has been achieved expulsions of a hitherto unimagined scale will ensue. Leave now for all our sakes. This is not a party for the many but the comfortable, sleek and bigoted, immune to human suffering.

  6. Dave Hansell I like your Laurel and Hardy comparison ..

    However I like to think of Starmer as Mr Murdstone from “David Copperfield”
    and Evans as Murdstones sister (his “Instrument”***)
    Murdstone smarms his way into Davids mothers good books and eventually marries her.
    After that and aided by his “instrument” he is controlling towards his new wife and bullying to

    The result of crushing his wife is that she dies as well as the baby she eventually has.

    *** called that by Davids Aunt who has the Murdstones well judged.

    1. “The most important factor in deciding a persons vote (2019 election)'”

      Brexit = 44%
      NHS = 23%
      Policy = 13%
      Economy = 7%
      Johnson = 5%
      Corbyn = 4%

      Says all there needs to be said on what factor lost the 2019 election for Labour apart from the deliberate behind the scenes sabotage by the sectarian careerists from the extreme center (as epitomised by those such as Jess Phillips caught smiling on camera at the outcome).

      As of course does the total absence from this thread of the usual suspect cap doffing and forelock tugging Uriah Heep’s who insist that it was all down to what Corbyn represented.

      They are not even competent at being worm-tongues.

  7. Glad to see another one bailing out but I would have taken it more seriously if she hadn’t lined up another party before doing it.The greens?,I suppose that it means one more less feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party.

  8. No one has written more cogently about how the media bamboozle the public than Noam Chomsky. Everyone should read Necessary Illusions and Manufacturing Consent, or at least get familiar with the Propaganda Model. We aren’t supposed to say the voters don’t know what they’re doing, but Chomsky is right: the people don’t know what’s going on and don’t know they don’t know.

    1. Chomsky is a sheepdog. Allows just enough talk around the sides of the overton window. Doesn’t move the window, ever. Sticks solidly to the establishment narrative on 9/11.

      As for knowing they don’t know, I’m reminded of George Carlin and his comment on people;

      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

      1. nvla
        Thats the price of democracy, everyone has a vote, its also the reason the bucket of shit party get away with murder
        Good news is when someone like JC comes along it’s such a breath of fresh air the decent folk let out a collective Munchian scream
        Give us clear Red Water and we will come

  9. Jonathan Cook’s latest posting:

    ‘After Corbyn, Israel lobby turns its guns on UK academia’

    The Jewish Chronicle warns that the dismissal of Prof David Miller is ‘just the beginning’

    The Israel lobby appears to be readying for a campaign to root out leftwing academics in the UK critical of Israel’s continuing oppression of the Palestinian people – echoing its efforts against the previous leader of Britain’s Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn.

    As with the attacks on Corbyn, the assault on academia is being led by the Jewish Chronicle, a UK weekly newspaper that speaks for the most ardent supporters of Israel among the UK’s Jewish community.

    The move follows the lobby’s success this month in pressuring Bristol university to sack one of its professors, David Miller, even after the university’s own investigation – headed by a senior lawyer – concluded that claims of antisemitism against Miller were unfounded.

    1. I read Jonathan’s article about the Chronicle’s latest encouragement earlier. It’s remarkable how confident the paper must be to announce this without any consequences.

      It also appears the Chronicle has lied by saying David Miller was sacked for antisemitism when it is claimed the university found no evidence of AS. Alas they just couldn’t resist the pressure and Miller had to go.

      Every so often I think surely like McCarthy there will be an accusation so farfetched it will put an end to all this. Yet I feel I will be waiting a very long time for this to happen. It’s almost like eventually there will be no teaching about Palestine/Israel situation. As the Israeli lobby keeps rolling on and I fear they will succeed with more academics being sacked.

  10. ‘Lorna launches a Green Rocket!
    In bop-a-lop Right Wing Little Weed Starmer’s patch.
    The political lightweight thought he could grow a 2nd PV.
    And Defeat from the jaws of Victory and Mr S he did snatch.
    Bye bye Right Wing Little Weed, bye bye!’

  11. I see that its started already…Raids in Liverpool by the Stazi using anti terrorism laws bought and paid for in partitioned Ireland and now being used in Britain.No coincidence that the clamp down starts in Liverpool and has now moved into the general public instead of the Moslem \IRISH population exclusively….Get the bin lids out the fascists are here..!

  12. The Future candidates programme is another assault on the party’s values.

    HQ trying to install people who basically hold the opposite views to the membership. Being previously linked to the Tories seems to be an advantage, if anything.

    CLPs are being far too cowardly, by not speaking out. But it’s understandable given the authoritarian suspension inclined nature of the party. But why aren’t the unions saying anything? The party is being demolished brick by brick in plain sight. There won’t be a party worth saving at this rate.

    1. Don’t knock the union leaders just as they can sniff the ermine, see the glint of the sword. I’ll bet they practice kneeling in front of the bedroom mirror.

  13. I would pass on congratulations for leaving the labour party and good luck to the deputy doesn’t bother me which party she defected to, as long as it wasn’t tory.

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