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Three Tory groups congratulate themselves on voting to privatise NHS

They’re behind the times, though – much of it already has been

Three groups of young Tories voted yesterday to privatise the NHS – and were described as ‘very happy’ to have done so.

London School of Economics Tories, Kings College London Tories and University College London Tories debated the motion ‘This House believes that the NHS must be privatised’ – and one of its members tweeted her delight at the outcome:

The smiling faces on most of those present at the ‘show of hands’ vote suggest they were of the same mind – with only a few looking sheepish or disappointed:

Privatisation, it should go without saying, is intrinsically less efficient because not every pound that goes in is spent on treatment. Some goes into profit, usually in offshore bank accounts. It is also linked to rationing and to the new ‘ICS’ US-style system the government is pushing through, which rewards companies for not treating people – and, of course, it ultimately leads to patients crippled through costs and often bankrupted, with health problems already a leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.

Correctly, the tweeter of her delight in the idea of privatisation was taken to task for it, with just a few examples out of hundreds shown below:

The young Tories are also – wilfully? – behind the times. NHS privatisation is very far advanced, with billions funnelled to corporations hiding behind an NHS badge and sometimes not even trying very hard to hide, while the Tories, their media allies – and, shamefully, often Keir Starmer’s Labour MPs – all denying reality and even praising the new ICS system designed to finish the job in secret.

Angela Rayner was wrong to apologise this week. Tories are scum – and should never be trusted with our NHS.

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  1. Show me an advocate of NHS privatisation and I’ll show you a greedy degenerate who puts profit before the health of fellow human beings.

  2. Contemptible little shits. Haven’t their lords and masters killed enough Britons already?
    In a sane world they would all be labeled terrorists!

  3. 2012’s Health and Social Care Act effectively ended the NHS. It reduced it to a brand, a logo and replaced the notion of clinical care as the supreme objective with ‘internal market” dynamics (copyright, Tony Blair) , where acquisition, competition and cash flow become the drivers of privatisation.

    Privatisation of the NHS began as far back as 1983 when the cleaning services started to be put out to tender. That has had fairly disastrous consequences with the spread of ‘superbugs’ being attributable to the cleaners no longer forming part of integrated core teams on wards.

    “Other privatisations, including IT services, facilities management, out-of-hours GP services and the 111 service, have had patchy results; some have been a waste of money, some have failed to show any benefit over public provision, some, like the cleaning services, have been cheaper but a lower standard. Interestingly these privatisations are not discussed or presented as ‘privatisation of the NHS’, or part-privatisation, although they clearly are.

    “The NHS is the sum of all the parts that make it function, not just its clinical services. This intellectual sleight of hand of naming private-sector takeover of asset ownership and management, ancillary and backroom services as normal business practice or ‘just outsourcing’ rather than service privatisation has allowed a significant part of the NHS to be privatised without being acknowledged as such.

    “The House of Commons Library briefing on privatisation defines the need for a competition regulator as one of the essential features of the move from public to private provision. Regulators have been brought in over the last 20 years via various bodies up to the current position of the CQC and NHS Improvement, reflecting the need for market regulation.”

    Continue reading to see an overview of how the 2012 HSCA practically guarantees the total and outright privatisation of the NHS. This is part of the reason why the BBC and MSM had to demonise Jeremy Corbyn and make sure he was unelectable. Had it not happened, an obscenely dishonest coronavirus “pandemic” would not be happening.

    1. Thanks to the LibDems and Tories, that indeed was the end of the @NHS. Clegg got his rewards for being a sell out charlatan as did Camoron. Now we have Starmer in charge of the corrupt Labour Party I’m afraid it’s game set and match for the @NHS. Funded by Private Health Care backers and financiers….he’s as corrupt as the rest of them.

      People were warned about him, but they believed his silver tongued lies. Idiots.

      1. Arguably, Clegg did not “sell-out” to ensure the most virulent enabler of NHS Privatisation, the 2012 HSCA, was passed (or, more accurately, that his party enabled the 2010 Tory Government to exist). Do you not remember how shocked and horrified some social democrats in the liberal party were when Clegg and the other “liberals’ showed they were indeed neo-liberals?

        Clegg – who now works for Facebook – is an extremist liberal, capitalsim exists, they think, because of them.

  4. The reason why the NHS must be destroyed is because it is ‘Socialism in Action’ & serves the people not an opportunity to cream off profit.

  5. Do these parasites have access to the millions of pounds of NHS equipment and technology, or do they contribute to purchasing costs? Just asking.

  6. It costs £100,000 for major heart surgery in the USA, here it’s free.
    We all contribute and it is there when needed but sadly £15b of NHS services are already in private hands as the Tories continue with their salami approach, bit by bit, drip, drip, drip.
    Kick the private sector out of the NHS!

    1. and between $25,000 – $38,000 for midwifery and (if necessary) hospital-centred”services” per childbirth. It’s all ‘covered’ by very expensive insurance, but it happens.

      Here, in Leeds, TUPE is being prepared to “outsource” (yes, that means “Privatise”) midwifery services in seven Yorkshire and Humber hospital trusts. The neoliberal capitalists (every UK Government since the mid 1970s) have been preparing for the total commercialisation of the NHS and the 2012 HSCA is its completion.

    2. My son who lives in the USA pays $850 per month in health insurance and needs a cataract operation for which he has to pay an additional $7000!

      Healthcare costs are THE major cause of bancruptcies in the US despite having health insurance.

      1. Spot on jack….my daughter and all the family are haunted by Cancer and my son in laws costs that escalate all the time .He even has to get a thirty doller prescription for drugs and bags that he needs monthly to deal with the bowel removal.The full cost to the family has very nearly bankrupted them and will not change in the “sick system” ..We worry not just about their future but the futures of all our grandchildren across three continents and the only one looking upwards is the ones in the Killing fields of Cambodia…Who would have thought?c

  7. It costs £100,000 for major heart surgery in the USA and here it is free.
    We all contribute and it is there when needed but sadly £15b of NHS services are already in private sector hands already.
    The Tories continue with their salami approach, every year bit by bit, drip drip,drip.
    These Tories are young, thick and ignorant.
    They feel they are strong human beings.
    But any of us could be run over and could become housebound at an instant, we are all vulnerable human beings and better to have available good and free support for all.
    Kick the private sector out of the NHS!

  8. Also these Tories are young and probably think they will always be strong but we are all one serious accident away from being housebound and realising you need the support of other human beings.
    Young Conservatives – politically young, thick and ignorant!

  9. why does anybody, especially the already well off on the path to future successes rich and privileged vote against their interests? i’d me more interested in the gap between the poor and the party that ‘looks’ to improve their lives yet fails them at every opportunity by not freeing education for all and for life. where is the development and growth of the open university of yesteryear? carping sounds like a defeat.

  10. I had a good look at the caption and noticed the front row looking downtrodden,but I don’t think quaffing “mothers ruin” Red port could have helped their debate on the NHS.Why so much booze on the front bench or did they hit the bottle after.Either way its not the best way to defend your position

  11. Jeremy Corbyn warned us about the sell off of the NHS – he was laughed at and called a liar by those whose interest it was to down play the ongoing privatisation by stealth.
    However lets not forget that the privatisation began under the tenure of that hero of the right Tony Blair who most of Corbyn’s PLP and Southside opponents slavishly follow. Therefore there will never be any real opposition to the privatisation of this essential service and we will end up just like the USA where if you take a serious illness – Parkinsons Diabetes Cancer – you end up bankrupt and frequently homeless.
    I hope that voters in the former “red wall” seats who elected Tory MPs in 2019 and those who elected Blairites elsewhere reflect on this and realise that they enabled this by refusing to listen to Jeremy’s warnings and seeing that he was one of the few politicians who would have ensured that the NHS was properly maintained and remained free and accessible to us all.
    One final point – the smug self satisfied young people pictured are the future of this country – the establishment in waiting – God help us is all I can say about that.

    1. I’m really starting to suspect that Mr. Bevan was truly an anomaly Toffee.

      Russia has just ended the war in Europe. Yes, we did our bit, as did others but the reality is the socialist government of Russia won

      This scared the establishment, and all across Europe.. It’s due to Russia’s victory that Western Europe got such good treatment afterwards (they didn’t want to, as shown by the demob camp evictions (turning off the water)). They were terrified we would look to the east and demand the same.

      Because of this, Nye gave us so much. Proper decent housing and a health service envied by the world give or take a country or two. This same government gave us the special relationship and NATO. They also propelled us towards nuclear weapons…

      I think that if Nye was alive today, he’d be treated exactly the same as Foot and Corbyn.

      As for the main story, NHS has been dead for at least a decade. It’s just a facade.

      Given the likelihood of societal collapse in America is increasing by the day, I think many of these Tories may have second thoughts when they realise their cover is useless and the doctors want thousands before starting the consultation. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad for us here.

      (Drugs such as insulin have become very high prices due to shortages at both manufacturing and distribution. The US expects people to cough up $700 a month just to stay alive.)

      @Joseph my fingers are crossed for your family.

      1. The whole of Fleet St have been involved in a race to the bottom ever since the birth of the Sun.

      2. I’m really starting to suspect that Mr. Bevan was truly an anomaly

        nvla – I agree, and believe a major factor was the memory of the slaughter without recompense that was the aftermath of WWI.

  12. If there’s any karma then every last rat bastard one of them – and their cherished – ought to be stricken with something untreatable that mystifies medical science.

    Got a problem with that? Hard bun. I’ve got a problem with those that’d simply shrug their shoulders and say ‘tough titty’ and would gladly deny me or mine medical help because they won’t profit from it; even though I paid for it.

    Bevan was right. They are vermin.

      1. This is a complete swerve but it does show what we are up against. My nephew and niece, neither of whom are thick, think that we fought against ‘Russia’ in WW2. Time to get my books and maps out.

  13. Dear Skwawkbox, Labour MP Trickett is telling us on Twitter that the NHS privatisation bill has passed through parliament on Thursday 28 Oct 2021 and is now law. What do you know about that please?

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