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Fewer than 20 Labour MPs agree to be photographed with Starmer

Even right-wing MPs treat Starmer as an embarrassment at ‘drop-in day’

Keir Starmer’s recent attempt at a photo-opportunity turned out to be yet another low in his notional leadership of the Labour party when not even ten percent of the party’s MPs wanted to be seen with him during his ‘LOTO drop-in day’.

Party insiders say that fewer than twenty MPs agreed to be photographed with the untrustworthy and personality-bypassed Starmer, as even the right-wing majority among the ‘PLP’ shunned him. It’s starting to look like Starmer has served his purpose of hollowing out the party to a shell of its recent self and even the right don’t want to be seen next to a ‘useful idiot’ now well past his sell-by date, particularly as some will no doubt be nursing hopes of replacing him.

The Labour right under Starmer has taken Stalinism to new levels in its war on members and party democracy – and it seems the right-wingers also live by Stalin’s notorious principle that ‘gratitude is a disease of dogs’.

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  1. Starmer caved his own political grave at last Conference. He pushed for a 20% nominations from the PLP even when their is a vacancy at the top.
    Hence, he has assured that no challenge comes from the left of the PLP for the leadership or deputy leadership for the foreseeable future. Thus, Starmer has become suplus to requirement.

  2. ITs very telling that only twenty wanted a photo with him.Even at his very worst Bliar never struggled for photo ops.Yes it looks like the Unity leader will be chosen before the next general election so you can rally round.the Broad church flag again..

    1. The next election could be as soon as next May. I guess they’ll let him see that out before he resigns after the worst Labour result for 71 years.

    2. He brought unity I some round about way: everyone now knows that beige “centrism” (right wing really) is both a practical and electoral dead end.

      1. They’ll never accept that. They’ll just say the damage done by Corbyn was even worse than expected.

    1. That may not be possible- some of them probably demanded their faces be blurred in the shots.

    2. It will be the 20 or so who still have some hope of retaining their seats come the next General Election.

  3. Is it possible that,like most of the people in this country,they simply didn’t know who he was?

  4. Maybe they don’t anticipate it being Starmer leading them into the next election?

    If it is, the full glare of an election campaign would expose his limitations horribly. He’s survived thus far, thanks to a supine media and by ducking around any and all questions. For example, quibbling with Andrew Marr, like some dodgy insurance company rep, disputing the meaning of ‘common ownership’ in his disowned 10 Pledges.

    He’s clearly not a socialist or Labour, that much is already clear; he’s an actor, and unlike their hero Blair, not a very talented one.

    1. Who is the brilliant, charismatic, orator that they will land the voters with?

  5. He needs to be kicked out soon (he will not go of his own accord). This budget signaling the end(ish) of austerity (I certainly cheered at the extra money in education and training, both as parent and worker in the sector) and it looks pretty much like paving the way for spring elections. I would guess a GE shortly after the spring budget… Now the Tories firmly to the left of Starmer (it hurts writing this without irony), Labour risks then total obliteration.

    1. Maybe the BBC could commission a new show : ‘How Do You Solve a Problem like Keir?’

      As long as they didn’t have Laura Kuenssberg or Nick Robinson in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s role, could be an interesting way of finding a new leader.

      I’d wager if they did, the viewers would pick a candidate to the left of the people currently running the Labour party.

    2. Ben Lapointe, I hope you are right and that Starmer’s Labour gets obliterated, to be able to raise from its ashes like a phoenix.

    3. In their efforts to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn many members of the PLP brought the party into disrepute by bad mouthing Jeremy every day . The voters who believed them that Jeremy was the devil incarnate wouldn’t vote for a party led by him. Others who knew he was nothing of the sort refused to vote for MPs who constantly undermined their leader and party democracy. This is the reason why so many right wingers lost their seats at the last election.
      Those who got in will now be very conscious of the uphill struggle they will have to retain their seats given that some of the muck they slung at Jeremy still sticks to them.
      Also Keir Starmer has, as I and others have posted previously, alienated a huge number of supporters and members including most recently all those who support the Hillsborough survivors and families and who regard S*N readers and contributors as the lowest of the low. He is a walking disaster for the PLP.
      If our right wing MPs are to have any chance of retaining their jobs after the next election they must know that they’ll have to get rid of him and soon. He has become a major liability and to save their own necks I believe they will stab him in the back ( or the front in Jess Phillips’s case).
      I have no sympathy whatsoever for him or them. They all deserve everything they get and more. The people I feel sorry for are the rest of us who are likely to be lumbered with a Tory government for the foreseeable future.

      1. Smartboy
        CLP membership have leverage, put pressure on MP, s to support a challenge
        Unions have leverage, he who pays the piper calls the tune
        Temporary Embarrassment is a dead man walking

      2. I agree Doug but like many others posting on this site I believe Starmer has no interest in winning an election. His job is to get rid of all Socialists and non Zionists in the party. That is why he has waged war on us and why has been particularly ruthless with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Once he has achieved his objectives he will waltz off to the House of Lords and will probably also take up lucrative employment with those who have set his current agenda.

    1. Steve H, thank you for the link.
      it makes clear that Starmer and Evans are not interesting in democracy but rather in subverting it. I am glad I cancelled my DD it doesn’t seat well with me to stay member of a political Party that is fast transforming itself from a social democratic party into a party with fascistic tendencies, to put it mildly.

    2. The link -and Mish Rahman’s incisive article – simply restate the massive lie that Starmer’s political career is built on: He’s disreputable, dishonest, deceitful and the best electoral advantage the Conservatives possess.

      He’s bad news, bad for the party, bad for its members, its people, our trade unions and the Hope we all need in corrupt, covid Britain for a future worth having.

      Starmer must go.

  6. Off topic:

    The latest Honest Government Ad from thejuicemediaCop26 Climate Summit

    1. Brilliant PW. Put a smile in my heart! Thanks.

      But it’s not off-topic really. Not only do 90% Labour MPs prefer not to be seen with Sir Keir, neither does SARS-CoV-2.

    1. My days of confronting the right are long over. I wouldn’t ever take the EDL Seriously. Brown shirts, brown underpants more likely. Absolutely useless only get brave when pissed up within a dark windowed coach. Nick Crane was interesting at least, as was his gay German porn actor lover. He lost a lot of street cred did our Nicky. I’m not being homophobic but old fashioned anti fascist.

  7. The entire sorry farce returns to the matter of democracy. Those right-wingers who helped Corbyn onto the ballot paper were certain he would be heavily defeated; that’s why they did it. They love democracy when it can be manipulated to prove people don’t want radical change, that they are content with capitalism, that they admire the rich and powerful and are willing to leave them alone as they count their pennies and decide whether to turn on the heating or feed the kids. But they loathe democracy when it makes Tony Benn popular, or gives Nye Bevan a place in parliament or makes Corbyn leader. The hatred of democracy goes very deep. The MSM hate it so profoundly they promote the unelected royals, the unaccountable rich and the licensed powerful as vigorously as they vilify anyone who believes in economic democracy and the right of the common folk to choose how to live their lives. That in a matter of months Labour has collapsed into fascism, which is what is happening when members are told what they can and can’t discuss and people are expelled on false pretences, shows just how close we always are to fascism. The choice is and always has been between fascism or a society of economic equality and thoroughgoing democracy. If we don’t have the latter we are in the ante-room of the former, or as we are now, stepping into the chamber of denial of liberty itself. Rebellion is necessary.

  8. I am struggling to understand how three jabs Starmer has to go into isolation if hes been fully imunised by big Pharma…and its for the fifth time.that he’s caught the virus……Maybe its a different story in the west .We’ve got surplus Sinovac here maybe the knight should try a bit of Socialists medicine.?

    1. Hehe Joseph. The Chinese biotech company is an impressive player (unlike its western counterparts). Its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is undergoing systemic testing (its in plase 3 testing currentlyin Brazil, China and S Korea)) and – importantly – phases I and II testing have taught its pharmaceutical developers valuable lessons which will save lives and are being incorporated into it.

      Contrast that with the eighteen “emergecy”-validated western ‘vaccines’. They are untested and possibly dangerous. More people are probably being “harmed” by the co-called ‘vaccines’ than by coronavirus and covid – but western Governments and MSM will never admit that, in fact, they will probably lie and misinform to deny it.

      Remember, covid has a survival rate of 99.6 – 99.8 pc (99.2 forthe over-80s), but if you ever needed to trust a covid vaccine, meticuloud testing favours SinoVac’s product, which is far better tested and possibly safer than any available in the UK.

      1. quertboiI think I will soldier on and leave the Big pharma to 3jabs Starmer
        .Ivermecitin seems to work okay and wherever you are I wouldn’t as a person who carrys a Epipen,ever take a untested Vaccine.especially has it doesn’t appear to be working.especially in the West.There appears to be a surplus here after China donated large amounts to a poor country like Cambodia…Thats what neighbours are for..!I feel a song coming on “

      2. “I will soldier on and leave the Big pharma to 3 jabs Starmer….”

        Nice! But the MSM and billionaires (well, a Study they probably paid for) are tellng us that covid vaccines are so good, that vaccinated people are less likely to die from any cause, than unvaccinated people.

        Really!! War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength This Orwellian Dystopia is all made possible by fear of a not very virulent virus and the powerful using it for their own ends.

        (Hope you enjoy the linked ‘This Week in the New Normal #9’. It helps keep me sane!)

  9. Wonder just who the twenty were? Diehard supporters? Cynical stalking horses?

    As for the next GE? Why call time? You can bet Rishi Washy Sunak will be chumming the water with taxcuts before any announcements (yes, banks got a nice reach around).

    If anything, the moves over the next few months should give subtle hints at who is really steering labour.

    I also see Labour pivoting towards EDL types. Find myself wondering how long before the Tories are considered the more socialist party…

    Stay safe all

    1. Thanks again linda.

      I do love your twitter threads (but wish firefox did a special container for it like they do for Facebook).

      As the funding/sponsorship of Starmer issue becomes better known, it is obvious why the Labour right needs to get as many left members out of Labour as possible,

  10. From yesterday:

    Wombourne South East (South Staffordshire) by-election result:

    CON: 50.3% (-22.7)
    GRN: 43.9% (+43.9)
    LAB: 5.7% (-21.3)

    Conservative HOLD.


    Bromley Cross (Bolton) by-election result:

    CON: 70.0% (+6.8)
    LAB: 16.5% (-5.6)
    GRN: 6.7% (-1.4)
    BFC: 4.0% (+4.0)
    LDEM: 2.7% (-3.8)

    Conservative HOLD.

    BFC: Bolton for Change.

    Local authority by-elections can often be dismissed due to things like low turnout, local issues etc. But taken cumulatively they do offer an insight into the levels of enthusiasm an opposition is generating. The pattern looks v.bleak for Labour.

    Labour to Win?

    1. IF my memorys okay then the Seat of Bromley cross,was vacated by the death of Leader of Bolton council,Greenhalgh so a sympathy vote was included in the result in Tory Bromley cross..Many happy days spent in that part of Bolton before our lives were ripped apart by the closure of Eagley mills and most of Bolton with it.Bolton hung on for more than half a century voting Labour but finally the ignoring of the old mill towns by consecutive Labour government in Westminster has produced two Tory mps and a Tory council.ITs amazing what you learn in the jungles of the Mekong delta

  11. Did they have to pay for the photo to help finances, or were they paid to give the impression that there were people who approved of him?

    1. I agree Tony. If I may suggest …” Keith” Starmer has a certain ring to it.

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