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Right-winger Mason trounced in NCC deputy chair bid as even right-wingers vote for lefty

On the right: Peter Mason

Skwawkbox reported on Wednesday that left-winger Emine Ibrahim had been elected as chair of the NCC (National Constitutional Committee) – still Labour’s ultimate disciplinary body until Keir Starmer and sidekick David Evans get their act together on their new ‘independent’ (ie Evans-selected) disciplinary board, despite the right’s attempts to gerrymander the result by suspending newly-elected left-winger Rheian Davies.

Ms Ibrahim was elected unopposed.

But Skwawkbox can also reveal that right-winger and arch Corbyn critic Peter Mason was overwhelmingly rejected in his bid to become the committee’s deputy chair. While the left’s wafer-thin majority on the committee was rendered rocky by Ms Davies’s suspension, even some fellow right-wingers couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Mason.

He was trounced by 13 votes to 5, according to Labour insiders.

The Labour party has rapidly become a husk under Keir Starmer of the great party it until so recently was – but even now there can still be the odd glimmer of light.

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    1. And from OUR perspective, the “ballot box” he is standing in front of looks like his eventual coffin.

  1. Interesting, according to reliable sources Peter Mason and Rheian Davis are Labour members in the same local authority and until recently members of the same CLP too.
    Apparently, for many years Peter Mason has been trying to find a valid excuse to expel Rheian Davis from the LP without success until now, that thanks to David Evans not valid reasons are needed to suspend anyone they fancy to suspend or auto-exclude from Party’s membership.
    Hence, perhaps even right wingers recoiled in horror at the idea of rewarding Peter Mason on his appalling treatment of Rheian Davis over the years..

    1. I wonder if this goes back to something pathetic and cliche like, say, Rheian having spurned his advances at some point in the far, dead past?

  2. I am always struck by the apparent need for males on the right of the party to adopt what they obviously believe is a “ hard man” pose in photographs? They really can’t pull it off.

    1. Yes, Jim – the suit, the shirt with no tie (to indicate that he works so hard he has to take his tie off) and the look of “steely determination”. You can just see them in the vanguard when we used to be out on the streets trying to stop the NF or the British Movement marching through ethnic minority areas and risking a kicking can’t you? Well, no, you can’t. More like sitting in a coffee shop mid-afternoon, sipping a latte with his mates and agreeing that they all work so hard and are the real wealth creators.

      1. [T]he suit, the shirt with no tie (to indicate that he works so hard he has to take his tie off)…

        While I have to admit I used to wear ties with my tonic suits back in the late 60s mod/skinhead days, since then I have come to the conclusion they are a completely pointless clothing accessory, that might even be detrimental to the wearer’s health if worn too tightly.

        They most certainly do not signify that the wearer is any more competent or hard-working than the non-wearer but, as you suggest, their removal so often does seem to be about portraying an image of a hard worker.

        Just like so many of these old traditions — wearing neck ties originated around the 17th C — they’re no longer relevant in today’s world other than as a fashion item. Why on earth they are still deemed a requirement in so many working situations today is, imo, ridiculous as they serve no useful purpose at all.

      2. I remember past demos when the well brought up ‘vanguard’ would adopt that stance in front of the hun, just before legging it back to their transport. The truth behind the pose is, well Tarquin and Demelza, we’ve done our bit for the telly, back to the minibus. As usual we were left to battle for our lives. Blouses 👚

      3. those folded arms tantrum poses really won’t work for the lad – study tony’s well rehearsed smile and embraceable open arms body language

  3. I apologise as absolutely and totally off topic, but hypocrisy explosion and I nearly choked on my coffee just now :

    Headline in Guardian – ‘Windrush Scandal. Priti Patel : “Home Office was an uncomfortable place for me as a BAME person”‘. Home Secretary tells Peers of difficulties joining the Department in the wake of the Windrush scandal………

    1. Bet it was a sight more uncomfortable for the people working in the Home Office when they were confronted with such a horror.

    2. She more than made up for it with hard right Thatcherism and distaste for those who came after her. I remember the immigrants ousted by Idi Amin well, they used to flock to Hatton Garden with bags of 24c gold formed into cheap looking guilded ornaments with paste stones. They may have been homeless but they certainly weren’t penniless.

      1. Has ANYBODY ever figured out what or who the hell it is she’s so angry about?

    3. Julia, no wonder you nearly choke!!
      Priti Patel as the good Tory that she is, understand that the Home Office needs a BAME to from this Cabinet position. That she is a woman even better as its soften the image of the Home Office and can pretend that the Home Office isn’t racist.
      “Look, look we have a BAME woman in charge, how can you possible suggest that we are racist in our policies?”

  4. That must have been the time Pritti set about the staff and bullied.She also sent staff out to purchase small items of beauty products amounting to thousands on “expenses” .OBviously this was a cry for help from a distraught Women.and in no way reflected on her caring and sharing attitude.

    1. Toffee
      Baxter Basics was the resident bent Tory in Viz, looks like Temporary Embarrassment has one of his own

  5. “I am always struck by the apparent need for males on the right of the party to adopt what they obviously believe is a “ hard man” pose in photographs? They really can’t pull it off.”

    Looks like a sour-faced bastard to me !

    1. At best, they out Harvey “Nigel” Baines Harvey “Nigel” Baines.

      But that’s only at best.

  6. This story proves a point
    That there are people in the party who may not have been Corbyn fans but for whom Temporary Embarrassment has gone to far
    The runt was clearly a Red Line they could not cross
    Now if that translates into PLP members then its game on
    How about we start straw polling the fuckers in strictest confidence

  7. These are the morons another Mason; namely, the man who many view as a professional gaslighter of the left, Paul Mason, is urging the left to coalesce around.

    Expulsions, process circumventing; vote-rigging; pledge breaking, membership disempowering, electoral college leadership rules changing…. The left should ignore all that and cheer on Rachel Reeve’s ‘crumbs that fall from the master’s table’ approach to fiscal policy, according to Mason.

  8. Even Mandelson must be holding his head in his hands. The right have picked a dud and they know it. Not even the mass expulsions, suspensions and the imposition of a centrally dictated gag can disguise the fact that Starmer is a manager, a bureaucrat who would be great running the golf club but hasn’t the vaguest notion about what leading a supposedly left party means. Can the left retake the leadership? I doubt it. The bureaucracy, the PLP and the media would throw any left candidate into the blender. Be in no doubt, the right would rather see Labour destroyed than for it to embrace policies which seriously enhance freedom for the common folk and assault the rich and powerful.

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